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  • About Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town … 2


  • Basic Controls … 2
  • Combo Controls … 2


  • Starting the Game … 2

  • Prologue … 2

  • Menu … 3


  • Basic Tools & Actions … 5

  • Upgrading Tools … 5

  • Using Items … 6

  • Eating Items … 6

  • Special Tools … 6


  • Power Berries … 8

  • Special Gems … 8

  • The Seven Rings … 8 ...


  • Shops/Stores/Places in Town … 9

  • For Sale … 12


  • Preparing the Land … 17

  • Planting Crops … 17

  • Fencing it up … 17


  • Crops … 18

  • Plants … 21

  • Animals … 22


  • River Fishes … 23

  • Lake Fishes … 24

  • Sea Fishes … 24

  • Harvest Goddess Pond Fishes … 25

  • King Fishes … 25


  • Spring Mine … 26

  • Winter/Lake Mine … 26


  • Bookshelf … 27

  • Bed … 27

  • Mirror … 27

  • Clock … 27

  • Calendar … 27

  • Record Player … 27

  • Television … 27

  • Refrigerator … 29

  • Shelf … 29

  • Makers … 29

  • The Bath … 29

  • Vase … 29

  • Kitchen … 30


  • Making Money … 30

  • Sold … 32

  • Won Only … 33


  • Characters … 35

  • Girl Events … 37

  • Individual Girl Events … 38

  • Character Events … 38

  • In Your Dreams … 44

  • Bet you didn't know … 45

  • Friendship Recipes … 45


  • Marriage … 46

  • Heart Levels … 47

  • Proposing … 47

  • Becoming Parents … 48

  • Staying Married … 48

  • Bachelors / Bachelorettes … 48

  • Secret Bachelors / Bachelorette … 63

  • Heart Events … 67

  • Rival Heart Events … 71

  • Rival Weddings … 72


  • Cookbook … 73





  • Basic Controls



Highlight; Select; Investigate; Pick up something; Harvest crops; Talk to people; Throw items



Back out of a menu; Put what you’re holding in rucksack; Use equipped tool or item



Whistle for dog and/or horse, and/or people



Hold to run



Bring up OPTIONS MENU (where you can find all menus)



Bring up main menu

SHIFT + (F1 to F9)


Save slot from 1 to 9 (you choose)

  • Combo Controls

A + B



L + B


Eat item in hands (item equipped)







L + A


Takes item out of rucksack

L + Up


Whistles for dog

L + Down


Whistles for horse


  • Starting the Game

Click start. Enter your name. Enter your Birthday. Enter you farm's name. Enter your dog's name and you're all set!

  • Prologue

You start as a young woman (maybe 18-20 years old). You live in the city and dream of getting away from all the hustle and bustles of your boring life.

You decide to read the morning paper and lo and behold! There's an ad of a supposedly wonderful farm up for sale and at a pretty low price! You start imagining what a great life you'd have there: riding a horse, playing with your dog, relaxing in the mountains...EUREKA! You'll buy it! You then call the realtor and close the deal.

However, when you arrive, you find nothing but a beat down old farm in need of a major overhaul: definitely nothing like the one described in the ad. A man comes by and asks if you're a tourist. You explain that you're the one who bought the farm after seeing the ad and he starts laughing at you. He is Mayor Thomas. He says that you're not the first one who got tricked into buying the farm. He continues to laugh at your expense and you get so angry, you hit him with a hammer! WHAM! He yelps and apologizes, asking you to stop hitting him. You have the option to continue hitting or not, though I don't really know how this affects the game.

After you calm down, the mayor apologizes again. He then learns that you've quit your job and left your apartment just to buy the farm. He sympathizes and tells you that you can stay and he'll do his best to help you. If you don't want to, credits will roll and the game ends. If you choose to stay, your new Harvest Moon adventure begins!

  • Menu

Here are descriptions of the different menu options of the game. You can access these by pressing START and using the directional buttons to choose your menu option. Press B to select a menu.




Save/Load game


Equip/Unequip tool/item

Town Map

Map of town

Farm Map

Map of farm


Also consider Main Menu (also press SELECT)


Where you can find a list of the things you’ve shipped and stuff


Where you can be taught on how to play the game

This is one of the latest features of the Mineral Town GBA series. You can find it in your Memo screen. By participating in certain events and finishing certain tasks, you can get some game points. Each category has a maximum of 1000 points, which equal to 10,000 game points in all. You already start off with a few points as you begin the game.

  • 1st shipment of an item (5pts/item)

  • Shipping 1 of everything (10pts)

  • For every 100 shipment of any item (1pt/item)


  • 1st catch of a fish; includes junk, pirate treasure,

  • fish fossil, message in a bottle & recipe (5pts/item)

  • Catch King Fishes (10pts per King Fish; 60pts total)

  • Catch all 51 fishes (15pts)

  • Forever 100 fish/items caught (1pt per item)

  • 1pt for every 10cm more of maximum fish size (e.g. if you caught 60cm sunfish but later, caught 70cm, you get 2pts. if you only got 65cm, you don't get points)


  • Win a chicken, cow or sheep festival (10pts/festival)

  • Win Beach day and Horse race festivals. For every heart your horse or dog has, you earn 2.5pts, which totals a maximum of 25pts for each animal if they have 10 hearts.

