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l872 St Brides & Marloes National School, Pmbs; HRO TSE/l/24; Br 1872 6 654

1872 Llanboidy Vicarage, Cms; T: W 28.6.72; MS; now Haulfryn?

l872-87 St Dogwells Ch, Pmbs, rest; w E Christian who ?rest the chancel;

1873 Schools Landegley, Rad; T Br 24.5.73;

1873 1st pr Rhayader workhouse, Rad; Br 12.7.73; but given to SW Williams who won 2nd pr Br 16.8.73;

1873 adds Johnston Hall, Johnston, Pmb for R Carrow £329/10/0d;

l874 Freystrop Ch Pmbs, rebuilt; BoW;

1875 School & house, Beguildy, Rad; MS;

l875-6 Little Newcastle Ch, Pmbs, reblt; PH 4.2.76

1876 New Inn Board School, ?Pencader, Cms, ?Pontypool, Mon; MS;

l876-7 Nolton Ch, Pmb rest; T. PH 26.1.76

l876-8 St Lawrence Ch, Pmbs, rest;

1876 altar rails & sanctuary floor, Whitford ch, Flints; BoW;

1876 Adds Trewyn, Bwlch Trewyn, Mon; BoW 135; alts for Rosher family, MS;

1877 Mansion in Rad; MS suggests this could be Trewyn, Bwlch Trewyn, just over border in Mon;

1877 Mansion in Rad; possibly Penybont Hall, Penybont, Rad, MS;

1877 School, Grosmont, Mon; BoW242; Br 28.10.76)

1877 School, Nortons Cross, Skenfrith, Mon; BoW 535; Br 13.1.77;

l877 Mynachlogddu Ch, Pmbs, part rest; HRO HPR 3/61; cf CR Baker-King;

l877-8 Granston Ch, Pmb, reblt; PH 12.7.78; A 17.8.78 almost entirely rebuilt;T & J Lloyd, Haverfordwest, builders;

1878? Attrib alts Ty Derlwyn, Llanvihangel Crucorney, Mon, for Jeremiah Rosher; MS suggests as ELB altd Trewyn, Bwlch Trewyn for same family;

l879-83 Steynton Ch Pmbs, rest;

l879-82 Llangwm Ch Pmbs, rest;

1880 Abernant Schools, Cms; MS;

1880 Blaengarw Schools, Glam; MS;

l880-l Brynamman Ch, Cms; Br 12.6.80;

1880-1 Brynamman, Cms, FS of chapel ‘for Welsh Cong seceders’ Br 30.10.80; Br 1880B 543 & 1881B 375; ?where, ?Brynaman Glam;

l880-l Haverfordwest St Thomas Ch, rest; DMH 95; N aisle, porch, vestry and organ chmbr; £1200; PH 19.8.81;

188l-2 Llanwnda Ch, Pmbs, nave rest; Br 4.11.82

l88l Letterston Ch, Pmbs, reblt; Br 17.12.81

l882-3 rest Llanglydwen Ch, Cms; BoW;

1882-4 Monkswood ch, Mon; BoW; ICBS; CB 3 1882 99; Br 22.3.84)

l882-5 Haroldston West Ch Pmbs rest; CJ 7.9.83

1882-4 Brawdy Ch, Pmbs, rest; Br 19.7.84; by EHLB of Oswestry; BoW, £300.

l883 Cilgwyn Ch, Pmbs, reblt; plans NLW SD/F/?; Bellcote removed, closed 1999, restored as house 2006-8.

1883 Aberaman ch, Glam; BoW129; blt for Sir G. Elliott MP for Powell Dyffryn mineworkers, Westwood stone drs; Aberaman (Pennant) walls; carving by G.F. Herridge Br 27.10.83, £5500; Orrin 1; contr Chas Shepherd Cardiff)

1883 organ chmbr, Cadoxton-juxta-Neath ch, Glam; LL/F/102; Orrin 25;

l884 Llanelli Board School, Cms, lst pr RHH; ?Infants School, Lakefield Llanelli, 1885, MS;

1884 Gwehelog School, Mon; MS;

1884 Vicarage & Schools, Monkswood, Mon; MS;

1884 County Reformatory, Little Mill, Mon; MS;

1884 adds Wolvesnewton Rectory, Mon; MS;

l884-5 Henry's Moat Ch, Pmbs, rest; W 10.7.85

l885 Morfil Ch, Pmbs; rest; T: Br 28.3.85; derelict;

l885 Abergorlech Ch, Cms, reblt; BoW;

