If you need some love type in 666

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Amanda jumped out of his car, running up the pathway as fast as possible. “Amanda wait!” Marco called out. “Why should I wait? I get it, we’re over.” She ran up the stairs running inside, her tears flowing over her cheeks. That night was the worst; all she wanted was to be loved.

She stumbled up the stairs and into her room. She walked to her window as his car drove away in the moonlight. She pressed her hand against the glass wishing he would turn around but she knew it was too good to be true. Nothing ever worked out right, a guy never stuck around long enough and she had lost her hope. He was her last chance and he left with her hope, just like all the others.

She laid on the bed looking for a little hope in her soul or maybe something to forget the pain. Her eyes shut slowly, her mind slipping away from the pain and hurt. He walked through the room, careful not to wake her as he typed a message into her BlackBerry.

If you need some love type in 666.”

He left her room silently, through the window. The only trace he left was the message on her phone. Some neighbors say they saw a man dressed in black leaving that night and the only picture taken showed a red spot. As the sun shone through the window, Amanda rolled off the bed. “Ugh, stupid mornings.” She groaned.

She got up and looked at her phone as she grabbed some clothes. She stopped for a second, confused by the message. Then she put on her jeans and slid the phone into her pocket. She didn’t know what to make of the message but she didn’t have the time to worry about it either. She ran out the door and slid into her car, heading off to school.

As she walked through the doors, she never felt more alone, watching Marco hit on some blond sophomore. She would fall for his tricks and he would have a new girl in no time. Amanda looked as all her ex-boyfriends filled the hall, passing by her, the sharp whisper of students filling her ears. She was well aware of her reputation and what she has gotten herself into.

In the back corner was a guy she hadn’t seen before. He was tall with dark long hair, his eyes a pale blue and his jeans had over worn. She knew without a doubt a guy like him would never look at a girl like her. As she turned the corner she noticed James, tall, blond, rich, popular, the guy every girl wanted. He was her friend but she knew they could never be anything more, a guy like that wouldn’t want someone like her. She knew she wasn’t exactly popular, just a tall skinny brunette who cared more about school than sports. She pushed through the students and into the downstairs bathroom that no one used, much less knew existed.

She reached for her phone and dialed in 666, within seconds dust swirled around the room and a figure appeared in front of her. “Who are you?” She stuttered. “In your heart you know who I am. I’m here to help you.” He answered. “I can bring you love, I can fix that broken heart and the price is quite small.” “Well, what is the price?”she asked.

“There is something inside you, inside everybody, no one ever uses it and if you give it to me I can give you love. It’s painless.” As he spoke she looked out the window, watching all the couples walk by so in love, it hurt to watch. As a tear fell down her cheek she said, “okay lets do this.”

He took out a piece of paper and a pin off his jacket. “Prick yourself then sign here.” Desperately looking for love she did as he said. As she signed the paper the cross on her neck fell off and disappeared into flames as it hit the floor. She handed him back the paper and he disappeared in seconds, leaving with the wind.
As the bell rang she headed off to first period history. She took her seat next to James and opened her book for some last minute studying. “Hey” he said, flipping the

hair out of his eyes. “Hey” she answered back. As the teacher handed out the test the classroom calmed down. As she took the test a note landed on her desk. She shoved it into her pocket and continued taking the test. When the teacher collected the tests she opened the note and quietly read it to herself.

I have a question, meet me outside by the benches at the end of the period.”

As the bell rang she got up and looked around for any sign of James but he was no where to be found. She grabbed her books and headed down the hall and out the door. She started heading to the benches as someone grabbed her and pulled her fast around the corner. “Sshh! Don’t scream,” He warned. She opened her eyes and looked at him as he took his hand off her mouth. “James what are you doing?”

“Just come with me, You have a free period right?”

“Yeah I do but where are we going?”

“Just follow me, please.” She stood there not sure whether to follow or stay. He looked at her, “You trust me right?” “Yeah of course I do.” “Then come on.” He said grabbing her hand.

She followed him into his car and looked at him as they drove off. He drove them to the beach and since it was mid-day in the fall it was empty. “Come with me,” he said getting out of the car. They walked along the sandy beach and climbed on top of the rocks by the water. “Do you remember this place?” he asked her as he looked into her eyes. “We met here.”

