If in fact, When Technology Fails was “divinely inspired”, why you?

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Spiritually Oriented Talk Points for Matthew Stein

  1. What is an MIT trained engineer doing writing a book like When Technology Fails? Or more simply:

Why did you write Technology Fails?

  1. If in fact, When Technology Fails was “divinely inspired”, why you?

  1. I understand that your wife recently passed from cancer (died on Dec 22, 2013 due to multiple myeloma blood/ bone cancer). You are such a proponent of alternative healing techniques. Why do you think you could not save her? If you had the opportunity to do this over, what would you have done differently?

  1. In your search for alternative treatments to help your wife battle cancer, what treatments did you feel offered the greatest hope for healing the late stage advanced cancer that your wife was suffering from?

  1. I understand that you chose to start out with traditional chemotherapy and radiation treatments, hoping to switch to alternative treatments at a later date. Why did you make that choice? Was it a difficult decision?

  1. You state that going through a year and a half of service and support while your wife struggled with cancer has brought you to a new level spiritually and emotionally. Could you elaborate on that statement?

  1. Your wife was a gifted hypnotherapist who often helped people heal issues in their current lives by taking them to past lives, and the in-between-life state to better comprehend their current situations from a soul perspective. How has she "visited" yourself and others after her passing, and what wisdom has she been able to bring forth from "the other side"?

  1. I understand that your wife Josie Stein was a top-notch hypnotherapist, and that back in the year 2000 she had a powerful experience when the spirit of a brand new client's yet-to-be born child communicated a clear message from Josie's father, who had died just one year before, and that in your opinion this message offered undeniable proof of communication with spirits from "the other side", including both Josie's deceased father as well as the spirit of her client's yet-to-be-born child, three months prior to his birth. What can you tell me about this amazing experience?

  1. What was your first memory of a spiritual experience/awakening (approx 5 yrs old)

  1. Could you describe some of the poltergeist type activities in your home when you were growing up?

  1. I understand you have had over a dozen “close calls” in your life where you could have been killed or crippled. Could you describe a couple of the most outrageous situations you have been in, and how it appeared to be some kind of divine intervention that saved your life?

  1. Why do you think your life was spared each time when by “the law of averages” you should have been dead long ago?

  1. You recently published your first illustrated children’s book, called “Geronimo the Frog”. A children’s book is a far stretch from writing about emergency prepping, survival and sustainability—what made you write Geronimo?

  1. I hear there is a very intriguing “back story” behind the writing of Geronimo, that indicates that the hand of spirit had something to do with your writing Geronimo—could you tell us something about this?

  1. Back in 1974, when you were a freshman at MIT, you took a course called Silva Mind Control in which you experienced undeniable extra-sensory perceptions and shortly thereafter witnessed a miraculous “remote healing” of a crippled friend. How did this affect your belief system, and were you able to integrate these new experiences along with your scientific MIT training?

  1. In 1977, shortly before your senior year at MIT, you were initiated by a powerful 108 year old Indian (Hindu) yogi in what you say was a life-altering experience. Can you describe this experience, and what effect did it have on your belief systems?

  1. What drew you to become initiated by this yogi (Madhusudandasji, also known as Guruji)? For more info on Guruji, see: http://dyc.org/teachers/dhyanyogi

  1. Why do you think that numerous people had life-changing experiences around Guruji, similar to yours, but many others felt and experienced almost nothing? Was it faith, belief, desire, or something else that lead to their radically different experience of initiation?

  1. Can you describe some of the “miraculous” healings you witnessed around Guruji?

  1. I understand you have also witnessed and personally experienced “miraculous” healings with Christian Science Practitioners, and in fact went through Christian Science “class instruction”. Why do you think that sometimes this type of metaphysical healing work is incredibly effective (truly miraculous) and at other time it does not work at all? Is it all just a matter of “faith”?

  1. In 1979, just 9 months out of MIT, when you were working as a junior engineer at Hewlett Packard in Palo Alto, CA, you claim you had an intense visionary meeting with Jesus the Christ that occurred during your lunch-time long distance run in the hills above Stanford University. Can you describe this experience?

  1. What did Jesus look like?

  1. What did he say to you?

  1. There are millions of Christians in this world who would love to meet Jesus in person. Why do you think he chose you, a Jewish engineer from Burlington Vermont?

  1. You were born and raised Jewish, have been through Christian Science Practitioner training, and say you have been a Christian for many years. Were you “converted” by your meeting with Jesus?

  1. Your wife was a gifted hypnotherapist, and you claim to have experienced numerous past lives through hypnotic regression. Many Christians believe that hypnosis, past lives, and Christianity don’t mix, yet you and your wife call yourself Christians. How do you integrate your experience of multiple lifetimes, and contact with non-physical “guides” and “Masters,” along with your Christian beliefs?

  1. How have you communicated with your “guides” and how did they convince you of their existence and influence on our physical world (a long, but fascinating story)?

  1. Who is your main guide, and how does he help you? (He is in spirit now, but he was Guruji in this life and my spiritual teacher in several other lives, including one as my father and spiritual teacher, the biblical prophet Malachi, author of the last book of the Old Testament).

  1. In 1999 you had a serious rock climbing accident. Your surgeon gave you just a 5% chance that your left foot would ever work again, yet you say you still like to run, surf, mountain climb and cross country ski. How did you recover from such a serious injury that your diagnosis was almost certain long-term disability?

  1. What did your spirit-guides have to say about your rock climbing “accident”?

  1. In 1997 you received a powerful vision outlining a massive book project to help people deal with approaching radical changes in our world, and that three years later this vision took form as your bestselling book, When Technology Fails. Can you describe this visionary experience?

  1. Why do you believe you received the vision that inspired you to write When Technology Fails?

  1. Prior to receiving this “vision”, had you ever previously considered writing anything similar to When Technology Fails, focused your thoughts on similar subjects, or did this vision come totally out of the blue?

  1. Did “the guides” influence the writing of your two books, or were you left on your own after the initial inspiration?

  1. 2012 has come and gone, and nothing too terrible happened. What did you think was going to happening 2012, and have you “seen” anything serious in our future?

  1. A lot of what you talk about in your books and articles seems pretty bleak, but you actually seem like a fairly happy and upbeat person. What is your secret? Do you have a positive vision for a future that avoids the apocalypse?

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