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Illinois Extension Agricultural Association


President’s Report - Dennis Epplin

There is a lot going on in your association and I hope that you are an active member interested in the many opportunities that are available!

Like your previous presidents, I now have the chance to sit as an advisory member to the Illinois Farm Bureau Board. The three day per month investment is well worth the time. I usually attend the Member Services and Public Relations Committee meeting prior to the Board meeting. It is indeed a pleasure to report to the IL Farm Bureau Board on IEAA and University of Illinois Extension. This is a great example of an opportunity for our association to network with a major farm organization.
My copy of the Special Edition of the County Agent magazine arrived last week. Just a quick reminder that award applications and instructions are found in the publication. The application form indicates that entries are due by March 15.
NACAA nominations for national/regional council and committee appointments are now available. Positions to be filled include:

Professional Improvement Council

Council Chair

North Central Agronomy Vice-Chair

North Central Agricultural Economics Vice-Chair

North Central Forestry Vice-Chair

Extension Development Council

North Central Public Relations & Agr. Issues Vice-Chair

North Central Teaching & Communications Vice-Chair

Program Recognition Council Professional Excellence National Chair

Public Relations National Chair

Recognition & Awards National Chair

North Central Extension Programs Vice-Chair

North Central Public Relations Vice-Chair

North Central Recognition & Awards Vice-Chair

North Central Scholarship Vice-Chair

Nominations for all these open positions are due by March 6. Contact me for the forms and visit the web site for more information.

Please remember to make IEAA Friend of Agriculture and Hall of Fame nominations to be selected at the Spring Meeting.

Speaking of the Spring Meeting, have you marked your calendar for March 16 & 17? IEAA will be joining other associations (Illinois Joint Council of Extension Professionals) in sponsoring the meeting to be held at Jumer’s in Bloomington.

Violet Malone will make two presentations and Denny Campion is scheduled to address the group. Tom Hampton, NACAA NCR Director, has confirmed that he will attend our meeting. In addition to our IEAA meeting on Friday morning, we are attempting to schedule a professional improvement tour. The full Spring Meeting details and registration form can be found in another section of this newsletter. Please remember the March 6 registration deadline.
Thanks to everyone that takes an active part in the Illinois Extension Agricultural Association—it can be as good as we are willing to make it!
Vice-Presidents’ Report - Jim Morrison & Pete Fandel
Pete Fandel and Jim Morrison represented IEAA at the North Central Region Leadership Workshop in Cedar Rapids, IA on February 6-8. They were joined by representatives from ESP, NAE4-HA, and NEAFCS from the 12 states in the central region.
Tom Hampton, NACAA Regional Director, chaired the NACAA meeting sessions. Curtis Grissom, NACAA President, was in attendance for the entire workshop. He indicated that membership is relatively stable at approximately 4100 members, as are donors for various programs/awards.

There was discussion on the NACAA AM/PIC bidding process. Should the selection process first begin within a Region? In other words, have the Region that is in rotation to host the AM/PIC decide what state will host the meeting. This topic will be discussed further at Jackson, MS, August 6-10.

Frank FitzSimons, NACAA Secretary, indicated that it would be preferred to have each state’s new officers and committee chairs take effect immediately following the NACAA AM/PIC. This would help keep the database current, and help with the communication process.
Scott Hawbaker, NACAA Executive Assistant, demonstrated the NACAA membership database. Effective February 14 the new address of the NACAA National Headquarters will be: NACAA, Attn. Scott Hawbaker, 252 N. Park St., Decatur, IL 62523. Phone (217) 876-1220 and FAX (217) 877-5382 do not change. Email is
Numerous leadership positions on various councils and committees in the North Central Region are available and need to be filled by early March.
The NC Region may have 2-3 candidates for the office of NACAA treasurer. State reports were given and Pete and Jim will have a copy of each at the Spring Meeting in Bloomington.
Addendum: Jim Morrison needs to know the members by district serving on our five standing committees. Perhaps either the Sr. or Jr. director from each district could forward such a list to him. Thanks!

Epsilon Sigma Phi

Thursday, March 16 11:00 am

Illinois Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Friday, March 17 8:00 am

Illinois Extension Agricultural Association

Friday, March 17 8:00 am

Illinois Extension Professionals for Youth Education

Friday, March 17 10:00 am


Many of us in Illinois experienced Dr. Violet Malone as the dynamic and funny instructor of AGR/HRFS 369 Educational Programs in Cooperative Extension. In fact, she was the head of the Extension Education Unit in the College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign before she moved to Western Washington University in 1991.

