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48 bull mountain rd Asheville nc 28805

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Ian has been an artist since early on. His mother notes finding relief in Ian's ability to entertain himself for hours with drawing. After graduating high school and being the elected candidate for the governors school in the arts he attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Va. He soon started a business as a muralist. After finding great success in the endeavor Ian became, at 20 years old, the lead mural artist for the Holocaust Museum of Virginia. Ian painted murals depicting the Ipsen Family's escape from the Holocaust, and worked directly with other survivors to make detailed drawings that would be used to recreate key points in the museum. Ian went on to earn his BA in painting from Adams State College in Alamosa CO. After a successful decade of mural making in Colorado, and New Mexico. Ian now lives in Asheville NC with his family.

Ian is currently the Director of the Asheville Mural Project(AMP) . AMP is non profit program that utilizes the mural arts to support and empower the community and celebrate our culture and history. AMP hosts mural workshops in many sectors of the community: Health, rehabilitation, and senior facilities, under served housing developments, hospital group homes, city schools, YWCA summer groups, kids at risk for gang violence, minors caught doing graffiti.

AMP is also responsible for the fundraising,creation ,installation and maintenance of many large scale public murals throughout Asheville. AMP also creates a number of commercial murals each year which creates paying work for its dedicated local muralists.


Through my work I attempt to examine multiple elements in a single work as a metaphorical interpretation of the thought process.When these elements are combined it may be in away that is not readily apparent to the viewer. So what begins as a collection of data, is then translated into an image that hopefully resonates with the viewer on a level that doesn‘t require explanation. My work often finds itself in the service of my community. It has become increasingly important for me to be able to tell the visual story, and share the values of our communities culture in a way that will remain timeless and undated. I have learned the value in creating work that maintains its relevance. Sharing the experience of creating murals though workshops and residencies has become an integral element to my development as an artist. Many artist have employed apprentices throughout history, but for me the relationship of sharing in the creative experience with others has a deeper result. I find frequently that the most untrained eye catches many things that the immersed eye misses. Art is an amazing means of communication. It can be a tool to heal. It is a crucial element in the development of basic human understanding. It gives all people a way to connect to their most rudimentary senses. These truths about art, are the ideals I hope to embody in my work. I try to harness these elements to make work that rings true to me and is enriching to the viewer.

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