  • Every time you raise an animal's affection by 1 heart (2.5pts/heart)


  • Giving gifts to the townspeople gives you a random amount of points

  • Get Blue Berry from Kappa (27pts)

  • Train Harvest Sprites to master a category (watering, harvesting & animal husbandry). (25pts/category mastered; 75pts/sprite; 525pts total)


  • 1st time making a recipe (5pts/recipe; 540pts total)
  • For every recipe given by people after you continuously give them gifts (10pts/recipe)

  • Win the Cooking Festival (10pts/win)


  • Buy from TV Shopping Network (30pts/item; excluding power berry)

  • Hire Gotz for house and farm upgrades. Includes 1st and 2nd house extensions, bathroom, barn and chicken coop upgrades. Does not include remodeling (windows, doghouse, mailbox). (50pts/upgrade)

  • Have Saibara build you cheese, mayonnaise and yarn makers. (40pts/maker; 120pts total)

  • Buy Won's Flower vase; available after 1st house extension (50pts)

  • Have Ellen knit you a sock; be good friends with her and give her yarn (any kind) in Winter, before 25th (50pts)

  • Buy recorder from Van. Only accessible by connection to GameCube or using cheats. Does not include record plaques (20pts)

  • Acquire all three extra houses (Town Cottage, Seaside Cottage, Mountain Cottage) (20pts/house)


  • Increase Tool Upgrade meter; use constantly (1pt/10% increase)

  • Get Fishing Rod from Zack; See CHARACTER EVENTS (2pts)

  • Buy new rucksack (20pts; 40pts total)

  • Get Bachelor's gifts after Blue Heart Event (1pt/gift)


  • For every new letter received in the mail; does not include the 2nd letter (if Ann sent you a B-day card the 1st year and the next, you get another from Ann and Mary, only Mary's card counts since it's new) (11pts/letter)


  • Trigger random events; See CHARACTER EVENTS (most worth 1pt each)

  • Trigger Girl's *heart* Events; See GIRL EVENTS (5pts/girl)

  • Have 10,000 steps in Pedometer; H. Goddess greets you (1pt)

  • 1st time you descend into a new lower level in a mine (1pt/level)

  • 1st time you give a cucumber to the Kappa (1pt)

  • Trigger a Rival Heart event (5pts/event)

  • Trigger one of the two Girl Events; See GIRL EVENTS (5pts)

  • Trigger Heart events of new colors; Once only per color (if you trigger Cliff's Blue heart event and later, Gray's Blue Heart event, only Cliff's will be counted. The new set of points appear after the 1st yellow heart event you see) (50pts/color)

  • Trigger wedding, pregnancy, birth etc events (50pts/event)

  • Attend a rival wedding (10pts/wedding)


  • Acquire power berries (10pts/P. Berry; 100pts total)

  • Acquire Blue berry from Kappa (50pts)

  • Finish a year in the game (1pt/year)

  • Play Whack-a-mole 100 times; See CHARACTER EVENTS (1pt)

  • For every 100 steps earned in pedometer (1pt; 100pts total = 10,000 steps)

  • Receive each of the 7 rings (30pts/ring)


Press START and go to RUCKSACK MENU. Select tool/item. Press B to use tool/item.

  • Basic Tools & Actions

  1. Chop Branches/Wood

Tool: Axe (free)

  1. Break Rocks/Boulders

Tool: Hammer (free)

  1. Cut Grass/Weeds/Plants/Crops

Tool: Sickle (free)

  1. Till Ground (for planting or searching buried items)

Tool: Hoe (free)

  1. Water Plants

Tool: Watering Can (free)

  1. Fishing/Angling

Tool: Fishing Rod (free from Zack)
Other Tools (buy these from Saibara the blacksmith) :

  • Brush = brush cows, sheep & horse to increase affection

  • Milker = used for milking cows

  • Shears = used to cut wool from sheep

  • Upgradable Tools

Upgraded tools are tools which are much more powerful and much more helpful around the farm. There are six upgradable tools: axe, hammer, sickle, hoe, watering can and fishing rod. First things you'll need are the right ores and money. You can find the ores in the Spring Mine (cave near hot spring) by breaking the rocks with your hammer.

Ore Locations :

  1. Copper = Level 1 & Lower

  2. Silver = Level 1 & Lower

  3. Gold = Level 3 & Lower

  4. Mystrile = Level 7 & Lower

  5. Mythic = Level 60 & Lower

  • How to Upgrade

Go to Saibara, the blacksmith (he's a grumpy old man who lives in the first house you see when going to town from the main entrance of your farm). Bring the ore you want your tool to be upgraded with and of course, the tool you want to have upgraded. Make sure you have the money too. It'll take a few days for him to finish a tool, depending on the ore but it usually takes 2-3 days.