Violet is a woman who considers learning to be a lifelong process. She is an active participant in the world around her. And she tells wonderful stories about herself!
Dr. Malone has spent most of her career working with adults in some phase of transition. Since she knows U of I Extension so well, she is designing a workshop especially for us that will move us from 369 to 2000. The focus will be on the Extension Professional in the new millenium. Don’t expect to sit quietly and take notes.
Violet is a native of Chicago but has conducted experiential learning sessions with men and women in many corners of the world. She currently resides in Ferndale WA and heads the Department of Education Administration and Foundations at Woodring College of Education , WWU, in Bellingham.

After many years of spring meetings in Springfield with a legislative theme, Illinois JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) has moved the 2000 meetings to Bloomington. The focus will be professional rather than organizational.

Jumer’s Chateau was chosen as the site because of its central Illinois location and easy access via several interstate highways. This Four Diamond hotel is designed in the style of a French country chateau, and has always been known as the premier hotel and conference center of the Bloomington-Normal area. Check

A block of rooms has been reserved under U of I Extension. Cost for a double room (2 queen beds) is $78 for one, $88 for two. For reservations, call Toll Free 1-800-AT-JUMER (1-800-285-8637) or 309-662-2020.

Jumer’s is located on the corner of Veteran’s Parkway and Jumer Drive, across from the College Hills Mall. (Jumer’s Chateau, 1601 Jumer Drive, Bloomington, Illinois 61704.

There are many dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities nearby for the evening on your own.

ILJCEP encourages membership in an Extension professional association for all who qualify. Please invite a prospective member to join you at this exciting professional opportunity. BE A MENTOR!

Life Member Report:
Both Active and Life members of IEAA are encouraged to write to their state legislators, thanking them for their support in passing the spouses’ insurance bill. Passage of this bill has finally addressed a long-standing inequity between the old and new retirement systems.
Retiree’s Get Togethers:

Thursday, August 24th - 11:00 a.m. Thursday, October 19th - 11:00 a.m.

Ryan’s Steakhouse Giant City State Park

Springfield, IL Makonda, IL

Contact: Bob Edgar 217-344-9108 Contact: Hazel Clark

Larry Casey 618-783-2534 Bob Edgar 217-344-9108

The life member have two favors to ask of the active membership. Information can be sent to Bob Edgar 217-344-9108, or Larry Casey 618-783-2534.

  1. Do you know of a change in status of life members or their spouses within your districts? This can include changing residences, illness, death, etc. This information will be used to keep the personnel office informed of life member status.

  2. Is your IEAA District holding a meeting? If so, many life members would enjoy being invited. This gives them the opportunity to visit with old friends, and meet and get to know new staff.


Unity through Coordination and Cooperation

Announces a special Professional Development Opportunity
For Members and Potential Members of Illinois’ Extension Associations
Dr. Violet Malone’s Workshop:

Moving from 369 to 2000--The Extension Professional in the New Millenium

March 16-17, 2000 Jumer’s in Bloomington

Please register by March 6 Make room reservations directly with Jumer’s


Schedule of Events


11:00 Epsilon Sigma Phi meeting 8:00 Breakfast Buffet

12:30 Lunch Buffet IEAFCS and IEAA meetings

1:45 Workshop Begins 10:00 IEYPE meeting/IEAA Tour

3:00 Break Interactive Session with Violet

4:30 A word from your sponsors 12:00 Lunch

5:00 Dinner and Evening on your own 1:00 Workshop Finale

2:30 Adjourn


Name_________________________________ e-mail______________________________
Address_______________________________ Phone_______________________________
________________________________ Member of __________________________

___ Thursday only, $29.00 ____ Thursday only, $19.00

____ Friday only, $36.00 ____ Friday only, $26.00

____ Full registration, $55.00 ____ Full registration, $45.00

Please write checks accordingly and make payable to ESP.

Mail registration to Nann Armstrong, 7775 B IL Rt. 47, Yorkville IL 60560, before March 6.

IEAA Action Award

The IEAA Action Award is for outstanding paid IEAA member(s) with one to five years Extension service by March 15, 2000. Up to five awards given annually.

Please complete the following information in three pages or less. You are welcome to submit the information via e-mail or regular mail. Send your application to: Janeen Emory, Henry-Stark Extension Unit, PO Box 74, Galva, IL 61434 or by March 17, 2000. (Applications need to be in hand by beginning of the March 17 meeting in Bloomington – don’t e-mail on the 16th.)
Date of Application ___________ Date Employed by Extension _____________

Name _________________________________________________________


Phone _______________ Fax________________ e-mail _________________

Position in Unit or Center __________________________________________

  1. Significant Programs Coordinated (Any programs, activities or events coordinated)

  2. Innovating Methods Used (As applied to ongoing or new programs, activities or events)

  3. Use of communications (describe the use made of mass media available within the county/unit/center)

  4. Professional Improvement (Credit or non-credit courses or inservice)

  5. Participation in IEAA/NACAA Association

District: Attendance, Participation and Committees

State: Attendance, Participation and Committees

National: Attendance, Participation and Committees

6. List two IEAA members who have knowledge of and could support the above information.

Eligibility Requirements



Achievement Awards

Purpose: The purpose of the Achievement Award Program is to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of professional Extension for members with less than ten years of service.

