How to submit a myth created with StoryCreator2

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How to submit a myth created with StoryCreator2

Pupils can start to create a story without being ‘logged on’ but as soon as they try to save, load or submit a story or try to add sound or a narration they will be asked to log in.

In order for them to be able to login their teachers should first register on the site from . The teacher should complete the registration form. They will be sent a user name and password which will allow them to manage (edit, delete or publish) items submitted by their pupils.

Pupils who have not logged in before must click the ‘Join for free’ button

They then need to enter a username (probably a short form of their name or initials) and a password.

Next, the pupil must find and click on their school on the list of Schools/Organisations.

If your school is not listed either no member of staff has registered or we haven’t approved your registration yet.

Pupils who have already completed the task above will simply enter their username and password when prompted.

Pupil registration ensures that pupils can access all the functionality of StoryCreator2 and that their stories are submitted to their teacher for approval.

Pupils should save their work at regular intervals. Saved work can also be ‘loaded’ – this saves the work on to the E2BN server and means that pupils can access that work from any computer connected to the internet even at home.

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