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1995-6 Bethesda B, Rogerstone, Mon; BoW; des by Martin Heijne;

BISHOP, JULIAN. Architect. RIBA. Danygarn, Mountain West, Newport, Pmbs. Worked with Christopher Day and Peter Holden qqv.

1986 Christian Retreat Centre, Ffald y Brenin, Pontfaen, Pmbs; w Christoper Day; project archt.

1989 Rest medieval house, Thorne Cottage, nr Castlemartin, Pmbs, for Mr & Mrs Cooper; proj architect.

1989-94 Scolton Manor visitor Centre, Pmbs, w P. Holden; CCW award 1990; PofW award 1989.

1991 Milford Haven Marina authority building, Pmbs; ? w P. Holden

1991-8 Dyfi Eco-park business units, Machynlleth, Mont;)

1992 Sewage treatment works, Pembroke Dock, Pmbs; ? w P. Holden

1993-6 Environmental control building, Milford Haven sewage works, Pmbs; ?with P. Holden

1994 repair mill at Felin Hescwm, Dinas, Pmbs; for John Peck and Jo Reid.

1998 adds Newport Surgery, Newport, Pmbs; w P. Holden

1999 Maesyfed craft workshops, Penybont, Rad; proj architect)

1999-2002 Cynefin, Llanegryn, Mer; w Christopher Day qv cf Touchstone 200? 19-21. For – Saunders; ?project architect.

2000 Coedfryn garden room.

2000 Pembs Dental Centre, Penybont, Newport, Pmbs; proj arch w P Holden

2000 Gateway bridge for Wildfowl & Wetland Trust, nr Llanelli, Cms;

2003 Proposed ecological trading estate, Penybont, Newport, Pmbs; unex;

2004 eco-cottage, Druidstone Hotel, Nolton, Pmbs; rebuilding of 1930s octagonal pavilion;

2005 minor repairs Newport Boat Club, Pmbs;

2007-8 Reblt Riverside, Nevern, Pmbs, on Nanhyfer estuary, for Duncan Fitzwilliams;


1883 Marshes Rd BC, Newport, Mon; Br 1883B 195; ? same as BC by Habershon & Fawckner qv; Br 11.8.83)

BLACKBURN, WILLIAM Bristol 1750-90. Architect of some 17 prisons incl Oxford County c1785, Oxford City 1786-9, Gloucester 1788-91, Littledean 1789-91, Bristol 1787-91, and Northleach, Glos, 1787-91. 1788 Lewins Mead U, Bristol; Gomme 430; died young, most works incomplete 1790. Friend of John Nash, witness at Nash’s wedding (Suggett 27). Suggett says +1791. Blackburn had begun plans for Hereford Gaol when he died, plans finished by John Dobson, but these were judged by James Wyatt against new plans by Nash and Nash won.

c1790 approached by justices over Cardigan Gaol, contr went to John Nash; Suggett 27;

1788-90 Monmouth County Gaol; Colvin; Mon RO QS/MB:0003 & C. Bu 1; Kissack 2003 ills glass fanlight in remaining fragment,dated 1788; contr John Fentiman; £5000; closed 1869;
BLACKBURNE, EDWARD LUSHINGTON. Architect, 33 Bernard St, Russell Sq, London. 1803-88. Author History of the Decorative Painting of the Middle Ages, 1847; pupil of – Taylor; Martyrs Memorial Ch, Clerkenwell; St Paul, Paddington (B Clarke). Rest Crosby House, London, and wrote on it. Entrant 1862 comp Albert School, Framlingham, Suffolk; 3rd pr Bexleyheath ch, Kent 1869 RHH; AEBTD;

1853-5 Pantglas Hall, Llanfynydd, Cms; for D Jones; AEBTD; mostly dem; LHW;