Selection: Each year, each State Recognition and Awards Committee may submit the names of 1% or fraction thereof of the state's membership based on each state's membership as of March 15 of the previous year, with a minimum of one agent per state. A nomination form is available from the National Recognition and Awards Committee Chair. All winners must be approved by the State Director. Winners will be submitted at the same time as DSA nominees. Recipient must be a member of NACAA when selected and must attend Annual Meeting to receive award, unless exempted by Committee Chair because of extenuating circumstances. (Established by Board action, August, 1993.)

Members AA's

1 - 100 1

101 - 200 2

201 - 300 3

301 - 400 4

401 - 500 5

Recognition: A Certificate of Achievement will be presented by NACAA to each state winner during the Regional Meetings and the Annual Meeting of NACAA. All names will also be listed in the DSA Brochure.
Note: NACAA urges State Association to recognize their state winners at the State Annual meeting and encourage winner (financially, if possible) to attend the National Meeting. Please forward winner's nomination sheet to the National Chair Recognition and Awards Committee along with DSA nominee.

Form #9 (97)


National Association of County

Agricultural Agents

Recognition and Awards Committee

Nomination Sheet For NACAA Achievement Award


Nominee _______________________________ Phonetic Spelling: ______________________________

Spouse's Name _________________________ Phonetic Spelling _______________________________
Years Of Service: _________________________________(As Of 3/15, Year Of The Award)


Address _____________________________________________________________________________

Street City State Zip

Home Phone _________________________ Work Phone _________________________

(Area Code) (Area Code)

Fax Number: _________________________ Email Address _________________________
County Or Area _________________________________________________

Print Name Of Nominee As He/She Wishes It To Appear On Certificate


Is Nominee Able To Attend The Am/Pic If Selected? ___Yes ___No This Means He/She Must Attend The Recognition Breakfast Held Tuesday Morning Of The Am/Pic.

Citation Statement And Photos

This statement can be prepared by the nominee, the State Awards Chairman or the Extension Editor.

Only typed citations will be accepted. The nominee's name should be used in the citation. Use Form #13 (97).
Recommendation from the nominee's State Extension Director. A statement by the director may be made in this space or Form #5, blanket approval of all state nominees may also be used.
Certification - I certify that ______________________________________ is a member of the Cooperative Extension Service in the state of _____________________________ with less than 10 years service (as of March 15, year of the award) and is a member of our state association and that his NACAA dues will be paid by the deadline for the coming year.
______________________ __________________________________________________

State Chair or Officer Address

  • Attach two 4" x 5" glossy photos of the nominee with the head measuring about 2" from the top of the head to the bottom of chin. This should be one done by a professional photographer to have the quality that is needed.

  • These pictures will be reduced and printed in the Breakfast Brochure.

  • A good picture of you will help us get a good picture in the brochure.

  • Put a mailing label on the back of the picture listing the nominee's name, state and award.

  • Use scotch tape to lightly attach picture to application.

AA form

Note: The following items are to be used only by individual states. This information is NOT needed by regional vice chair or the national chair, nor should it be sent with this form.
List of publicity outlets to which nominee wishes release of his/her award to be sent. (The responsibility for sending these releases goes to the State Chairman, usually through the State Extension Editor.) They should be released during the week of the NACAA Annual Meeting.

1. List nominee's major project, size and scope or the nominee may elect to discuss their entire program.

2. Purpose of the major project or the nature of their programs.

3. Planning method used and who was involved.

4. Length of time from planning to completion of the project.

5. Extension methods used in carrying out the project.

6. Results or evaluation of the above project as seen at the county level or beyond.

7. What influence did this project have on the image of Extension?

8. Nominee's contribution to the success of this major project.

9. Other comments about the Agent's total program.

10. If nominee had a well rounded program, rather than one major project of note, describe his total program and its scope as best you can.
Form #4 (97)

Eligibility Requirements for


Distinguished Service Awards
The Nominee:

  1. To be eligible for the Distinguished Service Award, the nominee shall have served a total of at least 10 years with outstanding service as a member of the Cooperative Extension Service. Must be a member of the NACAA when selected. The cut-off date for determining years of service is March 15 of the current year. Exception: Specialists or others who have only recently been accepted by their State Association must have 10 years or more Extension work experience and been a state member since membership became available in this persons' state.

  1. Should have worked out and put into effect an effective Extension program which includes carrying to completion some constructive and outstanding work. Be specific. Military duties, church work, and civic activities do not apply.

