Ifla section Libraries for Children and Young Adults Mid-year meeting – 2014 April 3rd-5th in Moscow, Russia Minutes Attendees

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IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Mid-year meeting – 2014

April 3rd-5th in Moscow, Russia


Irina Mikhnova

Viviana Quiñones

Ulla Potsonen

Sue Roe

Ingrid Kallstrom

Monika Mertens

Ruzandra Nazare

Jorun Systad
Kirsten Boelt

Special guests

Carolynn Rankin

colleagues from our host-libraries in Moscow

  1. Standing Committee:

1 Welcome, apologies, brief introduction of SC members and observers
Viviana thanked our hosts warmly, we are all happy to be able to have our midterm meeting in Moscow!
Viviana welcomed everyone and made apologies for SC members who were not able to join in Moscow: Sushma, Dajana, Charles, Cécile, Mélanie, Patricia, Céline, Michael, Dalia and Yumi.
Annie sends her apologies.

Everybody introduced her/himself

2 Approval of Minutes of SC meetings in Singapore
The minutes were approved and can now be put online. ULLA
3 Chair’s and Treasurer’s report August 2013-March 2014
Viviana gave an outline of the tasks she had been working on since Singapore:
Finishing the papers from Bangkok and made them accessible online
Preparing the conferences in Lyon and Paris, making the call for papers, manage the many proposals and planning the 4 sessions and the satellite in Paris.

Making and paying invoices, making the reports on projects for HQ and the request for the new project for 2015 concerning the picture books and sending it all to HQ

Circulation of the exhibition on picture books from Paris (Reunion Island and Serbia, and partial exhibition at the BnF)
Planning, starting and feeding the Facebook site together with Ulla.

Viviana gave an overview on the finances (Financial report as Appendix 1): administrative money, sister libraries project and picture books.

Sister library program : no more money from IFLA, but fortunately the Norwegian “Fagforbundet” has decided to support the program and given it 4.694 Euros to be spent in 2014 and 2015.
The catalogue on picture books can be printed without charge but printed copies can be bought at IFLA HQ, who paid for the publishing, so this money it not in the section finances. The price is 35 Euro + shipping. More on this subject below.

The financial report was approved.

4 Information Coordinator’s report
Tasks for the information coordinator: Newsletter twice a year, update all the pages in the web, put e.g. call for papers online, update project-pages, handling the mailing list, update the sister libraries database – and more. This is Ulla’s first season and there have been many corrections etc. Please contact Ulla if you see anything which is not correct.
Ulla’s report is Appendix 2

Papers from all session are now stored in IFLA Library, please have a look.

Mailing list: a few new members after every section member got the Newsletter. We hope the mailing list can be more active now, when we have to use it for all non-IFLA matters. The list can be used for questions, good ideas, general maters and conferences + more.
You can subscribe here: child-ya@infoserv.inist.fr

Webpage/IFLA site: now only “IFLA” matters can be published, not news from other channels. We can use our mailing list or Facebook page if we want to inform about non-IFLA conferences and other matters.

Facebook: the page has been launched this February. Many likes, not many posts (more about this later in the agenda)

Sister Library blog: no activity since Singapore.

5 Section Information issues:

Ulla wishes to publish the Newsletter in another format than pdf, more searchable: Ulla finds out for Lyon

Viviana suggests that an editorial board would be necessary, with an editorial policy, so that the Newsletter is more than a compilation of different articles… It is suggested that there could be one theme per issue (and articles on other themes can be added) In Lyon we will discuss how to establish an editorial board for the Newsletter, and we’ll discuss on the themes for December and June 2015 issues.

Next deadline is May 15th. Now when the Newsletter is published a message is sent to all members of the section, informing on the Newsletter and other things.
Ideas for next issue of the Newsletter:
Theme: new trend: sports in libraries: in the mailing list Ulla will publish a “call for articles” – all possible contributions – the full article must be send by April 24th
Also in this issue: Romania: Brasov Library chosen as a Pole of excellence by Global libraries. Personal report from Moscow (Ruxi) and report on library visits (Monika)
highlights of the minutes (Kirsten)IFLA site, mailing list, FB page, Sister Libraries, Newsletter.
IFLA site, mailing list and Newsletter: see above.
Sister libraries – later in the agenda

Facebook Page:
The section’s Facebook page will cover all activities connected to the section, projects, programs, news etc.
what we post:

- When we want to post on IFLA related matters (it can be call for papers, news on the programs/projects – any IFLA activity), we post as the Section, with the logo : for this we log in as user iflaya@gmail.com , password: Kids4read

At the end of the post, we mention our name like this [Kirsten Boelt]

- For any other matter, we post as ourselves (logging into Facebook as ourselves): it will appear as a publication from someone else, with your picture.

