Illustrator: Joe Cepeda

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Pet Tricks

Written by Ed Reyes

Illustrator: Joe Cepeda

Story Overview: I’m reading Pet Tricks in class this week. This story takes place at a pet show where all the pets do tricks. A puppy named Frizz can jump over a bat. I wonder if a lizard and a kitten can do interesting tricks, too!

Genre: Realistic Fiction is a made-up story that could really happen.

High-Frequency Words:

come, good, on, that

Strategy: Analyze Story Structure-Stories are organized in a certain way. They have a beginning, middle, and an ending. Good readers pay attention to what happens to the characters in the story in order to better understand what they read.

Skill: Analyze Character and Setting-As we read, we pay attention to what happens to the characters and setting in the story.

Grammar: Question-A question is a sentence that asks something.

Spelling List: Words with /kr/cr-, /gr/ gr-, /tr/ tr-
crib, crab, grab, grass, trap, trip
Review words: hit, win
High Frequency words: that, good

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