  1. Shall be actively interested in the improvement of the Cooperative Extension profession. Should participate in the affairs of the State Association and constructively support its program.

  1. Should have studied some specific Extension subject by group study, correspondence, university residence study, or should have pursued some other means to improve his abilities.

  1. Must have the recommendation of the State Extension Director.

  1. Recipient MUST attend Annual Meeting to receive award, unless exempted by Committee Chair because of extenuating circumstances. (Established by Board action, August, 1993.)

General Requirements:

  1. Nominations are limited to 2% and/or major fraction thereof, of the membership of each state. This will be based on the membership paid the NACAA Treasurer on March 15 of the previous year.

Members DSAs

1 - 75 1

76 - 125 2

126 - 175 3

176 - 225 4

226 - 275 5

276 - 325 6

326 - 375 7

376 - 425 8

426 - 475 9

  1. Each State Association may nominate one nominee, irrespective of the number of Agents.

  1. A State Association is not required to make a nomination.

  1. Recognition and Awards Committee of the NACAA must give the final approval on all nominees for awards to be made at the Annual meeting each year. No publicity should be given until this approval is given to state Extension Directors.

  2. All information should be in the hands of the National Chair Recognition and Awards Committee not later than the deadline date set by National Committee Chair each year.

Form #7 (97) NACAA

Recognition And Awards Committee
Instructions For Filling Out Forms #8 & 9 (97)

For Submitting Data On NACAA Nominees

  1. Name of nominee, phonetic spelling, and spouse's name.

  1. Address (present business address)

  1. The name of county or area now serving. In case nominee is promoted after being selected for nomination, list name of county or area in which he/she was serving before promotion - this also applies if retirement occurred.

  1. Length of service as a Cooperative Extension Service employee. Length of service may have been performed in one or more counties, as an assistant, an agent, and in some cases an associate or subject matter specialist if state associations include the latter in their membership.

  1. Print name of nominee as he wishes the name to appear on the Certificate. Often a nominee is presented as J.E. Smith, when the nominee would prefer for the name to appear James Elliott Smith, Jr. Engraving certificates is expensive and when reprints are requested it adds to the costs.

Items # 6-8 Are To Be Used Only By The State In The Selection Process

  1. Give a brief description of education, college, or university attended. List specific subjects studied, correspondence, university resident study or other work to prove ability.

  1. List State Association activities such as offices held and committee service.

  1. Description of achievements and accomplishments as an Extension worker. Be objective, avoid subjective statements of personality except when necessary to illustrate good relationships. Elaborate on Extension achievements, emphasizing the particular constitution on which the nomination is based.

  1. The Directors/Deans recommendation can be handled in one of three ways: 1- By having the State Director/Dean write in the allotted space.2- By the use of Form #5 which would give a blanket approval of all nominees from the state. 3- By an attached letter or statement from the State Director/Dean. In many states the Awards Chairman handles this part of the form for the nominees.

  1. Nominee should not hesitate to list his/her influential leaders and friends. He/she will not be embarrassed. These should be contacted by the state chairman or state president, not by the regional or national chairman.

  1. List all publicity outlets. Releases will be sent to them by the state chairman, usually through your Extension Editor.

  1. A citation of not more than 75 words is needed for each nominee. This can be written by the nominee, the state chairman or by an Extension Editor. It should stress your Extension accomplishments and include your name. If it more than 75 words it will be edited. The nominees will be given a chance to review the citation before it goes to the printers.

  1. The state chairman, president or membership chairman must certify that the candidate has been employed by the Cooperative Extension Service the right number of years to be eligible for the award.

  1. The state chairman, president or membership chairman must certify that the candidate has paid his state dues and is a member in good standing in the State Association and that the national dues will be paid prior to the NACAA deadline.

Final approval will be given by the NACAA Recognition and Awards Committee. Withhold all publicity until the selection is released to your State Extension Director and your State Awards Chairman.

FORM #8 (97)


National Association Of County

Agricultural Agents

Recognition And Awards Committee

Please Type

Nominee ________________________________ Phonetic Spelling: __________________________

Spouse's Name __________________________ Phonetic Spelling: __________________________
Address __________________________________________________________________________

Street/Rr City State Zip

Home Phone ____________________________ Work Phone _______________________________
Email Address _______________________________ Fax #_________________________________
County/Area ______________________________________________________________________
Length Of Service With Extension______________________________________________________

(As Of 3/15, Year Of The Award)

Print Name Of Nominee As He/She Wishes It To Appear On Certificate


Is Nominee Able To Attend The Am/Pic If Selected? ___Yes ___No This Means He/She Must Attend The Annual Banquet Held The Thursday Evening Of The Am/Pic.

Citation Statement And Photos

This statement can be prepared by the nominee, the State Awards Chair or the Extension Editor.