1885 Vicarage, Glasbury, Rad; MS;

1885 Infants School, Lakefield, Llanelli, Mon, MS; ?error for Llanelli, Cms.

1885-6 Gwauncaegurwen Mission Ch, Glam; W 28.8.85; Br 26.6.86 new ch;

1885-6 Sunday school, St Thomas ch, Haverfordwest, Pmb, Br 27.2.86;

l886-7 Bletherston Ch, Pmbs, rest; W 4.3.87; roofs, reblt S aisle, added ws and porch; fittings; BoW

l886 Merthyr Tydfil Gen Hospital, Glam; lst pr RHH)

l886-7 St Michael ch, Pembroke, Pmbs, rest; T: Br 22.5.86; W 17.6.87;

1888-9 Nelson ch, Glam; BoW; £1500; Orrin 115-6 initial plans by RJ Mathias rejected by ICBS which also disliked EHLB plans. He said plans same as Brynamman, Cms; Cardiff Times 16.2.89; Pontypridd Chron 7.6.89; transepts and narthex 1908 by EM Bruce Vaughan;

1888 Plans Brechfa ch, Cms; W 21.9.88; exec 1892-3.

l889-91 Higher Grade School, Coleshill Rd, Llanelli, Cms; closed 1977, dem 1984; T: Arch l2.7.l889; £4350; £7100 Kelly 1895; ?l884 design; MS, Higher Grade School, labs, kitchen, etc;

l889-90 extension to Lakefield School, Llanelli, Cms; Arch 27.9.89;

1890-3 Tonna ch, Glam, for Rev D Griffiths; BoW; 1890-3 Orrin 182-3; £5000; Cambr 7.11.90 and 24.2.93; Contr Walter Dowland Abergavenny;

l891 rest Llanybri Ch, Cms; £510; PH 2.10.91

1891 Board Schools, Brecon, Brec; MS;

l892-3 Brechfa Ch, Cms, to plans of 1888; W 21.9.88, ICBS 9291

l893-4 St Issels Ch Pmbs, rest;

1893-4 rest Trellech ch, Mon, BoW; ICBS reseating, chancel roof;

1894 Villa, Nantyderry, Goetre, Mon; MS;

1894 Intermediate School, Merthyr Tydfil, Glam T Br 1.9.94, £5791/17/9d

1902 Infirmary, Pembroke workhouse, Pmbs; T&CN 21.5.02;

l903 chancel stalls, Tenby ch, Pmbs; TO 13.8.03

BARNARD, LEONARD WILLIAM. Architect. Cheltenham. 1870-1951. Continued John Middleton qv practice at first with Prothero & Phillot; later Prothero, Phillot & Barnard, then LWB; later Barnard & Partners (B&P); WWinA 1926

1907 St David ch, Connah’s Quay, Flints BoW 339

1907 Church House, Wrexham, Denbs; WWinA 1926

1908-9 St John Hightown, Wrexham, Denbs BoW 303; WWinA 1926

1910-12 St Michael, Wrexham, Denbs BoW 303, WWinA 1926;

1911-12 Northop Hall ch, Flints BoW 410

1913 St George ch, Llandrillo-yn-rhos, Denbs BoW 194 ‘not as bad as he often was'

1914 Church House, Connah's Quay, Flints; WWinA 1926

1915-16 enlarged Oystermouth ch, Glam; Orrin 121; chancel, nave and vestries added on N; LWB of PP&B; Cambr 11.6.15; £8305; NLW SD/F/527; WM 8.9.16; BoW 483; screen 1927 by LWB; W end 1937; 1914 WWinA 1926

1922-3 War Memorial, Prestatyn, Flints WWinA 1926

1926 chancel Prestatyn ch, Flints, BoW 418)

1927 screen, Oystermouth ch, Glam; BoW)

1973-4 St John ch, Rhosnesni, Wrexham; BoW 311 by John L Jones of B&P)

BARNETT, JOHN. London Architect. Entered competitions 1845 baths & washhouses London and 1848 Industrial dwellings London; 1856 Kingston C chapel, Surrey CYB 1857 Doric pils and ped (Barnett & Birch); 1862 3rd pr Warehousemen's & Clerks schools, ?London, RHH.

