Imperial Concubine’s Tofu [Ingredients]


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Imperial Concubine’s Tofu


One box of Firm Tofu

Shelled shrimp

Minced ginger and green onion


Chicken essence powder (mushroom soup could be a replacement)




Oyster sauce

Dark color soy sauce

Light color soy sauce


Vegetable oil or olive oil


①Cut the Tofu into eight pieces and then cut the lateral side of each piece to make a pocket.

②Chop the peeled shrimps. But do not chop them too finely. Put the minced ginger and green onions into the shrimps and stir the mixture together. Add salt and the chicken essence powder and then stir them together again.

③Next, stuff the tofu with the shrimp mixture.

④Crack four eggs and whisk them. Cover the tofu on all sides with flour and then cover it again with egg. The rest of the egg can then be poured on top of the tofu.

⑤Pour some vegetable oil into a pot and then heat it. When the oil is hot, turn off the heat and put the tofu pockets into the pot. When the tofu is in the pot, turn the heat back on and then fry the tofu until the bottom turns a golden yellow. Then turn the heat off again. Place the tofu pockets in the pan. Turn the heat on and fry both sides until they are a golden yellow.

⑥Put all the tofu pockets on a plate and microwave them for 4.5 minutes.

⑦Boil some water in a second pot. Put the broccoli in the water and add a few drops of oil and salt to keep the vegetable’s color. When the broccoli is cooked, turn off the heat and leave the broccoli to soak in the water.

⑧Put some water and oyster sauce in the first pot and heat the pot. Add some light colored soy sauce as well as dark soy sauce. Then put some chicken essence powder and sugar into the pot.

⑨Add some cornstarch to the water to make the sauce denser. Do not add too much, otherwise the sauce will be dry. Turn off the heat when the sauce is ready.

⑩Take the tofu from microwave. Pour the sauce on tofu pocket and use the broccoli as a garnish and side-dish. Enjoy!


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