We do want some interaction on the page and therefore we have made a calendar so we can see, who is in charge every week: post, react, answer questions… Expectation: 2-3 post with pictures during the week, responding/commenting the posts.

week starting April 7: Monika
April 14: Jorun
April 21: Ulla
April 28: Kirsten

May 5: Ingrid

May 12: Irina/Maria
May 19: Viviana
May 26: Sue

June 2: Ruxi

June 9: Kirsten
June 16: Jorun
June 23: Ulla
June 30: Ingrid

July 7: Monika

July 13: Maria
July: 21 Sue
July 28: Ruxi

August 4: Viviana

August 11: Ingrid

Ulla will make a memo on this.

We will continue the list in Lyon including all SC members.

The Information Coordinator position:

Ulla is in till Lyon. Before that, in July, Ulla will tell Viviana about her plans and possibilities.
Bookmark for Lyon with info on the FB page and projects: Kirsten and Ulla will do it, every SC member will print and take to Lyon
Site :
  • there is a leaflet on the section 50th anniversary: shall we do a new leaflet for 60th anniversary next year? We’ll see this in Lyon

  • Papersfrom Joensuu satellite? could Ulla recover them, to be uploaded on our site?

  • Can Satellite papers be put on IFLA Library? (Ulla finds out; if yes, Bangkok and Joensuu, then Paris)If not, Joensuu and Bangkok papers must be uploaded to IFLA site.

2. Projects and actions 2013-2014: reports and plans:
6 Statement on Internet in the library/social media and privacy (or “Policy for the safe use of social media in libraries for children and young adults”)
Ingrid and Kirsten had made a proposal for a statement on the subject, based on input by most SC members, sent last year. The paper was discussed and the content was approved. But the paper needs a rearrangement and to be divided into 3:
1. Targeting the children with advice
2. Targeting the parents
3. Targeting the professionals in the libraries, and other professionals working with children.

Kirsten and Ingrid will make a new and final draft, with Carolynn’s help, to be finished before Lyon and to be presented in the Section’s Project’s session by Kirsten and Ingrid (10 minutes). Jorun will send a paragraph on parents posting about their children.
Russia has a document on this, also for work with Young Adults… which leads to the decision to upload on our site Guidelines published by National Associations: Irina will give the links to Ulla, once the translations are finished, and Ulla will upload them.

NB We could see with section Library Associations, for them to send us links to guidelines relevant to children and young adults

7 Sister Libraries
Database is now updated, is actually an excel file in a wiki.

72 libraries are registered, 24 pairs are made: Appendix 3 and 4.

Ulla keeps it updated. Some libraries are paired, others are not.

The sister library blog is not working, no one is posting.
My preferred book is still a gift to any sister libraries who want to use it.
The godmothers do not function well. There is not much progress in the program and we need someone to coordinate directly with registered libraries – and we need to kick-start the program again.
We must decide on who will take care of the different tasks in the program, and what are the tasks for SC members, coordinator and Annie?
The funding money from the Norwegians is supposed to used for coordinating the program (contact with libraries, blog and FB, IFLA site, and a bit of travelling if necessary).

Carolynn made a summary of the project from the start up till now: The sister libraries project is a network of libraries, where professionals are collaboration in order to exchange experiences and good ideas in order to improve library services for children. We have achieved a lot, we have paired libraries who work together, we have a community of practice, and now we have to make new progress in the program. We have to make a strategy.

We had a long and good debate on these subjects and the plan is:

Ulla is the programme coordinator up till Lyon. We skip the godmothers for the moment.


  • Every month starting in May the coordinator will send a letter to all registered libraries (in three languages, Viviana will translate into Spanish and French) saying that it is important for the library community that they report on what they do; also good for the promotion of the library : asking them to report by email replying to all (and then we’ll post it on the FB page), or on the blog, or using themselves the FB page – and for those who are not paired : can we find a partner library for you?

Ulla will make a draft for the letter and send it to Annie, Viviana, Carolynn and Monika. The first mail will be send by May 1st.

  • This demand for communication must be included in the static project pages on IFLA site : the same four people MM, UP, AE et VQ will work on the new sentences for Ulla to add.

Also, add Monika and Ulla to the contact persons Viviana and Annie (Annie please confirm you agree to stay as a reference person?)

  • A new welcome letter to new registered libraries will be drafted by Ulla and Monika, saying what can we do to help you get started, do you want us to find a partner-library, that it is an aim to communicate etc

  • We could launch a “competition” for the best Sister Library activity of the year; the prize could be a free registration for IFLA conference in 2015 (but it should be two registrations, one for each library of the pair)

  • Need to communicate more outside the project, also as “proof” for Fagforbundet – Carolynn must give her paper references, in New Review of Children’s literature and librarianship, ed. Sally Manard?. Carolynn will gather material from the FB page (evidence trail) so as to prepare a paper for Cape Town 2015

  • SL are “good to promote your library” : this must also be mentioned in the June message to all section members (about a hundred) when the Newsletter comes out.