BLACKETT, JOHNSON. BoW 441-3; Chief Architect Newport Borough Council qv: Gaer Stelvio neighbourhood winner of Ministry of Housing medal 1961: Houses built and primary school nearly finished Br 29.6.51, Gaer Junior School, Newport, 1950-1 BoW 443; St Julians Junior Newport c1952-3; Always Junior 1949-52; Malpas Court Primary, Mon, 1952-3; Ringland Junior, Newport, 1956-9; Duffryn High School, Mon c1957-9; Milton Junior, Newport 1960s; c1965-8 Oakdale Comprehensive School, Mon, B&Partners, BoW; also Uskmouth Power Station, Nash, Mon, acc to his RIBA file; BoW nd;

BLACKWALL, JOHN. Aberystwyth. c1780-1818. Architect acc to gravestone Llanbadarn Fawr, Cd, +1818 aged 38. Death Cambr 18.7.18;
BLACKWELL, T. E. Engineer. Bristol. ?same as or related to JE Blackwell, eng to unex Bristol, South Wales & Southampton Union Rlwy; BSW 2 72 & 86, IK Brunel replaced him as eng 1855, Bristol & S Wales Union Rlwy authorised by Act 1857;

1853-4 Repairs Tenby Harbour, Pmbs. ?To the pier, ‘the gentleman from Bristol’ W 10.6.53; TO 17.10.72 refers to Mr Blackwell's recommendations when further repairs done.

BLAKEY, EDWIN. Barmouth, Mer. Architect & surveyor advert CN 2.8.1907, also estate agent.
BLANCHARD, M. Architect to Ferodo Ltd.

1962 Ferodo factory, Griffiths Crossing, nr Caernarfon, Caerns; CTA 1962)

BLESSLEY & ASPINALL Cardiff. Probably WD Blessley qv

1883 Classroom, Nanyglo Schools, Glam; T: BN 29.6.83

1884 2nd pr Knighton workhouse, Rad; RHH; Br 46 392;

1878 Board Schools, Adamstown, Glam; possibly error for WD Blessley; T A5.1.78;

BLESSLEY, HARRY DOUGLAS. Architect, Nant Fawr, Lisvane, Cardiff. Born 1873 son of William Douglas Blessley qv; WWinW 1920. Served in Boer War as Captain in Glam Volunteers;
BLESSLEY, J. Cardiff. ?connected with or error for WD Blessley qv

1877 Pengam Board School, Mon; MM 10.8.77

BLESSLEY, WALTER DOUGLAS Architect. Cardiff. ?connected with WH Blessley of Middlesbrough, fl 1860s; born London, came to Cardiff in 1872, briefly in partnership with Miles Aspinallson; Harry Douglas Blessley qv born Cardiff 1873 also architect, another son Walter Scott Blessley born Weymouth 1869 was estate agent in Cardiff; J Blessley qv of Cardiff did Pengam Board School, Mon, acc to MM 10.8.1877;

1871 Schoolroom, Ebeneser C chapel, Charles St, Cardiff, Glam; BoW 193)

1875 3rd pr Bridgend Schools, Glam; RHH;

1875 Pascoe House, Bute St, Cardiff, Glam; offices for Powell Duffryn Coal Co, BoW 268-9; CTV;

1875 Great Western Hotel, St Mary St, Cardiff, Glam; BoW215; CTV)

1877-8 nave, Llwynpia ch, Glam; Orrin 94; WM 30.10.77; contr Thos White Swansea; £1960; WM 25.10.78; chancel 1886-7 by EM Bruce Vaughan;

1877 ?Pengam Board School, Mon; by 'J Blessley' MM 10.8.77; add of second master’s house by JH Williams of Morgantown T BN 29.6.83;

1878 New Theatre Royal, later Prince of Wales Theatre, Wood St, Cardiff, Glam; with T Waring; BoW 214; Curtains says with Waring & Sons; auditorium reconstructed 1920 by Willmott & Smith qv;

1878 Warehouse, Bute Docks, Cardiff for Mr Brukewich, T 15.6.78;

1878 villa, Llanishen, Cardiff for Thomas H Ensor £2340, F Spiller Lock builder; T A 15.6.78;

