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Self-check your writing
To complete your work, tick the points that are relevant to your writing. For those that are not relevant, consider the suggestions for possible improvement.





  • All my ideas are relevant to the topic.

Rearrange any misplaced paragraphs.

Delete any irrelevant information or ideas which repeat themselves.

  • My ideas are presented clearly and logically.

Add connectors between paragraphs.


  • I didn’t use the same words or phrases more than once.

Find repeated words/phrases in the dictionary and replace them with a synonym or rephrase the sentence.

  • I used words that we have studied recently.

If not, check your notebook to include some in your piece of writing.


  • My paragraphs deal with only one aspect of the subject.

If there is more than one idea in a paragraph, separate into two paragraphs

  • There is logical development within the paragraph.

Build each paragraph around a theme/key sentence. Add an explanation, example(s) and a conclusion.

  • Connectors connect between sentences and paragraphs to create a logical flow.

Add connectors/linking words where possible, from the list studied.


  • The verbs agree with their subjects and the nouns match.

If third person is used, make sure you added an /s/ to the verb. Make sure that you have the nouns coordinated with regards to singular/plural.

Pay attention to the time expressions you used and match the verbs accordingly.

  • The punctuation is accurate.

Check by reading aloud and see where the pauses fit.

  • The spelling is accurate.

Use the dictionary or the computer spell-checker.
  • Word order is correct

Check the sentence order (subject, verb, object).


  • Paragraphs are separated with a line space.

Insert an empty line between paragraphs.

  • There are margins and paragraphs are indented.

  • There are opening and closing salutations for a letter or speech.

  • If it’s a letter don’t forget to begin with: “Dear ___,” and end with “Sincerely,” etc.


  • The tone is appropriate for the subject.

Check what kind of language is necessary for the audience of this piece of writing: formal, informal, humorous, etc.

  • The level of the vocabulary fits the topic and genre.

Check what words are necessary for the audience of this piece of writing: simple or sophisticated.


  • There is a clear and interesting introduction.

When reading the piece out loud, do I want to continue reading; does it grab attention?

  • There is a sound conclusion.

How did I end my writing? Is the reader left with a question or an answer?

  • Keep this page and use it before you hand anything in.

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