  • Finally: something should appear in every Newsletter : feature actions by a different pair each issue?

  • For the Projects session in Lyon :
    Monika will tell about Germany/France (5 min)

    Irina about Russia/Sweden (Moscow/Stockholm) (5 min)

    Ruxi on Brasov/Silute (5 min)
    Carolynn about the evolution of the program (10 minutes)
    Ulla will report on new facts – blog, registrations, pairings… (10 minutes), she is in charge and will gather the Powerpoint slides from all the above, for this part of the session.

8 The World through Picture Books

Travelling of the exhibition

- The set in France has been in Reunion Island (Oct-Nov) and is now (April) in Serbia, in Belgrade City Library. Will go to Lyon for IFLA congress. Sue is in charge for the guided tour in English if Annie is late for it (Guided tour of the exhibition at the off-site session : there will be three groups for the visit, so it will be repeated three times: 2 visits guided by Annie or Sue (in English), one visit guided by Viviana (in French).
- The set in Japan (report by Yumi Tobita)


・The national Library for Chidren's and Young Adults of Korea

 14th August~13th September,2013

・Subong Library

 21th September~13th October, 2013


・ Kamakura City Library

27th October~11th November, 2013
We have a plan about the exhibition from April, 2014 to March, 2015.


・International Library for Children's Literature

22th April~25th May, 2014

・Shizuoka Prefectural Central Library

June~July, 2014

・Ibaraki Prefectural Library

July~August, 2014

・Rikuzentakata Children's Library Chiisaiouti

September, 2014

・Iwate Prefectural Library

January ~February, 2015

Annie made an action plan for our meeting, that was updated with the discussions and decisions we made (see Appendix 4)

Include new countries :

New countries to be contacted the week of April 7 by Annie, Ruxi, Sue, Kirsten and Dalia, Ulla, Ingrid and Irina : see Appendix 4: Action Plan
Deadline for sending Annie new countries complete lists is first of June, to be represented in the online version of the catalogue, which will be ready for Lyon.

What is needed for each book is: picture of the front page, some catalog information and a short description in English and the original language. See with Annie for all these details.

We find a contact in each country, give the name and details to Annie and she can explain everything to the contact.

New lists that are in Annie's possession on June 1st (Québec, Turkey, hopefully Australia and others) will be laid out by Ursula, put on line in a "New countries" pdf and printed as an informal addenda to the present catalogue - those books will be added to the exhibitions and shown in Lyon. For these new lists, the dates in Annie's action plan remain as they are. Viviana will book Ursula so that the new pages are laid out no later than July 15

We have committed to IFLA to make a new paper edition of the catalogue. It cannot be ready for June, but we can finish it in October/November and publish it in December (see Action Plan). All new countries must send all information to Annie before October 1st, to be included in the 2nd printed edition.

New lists that are not sent to Annie before June 1st must be sent to her before October 1st, so that in October/beginning of November Annie can work on them, and give all to Ursula on November 15, for the publication of the 2nd edition of the catalogue before November 30 - Annie please confirm that this schedule is ok with you? The important thing is to publish before the end of the year

This was decided so as to have as many new countries as possible in the 2nd edition (and maybe last, until we find more funding), June 1st being too close a deadline for many new countries
We must encourage sale of the paper edition available now.
The future:
We have considered making a real database but we do not have the resources right now.

Ideas for using the catalogue:

How can the catalogue be used in the libraries? Which activities can we suggest?
This must be a part in the new paper-edition and be online.
Working group: Ingrid, Yumi, Sue and Annie. Deadline is June 1st
Session in Lyon on Picture Books : see below

9 Revision of Children’s Guidelines
Dalia is organizing the revision of the guideline, and Lisa, Jorun, Carolynn, Kirsten, Monika and Viviana had to add their input to Dalia’s in the file she put on a Wiki. But most of them could not do it and also, unfortunately we had technical problems with the Wiki before Moscow and then in Moscow, so we will discuss the revision of the Guidelines in Lyon. Lisa, Jorun, Carolynn, Kirsten, Monika and Viviana please read the file and insert their comments (in a way one can see them distinctively), so that Dalia can send the result to all before Lyon. Kirsten will organize before Lyon, the working meeting that will take place in Lyon to discuss the new draft.
10 Collaboration with IBBY
IBBY: International Board on Books for Young People. The organization has secretary in Switzerland. IBBY gives the H.C Andersen Prize every second year.
There is a Memento of understanding between IBBY and IFLA and we can participate in our conferences without paying the registration fee – for one person.

Viviana had the opportunity to talk to IBBY’s general assembly at their last conference in London.