Attach Citation Statement to this form. Use Form #13 (97)

Certification - Years Of Service

I certify that __________________________ is a member of the Cooperative Extension Service in this state with at least 10 years of service.

______________________ __________________________________________________

State Chair or Officer Address

  • Attach two 4" x 5" glossy photos of the nominee with the head measuring about 2" from the top of the head to the bottom of chin. This should be one done by a professional photographer to have the quality that is needed.

  • These pictures will be reduced and printed in the Breakfast Brochure.

  • A good picture of you will help us get a good picture in the brochure.

  • Put a mailing label on the back of the picture listing the nominee's name, state and award.

  • Use scotch tape to lightly attach picture to application.

IEAA Board Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2000

Telenet 10:00 to 11:47 a.m.

President Dennis Epplin called the telenet meeting to order at 10:06 a.m. with the following persons present for the meeting: Dennis Epplin, Jim Morrison, Gary Bretthauer, Dean Oswald, Trent Torrance, Ed Ballard, Dave Fischer, Janeen Emory, and Marion Shier.

Minutes of the September 28, 1999 meeting were reviewed. Dave Fischer moved and Ed Ballard seconded the motion to approve the minutes. Motion carried.

In the absence of Matt Montgomery our treasurer, Dennis Epplin reviewed the treasurers report that Matt had forwarded to him. Matt indicated that as of January 20th he had received dues from 33 members. (We still have a long way to go to get the numbers that we had in 1999.) Since Matt opened the new IEAA account # 1035134 at the Petersburg National Bank in Petersburg Illinois, he has credits of $7650.13 and debits of $800.06 which leaves an account balance as of January 20th of $6850.07
Jim Morrison moved and Gary Bretthauer seconded the motion to approve the treasurers report. Motion carried.
Standing Committee Reports:
Program Recognition Council - Janeen Emory - Chair and Wes Winters - Vice Chair:

This committee has been active with the selection of the 2000 AA and DSA award winners. Janeen Emory moved and Jim Morrison seconded the motion to concur with the committee recommendations. Motion carried. The 2000 IEAA DSA Winner is Ron Waldrop and the AA winner is Pete Fandel.

Professional Improvement Council - Lynn Weis - Chair and Mike Roegge - Vice Chair:

No Report

Extension Development Council - John Church - Chair: No Report
Resource and Program Development Council - Ruth Hambleton - Chair and John Fulton - Vice Chair: No Report
Life Member Committee - Bob Edgar - Chair and Larry Casey - Vice Chair: Bob distributed an updated list of life members (copy attached) and thanked everyone who made contacts with their legislators concerning the spousal health insurance issue. It could not have been done without all of the contacts. Stan Eden is working on a Retiree Get Together in northern Illinois for late March or early April. Retiree recognition was discussed.

Old Business:

IEAA Newsletter was discussed. We have not had a newsletter distributed for quite some time. Everyone is busy and have not gotten things together for it. It was decided that in addition to Officer Comments, Award application dates, meeting announcements, and NACAA committee reports, we would include the latest board meeting minutes for everyone to read. The next newsletter will be distributed soon. Everyone with something to contribute to the newsletter should convey all information to Robert Bellm by February 11th so that the newsletter can be distributed.

Illinois JCEP - (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) The IEAA officers have met with the officers of the other Extension Associations and have started working on a Joint Spring Meeting tentatively scheduled March 16 and 17 in Bloomington Illinois. All associations have scheduled a time for their organization to meet and discuss issues in addition to the overall meeting. In addition, Dr. Violet Malone has been scheduled to make two presentations to the gathering.

Dean Oswald moved and Jim Morrison seconded the motion for IEAA to contribute up to $250 to help fund the joint association meeting and speaker costs. Motion carried.

Dennis Epplin, Don Meyer, and Marion Shier will work on possible IEAA educational tour options, including IAA and/or Growmark.
At a prior meeting, Rhonda Ferree volunteered to make some contacts with some of the Horticultural Associations concerning the possibility of IEAA providing an "Advisory Member" to their boards. Rhonda has received a cool reception from some of the non IEAA horticultural

staff members concerning this venture. Because of this concern, Rhonda has shelved the idea for now. After lengthy discussion, it was decided that Jim Morrison will work with Rhonda to explore and identify the concerns and issues that may be influencing this horticulture issue.

