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3rd Grade Newsletter

October 23, 2009

Important Dates:

  • Monday, October 26 – Picture Re-take Day

  • Wednesday, October 28 – No Breakfast Program - Halloween Parade at 11:00 a.m. Early Dismissal at 11:25 a.m. – Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Thursday, October 29 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Friday, October 30 – No School

  • Tuesday, November 24 – 3rd Grade Thanksgiving Feast – Save the Date

Quote of the Week (Mr. Bilyeu’s students need to memorize the weekly quote by Friday of each week):


Bilyeu: Subtraction with borrowing, subtraction across  a middle zero, equality and inequality, problem solving

Hepner: Rounding & Estimating

Meszaros: Estimating sums and differences, problem solving, adding 3-digit numbers


No quote for next week!

Spelling: Words with consonant digraphs: ch, tch, sh, and wh

The next spelling test will be on Friday, November 6th.

Reading: Story: - Aero and Officer Mike- non-fiction

Focus Skill: Fact & Opinion

Focus Strategy: Reread

Grammar: Common & Proper Nouns

Fluency: Practice fluency passages that come home and return them to school each day.


Mr. Bilyeu & Ms. Meszaros: Lesson 1 – Looking at a Community – Vocabulary: types of communities – rural, suburban, and urban; transportation; scale; culture; national park; volunteer; citizen; pollution --- Places to know: Sacramento, California / New Orleans, Louisiana / Bothell, Washington / Rochester, Indiana / Cuajimalpa, Mexico / Mexico City, Mexico

Mrs. Hepner: Study Guide for Chapter 2 was sent home.

Special Note: On Monday, Oct. 26th, the students who purchased special privileges with their school money at the end of the 9 weeks will be redeeming their coupons for what they purchased. If your child purchased the IPOD day, or Electronic Game, they are allowed to bring these to school on Monday. The students who purchased a movie will be watching their movie in the afternoon, and if they purchased a snack or drink ticket, they are allowed to bring in a snack or drink on Monday.


Students need to turn in reading charts on Tuesdays.
1st Destination

Ms. Meszaros: Chris Matos, Julia Thornley, Skylar Wicks
2nd Destination

Mr. Bilyeu: Molly Baker, Grace Dotson, Emily Eltrevoog, Nathan Hawk, Gareth Kent, Christian Stefaniak

Mrs. Hepner: Nathan Armbrust, Nicholas Greco

Ms. Meszaros: Misteree Mangers, Brittany Alsvig
3rd Destination

Ms. Meszaros: Krista Eikleberry, Jace Casey

Mr. Bilyeu: Keelan Rice
4th Destination

Mr. Bilyeu: Keelan Rice


  • United Way Penny Drive began October 1 and will run through the month of October. Keep sending in those pennies.

  • Now that the weather is turning cooler, please be sure your children dress warmer and have coats for outside recess.

  • If you have any old adult size blue jeans that you’d like to donate, we can use them for our FFA Farm Adventure Days that will be held in the spring.

  • On days when school is dismissed before lunch, there will not be any breakfast served.

  • Please send back conference slips for Parent/Teacher Conferences.


October 5-8: Rebekah Chapman

October 13-16: Kenzi Empson,

October 19-23: Zander Stanley, Kenneth Sangston, Krista Eikleberry

Holiday Party Committees


Mr. Bilyeu: Natalie Arwood, Grace Dotson, Danny Ellis, Nathan Hawk, Marissa Holmes, Abriana Jashari, Hunter McAlpine

Ms. Meszaros: Michael Greene, Jace Casey, Ryan Towne, Melissa Avila, Krista Eikleberry, Lexi Greve

Mrs. Hepner: Joseph Wright, Wyatt Baldauf, Faith Hacker, Maggie Cade, Nate Armbrust, Owen Barnett, Aaryn Rutherford


Mr. Bilyeu: Drew Ehrler, Gareth Kent, Keelan Rice, Kenneth Sangston, Christian Stefaniak, Dylan Woodard, Sadie O’Neill

Ms. Meszaros: Misteree Mangers, Max Bedeker, Kohl Babcock, Adam Powell, Henry Hunter, Deven Dunn, Chris Matos

Mrs. Hepner: Kenzi Empson, Zander Stanley, Logan Bruss, Nic Greco, Natalie Carajohn, Dylan Applebee, Jonathon Ugolini

Valentine’s Day

Mr. Bilyeu: Molly Baker, Emily Eltrevoog, Olivia Mettille, Maddy Mott, Jennie Paulsen, Sophie Shanks

Ms. Meszaros: Jalen Nelsen, Brittany Alsvig, Kora Pernitzke, Rebekah Chapman, Julia Thornley, Skylar Wicks

Mrs. Hepner: Gillian Culbreth, Megan Neimann, Christina Klusek, Caitlyn Potter, Blake Woodard, Isaac Crawford

Gobble! Gobble! The 3rd grade will have a Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 24th at lunchtime. At parent/teacher conferences, we will be asking you if you plan to attend, and what you could bring or send in with your child for the feast. If you have already had your conference, we will send home a note.

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