Upgrading Costs :

  1. Copper = 1,000 G

  2. Silver = 2,000 G

  3. Gold = 3,000 G

  4. Mystrile = 4,000 G

  5. Mythic = 50,000G

  • Using Upgraded Tools

Upgraded tools require more power than your previous normal tools. To harness that power, hold B and let go. The higher the upgrade, the longer it will need for you to hold the B button. If it doesn't work the first time, you'll have to do it again.


If you want to save money, you can wait until all tools can be upgraded for Mystrile. You can see this by pressing SELECT to go to the MAIN MENU. Press LEFT or RIGHT until you reach a TOOLS GRAPH, where you can see as to what ore your tool can be upgraded to. You can also hang out by the hot spring and use the tool several times until you get it to be upgraded for Mystrile. Once you turn blue, just take a dip in the hot spring for 1-2 hours(game time). Get out and start using the tool again. Jumping to Mystrile saves on the money since it's only 4000G upgrade per tool unlike the normal step-by-step upgrading, which can cost up to 10,000G per tool! And to think you have 6 upgradable tools!

  • Using Items

Like the tools, you can also use some items (seeds, medicine, magic medicine). To do this, select an item from the RUCKSACK MENU and equip it. Press B.

  • Eating Items

Food items of course, can be eaten (while drinks can be drank). To do this, select a food item in the RUCKSACK MENU and equip it. Once you have it in your hands, hold L while pressing B or press them both at the same time. (L+B)

  • Special Tools

There are 3 particular types of special tools which are several times more powerful than Mystrile Tools. These are the Cursed Tools, Blessed Tools and the Mythic Tools.

Cursed Tools :
These are really powerful tools which you can find on certain levels of the Winter/Lake Mine. To acquire these, you have to dig up on the floor until you eventually find it. Note that when you equip these, it won't come off. The only way to remove it is to have the curse lifted by Carter at the church. Also, cursed tools suck up a lot of stamina.

Tool Name

Where to get

How to Bless

C. Fishing Rod

Level 29

Use 225 times

C. Hoe

Level 39

Have Carter Bless it 10 times

C. Axe

Level 49

Use 225 times

C. Hammer

Level 59

Equip 10 days straight

C. Watering Can

Level 69

Bless 10 times

C. Sickle

Level &9

Equip 10 days straight


For cursed tools that need to be used 225 times, you can do this during a festival since you NEVER collapse during a festival. Make sure you're in the venue. This also works with some CHARACTER EVENTS. Also, for those that needed to be equipped 10 days STRAIGHT, that's exactly what you have to do so you can only gather stuff until the 10 days is over. DO NOT HAVE CARTER REMOVE THE CURSED TOOL at any point in time until the 10 days is over. It's best you enlist the help of the harvest sprites.

Blessed Tools
These are tools whose curse has been lifted. Meaning, they were once your cursed tools. The obvious advantages are that they don't suck up as much stamina and you can remove them whenever you like.
Mythic Tools

These are the most powerful tools in the game and they suck up less stamina than the blessed tools. Requirements are a TRUCKLOAD of money, all 6 blessed tools and a Mythic stone for the tool you want to make Mythic. You can get the Mythic stone by going to the Spring Mine and digging around level 60 and some lower. These ores will only appear once you have all your cursed tools turned to blessed tools.

Want the easy way out? Go to the MAKING MONEY Section under the GOLD-DIGGER chapter and check out the Mythic Money tip (needs emulator). Yes, you can get the Mythic stones through there without all the trouble of digging up in mines where the possibility of getting one is very slim. Also, if you follow that Mythic Money tip, you don't have to have all 6 of the blessed tools. Just have enough money and Mythic stones to use for upgrading. The cheats are provided in the later part of this guide.

Get around 24 mythic stones from the H. Goddess Rock-Paper-Scissors game in your Vacation House/Town Cottage. That's four for each tool. Why? One is for upgrading while the other 3 you can ship. That's 60,000G all in all since one upgrade to Mythic costs 50,000G. That way, you earn an extra 10,000G per tool. Great way to make money! That means the upgrading is practically free! It's like Saibara's paying you 10,000G to get your tool upgraded to Mythic!



  • Power Berries

These are berries which give you more stamina. Think of it as an energy level. You can find it all over the game.

Regular Power Berries

  • Dig in your field

  • Throw an egg in the H. Goddess Spring for several days

  • Win the horse race. Make sure you don't have anything in your hands.

  • Win the Frisbee contest. Practice with your dog beforehand to make sure he wins.

  • Use Mystrile Pole to fish it at the dock

  • The T.V. Shopping network will sell it for 10,000G if you bought everything they sell (and I mean EVERYTHING)

  • When Mother's Hill Lake freezes, go behind the cave and hit the A button

  • Dig in level 19 of Winter/Lake Mine

  • Dig in 100th level of Spring Mine

Blue Power Berry

  • Throw a cucumber in Mother's Hill Lake for 10 days straight. The Kappa will give you a blue power berry, which decreases the effect of bad weather on your health

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