New Business:
Districts are requested to forward nominations for Friend of Agriculture and Hall of Fame to the board for consideration. These need to be to the board by the spring meeting if not before.
10 Reasons to Join IEAA (Ok, 16 reasons)

  1. Camaraderie with coworkers

  2. Formal and informal mentoring and support

  3. Share ideas with colleagues and other professionals
  4. Networking with Illinois and NACAA members with similar interests

  5. Participate in defining the future of your profession

  6. Study tours and training opportunities

  7. Opportunities to become acquainted with regional and national NACAA members

  8. Achieve recognition for outstanding professional achievements

  9. Scholarships for members to continue their education

  10. Direct input into Extension policy that may affect your future

  11. Facilitates excellence in extension programming

  12. Provides leadership and professional improvement opportunities

  13. Satisfaction of doing your part in the advancement of your profession

  14. Enhance career opportunities

  15. Sharing of research with others in NACAA Posters and Presentations

  16. Become eligible to attend the NACAA Professional Improvement Conference

Dennis Epplin shared that he has received work that there are numerous NACAA leadership opportunities for 2000-2002, they include:

Professional Improvement Council -

North Central Agronomy - Vice Chair

North Central Agricultural Economics - Vice Chair

North Central Forestry - Vice Chair

Extension Development Council -

North Central Public Relations and Agriculture Issues - Vice Chair

North Central Teaching and Communications - Vice Chair
Program Recognition Council -

North Central Extension Programs - Regional Vice Chair

North Central Public Relations - Regional Vice Chair

North Central Recognition and Awards - Regional Vice Chair

North Central Scholarship - Regional Vice Chair

If anyone is interested in pursuing any of these positions, please contact Dennis Epplin so that he can provide you with the appropriate information and responsibilities so that applications can be forwarded to NACAA. Applications must be turned in by March 6th.

Advisory Member Reports:
Dennis shared that John Fulton is willing to continue serving as contact with Illinois Pork Producers, Ruth Hambleton is willing to continue serving as contact with Forage and Grassland Council, and Ed Ballard is willing to continue serving as contact with the Illinois Beef Association.

Janeen moved and Dean seconded the motion to approve these persons as the official IEAA representatives to the respective boards. Motion carried.

Dennis will make contact with the IFEC organization that is not known as the Illinois Electrification Council to see if they are still receptive to an IEAA contact.
No further reports.
Director Reports:
Northeast - Jim Schuster - No Report
Northwest - John Church (Sr.) - No Report

Gary Bretthauer (Jr.) - They have not met lately.

The northern district is working on a meeting for retirees in March-April and in addition to hosting the fall IEAA meeting.
West Central - Dean Oswald (Sr.) - No district report

Trent Torrance (Jr.) - No district report

East Central - Don Meyer (Sr.) - No district report

Ed Ballard (Jr.) - The east central district is working on 4 district meeting dates through out the year.

Southern - Dave Fischer (Sr.) - Busy schedules

Ruth Hambleton (Jr.) - Busy schedules

Officer Reports:
President - Dennis Epplin: Very busy schedules for everyone. He has been attending the IAA board meetings monthly for all 3 days. Strong extension support on the IAA board.

Vice President - Jim Morrison: The North Central Leadership Conference is February 6-8 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The IEAA leadership team will be attending along with the leaders of the other associations. They will be sharing a van to the Iowa meeting and will be able to share and discuss as they travel.

Secretary - Marion Shier: Trying to keep records of the board meetings shared with the entire membership so that everyone knows what is happening. If anyone has questions or corrections to any of the minutes that they have received, please let me know.
If you have not paid your dues, please get them to Matt Montgomery as soon as possible. We need to get everyone signed up ASAP so that we can get the membership into NACAA on time this year. Please talk with other staff members that are not IEAA members and ask them to join as well. Lets build on our proud tradition and improve for the future !
Future meeting dates:
Joint Association meeting, March 16 and 17 in Bloomington at Jumers
Next face to face IEAA Board Meeting, June 12th in the Lincoln Room in Springfield at the Sangamon County Extension Office on the Illinois State Fair Grounds.
IEAA Telenet Board Meeting, July 24th, 10:00 a.m. 4322 code.
NACAA Professional Improvement Conference and Annual Meeting, August 6th in Jackson Mississippi.

Seeing no further business, Dave Fischer moved and Dean Oswald seconded the motion to adjourn. Motion carried.

Friend of Agriculture Recipients
2000 -

1999 - Becky Doyle, former IL Director of Agriculture

  1. - Larry Fischer, John Wood College

  1. - Max Armstrong, WGN Radio & Channel Earth TV

  1. - Colleen Callahan, WMBD TV & Radio

  1. - Gordon Ropp, State Representative and Director of Agriculture
  1. - Jim Shearl, Illinois Crop Improvement

  1. - Senator Vince Demuzio

  1. - Warren Pufahl, Illinois AGRI-NEWS

  1. - Dr. George Kapusta, Southern Illinois University

  1. - Pat Johnson, Brownstown Research Center

  1. - Jim Lilly, Prairie Farmer

  1. - Harold Dodd, Illinois Farmers Union

  1. - Leonard Gardner, Illinois Agriculture Association

  1. - Jack Rundquist,

  1. - Paul Findley,

  1. - William Kuhfuss, Illinois Agriculture Association and American Farm Bureau Assoc.