1858-62 Normal College, Bangor, Caerns; CG139; Br 8.5.58 ill;)

BARNSLEY, ERNEST. Arts and Crafts architect, known to have done one job nr Wrexham: Ian Allan suggests alts to Lower Stansty Fm, Gwersyllt, Denbs c1925-6, BoW 175;
BARRALLIER, CHARLES-LOUIS, son of Jean-Louis B, naval architect from Toulon rescued by British Navy and brought to Milford l796 to supervise shipbuilding yard there. l797-l8l4. Charles Greville entrusted J-LB with planning and supervision of new town at Milford and says in l797 letter `one of his sons is an architect as well as himself'. Charles signs some Milford estate leases cl809.

BARRALLIER, JEAN-LOUIS, 1751-1834, naval architect from Toulon,came to Britain 1797 with British fleet and to Milford to supervise setting up of naval yard there l797-l8l0. Charles Greville entrusted him with planning and supervision of the new town and he appears as witness to numerous of the early leases, though it is not clear who drew the very basic elevations that appear on each lease. CG letter of l797 says of JLB `he has plans for Milford....I have given Mr B power to open negotiations with any person inclined to build which till now I could not do for want of a fixed plan...I have desired Mr B to begin to build a house for me at the time he begins his of his sons is an architect as well as himself. I have desired him to employ workmen..'. B returned to France with the Restoration l8l5-6, and became Director of Naval Construction at Toulon, retiring in 1817, he, his wife +1832, and one son Louis-Charles-Antoine +1855 buried at Toulon. The family had some Milford interests in 1840, for assignment of a 4th share of a house there was made by Louis B now of Toulon and Jean-Louis B, surgeon of Liverpool. A Jean-Louis B was in Milford in l850?? Cf also Charles-Louis B.

1802 suggested restoration of ruined St Thomas chapel, nr Milford (letter in French). Unex.

1802 St Katharine, Milford, FS 1802. Letters in possess vicar include affidavits in a court case from carpenters who had had wood from Castle Pill wood ‘to make centres for the church arches for Mr Barralier’, TL thinks a London architect involved;

c1809 Barrallier may have been the designer of the very handsome neo-classical elevation for the Milford Dockyard, unsigned and undated in PRO Kew ADM/140/492, possibly cl809, which has the lunettes in arcades seen on some of the Milford house designs, (but this could be a W. Jernegan detail). B signs a plan 1810 (ADM/140/490) showing how much had already been erected (the western 3 buildings Guard House, 3 st 4w stores, single storey smithy, and 7 bays of the 24 bay single storey W wing of the main range which was to have been 4-24-5-24-4 with 3st centre and end pavilons,the centre pedimented with clock tower. The battered remnants of some buildings remain in Marine Gardens, below Hamilton Terrace.

Letters also refer to houses that Mr Barrallier was building including Mr Folger’s house, and the White Lion Hotel (dem), where salvaged material was used from the recently demolished Colby House (Colby Lodge). A letter of 1802 refers to possible retoration of the ruined St Thomas Church, Milford (TL); Rees 121-2.


1914 Llanhilleth PM, Mon; plans Gwent RO D454.842)

BARRETT, G. H. Builder, Pembroke. Probably the George H. Barrett carpenter occupying ‘dwelling house with cabinet-makers shop etc’ Orielton est sale 1857, leased from 1846, probably the present 38 Main Street. ?related to Richard Barrett qv. Not in 1844 dir.

1859-60 Bldr Pembroke B, Pmbs; (J Cooper); HMT 11.4.60;

1879 alts Clock Tower, 4 Main St, Pembroke; W 11.4.79;
BARRETT, REES. Carmarthen +1878; not in 1844 dir.

l850 Llanllwch National School, Cms; plans CRO Educ 252;

BARRETT, RICHARD, Pembroke +1853. Cabinet maker in 1835 Pigor dir. ?related to GH Barrett qv.

1835 St Ishmaels Vicarage, Pmbs; copied from des in JB Papworth Rural Residences 1819;

1835-40 Rest St Florence Ch, Pmbs

1836 Carew Vicarage, Pmbs, now Grove Manor

1836-8 Rest Carew Ch, Pmbs;
BARRETT, Lt-Col WALTER, County Architect Pembs.

