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1) Background/problem addressed;

Maposa Area lies in the boundaries between Luanshya and Kitwe. Its inhabitants have to cover over 20 kilometers in order to seek medical services. This was even more difficult as TB patients and those on ART ended up being defaulters as they could not manage to move to the nearest health facility at Kanfinsa which is over 15kilometres or Kitwe General Hospital which is over 23 kilometres from Maposa area. NZP+ Kitwe saw it fit to advocate for introduction of Medical Services in this area especially to carter for the TB and other ART. Maternal Health care was also challenge for the people in this area as they were also expected to cover the same distances in order seek medical attention.

2) Intervention or changes made to address the problem;

The organization conducted the following activities in its quest to find a solution to the above problem:

  1. We conducted a research to get first hand information on the challenges faced by the

Maposa Community.

  1. Conducted a policy dialogue where issues that were raised during the research were

presented to the District Health Management Team representatives as critical concerns from the community of Maposa.

3) Results achieved by the intervention;

a. Three moths later, the Health Management Team started operating a mobile clinic for the

area. On the other a non governmental organization, World Vision accelerated its

construction of a Health Post at Kakolo which is 5kilometres from Maposa. Construction of

this health post has since been completed and on 21st January, 2012 it was opened to the

public. The health post is currently being manned by one nurse and two community

health volunteers who assist in record keeping and house keeping respectively.

b. This is a remarkable attainment as there has been a lot of cries from the residents of

Maposa and the surrounding areas. According to the information we got from the Nurse at the Clinic, celebrations for the official opening of the clinic went on into the night up to 22:00hours Men women, boys and girls from all parts of Maposa and other villages gathered to witness the opening of the facility.
As much as this has been done there is need for the Ministry of Health to put in place all facilities that can enable the clinic to provide ART services. There is need to provide TB treatment in order to continue reducing on defaulters that have since received this development with hope of being attended to
4) Lessons;

It was very important for NZP+ Kitwe Chapter to have engaged itself in advocating for improved health service delivery in the targeted area using accurate information collected during the research. This assisted the organization to be factual, realistic in its demand and representing the voiceless as it met policy implementers. This did not happened overnight, but we have learnt something out of this whole process that one needs to put in small, measurable efforts that culminates into a good result we can call “Success”.

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