Next IBBY is in Mexico, September 10 – 15. Ingrid will attend and talk on behalf of our section, at the GA. Liz Page, IBBY’s Executive Director, will talk in our Projects session in Lyon.
11 ALMA 2014: nominees by the section
We can nominate four candidates. Deadline for nomination is May 15th.
We nominate:
a Cape Town University early education program. Ingrid will fill in the form.
Abuelas cuentacuentos Viviana will fill in the form.

Plan nacional de lectura in Argentina, a national plan for reading. Viviana will find out more and eventually fill in the form.
Bolivia, reading project – Viviana will investigate this programme if she can
NB After the meeting we decided to nominate The Lubuto project once more. Jane Meyers updates the form, Viviana finishes it and sends all of them.
12 Collaboration with SIG Interreligious Dialogue
Carolynn and Annie have written an article for the book edited by SIG Interreligious Dialogue that will be published by IFLA publisher, De Gruyter, on experiences of libraries serving interreligious dialogue – the article is “The IFLA International ‘Sister Libraries’ programme - children and young adults dialoguing beyond borders”
13 Translations of Guidelines
There is not any new translations.
Guideline on Children’s libraries in under revision – to be discussed in Lyon.
14 Others

Project The World through Books for Young adults

Irina reminds us of the idea of a project similar to the one on picture books. We had decided to postpone it, for lack of resources both human and financial. Finland is interested in the project and Russia too. Our Russian colleagues are ready to work on the subject and together with Ulla (or another contact in Finland) they will make an outline for a new project. This draft will be discussed in Lyon (30 min at SC meetings or a special working group to report on the 2nd meeting). After discussion in Lyon, the draft will be updated, then Viviana will help Irina and Ulla (or substitute) fill in the form and will send it to IFLA HQ before the deadline in October.

Input for the draft:

What parts of the model used for picture books will be used?

Shall the selection of books be made among young adults? Young adults and librarians?
Howe can we produce something different and more innovative?
Shall the target group for the catalogue be professionals or young adults – or both?
The aim is to start a process in participating libraries, not just to produce a catalogue.
Maybe there shall be 2 categories, classics and books published in YA collections?
3 Conferences : reports and plans:

Generally about our sessions: The interest has been big, many proposals so the choice has been tough.

15 Lyon Conference 2014
First SC meetings will be held on Saturday, August 16th at 9.45. Second meeting to be announced.

The section has 4 sessions in Lyon, 3 on-site and one off-site:

1. Session together with Literacy and Reading is held at August 19th, 9.45 till 12.45.
The session arose from our satellite last year in Bangkok. Speakers and title of papers: see appendix 6

2. Session on Reading in Africa is held Tuesday, August 19th, 13.45 till 18.00
For the first time our section collaborate with section Africa. We have 4 hours and will make a break in the middle. The session is very important as it is focusing on children’s reading in Africa. See appendix 7 for speakers and title of papers.

3. Off-site session held at the municipal library Wednesday, August 20th at 8.30 till 13.00. The session is on transmedia, there will be three tours after the papers, including one of the exhibition on The World Through Picture Books (there will be three groups for the visit, so it will be repeated three times: 2 visits guided by Annie or Sue, in English, one visit guided by Viviana,in French)This session is organized by Mélanie, with Viviana’s help. See the session programme as Appendix 8.

4. The session on our programs and activities is held at August 21st 13.45 till 15.45.


  • On social media and privacy / Ingrid and Kirsten – 10 min

  • Liz Page on IBBY – 10 min

  • Picture Books (coordinated by Annie) (time for each person to be confirmed depending on how many other new country presenters we have) All presenters please send your slides to Annie before June10 is this date ok Annie?)

Introduction and conclusion (Annie : 7 minutes)

Focus on France (Nathalie Beau : 20 min)

Focus on :

confirmed Germany (Monika), Norway (Jorun), Lebanon (Hasmig Chahinian) : 7 minutes each, or more if no other countries are confirmed

to be confirmed : Turkey, Québec and Australia (Annie sees with them)

The SC wishes that each country presenter talks about her preferred book but also says a few general words on her country's picture books (trends in themes, in illustration...)

  • 5 minutes on the travelling of the exhibition from Tokyo and from Paris (Japanese colleague cf Yumi Tobita and Viviana)

  • Sister libraries (coordinated by Ulla)

Monika will tell about Germany/France (5 min)
Irina about Russia/Sweden (Moscow/Stockholm) (5 min)
Ruxi on Brasov/Silute (5 min)
Carolynn about the evolution of the program (10 minutes)

Ulla will report on new facts – blog, registrations, pairings… (10 minutes), she is in charge and will gather the Powerpoint slides from all the above, for this part of the session.

