I'm tired of this. I am always being blamed as being the one who starts gossip but I don't

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I'm tired of this. I am always being blamed as being the one who starts gossip ... but I don't start it. I don't! I just kind of ... join in with it after it's started to move along. Kind of like, you know how a snowball does, rolling down a big huge slope, and as it gets going it picks up snowflakes and it gets bigger and bigger? Well, I guess you could say I'm just one of those little snowflakes. Those tiny, tiny, itty-bitty little snowflakes. Perfectly harmless ... on my own. But once I get attached to the snowball... (Beat.) I'm afraid I'm confusing you, aren't I? Am 1 confusing you? [don't mean to, it's just-l don't know what comes over me. 1 try to take a stand against gossip in my everyday life. 1 do. I hear some awful, awful story about somebody and I try, with all my might, to block it out. I read something shocking in PEOPLE magazine and I turn the page as quickly as I can. I meet people and somebody tells me some dark secret about them and I TRY NOT TO BELIEVE IT! I DO! I REALLY AND TRULY DO! But sometimes it is just so seductive ... Like with you. Janine told me that you used to have this ... you know. This job, okay? Yeah, and I didn't want to believe her. I tried to ignore her. I tried to not pay any attention to her. Like it didn't matter. But the more I thought about it, I realized ... God, maybe it was, like, my duty to tell other people about it. To inform them. That the guy living in 5A, he used to be a porn star! I mean, I'm sorry the condo board voted to throw you out and everything but shouldn't they know? I mean, it's not my fault this happened! It's not like I started this or anything. You were the one who made those movies. SADDLE STUDS? Yeah, well, I rented it just to see what you-Hey. Don't you dare tell anybody what I just said. 'Cause, god knows, I don't want any gossip going around about me.

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