1953-9 Preseli School, Crymych; plans HRO

1955 Fishguard Secondary School, Pmbs

1959 Greenhill Secondary School, Tenby, Pmbs

1959 Pembroke Dock Police Station, Pmbs

1960 Pembroke Dock Fire Station, Pmbs

1960 Milford Haven Police Station, Charles St

1962-4 Milford Haven Grammar School, Pmbs


l923 Conversion of Aberystwyth Assembly Rms, Cd, to UCW Students Union; Cadw;

BARRON, (WILLIAM) & SONS. Borrowash, Derbyshire. Landscape architects 1st pr for parks at Leicester 1878; Matlock Bath 1882, Bilston 1887; Chesterfield 1891; Tipton 1898; Widnes 1898; Ilford 1899. ?Same as the William Barron of Sketty who laid out Aberdare Park Glam in 1860s; BoW 136.

1889 1st pr Roath Park, Cardiff, Glam; RHH; BoW310; WB&Son

BARRY, Sir CHARLES 1795-1860. Architect. London. In practice c1824 on return from Italian voyage. 1822-5 Stand ch, Prestwich; 1823 Campfield ch, Lancs; 1824-8 Brighton St Peter; 1824-35 Manchester Institution; 1829-32 Travellers Club London; 1833-7 Edward VI School Birmingham; 1834-42 Trentham Hall Staffs; 1834-57 alts Bowood, Wilts; 1835 Royal Coll of Surgeons London; 1835-67 Houses of Parliament; 1835-9 alts Kingston Lacy dorset for WJ Bankes; 1835-9 Manchester Athenaeum; 1837-9 Manchester U chapel; 1837-41, Reform Club London; 1838-43 alts Lancaster house London; 1841 Pentonville Prison façade London; 1842 alts Highclere Castle Hants; 1843-5 Hurstpierpoint ch Sx; 1844-50 alts Dunrobin castle, Sutherland; 1845 Treasury, Whitehall; 1847-57 bridgewater House London; 1849-54 Shrubland Pk Suff; 1850-1 Cliveden, Bucks; 1854-5 adds Canford Manor, Dorset for Guest of Dowlais; 1859-63 Halifax TH. RIBA Gold Medal 1850 Father of Charles Barry Jr 1823-1900, and Edward M. Barry 1830-80 who continued father’s practice.

1828ff alts Gwydir Castle, Llanrwst, Mer, for Lord Willoughby de Eresby; inf P. Welford; not in Colvin)

182? Alts Soughton, Northop, Flints, for W. J. Bankes; BoW 408-10; prob late 1820s des w Bankes himself whom Barry met in Italy and for whom he remodelled Kingston Lacy, Dorset, 1835-9; c1825-30 Colvin)

1853-5 Schools, Dowlais, Glam; commissioned 1853 for Lady Charlotte Guest; BoW 447n; dem; Gothic; memorial to Sir John Guest + 1852; John Gabe bldr; over £20000; JA Owen Short History of the Dowlais Ironworks, 1972, 32; Colvin)

1854-63 ?Guest Memorial Reading Room, Dowlais, Glam; BoW 447; proposed 1854 by workforce as memorial to Sir John Guest; £2200 subscribed; work started 1855; by 1856 £5500 spent and work halted; completed by Dowlais Iron Co 1863; total cost £7000; JA Owen Short History of the Dowlais Ironworks, 1972, 32-3; not in Colvin;

BARRY, Sir JOHN WOLFE. Engineer. Associated with Henry Marc Brunel (HMB) in des Blackfriars Station inc terminus and bridge, London, 1883-6. With J. Hawkshaw designed Cannon St Station 1865-6; engineer of Tower Bridge, London, 1886-94, w Horace Jones architect; Kew Bridge, London 1903.

1889-98 Barry Docks, Glam, w HMB; 1st dock 1889ff; 2nd dock 1893-8; two dry docks, new entrance lock 1908.

BARRY, THOMAS DENVILLE. Liverpool 1815-1905 Cemetery specialist 1st pr cemeteries at Toxteth Pk 1855, Heywood 1855, Warrington 1855, Atherton 1855, St Helens 1856, Runcorn 1858, Liverpool 1860. TDB&Son in competitions 1871-83. Barry & Murray in comps 1852. AEBTD 1868 has Thomas Denville Barry of Leamington Spa.

