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You will be reading a novel of your choice over the semester and completing different activities relating to your novel. This will be a major part of your grade; therefore, it is imperative you stay on top of the reading and the activities. Please note the requirements below. Final activities and completion of the novel is due _______________.

  • You will need to complete ONE activity from EACH section (A, B, C). Completing more than the required amount will count as extra credit.

  • You will present your book to the class

  • Your packet must include a list of major characters with a paragraph analyzing (not summarizing) each character.


  • Writing activities are worth 15, 20, and 25 points each

  • Presentation is worth 30 points

  • Major characters is worth 10 points

Section A: 15 points each (about one page)

  1. Pretend that you are the author and describe the part that was the most fun or hardest to write. Explain why.

  2. Write a poem about your book. Poem must be artistic, developed, and discuss major themes in the novel. It should not be overly simplistic or juvenile.

  3. If the book has villain, was his or her punishment justified?
  4. Draw a color map of where major part of the story takes place. Label the major landmarks or points of interest.

  5. Pick a quote from the book s that has significant meaning for you. Explain it. What is the author’s purpose in this selection?

  6. How does your book relate to today?

  7. What impact has this book made on you? Is there any section that you would change in this book? Will this book ever be considered a “classic”? Why or why not?

Section B: 20 points each (1 ½ - 2 pages or more)

  1. Create a twenty-question short answer quiz about your book. The questions should test a reader’s knowledge of the story and focus on character, plot, setting, motivation, conflict, and resolution. Must include the answers to your quiz questions as well.

  2. Write a persuasive book review of the novel to try to get someone else to read it.

  3. Write a one chapter prequel explaining what you think happened before the story began.

  4. Write an additional chapter where you describe what happened to a main character after the story ended.

  5. Explain how you would make your book into a movie – who would play the main characters, where would you film it, what elements of the story would translate well onto the screen, what would you have to eliminate for cinematic purposes and length, etc? You must explain your choices.

  6. Write a different (better?) ending of the story with an explanation for your reasons for the changes.

  7. Write several blog entries made by one of the major characters revolving around the conflict in the novel.

Section C: 25 points each (2 pages or more)

  1. Create an artistic collage representing a message found in your novel.

  2. Find three songs that seem to relate to your novel. Print out the lyrics and then write a detailed explanation of how the song and novel relate. Each explanation should be about one page.

  3. Make a video of one significant scene from your novel and post it on

  4. Make a tri-fold travel brochure that persuades tourists to visit the setting of the book. Describe the scenery and surroundings. Explain the types of activities that might be available. Your brochure should employ colorful design, pictures, and phrasing in order to entice travelers to go there.

  5. Design a large-scale poster for a film adaptation of the book. Include a synopsis of story and a meaningful picture representing some aspect of the novel. Invent a catchy slogan or tagline to draw audiences to see the movie. Be colorful; you are trying to persuade others to view the film! Your final product must show thought and effort.

  6. Design a CD cover (front, back, and insides) that is 8” x 8”. The back cover should list the soundtrack for the novel (title and artist) that includes at least 10 well-known songs. On the inside, write a detailed analysis that explains the connections between the song and novel. The look of the front cover is up to you!

  7. Sketch costumes for at least three characters in the novel. Each character needs 3 costume changes. For each drawing, explain why the outfit, accessory, color is appropriate to its owner. How is the apparel useful or necessary in particular settings or situations? This is only an option if your novel is historical or futuristic.


On or after the due date, you will be required to introduce your novel to the class. This includes the following:

  • Lists the book’s title, author, genre

  • Briefly summarizes the plot (without giving away any surprises, twist, or the ending)

  • Explains what you liked and disliked about the book or a list of its positives and negatives

  • Supports a recommendation to the audience

Name: _____________________________
Title of book: ________________________

Writing Activities
_____/15 Section A
_____/20 Section B
_____/25 Section C



_____/10 Paragraph analyzing each main character


Extra Credit—can only complete one additional option from section A, and can only be completed if all other work for the semester is in.

_____/Points extra credit
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