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Watch the video and answer these questions with your own words.

Hand it over to your teacher when you have finished

1. Annie says that “stuff moves through a system called The Materials Economy.” What is the process that system go through?

2. Annie says that “you can’t run a linear system in a definite planet”. Whay did she say that? Explain it in your own words.

3. Whay does Annie present the corporations (or big companies) bigger in size that the governments?

4. How much of the planet’s natural resources has been consumed in the past three decades alone?

5. Almost 5% of the world population lives in the U.S.A. However, the percentage of natural resources they use and the quantity of waste they produce is quite different: Find out the percentages:

Use of resources _________ % Waste produced ___________%

6. If everybody consumed at USA rates, how many planets would we need?


7. Annie mentions a chemical called BFR: Brominated flame retardants.

What are they used for?

Where can you find them at home?

In what way are they toxic?

8. What is the food at the top of the food chain with the highest levels of toxic contaminants?

9. If a radio in the U.S.A. costs $4.99, who is really paying for it?

10. What surprising thing did President Bush say to his nation after 9 / 11 attack?

11. How long does it take for 99% of the products that we buy to turn into trash / rubbish?

12. Explain in your own words the meaning of “Planned obsolescence”. How have you experienced it in your own life? Give an example.

13. What is the meaning of “Perceived obsolescence”? Give an example of how you have contributed to it in your own life.

14. Annie says that the level of happiness in U.S.A. is declining. In what moment did this start and why?

15. Annie says that “recycling doesn’t get to the core of the problem”, Why not?

16. What are the possible solutions Annie is suggesting?

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