1871 Comp entry, Aberystwyth Board Sch, Cd; CN 16.2.72

BARTLEET, W. GIBBS. Essex. Designed St George Beckenham, Kent 1885-7; comp entr Bromley Hospital 1883. Bartleet & Cooper 1899.

1870s made plans for Hean Castle, St Issells, Pmbs working up ideas by Charles Vickerman, owner, ?not used. BoW 444


1853-4 Llandyfaelog Nat school, Cms. CRO Educ 251.

BARTON WILLMORE. Bristol. Barton Willmore Partnership did Northavon House on UWE campus, Frenchay, Glos, c1990.

1976-7 Emmanuel Evang B, Rutland Pl, Newport, Mon; by Iain Freeman of BW; BoW; adds Freeman 1994-5.

BARTON, JOHN Welshpool

1887 alts Montgomery TH, Mont; T Br 7.5.87;

BARTOSCH & STOKES. P. M. Bartosch & - Stokes, 12 Imperial Sq, Cheltenham. Continued W Ellery Anderson firm qv after EA Roiser. Numerous ch works in St Davids diocese from c1982, cf letter 1992. Cathedral architect St Asaph.

19?? Tenby ch, Pmbs; repairs, reglazing, Lloyd Thomas memorial window (glass by John Baker)

19?? Carmarthen St Peter, repairs

19?? Fishguard ch, Pmbs, alts sanctuary and N aisle furnishings.

19?? Llandyfeisant ch, Cms; reroofing

19?? Newport ch, Pmbs, repairs E wall, chancel window (glass by J. Baker)

19?? Pembroke St Mary ch, inner W porch.

19?? Pembroke St Michael ch, repairs

19?? Penally ch, Pmbs, repairs

19?? Cardigan ch, Cd, repairs

1996 Mwnt ch, Cds; repairs, new tracery Ew.
BASSETT, GILBERT THOMAS, ARIBA. 1866-1949. l7 Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth; l3 North Parade, and Braeside, Caergog, Aberystwyth: Kelly l926) NLW has uncatalogued collection from successor practice of RE Bonsall q.v., including notebook list of items in various rolls (NB). RIBA file: artic JG Dunn, 44 Waterloo St, Birmingham, 1881, asstnt w JG Dunn & AW Hipkiss, Birmingham; ARIBA 1890 London (Nomination papers, from The Limes, Highfield Rd, Salsley, Birmingham). Firm started as Hipkiss & Bassett c1897-1900 (H&B), Hipkiss ?remained in Birmingham. Obituary in A&BN 195 1949 305; Practice continued by RE Bonsall qv.

1896 House, Towyn, Mer, for CH Young; NB8)

l897 School & ministers house, Queens Rd, Aberystwyth, for Shiloh CM; by H&B, Post Office Chambers, Terrace Rd, Aberystwyth; C Archt 9.4.97; NB2, NB16B; T: CN 2.4.97;

1897 Gallery & entry for WM chapel; NB3; Prob Queens Rd WM, Aberystwyth, galleries early C20, BPR 61; dem;

1898 House, North Rd, Aberystwyth, for WJ Walker; NB6; ?Wern, North Rd occ G Walker 1926 Kelly)

1898 Four houses, Bath St, Aberystwyth for H Hayes; NB15

1898 House, shops & two cottages, Cemmaes, Mont; NB16A;

189? Nine workmens’ houses Aberystwyth, for Owen Bros; NB7

189? House Northgate, Aberystwyth, for E Evans Esq; NB10

189? Houses adj Belle Vue, Aberystwyth; NB 11;

189? Clydach church hall; ? Clydach Glam)

1899 Two houses, Queen St, Aberystwyth, for WH Palmer; NB16

1899 House, North Parade, Aberystwyth, for Evan Owen NB1

l899 Alts St George Hotel, Portland St, Aberystwyth CN 7.4.99; H&B; NB16C

1899 Alts 23 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, for ?A Joinser; NB14

1899 House, Penglais Rd, Aberystwyth for WJ Wright; NB9

l899 Adds Ocean View, Marine Terr, Aberystwyth; H&B; Arch 22.9.99

l900 Alts Aberdyfi Board School, Mer; WG l.3.00)

l90l-3 Aberystwyth Drill Hall; NB26A; NB24 1903.