16 Paris Satellite 2014
The web page will be ready soon. The program is finished and is very interesting. NB website http://www.reseau-canope.fr/ifla-seminairebnf/en

We will tell if the SC members have to pay the fee for attending.
17 Cape Town Conference 2015

Sessions themes are to be discussed in Lyon. Viviana explains that more participation from SC members is needed for preparing the sessions; this will be called for in Lyon.

NB We should have discussed the question of organizing a satellite, since the deadline for signaling satellites to IFLA was March 30th… They can take place in South-Africa, Botswana, Maputo, Namibia or Zimbabwe. We must decide now.

4. Any other matter
1. Midyear 2015
will be in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania (one day in Bucharest -Metropolitan and National libraries-, 2 or 3 days in Brasov
Midyear 2016, Norway has invited us.

2. Discussion on how to handle “best practice” examples on the web page. Monika brings up the question. The examples on our page are old! Ulla sends what we have to Archives. How can we promote best practice, do we have to revise, renew? Monika will make a base for a discussion on the subject in SC meeting in Lyon.
PDF are no good, they cannot be shared. Ulla will ask IFLA for advice.

3. Offer and demand from Carolynn

Carolynn announcement: Carolynn is guest editor together with Alistair Black for issue Nov 2015 of Library Trends publ by University of Illinois, on library services for 1-5 year olds : she asks for suggestions for articles. There will be a blind peer review. Carolynn will send us complete information for us to publish the call out in Facebook and in the mailing list.

Appendix 1
Financial report IFLA Section CHILD, 2013 and January-March 2014

  • all sums in euros

  • invoice numbers correspond to 2013 except when mentioned otherwise

Sister Libraries :
Credit Debit Result

500 € 138,24 Presentation at CILIP Conference, flight Paris-Manchester

invoice 8

45 Taxi airport inv 9

9,10 Train airportManchester inv 10

68 Annie train Manchester (57 £) inv 15

1 190 Ulla Potsonen inv 16 Coordination work : update of

database, setting and managing of a Facebook page and

communication with all member libraries

100 Annie Coordination of Godmothers’ work and assignation

of sister libraries inv 17


2014 + 2015

4 694 € Fagforbundet

Administrative Funds :
Credit Debit Result

2013 300

36 Gifts Bangkok euros inv 11

12 gift Virginia Walter inv 13

183,53 inv 14 Plane ticket Ulla 68,47

2014 150
The World through Picture Books

Credit Debit Result

2013 160 360 Registration Fees Stand Bologna INV 5
43,30 book shipping Helsinki-France INV 7-2012

78,93 roll-up banner INV 1

52,97 Madagascar books : purchase and shipping to Japan

and France INV 2

64,62 reception Bologna INV 3 and 6

800 new catalogue, poster, labels design, labels

fabrication INV 4

131,56 Printing of posters INV 7

HQ Printing of catalogue 50 copies


236,81 inv 12 metal cases and wheels

1 087 € Annie hotel paris 237 €, coordination 750,

administrative expenses 100 inv 18 

357 € Annie inv 19 plane ticket bologna301 £ - 52
2014 550

Viviana Quiñones, Treasurer, April 2014

Appendix 2
IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Information and communication report (August 2013-March 2014)

Communication within IFLA

Paper from Singapore conference 2013, Virginia Walter's Paper "Who will serve the children? Recruiting and educating future children’s librarians" was published in IFLA journal Feb 2014. IFLA Journal and Walter's article can be read online http://www.ifla.org/files/assets/hq/publications/ifla-journal/ifla-journal-40-1_2014.pdf

Dalia’s paper?
Section website
Calls for papers to Lyon and Paris conferences were added to the website. Papers from previous conferences are now being stored in IFLA library, see http://library.ifla.org/ .
Next update about Sister Libraries coming in April, there are couple of more libraries registered and few new pairings. Altogether 72 libraries from 35 different countries. Of all registered libraries,

39 libraries are involved in pairings, there are 24 pairs. These numbers don't add because some libraries have more than one pair. From previous counting, the numbers have come down a lot. This is because the new updated list of Sister Libraries includes only active ones.

Other updates on the website:

Changes and additions concerning The World through Picture book project, instructions how to borrow it and practical inf about the exhibition. Previous info coordinator's name and email changed whenever found. If you browse the site and still find Ian Yap's contact details, please inform Ulla for updating!

Note: updates about calls for paper for external conferences etc. are no longer allowed on IFLA website, only issues concerning IFLA.

The first Newsletter with new editor and more minimalistic outlook was out Jan 2014. Inside the online Newsletter was highlights from conferences in Singapore and Bangkok, as well as articles from Nepal, Denmark, Korea, Reunion. Next issue is due in June 2014, all members of SC are welcome to contribute. Send your article proposal to Ulla.