  1. - Glenn Webb, President, GROWMARK, Inc.

  1. - Dick Herm, Peoria, and Bob Hardy, KMOX Radio, St. Louis

  1. - Juett C. Hogancamp, Illinois Department of Agriculture

  1. - Dr. Paul Doby, IL Department of Ag.; Harold Kuehn

  1. - Dean Searls, Illinois Farm Electrification Council

  1. - Charles Shuman, Sr., Past President American Farm Bureau Federation

  1. - Harold Steele, Illinois Agriculture Association

  1. - Alex Reed, S.I.U.; Orien Samuelson, WGN

  1. - James Thompson, Prairie Farmer

  1. - Harry Russell, University of Illinois; Richard Orr, Chicago Tribune

  1. - Illinois Agriculture Association

1971 - Laura Weber, Weber Scholarships
  1. - Paul Johnson, Prairie Farmer

  1. - Earl Hughes, President, Board of Trustees, University of Illinois

Hall of Fame Recipients

  1. -

1999 - Harold Guither, University of Illinois, Ag Economics Specialist

1999 - Joe Vandemark, University of Illinois, Horticulture Specialist

  1. - Ellery Knake, University of Illinois, Extension Weed Scientist

  1. - Donald Kuhlman, University of Illinois, Extension Entomologist

  1. - Darrel A. Miller, University of Illinois, Forage Specialist and Professor

  1. - Roscoe Randell, University of Illinois, Extension Entomologist

  1. - W. O. Scott, University of Illinois, Agronomist

  1. - George McKibben, SIU Carbondale, Agronomist

  1. - H.B. "Pete" Petty, University of Illinois Extension Agriculture Program Specialist

  1. - Dick Carlisle

IEAA Life Members

As of January 12, 2000

Bateman, Marion Dale

1370 E. 1800 N.

Monticello, IL 61856


Bouslog, Nye

804 Modelyn Avenue

Macomb, IL 61455


Brinkmeier, Harold A.

Route 3, Box 115

9351 Nill Road

Mt. Carroll, IL 61053


Broom, Ralph C.

609 East Vine Street

Greenville, IL 62246


Brown, Richard

Rt. 4, Box 287

McLeansboro, IL 62859-9495


Bundy, Warren W.

547 W. Bryan

Salem, IL 62281


Camp, Larry

R.R. 2, Box 37K

Jerseyville, IL 62052

618/662-2385 -- 618/498-1918

Casey, Larry

2740 East State Highway 33

Newton, IL 62448


Christen, Louis

1101 Bell Avenue

Mattoon, IL 61938


Coon, Larry

R.R. #3, 22606 W. Tucker

Elmwood, IL 61529


Coplan, J. Eldon --- In nursing home, Jacksonville IL.

604 West Winds

Jacksonville, IL 62650


Corn, Denver

101 West Windsor Road, #1101

Urbana, IL 61801-6663


Daugherty, James

707 Hillcrest Drive

Washington, IL 61571


Dedert, Ron

Route 3, Box 44AR

Quincy, IL 62301


Doll, Chris

4681 Drda Lane

Edwardsville, IL 62025


Edgar, Robert A.

2012 E. Michigan Avenue

Urbana, IL 61802-5571


Eisenmayer, Curt

Box 538

Stronghurst, IL 61480


Farris, Phillip

2251 W. Washington, #905

Springfield, IL 62702


Fike, Darl W.

207 W. Court Street

Cambridge, IL 61238


Fizzell, James A.

P.O. Box 46

Rark Ridge, IL 60068


Frank, Bob

1221 North Sixteenth Street

Murphysboro, IL 62966


Fulkerson, Hubert --- deceased 6/03/98

Route 2, Box 136

Clinton, IL 61727


Golden, Elroy E.

1509 Huntington Road

DeKalb, IL 60115


Gorham, Dr. Michael

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

30 S. Wacker Drive

Chicago, IL 60606

Gragg, David --- not on national list

664 Airport Road

Metropolis, IL 62960


Hardimon, R. Michael --- deceased 11/15/99

108 Cardinal Drive

Belleville, IL 62221-4311


Harryman, Bill

725 Glacier Drive

Taylorville, IL 62568


Hayward, Robert W.

836 Park Avenue West

Princeton, IL 61356


Hewitt, Dale --- not on national office list

P.O. Box 684

Freedswoods, TX 77549


Howell, Charles R. --- deceased 6/06/97

611 Virginia Court

Pinckneyville, IL 62274
Hutchins, Byron

3229 N. Rockton Avenue

Rockford, IL 61103-2862


Imig, Kenneth R.

2025 E. Lincoln Street, Apt. 2303

Bloomington, IL 61701


Lahne, Robert E.