1878 new billiard room and stables, Queens Hotel, Cardiff for Mr Perry; Shepton builder; £2590; T A 15.6.78;

1878 adds Sunday Schools, Bethany B chapel, St Mary St, Cardiff by Douglas Blessley T: A 15.6.78;

1878-9 St Davids EP chapel, High St, Aberdare, Glam; BoW134; Gothic £4600; CCV;

1878 ?Board School, Adamstown, Glam by 'DJ Blessley' T: A 5.1.78;

1878 Schoolhouse, outbuildings, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Mon; Cwm Aberystwyth acc to contract advert A 23.2.78; error; see also 1882;

1878 warehouse for Robert Johnston, John St, Cardiff T A 30.3.78;

1879 Pierhead Chambers, Bute St, Cardiff, Glam; CTV 88; lawsuit BN 12.9.1884 Purnell & Fry builders suing WDB for £1027 due for building Pierhead Chambers;

1879 three blocks of offices, Cardiff Docks T Arch 1.3.79;

1881 London & Provincial Bank, 110 St Mary St, Cardiff; corner Guildhall Place; inf Paul Brindley notes 1995;

1882 Board School, Aberystwyth, Cd, for 850; T: Arch 16.9.82; inf TL, error for S Wales location;see also 1878;

1882 No 72 St Mary St, Cardiff T Br 18.3.82;

1882 alts 59 Crockherbton, Cardiff T Br 18.3.82; ?Queen St;

1882-3 Blaina Board Schools, Mon; Br 16.9.82

1883 Classroom, Nantyglo Schools, Glam; B&Aspinall; T: BN 29.6.83

1884 2nd pr Knighton workhouse, Rad; B&Aspinall; RHH; Br 46 392;

1895-6 James Howell & Co premises, St Mary St, Cardiff, Glam; BoW214; 1888 acc to Paul Brindley notes;

1907-8 nave & chancel, Llanishen ch, Glam; Orrin 85-6; £2000; NLW LL/F/433; WM 12.5.08; narthex added 1921;

Also Dowlais Chambers, Butetown Cardiff; Washington Building, Penarth, Glan; inf P Brindley VS notes;

BLETHYN, C. LANCELOT, Milford Haven.

l907 Shop & stores for Gt Grimsby Coal Co, Quay, Milford, Pmbs; HMT 20.l0.07, now Cosalt building.

l909 adds to same HMT l0.02.09, Docks, Milford Haven; Pmbs (now Cosalt Building;

l909 House in North Rd, Milford, Pmbs; HMT 10.2.09.

BLOMFIELD, Sir ARTHUR WILLIAM. Architect, 1829-99 knighted 1899, son of Bp Blomfield of London, pupil of PC Hardwick, RIBA Gold Medal 1891, Thomas Hardy was in his office. Numerous churches: St Luke Torquay 1861; All Saints Windsor 1863-4; Upton on Severn ch 1878-9; Selwyn Coll Cambridge 1882-9; St Andrew Gt Malvern 1885; Royal College of Music Kensington 1890-4; Malvern College chapel 1897-9. Had architect sons Charles Blomfield + 1932 and Archur Conran Blomfield + 1935.

1863-4 St Mary Welsh ch, Maesydref, Aberdare, Glam, carving by G Whittington Newport, Salop, bldr Philip Rees Aberdare; dem 1966; Br 11.7.63 and 19.11.64; CEAJ 1.4.64; Orrin 8-9)

1881 reseating Churchstoke ch, Mont; ICBS;

1881ff completed rest Kerry ch, Mont, after + of GE Street qv; CG; 1881-3 w AE Street, qv, BoW)

1886-8 St David ch, Glanadda, Bangor, Caerns; CG; BN 21.5.86, 11.6.86, 15.6.88 consecr; Exh RA Br 19.5.88, cost over; £7000)