Mailing list
396 subscribers, addition of 12 from previous report (384)

Facebook page

Section facebook page was launched in February 2014. It has a lot of likes (1st April 477) but very few posts and comments.


This year, information about Section and the link to Newsletter was sent to ALL section members via email.

Sister Library blog
No posts after last report.

Future communication outlines/suggestions
- website serves as official information channel: conferences, call of papers, project changes
- more informal communication via mailing list or facebook: national conferences, marketing IFLA and section nationally, use of projects, national reading promotion, best practises...
- to keep facebook page alive, we need to share the updating responsibility among members of SC. Also please encourage colleagues to post.
Info coordinator Ulla Pötsönen


Appendix 3
Sister Libraries / March 2014

Registered libraries 73

Paired libraries 39
Library pairs 24
Argentina, Secundaria Básica N° 18

Australia (NSW), Gosford City Library

Australia NSW Thirroul Public School

Australia Queensland, Andre Michels Library, St Peter Claver College

Australia Tasmania, Sacred Heart College Secondary Library

Belarus, Central City library named after Karl Marks

Brazil, Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares Província Marista Centro Norte

Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou), Friends of African Village Libraries

Cameroon, Le CLAC (centre de lecture et d’animation culturelle)

Cameroon, Collège François Xavier Vogt

Cameroon, Katio village library

Canada (Quebec), Bibliothèque de Brossard

Canada, Ermineskin Elementary School Library

Canada, Westmount Public Library

Chile, Biblioteca de Santiago

Chile, St Paul’s School Library

Congo, Médiathèque Municipale de Dolisie “Espace Guro”

Costa Rica, Biblioteca del Liceo de Curridabat

Costa Rica, Library: Colegio de Cañas Dulces

Denmark Sorø Bibliotek

Egypt, Alexandria Library : Bibliotheca Alexandrina

France (Paris), Ville de Paris Bibliothèque GUTENBERG

France (Valbonne), Médiathèque Valbonne Sophia Antipolis

France, La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde/La Bibl. des enfants de Clamart

France,Médiathèque de Clichy la Garenne

Haiti, Cange Community Library

Haiti, Petit Goave Municipal Library

Ivory Coast, Bibliothèque Publique du District d’Abidjan

Lebanon (Beirut), Grands Lycee Franco Libana

Lebanon (Mtein), Centre d'Animation Culturel Francophone,Mtein

Lebanon, CLAC akkaralatika

Lithuania, Public Library of Silute district municipality

Mexico, Colegio Inglés

Morocco, Médiathèque Abdessamad Kenfaoui

Niger, Bibliothèque [...]de la maison de culture Rado Darwa de Filingué

Niger, Maison de la culture Abdoul Salam Adam

Peru, Biblioteca escolar Ramón Abásolo del Colegio Santa Ana Piura

Peru, Colegio María Montessori |

Portugal, Biblioteca Escolar Pedro da Fonseca

Romania, ”George Baritiu” Brasov

Romania, Biblioteca Metropolitana de Bucarest “Ion Creanga”

Romania, College National “Va sile Alecsandri”, Bacau

Romania, Public Library Pietrari

Russia Federation, Zaozyornaya municipal library, Omsk

Russian Federation, Novosibirsk Regional Youth Library

Russian Federation, Vologda Oblast Library for Youth

Russian Federation, Vologda Regional Universal Scientific Library

Serbia, Elementary school library, "Milena Pavlovic Barili"

Serbia, Dr Djordje Natosevic’ Public Library, Indjija

Serbia, Narodna biblioteka Bor

Serbia, Pozega Public Library

Serbia, Primary school "Sveti Sava"

Singapore, Public Libraries Singapore, Children's Services Dept

Spain, Biblioteca de Olvera

Spain, Biblioteca Municipal de Arucas

Spain, Biblioteca Municipal de Sevilla la Nueva

Spain, Biblioteca Municipal Monte Alto

Spain, bpm lucillos

Spain, Collegi Sant Andreu Natzaret

Sweden, Gislaved Bibliotek

Sweden, Vaggeryds bibliotek

The Philippines, National Library of The Philippines

Togo, Bibliothèque de lecture publique

Togo, Bibliothèque STEJ TOGO

UK (Dorset), Clayesmore Prep School

UK (Shropshire), Phoenix School Learning Resource Centre

UK(Bournemouth), Bournemouth Libraries

Uruguay, Biblioteca Infantil y juvenil “M Satagnero de Munar”