513 North Meadow Village

Normack, IL 61761


Livesay, Hugh E.

RFD 3, Box 113

Lawrenceville, IL 62439


McAllister, William E.

1217 Streamwood Lane

Carlinville, IL 62626


McCurdy, James

1301 Ease 2nd Avenue

Monmouth, IL 61462


Morris, Ray

R. R. 1, Box 53A

Galconda, IL 62939


Mowers, Raymond I.

116 N. Henderson Street, Box 518

Toulon, IL 61483


Myatt, H. Dave

1717 Valle Vista

Pekin, IL 61554


Neuschwander, Jim

R. R. 4, Box 148

Watseka, IL 60970-9326


Obst, Arlin

407 Washington Drive

Waterloo, IL 62298-1508


Orcutt, Charles

P.O. Box 194

Melvin, IL 60952


Perisho, George D.

Route 2, Box 107

Hanna City, IL 61536


Pero, John

Route #4, Box 231

Jerseyville, IL 62052


Peterson, Earl D. --- deceased 10/15/96

1019 School Street #A-1

Hillsboro, IL 62049-1929

Pilch, Albert

740 E. North Street

Morris, IL 60450

Rankin, Elmer E.

R. R. 2 Box 200

Petersburg, IL 62675-9646


Rendelman, Raymond

Route 1, Box 231

Carthage, IL 62321


Reynolds, Wallace

617 Glenwood Drive

Belvidere, IL 61008


Robbins, Bert

35 Jennifer Drive

Edwardsville, IL 62025-3054
Rogers, Leslie

102 Hawthorne Estate Drive

Salem, IL 62881


Romig, Ralph

503 Edgemont

Perryville, MO 63775-2419


Sager, Mike

1915 S. Main Street

Eureka, IL 61530-1665


Schmerbauch, Robert P.

211 Countryside Lane

Lindenhurst, IL 60046


Schmidt, Waldermar

26 W. 101 Wisconsin Road

Naperville, IL 60540


Sharp, Mrs. F. Leo --- widow of Leo

507 W. Lincoln, P.O. Box 62

Lewistown, IL 61542


Slayton, John

471 W. Lafayette

Rushville, IL 62681


Smith, Stanley

514 Heather Lane

Dixon, IL 61021


Smith, Vic

2106 Lynnwood Drive

Champaign, IL 61820


Smith, Wilbur D. --- deceased 5/25/97

Route 3, Box 40

Nashville, IL 62263


Swallow, George B.

9538 Route 20 West

Galena, IL 61036


Teel, Don

138 Know Highway 37

Galesburg, IL 61401


Tjelmeland, Gordie

Deere & Company

John Deere Road

Moline, IL 61265-9989


Townsend, Walt

Rt. 1, Box 77

Geff, IL 62842


Wachtel, Larry

505 Ridgeview Drive

Sherman, Il 61684-9782


Weller, Richard

1407 Joseph

Macomb, IL 61455


Wetherell, Robert M.

20287 E. Dane Road

Marshall, IL 62411-3934


Whitson, Dave

901 Robin Court

Macon, MO 63552


Willman, Charles --- wife deceased

1005 Hillcrest Drive

Sparta, IL 62286-1013


Wirth, Paul

P.O. Box 130

Olney, IL 62450


Wright, Harry

Route 3, Box 3132

Pittsfield, IL 62363


2000 IEAA Board Members

Dennis Epplin, President

Pete Fandel, 1st Vice President

Jim Morrison, 2nd Vice President

Marion Shier, Secretary

Matt Montgomery, Treasure

Ron Waldrop, Past President

Northern directors: John Church (Sr.)

Gary Bretthauer (Jr.)

West Central directors:

Dean Oswald (Sr.)

Trent Torrence (Jr.)

East Central directors: Don Meyer (Sr.)

Ed Ballard (Jr.)

Southern directors: Dave Fischer (Sr.)

Ruth Hamilton (Jr.)

(These appointments need to be reviewed as to accuracy.)
IFEC - ?

Soybean Program Operating Board - Ike Leeper

Corn Growers Association - Mike Plumer

Soybean Association - Bill Brink

4-H Foundation -

FBFM - FBFM Educators

Beef Association - Ed Ballard

Corn Marketing Board - Pete Fandel

Forage & Grassland Council - Ruth Hambleton

Pork Producers - John Fulton

Sustainable Ag Society - Gary Letterly

Illinois Wheat Association - Harold Hunziker

Program Recognition Council: Chair - Janeen Emory

VC - Wes Winter

Professional Imp. Council: Chair - Lynn Weis

VC - Mike Roegge

Extension Dev Council: Chair - John Church


Resource & Program Dev: Chair - Ruth hambleton

VC - John Fulton

Life Member Committee: Chair - Bob Edgar

VC - Larry Casey

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