l90l House, Llanfarian, Cd, for Herr Pareezer CN l6.8.0l; NB20

1901 House, Cambrian St, Aberystwyth, for W Thomas; NB 19

1901 Adds Aberystwyth Vicarage; NB 22; pres St Michaels Vicarage, Llanbadarn Rd;

l90l Rebld Cross Pipes Hotel, Bryncrug, Mer; CN 8.3.0l; ?the Peniarth Arms.

l90l House, Aberdyfi, Mer, for Mrs AT?; CN l.3.0l)

l90l Office & showroom, Aberystwyth Gas Co, Park Ave; T: CN 6.9.0l; Plans 1898 NB5; 1901 NB18.

l90l House for R Geddes Smith Esq T CN 29.ll.0l; Mrs G-S was at Penynant, Brynymor, Aberystwyth in l926 dir

1902 Flats Aberystwyth, for Evan Edwards; CN 3.1.02 NB23

l902 Farmhouse & bldngs, Aberllefenni, Mer; T CN 10.1.02

l902 Two houses, Caradog Rd, Aberystwyth; T CN 14.3.02

l902 Bethania CM & school, Aberangell, Mer; CN 6.6.02)

1903 Two houses Caradog Rd, Aberystwyth, for Jn Evans; NB25; T CN 21.8.03

1903 House, Capel Bangor, Cd, for Rev Morgan; ?NB 26 ?Maeshaulog; T CN 3.4.03

1904 Talyllyn Parsonage, Mer T: CN 1.1.04)

1904 Adds 28 Portland St, Aberystwyth, for Richard Jones T: CN 8.1.04

l904 Comp entry Aberystwyth Public Library NB30;

1904 Two semi-detached houses, Buarth Rd, Aberystwyth; NB 28; T: CN 22.4.04; NLW PZ 5459 has drawings, signed mayor Isaac Hopkins;

1904 alts Hafod Arms Hotel, Devils Bridge, Cd, for FP Lightfoot; NB 29; T: CN 5.2.04

1904 Two houses Buarth Road,Aberystwyth, for Rev J. Williams & DJ Saer?; NB 31; Roughcast and red brick

1904 rbld warehouse for WH Jones, Aberystwyth T: CN 30.12.04

1906 House, Ffair Rhos, Cd, for J.Ward; NB33

l906 Works ?at St Mary Ch, Aberystwyth, NB36

1906 House Trevor Rd, Aberystwyth, for W Thomas Esq NB34

1906 House, Caradog Rd, Aberystwyth, for Mrs Benbow NB35; ?Cartref, Mrs Benbow 1926 dir;

1907 Two houses Lion Field, Aberystwyth? for Mrs N Davies NB37

1907 Alts Central Hotel for D Roberts; NB38 ?where

1907 Houses Portland St, Aberystwyth; NB39

1907 Two houses Caradog Rd, Aberystwyth, for Daniel Jones; NB 40; ?corner of a new road (MF)

1907 Houses Portland St, Aberystwyth, for Mrs Fuller, Evans & Edwards; NB41

1907 Store, Bath St, Aberystyth, for A Harries Esq NB42

1907 Alts Penparcau School, Aberystwyth; survey plans NB43; C Arch 18.10.07

1907 Billiard Rm, Commercial Hotel, Aberystwyth; ?Cambrian Hotel, Alexandra Rd; NB62B

1908 Blaenplwyf farmmhouse, Llanychaiarn, Cd, for R Jenkins; NB 44

1908 Adds Rheidol Cottage, Devils Bridge, Cd; NB 45

1908 Stables, Eglwys Newydd vicarage, Cd; ?vicarage was in Devils Bridge; NB 46;

1908 Four houses, Dinas Terrace, ?Aberystwyth, for Edwards Bros

l909 Adds Ffosrhydgaled, Chancery, Cd; WG l8.5.09; house burnt & rebuilt l9ll; NB48-9;

1909 Alts Capel Bangor Ch, Cd; NB50; ?the nasty windows;

l909 Penparcau Ch, Aberystwyth; WG 8.7.09; 1910 NB51

l909 Shop for G Wilkinson & GR James, North Parade, Aberystwyth; WG 27.5.09; ?G Wilkinson grocers No 8 l926 dir

