Hum 3085: Florida Culture Dr. Perdigao Fall 2010 Final Project due for presentation and to turn in on Friday, December 10, 8-10 am

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HUM 3085: Florida Culture

Dr. Perdigao

Fall 2010
Final Project

due for presentation and to turn in on

Friday, December 10, 8-10 am
For this project, your task is to represent, to the best of your ability, a perspective on Florida Tech culture as it reflects the Florida story as we have defined it throughout the semester in social histories, novels, poems, films, and television. How does Florida Tech reflect the Florida story—in terms of development, population growth, technology, internationalization, youth culture, beach culture, a “historical” Florida, the Space Coast, mythology, legend, fabrication, fantasy, nightmare (with or without scissorhands)?
Here are some trajectories that you might follow (but, reflecting the freeway system in and beyond Florida, the paths might be seemingly infinite and a cluster of crazy born from bad drivers):
Florida Tech in poetry: Alas, you wanted to do this on response 1 and here is another go… Construct a poem in the style of Wallace Stevens or Campbell McGrath, or somewhere in between, to represent Florida Tech culture. This could be an ode worthy of being monumentalized outside of a building or a satire that some might wish would go away.

Florida Tech in short fiction: You may try your hand at the great Florida novella or short story that chronicles insiders and outsiders struggling with that big fish, traveling through suburbia and the Glades, or going wherever your literary predecessors lead you. Consider playing with the literary representations that we have been working with and then branch out on your own.

Florida Tech in television and film: You may construct an episode of a television series of your own design that represents Florida Tech culture or draft a screenplay. You might consider constructing a pastiche of versions of the Florida Tech story in different storylines—clips from television and/or film. Yes, there is a Bad Girls Club Miami and The Real World might have gone to Miami and Key West but somehow these series don’t seem to reflect the reality of Florida Tech… maybe Dexter is a better fit?
Florida Tech in photography: Construct the story of Florida Tech through photography and images. What is the hidden Florida Tech? What is the public face of Florida Tech versus the insider’s view? How does the reality of Florida Tech work with or against its advertising?

Florida Tech in song (and dance?): Construct the story of Florida Tech through song. You could rewrite the alma mater, the fight song, or come up with a play list that represents Florida Tech through a sampling of other hits. (Yes, selections from Disney’s playlist are fair game).
Florida Tech in the hyperreal: Ah, to the gamers. So rumor has it that the zombies game is alive and well and there is a plethora of other gaming options on campus any given weekend. Your task here is to create a game that is representative of Florida Tech, its population, its campus, its ideologies, working with the characters and plot lines. You might achieve this by producing a storyboard or version of a script, even an overview of its construction.

Florida Tech in mythology, legend, and history: Across campus are examples of the Florida Tech story in plaques, statues, building dedications. Construct a representation of the Florida Tech of myth, legend, history (or some combination) that abounds on campus and/or beyond.

Florida Tech, the free-for-all:

Or, if these options do not encompass what you would like to do, clear it with me and enter that option here:



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