Imaginative Essay

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Imaginative Essay

Instructions: Write an imaginative essay, using the outline listed below. Each paragraph should be fully developed including a topic sentence and supporting details. This is to be written in Narrative form, including all the necessary elements of a story.

Outline for Dog Story

Beginning: You eat a dog biscuit


  • You discover you can communicate with animals.

End: You return to Normal

This is just an outline; your job is to fill in the details:

*How you ended up eating a dog biscuit in the first place.

*What animals you can hear and talk with. (Dialogue works well here)
*The problem- It doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the fact you can communicate with animals. Be creative!
*Solution-Make sure that you solve the problem by the end of the essay.

*Make me laugh! This story line lends itself to be quite humorous.

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