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In Highlight

Story Submission Template

In Highlight is an effort initiated by the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Division of Patient Safety and Quality as part of the Illinois Campaign to Eliminate Clostridium difficile (ICE C. diff). In Highlight provides a platform for health care facilities and local health departments across the state to share stories on their implementation of C. diff prevention activities.
This template is provided to guide you in describing your activity. IDPH will format your submission to fit within the In Highlight bulletin and request additional information if needed. IDPH will provide the final draft to you for approval before sending out or posting on the ICE C. diff website.

General Style Guidelines

  • Use simple language and avoid jargon.

  • Be specific and to the point. Bullets and direct quotes are acceptable.

  • Limit use of acronyms and spell them out on first mention.

  • Do not add an opinion unless you attribute it to someone.

Submission Guidelines

  • Observe word limits.

  • Make sure all the information provided is cleared by your facility before submission.

  • By submission, you grant IDPH the permission to share your story. Your contact information will not be included in In Highlight unless you give permission below (see question #7).

  • Email your completed template to Chinyere Alu at

*This template is adapted from CDC’s Public Health Practice Stories from the Field*

1. Name of your activity or intervention

(e.g., C. diff Awareness Day)


2. Primary issue(s) that your activity addresses

(e.g., needs assessment, staff awareness, leadership engagement, environmental cleaning, hand hygiene, etc.)


3. Description of activity (limit 150 words)


Self-check: Have you

  • Identified the people involved, including your partners?

  • Described how the activity was implemented, including where and when it occurred and how it addresses the problem?

4. Accomplishments (limit 150 words)

Self-check: Have you

  • Described how the success or impact of the activity was/will be assessed?

  • Listed outcomes that show how the activity addressed the issue (e.g., change in staff knowledge, change in practices, change in policy, development of new tool)?

  • Included specific numbers where possible (e.g., # of people reached, % increase in compliance)?

5. Lessons learned and/or next steps (limit 100 words)


6. Check if you are submitting any of the following with your story:

 Photo Website URL  Tool produced  Other (specify)      

7. Please provide your contact information. Check the box to indicate which, if any, of your contact information may be included in In Highlight.






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