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30th January 2014, 7.00 – 8.20pm

In attendance

Paula Harris* (Chair)

Gillian Milne

Lynne Leslie* (Treasurer)

Isabelle Riddoch

Sue Barrie* (Secretary)

Jim Titmuss

Clare Ptaszek*

Claire Mackenzie

Lizzy Dixon*

Gill Allen

Lindsay Cochrane*

Kirsty Clarke

Lorna Baker

Mirjam Currie

Marieke Wood*

Sandra Stewart

Karen Carmichael*

Olia Shulayeva

Therese Hendry*

Mr Forrester (Headteacher)

Tom Lawson*

Miss Currie

Margo Titmuss

Mrs Jamieson

* indicates Member of the Parent Council Committee


John Forrester*

Nicola Doherty

Sheila Morgan*

Trish MacEachern

Denise Bird



Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 29th October 2013 were approved without amendment.


Matters arising from the last minutes

Curtains for the stage had been purchased.

Cameras and music equipment have all been purchased.

The Christmas gift tree P5 project had been a big success.


Headteacher’s Report
Life and work

Thankyou to everyone who has made themselves known and made me very welcome. Children are a real credit to their parents and carers. I would like an open door policy. Parental support in school – wider community - is crucial to the school’s and children’s success. Important to feel part of your child’s learning. Learning doesn’t just stop at the door.

School Values will be celebrated and encouraged– Children receive Golden tickets. If this is backed up at home it will be more successful.

Newsletter – twice a month – Next issue will include dates for diary, appeals for Goblin sponsorship and Cycle Friendly School volunteers. Parents to be encouraged to receive it by email.


Burns’ poetry – everyone was excellent will look into RBWF recital competition.

Bird Watching – P4 are bird watching and everyone can take part at home.

Children are learning about WWII and about the Romans – if anyone has anything to contribute please get in touch.

Staffing – new member of staff – Mrs Stevenson – will be starting in P2 at the end of February

Workshops –If any parents have ideas for workshops please come forward to Mr Forrester

Up coming events

Unicef Day for change 8th Feb – Children to come in non uniform.

World book day in March – events to be decided.

Mr Parkin visits – P7 Club starts in March.

Inservice days – focus on Science, wider achievements and mental maths
Thank you

Clubs – thank you to volunteers appeal for any more volunteers.


Looking for volunteers to do their minibus driver training for school trips.


Wish List

Mr Forrester had not yet had the chance to cost out everything on his wish list. However, he felt the priority was for improved PE and science resources. An audit of the existing PE resources was required. The wish list consisted of:

PE equipment

Science resources

Projector for use in the hall (£500)

5 no laptops

Nelson handwriting scheme (£800)

Bike shed

It was agreed that the Parent Council should fund up to £2,500 of items off this list immediately – allowing Mr Forrester to cost and prioritise them.



Chairperson’s Report

Paula expressed thanks to the organisers of the various fundraising activities which had happened:

Julie Butler and her team for the Rock n Roll Bingo

Isabelle for her Candles and Cake Coffee Morning

Isabelle and Gillian for the Nearly New Sale

The next Bags to School collection will be on 8th May.


Treasurer’s Report

The current balance was reported to be £4,644, after spending the money on musical instruments etc agreed at the last meeting. In addition there was a balance of £944 in the extra-curricular account.

It was reported that Nicola Doherty had agreed to take over the treasurer’s role for the swimming and football extra-curricular account.

It was agreed unanimously to change the signatories on the Extra Curricular Account

Currently – Lindsay Cochrane, Mirjam Currie and Chris Robinson

Proposed – Paula Harris, Mirjam Currie and Nicola Doherty

Nicola to organise. It was also agreed that the surplus balance in the extra curricular account over and above £500 would be transferred to the main Parent Council account twice yearly.



Upcoming events and fundraising

Children’s disco – This would take place on Sunday 2nd March from 2 til 5pm in the village hall. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Vinyl night – Saturday 8th March 7.30pm til late. Bring your own bottle and fancy dress

May Fair – After discussion it was agreed to hold the spring fundraiser on May 17th in the school. A subgroup was set up to plan and organise this – Lindsay, Clare P, Lorna, Paula, Lynne and Olia.

Village Gala day – Saturday 31st May. A subgroup agreed to plan a school stall at this event – Mirjam, Claire Mac, Jill.

Sub group
Sub group


Goblin Car

Jim Titmuss had kindly agreed to take the lead on this again this year with Stephen Chree and to use Jim’s shed for the work. The race will take place on Saturday 14th June at Alford. The construction will take place on Saturdays at 1pm and priority will be given to P6/7.

Sponsorship will be sought for team uniforms and for the other expenses. However, the meeting agreed to put £400 towards the cost if required. Mr Forrester to add to next newsletter



500 word short story competition

Mr Forrester agreed that the school would encourage and support children in entering this BBC competition.



Cycle training

The P5 cycle training will start before the Easter holidays with Sue Barrie taking the lead. Gillian Milne will be the course assessor. Additional parent training is being organised. Mr Forrester to add to newsletter if anyone interested in helping.





Den Day Saturday 5th April

Mr Forrester agreed to liaise with the Parks Committee to see if the children could take part on this day.



Next Meeting

Thursday 3rd April 3.30pm

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