US (Kansas), Independence Public Library

US (New York), Flushing Community Library - Queens Public Library

US (Ohio), Westerville Public Library

US (Oklahoma), Victory Christian School

US (Virginia), Arlington County Public Library

Zimbabwe, C J R Primary School

Appendix 4
Sister Library pairs
1 Argentina, Secundaria Básica N° 18

Peru, Biblioteca escolar Ramón Abásolo del Colegio Santa Ana Piura

2 Australia (NSW), Gosford City Library

Canada (Quebec), Bibliothèque de Brossard

3 Belarus, Central City library named after Karl Marks

Russia, Novosibirsk Regional Youth Library

4 Brazil, Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares Província Marista...

Denmark Sorø Bibliotek

5 Cameroon, Le CLAC (centre de lecture et d’animation culturelle)

Congo, Médiathèque Municipale de Dolisie “Espace Guro”

6 Chile, Biblioteca de Santiago

Spain Sevilla

7 France, La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde...

Lebanon, Mtejn

8 France,Médiathèque de Clichy la Garenne

Romania, Brasov

9 France (Paris), Ville de Paris Bibliothèque GUTENBERG

Togo, STEJ

10 France (Valbonne), Médiathèque Valbonne Sophia Antipolis

Canada, Westmount Public Library

11 Haiti, Petit Goave Municipal Library

US Arlington

12 Lebanon, CLAC akkaralatika

US Arlington

13 Lithuania, Public Library of Silute district municipality

Romania, Brasov

14 Romania, ”George Baritiu” Brasov

Lebanon Mtejn

15 Russian Federation, Novosibirsk Regional Youth Library

16 Russian Federation,Vologda Oblast Library for Youth

Pozega Public Library, Serbia
17 Serbia, Narodna biblioteka Bor

US Kansas Independence Public Library

18 Serbia, Primary school "Sveti Sava"

UK Dorset Clayesmore Prep School

19 Serbia, Dr Djordje Natosevic’ Public Library, Indjija

Romania Brasov

20 Singapore, Public Libraries Singapore, Children's Services Dept

Sweden Vaggeryd

21 Spain, Biblioteca de Olvera

Uruguay, Btca Infantil y juvenil “M Satagnero de Munar

22 Spain, Biblioteca Municipal de Sevilla la Nueva

Chile, Santiago

23 Spain, Biblioteca Municipal Monte Alto

UK Bournemouth libraries

24 Sweden, Gislaved Bibliotek

US Westerville public library


Appendix 5

Action Plan for World Through Picture Books April 2014




Check lists from

  • Australia

  • Turkey

  • Quebec



Contact countries who have expressed an interest

  • Hungary

  • UAE

  • New Zealand

  • Namibia

  • Tanzania

  • Canada

  • Portugal


w/b 7/4

Identify new countries and contact
Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldavia


Check Republic, Malaysia
Kazakhstan, Belarus

  • Suggestions from AE list and Qatar to be completed


Kirsten sees with Dalia

w/b 7/4

Receive new lists



Prepare new lists for addenda to the catalogue



Liaise with designer and IFLA HQ/ produce catalogue



Get books from new countries sent to VQ / YT



Draft piece for fb page


w/b 7/4

Send books to Lyon



Prepare presentation for Lyon



Update website information (“new countries” pdf)



Receive new lists for 2nd edition of catalogue


Oct 1st

Prepare new lists and update foreword, introduction
Liaise with designer, IFLA HQ, produce catalogue
Publication 2nd edition

AE with VQ

Nov 1st
Nov 15
Nov 30


Appendix 6

Libraries creating content for/with children and young adults – accepted papers

Karen Siercke, Founder & CEO, Hygge Factory, Copenhagen, Denmark


Chantelle Swaren, MBA, MLIS, Assistant Professor, Outreach and Assessment Librarian, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, USA
“Libraries creating content for/with children and young adults”.   The title of my proposed paper is “Storytime Station: A case study on using public library-created videos to reinforce early literacy skills and practices.”

Ilkka Marjanen and Heli Roisko Librarian, Hattula public library, Finland
Let library loose! Teens & young adults as content creators at Hattula public library

Marjukka Peltonen and Mikaela Wickström, Tapiola Library, Finland

Mette Laustsen, Head of Childrens’ departmene, Nuuk Public Library, Greenland
Allatta (Let’s write) -working together to get the literature we are missing.

Melissa Frost, School Librarian with the Rochester City School District in New York State, USA
They always come back- the popularity of student created books

Hui-Yun Sung, Assistant Professor Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan and John Siraj-Blatchford, Centre for Child Research, University of Swansea
Adults and children creating personalised stories together through information and communications technology (ICT) in public libraries

Shu Man, Department of Information Management, South China Normal University (and Gao Bo, Liang Gang)
DigiBook MakerSpace in Chinese Public Libraries

Michael Kevane (USA)
Libraries creating reading material for rural children readers in Burkina Faso

Appendix 7

Libraries in Africa meeting the needs of children and young adults” Lyon 2014

AlikemTamakloe; Ghana
Innovative mobile library brings rural schoolchildren ICTs and new educational opportunities