1910 Alts Cottage at Hafod, Cd; NB52

1910 Alts Plas Penglais, Aberystwyth, for R Richardes; NB 62

1910 House, North Parade, Aberystwyth, for Capt Enos NB 60

l9ll Golf Club, Constitution Hill, Aberystwyth; WG 6.7.11; NB53

l9ll House, Borth, Cd, for Capt T Rees; WG l9.l0.11

1911 Houses, Mill St, Aberystwyth for Mr Matthias NB54;

l9l2 House & stable for Dr Abraham Thomas, Portland Rd, Aberystwyth; T CN 27.9.l2; NB59; ?22 North Pde 1926 dir;

1912 Adds Borth Golf Club, Cd; NB55

1912 House, Cambrian St, Aberystwyth, for Miss Owen NB 56

1912 Corner shop Terrace Rd & N Parade, Aberystwyth, for Miss Jones; NB57; ?No 15 Miss Eliz Jones Fancy Repository 1926;

1912 Llanwrtyd Wells Vicarage, Brec; )

1912 Trebanos ch, Glam; BoW; )

1913 House, Ponterwyd, Cd, for Miss Hall; NB80

1913 Convert lecture room to library, UCW Aberystwyth;

1913 Parish Hall, Church St, Aberystwyth; Arch 13.6.13; NB 82;

1914 Vicarage, ?Aberystwyth; NB 83

l9l6 repairs Mwnt ch, Cd; CRO CAS scrapbook; NB 84; AC 1917 425-8, consequent on storm damage; stone staircase in N wall opened out and 2 pieces of rood screen found; MF, letter in GE Evans notebooks NLW MS 13492 252 from SPAB;

1916 House for Misses Owens, Aberystwyth; NB 85

1916 Bungalow for Rev S Jones, Devils Bridge, Cd; NB 86

1918 Gwaith Goch Lead-mine, Llanfihangel y Creuddyn, Cd, Plans for hopper etc NLW Crosswood/Lisburne 433

1919 Church hall, Newtown, Mont; NB 89)

1919 Conv 40-2 Marine Terr, Aberystwyth, to hotel;

1919? Garage for West Wales Co; NB 21;

1920-3 Enlarged Aberystwyth Infirmary, North Road, Aberystwyh; £14,907; Bldrs R & HL Owen, BPR157 no archt; Cered 5 188 Plans made w Dr Mackintosh, superintendent of Western Infirmary, Glasgow, then planning King Edward VII Hospital Cardiff; Dem;

1924 Village Hall, Newton, Wales; Br 5.12.24; ?same as 1919 Church Hall Newtown, Mont;

1925 Pulpit, Penparcau Ch, Cd; NB 117; 1928 NB 132;

1925 Alts, Hafod Arms Hotel, Devils Bridge, Cd; for F Lightfoot; NB 119; cf also 1904

1925 Manse, Bethania CM, Aberangell, Mer; Br 1925 82)

1926 Penparcau Memorial Hall, Cd; NB 120

1926 Alts Commercial Hotel, Aberystwyth; NB 121

l927 Church hall, Llanbadarn Fawr, Cd; plans NLW;

1934 Nurses Home, Trevor Rd, Aberystwyth; NB 144

1934 adds Dr Williams School, Dolgellau, Mer; Br 5.1.34 new entrance

1934 Cinema, Corporation St, Aberystwyth; NB146 dem

1935 Aberystwyth Infirmary; RIBAD PB/225/21; ?adds or new

1947 Renov Eng P, Bath St, Aberystwyth; I Rees, short history, 1972;

BASSETT (W.) & THOMAS (J.) Llanelli

1881 adds St Paul’s schoolroom Llanelli, doubled in size ?LG 28.4.81


1886-7 Albany Primary School, Albany Rd, Roath, Cardiff; BoW 306; ext 1894-5 by E.W.M. Corbett)

BATE, THOMAS Surveyor, Castle House, Brecon, 1835 dir.
BATEMAN & BATEMAN, Birmingham. See Charles Edward Bateman

BATEMAN, CHARLES EDWARD Birmingham 1863-1947 Son of John Jones Bateman (JJB) 1818-1903; JJB entered comps 1853-62; Bateman & Corser (AEBTD 1868) 42 Cherry St, comps 1866-71; Batemen & Bateman (B&B) comps 1892-8, was still called B&B after JJB died. CEB did Arts and Crafts houses around Birmingham, firm later Bateman & Hale with Alfred Hale d1948; 1904 won comp for High Wycombe TH; 1905 won comp Northfield Library, Birmingham.

1911 Organ case, Tywyn ch, Mer CEB; EE Adcock, The Organ, April 1951, 178)

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