“Yeah we did, and I’ve loved you ever since. It hurts me watching you go from guy to guy to guy, just looking for someone to love you. I’ve been here all along.” “Wow.” She answered back in shock. “I’m just going to come out and say it, will you be my girl?” Amanda’s face was still in shock as she nodded her head yes. He took her hand and walked her back to the car.

As they drove back to the school, Amanda couldn’t help but smile. She had the guy of her dreams and that’s all that mattered to her. They walked into school together holding hands. As they went through the halls everybody stopped and stared, even the dark kid in the corner. She had never been happier.

As months went by Amanda and James grew even more in love. Everything they did was together. He would pick her up every morning and bring her home and sometimes he would stay the night. Anyone who saw them instantly knew they were in love. But as the months went by Amanda also became closer to that dark kid in the corner.

His name was Adam and when she wasn’t with James, she would be with him. She learned all about him and the reason why he always carries a gun -his past. However, as much as she loved James by the time they had been together for a year she realized she had feelings for Adam.

“Meet me in the locker room.” Adam whispered in her ear. As she giggled, she went down stairs to the locker room. “Hey baby,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. Adam picked her up in his arms as he kissed her. She threw her bags on the ground and kept kissing him.

Before they knew it her phone was going off, she rolled off the bench and grabbed her phone. “Hello?” “Hey baby.” “Oh hey James what’s up?”

“I just want to let you know that I’ll be over late tonight I need to study. Can Adam give you a ride?” “Yeah of course baby.” “Okay I love you bye.” “Bye.” She snapped her phone shut and kissed Adam. As they were kissing they heard a noise. At first they thought nothing of it so they kept going, but then they heard giggling. Amanda picked up her bag and ran out.

“Amanda, wait up!” Adam ran after her. “What if they saw?” “Then they saw.” She stopped walking and looked at him. “Then they would know about us, and James would hate me. I can’t screw this up.” “Okay, okay. Lets just go home, come on.” They were walking into the parking lot as Amanda saw James.

“Baby!” she yelled running over to him. “Hey love.” He said hugging her tight. Adam trailed behind her, watching them together killed him on the inside.

“Hey man.” James greeted him with a wave. “Thanks for giving her a ride home, I just really need to study.” “Oh, no problem. I completely understand.”

She kissed James as she whispered in his ear “I love you, now and forever.” He smiled and whispered back “I love you, too.”

Amanda and Adam walked back to his car and drove to her house. She led him inside, dropping her stuff on the floor as she took his hand and led him to her room. They lay down on her bed and she turned on some music. It was so loud the house was shaking. As the sun set they started making out and no one heard James come in.

“What is this?!” He screamed. Amanda jumped up pushing Adam off. “James! It’s not what it looks like!” “Oh, so you aren’t cheating on me?” She looked down and stood up. “I can’t believe you! I thought you loved me.”

“James! I do love you with all my heart.” “Then explain this to me. Why are you doing this with him then?” “I don’t know okay” “I can’t believe you, there are so many names I could call you right now.” “That’s enough!” Adam stood up in front of Amanda. “Stay out of this. You are just as bad as her.” “Oh my God, get over it. You caught us.” “I didn’t catch you.” “I got this text message.” He threw his phone down on the bed with an open picture message.

See the things your girl does when you aren’t around? Check her house tonight. I bet she’s upstairs.”

Attach to the text was a picture of Amanda and Adam in the locker room.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe this.” Amanda looked at the floor not sure what to do. “Shut up James you’re jealous that your girl likes me more.” “You know what Adam? You’re going to pay.” James pulled out a gun and pointed it at Adam. Adam grabbed his gun and pointed it back. Amanda ran in the middle to stop them, the guns went off and the body fell to the floor.

Some wind blew through the window and a man dressed in black appeared. Adam and James stared at each other and then looked at the man in black pick up Amanda’s body. The man and Amanda left out the window and turned to flames. As the wind blew by one final time they heard a chuckle and an eerie voice whispering, “You will be next.”

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