1893 St David ch, Penmaenmawr, Caerns; AV; for Welsh services;

1894? Rest chapel, Chirk Castle, Denbs; BoW123;

1895-9 St Mary ch, Swansea, Glam; Orrin 177; bombed 1941; on site of old ch; NLW SD/F/637; ICBS 1894; Br 14.8.97; Cambr 22.5.96 & 6.8.97; £27,990; contrs Cornish & Gaymer North Walsham Norfolk;

BLOMFIELD, SIR REGINALD 1856-1942 Architect, London. cf his Memoirs 1932; Biography by R Fellows; ASG113-6. Nephew of Arthur W Blomfield, in practice 1883. Wrote Formal Gardens in England, 1892; History of Renaissance Architecture in England, 1897; History of French Architecture, 1911 & 1921; Memoirs of an Architect 1932. Knighted 1919 for work on war memorials incl Menin Gate at Ypres. Had architect son Austin Blomfield.

l909 Assessor comp National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Cd;

1934 repairs Picton Castle, Pmbs, after fire; more probably by his son Austin acc to TL;.

BLORE, EDWARD London. 1787-1879. cf Colvin. Topographical artist first, friend of Sir Walter Scott helped w design for Abbotsford 1816ff. Began practice in 1820s, numerous Tudor style country houses and plain Gothic churches. 1824-7 Corehouse, Lanarks; 1826-36 Canford Manor Dorset; 1827-49 suveyor Westminster Abbey; 1828-31 Goodrich Court Herefs for Sir SR Meyrick; 1829-30 N wing Clarendon Press Oxford; 1829-48 alts Lambeth Palace; 1831-2 Pitt Press Cambridge; 1832-7 completed Buckingham Palace; 1833-4 adds Vale Royal Ches; 1837 Combermere Abbey, Ches; 1838-44 Merevale Hall Warw; 1840-5 Worsley Hall Lancs; 1844-8 wk at Marlborough College Wilts; 1846-7 Buckingham Palace front range; retired 1849.

1830 ?work Hawarden Castle, Flints; BoW; not in Colvin).

1830-1 alts Bishop’s Palace, St Asaph, Flints, for Bp Wm Carey, Colvin; RIBAD)

1838 ?inv in Chepstow Priory ch, Mon; scheme initiated by Wm Harris qv, dem E bay of nave and aisles; BoW; not in Colvin;

BODLEY & GARNER, see GF Bodley. Footnote to Llanvihangel Court, Llanfihangel Crucorney, Mon, suggests plaster ceilings there recreated by B&G; BoW;

BODLEY, GEORGE FREDERICK, London, l827-1907 Outstanding late Victorian church architect. cf David Verey in Fawcett ed, Seven Victorian Architects, 1976; partner 1869-97 w Thomas Garner b1839 (B&G) ended when Garner became RC; Michael Hall, editor Apollo magazine working on Bodley (MH). Pupil GG Scott 1846 assistant until 1852 when began practice; S aisle Bussage ch Glos 1852-3; Garner was pupil of Scott 1856.

1868-9 Cefn Bryntalch, Abermule, Mont; BoW; for RE Jones spec dated 1868 CL 1.1.1994; working drawings turned up 2008, MH; Philip Webb involved as GFB fell ill; also a Lodge;

1874 School, St German’s ch, Roath, Cardiff; BoW301; GFB;

1881-4 St German ch, Roath, Cardiff; Orrin 32-3; B&G; BN 23.12.81, ill repr in Orrin; CB 1882 37; WM 19.4.82 FS; 2.10.84 opened; Br 15.11.84, brass fittings Watt & Co Baker St; corbels Farmer & Brindley; contr S Shepton & Sons Cardiff; £12,000; BoW; organ case GFB 1887; font 1898 GFB; font cover and pulpit 19?? Cecil Hare; stations of cross 1919 C Hare; reredos 1921-2 C Hare; Warner & Hooper, Hist of Roath St German’s 1934;