Ana Albasini, Mozambique
New, performing library models; the influence of services for young people. School Libraries and Reading Suitcases in Mozambique – Project “Mabuko Ya Hina” (Books For Everyone)

Charles Kamdem, Cameroun
La bibliothèque : un enjeu vital pour la construction de la personnalité et l’insertion sociale. L’impérieuse nécessité de mener des actions de markéting, de plaidoyer et de lobbying pour cette institution

Eliane Lallement and Marie Josèphe Devillers; Senegal/France
25 ans au service de la lecture jeunesse au Sénégal : retour sur une experience

Ingi Abdel Kader El Mahdi; Egypt
La Bibliothèque des Enfants

Jill Haynes, England
SEEN and HEARD: Challenging perceptions of children in libraries in sub-Saharan Africa

Laurence HUGUES, Madagascar/France
What “new” book donation practices could meet the needs of young African readers in libraries?

Louise BALOCK , Cameroun
La lecture enfantine a Yaoundé : analyse des besoins et contribution à la mise en œuvre d’une politique

Mary Kinyanjui, Kenya
Kids on the Tab’: Kenya National Library Service’s tablet computers project for slum school children

MM Moshoeshoe-Chadzingwa, Lesotho
Life challenges and information needs of children and young adults in Lesotho – lessons from the internet-connected hybrid public library model in Mafetent

Ritva Nyberg and Margaretha Hayes, Finland/Namibia
Greenwell Matongo Library as a learning environment for children: Broadening learning environment and providing learning support

Stéphane Sonon, Benin

L’experience des mini-bibliotheques de la Fondation Zinsou: Quand le prive resussit la promotion de la lecture des jeunes a Catonou

Appendix 8
IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Off-site session, organized with the Public Library of Lyon Part-Dieu

Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 8.30-13
Transmedia as a cultural approach for children and young adults

Participants must register at IFLA secretariat office at the main conference site (Palais des Congrès)

Site : Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon Part-Dieu, 30 boulevard Vivier-Merle, Lyon 3e

Métro B station Part-Dieu

Bus C1, C2, C6, C7, C9, C13, C25, 25, 37, 38, 70, 198, 296 stop Part-Dieu

Tramway T1 & T3 stop Part-Dieu

Vélo’v (bicycle rental) stations Cuirassiers (at the corner of rue Bouchut), Vivier Merle (behind the tramway station Part-Dieu / Gare SNCF


8.30 am

8.45 am

  • Welcome address by Noëlle Drognat-Landre, Director of la Part-Dieu Library

  • Welcome address and presentation of IFLA section Libraries for Children and Young Adults by Viviana Quiñones, Chair of the Section, Bibliothèque nationale de France

  • Introduction to the session theme by Mélanie Archambaud, SC member of IFLA section Libraries for Children and Young Adults, Bibliothèque publique d’information, Centre Georges Pompidou

9.00 - 9.20 am

Blanche Wools and David V. Loertscher, USA

Transmedia Storytelling as an Educational Tool

9.25 - 9.45 am

Jackie Parker and Rachel McDonald, USA

Stories are More than Paper: Using Transmedia with Young Adults
9.50 - 9.55 am

Lénonor Nussac (France)

Film « Les Expéditions imaginaires: exposition immersive dans la littérature de jeunesse d’hier et d’aujourd’hui »
10.00 - 10.20 am

Antti Koivisto, Finland

Combining the dimensions of written and digital media in a NFC(Near Field Communication)-based non-linear adventure game for children
10.25 - 10.40 am

Agnès Demé, France

Les jeunes et la guerre: le webdocumentaire à l'épreuve
10.45-11.00 am

Film « RécRéation sur l’action culturelle à la Bibliothèque Municipale de Lyon »

Setting up of the groups for the library tours : two English-speaking groups and one French-speaking group
11.00-11.30 am 

Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 pm

For each group, three tours of 30 minutes each

  • Tour 1: Tour of the Public Library of Lyon

Location: auditorium of the Library

A presentation on Lyon Municipal Library’s resources and services for children and their families (collections for educators, « Ask a librarian », « Numélyo », photographers in the Rhone-Alpes region…)

  • Tour 2 : A library treasure : a heritage exhibition for small and big people

Location: Gallery of the Library

Discovery of the library’s treasures, from manuscripts to vinyl records, from contemporary prints to editions of Little Red Riding Hood : a surprising, playful trip to the secret collections in the library.

  • Tour 3: The World through Picture Books exhibition

Location: Children’s section

Presentation of this exhibition of librarian’s favourite picture books from their country, selected for this IFLA programme, and visit of the library spaces for children and their families.

The languages of the session are English and French. Successive interpretation will be provided for introductions and questions-answers. For presentations in English, the slides will be in French, and vice versa.

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