1888 St Saviour ch, Splott Rd, Roath, Cardiff; Orrin 42; WM 30.1.88, 31.10.88 consecr; B&G; £6000; ICBS; contr Stephens & Bastow Bristol; ICBS 9200; S aisle 1894-5; BoW312 modelled on Tenby ch, font c1895 GFB, organ case by GFB;

1888-91 rest Peterstone Wentloog ch, Mon; £2000; Kelly 1926; BoW 469, B&G 1889-91)

1890-2 rest Hanmer ch, Flints after 1889 fire B&G BoW)

1893-4 Clergy House, St German ch, Roath, Cardiff BoW; by GFB)

1894-5 S aisle St Saviour ch, Roath, Cardiff; ch 1888 by B&G; Orrin 42; ?font also by GFB c1895 BoW;

1898 Font, St German, Roath, Cardiff; BoW; Orrin 33; made by Rattee & Kett Cambridge;

l901-2 unex plans St Elli, Llanelli, Cms. Too expensive, job given to EM Bruce Vaughan; Report of the restoration of the parish church in 1906, 1915, 3-6.

1901 E window Dolgellau ch, Mer; NLW B/F/130; GFB)

1902 rest Beaumaris ch, Ang, chancel flooring, repairs to stalls and elsewhere; NLW B/F/-; GFB; BN 19.4.02 £5000)

1904-5 alts Oak drawing room & dining room, Powis Castle, Mont; AA 1905 1 42-3; GFB; BoW 192-3 mentions also iron gate to NE Gate Tower, bedroom over E gateway; papers of 9th Earl of Powis in NLW inc drawings and uncatalogued correspondence;

BOLTON, ARTHUR THOMAS London. 1865-1945 articled R Edis, in office Ewan Christian, set up 1890; curator of Soane Museum; editor of 20 vols of Wren Society; author The Architecture of R & J Adam 1922. ASG 119-20.

1913-14 Colomendy Wood, Llanhennock, Mon; BoW; for RC Talbot Leybourne, locomotive engineer; Colomendy nr Caerleon WWinA 1926;

BOND, PETER Peter Bond Associates

1976 Low Energy House, CAT, Llwyngwern, Machynlleth, Mont; JC20Soc;

BONOMI, JOSEPH. Architect 1739-1808. Rome, pupil Marchese Teodoli, came to England 1767 to R&J Adam and T Leverton. Exh RA 1783 ff; Colvin;

c1795-6 Three unex des for Rhug, Corwen, Mer; RH in CL 13.10.1983; RIBAD;

1795-7 porch and interiors, Piercefield, Chepstow, Mon for Col Mark Wood, completing Soane house begun 1793, porch, pavilions, saloon & staircase; dem; BoW 471 ff; also possibly the Lion Gate; LHW; Colvin;

BONSALL, RICHARD EMRYS FRIBA. Bryn Mair, Aberystwyth. 1907-82. Son John Bonsall, insurance agent; cf NLW, Pensaerniaeth Cymru (PC), 1998. 1923 artic GT Bassett qv then chief assistant, FRIBA 1938. 1940-5 in Wrexham for war work, then in UCW Aberystwyth planning dept, then own practice until retired 1966. cf Notebook, several hundred drawings etc in NLW; several ideal schemes of 1930s ?for FRIBA application.

1931 Des multi-storey garage NLW PZ 5459

1933 Des housing scheme, formal layout NLW PZ 5459

1933 Des theatre (moderne) NLW PZ 5459

1937 Des small town hall NLW PZ 5459 neo-geo

1938-9 Ebenezer chapel, Penparcau, Aberystwyth; NB

1938 Pair of cottages Penparcau, Aberystwyth, for Edwards Bros; NLW PZ 5459

1954 House Penparcau, Aberystwyth, for Mrs MD Lloyd NLW PZ 5459; Hipped, centre stack.

1956 Alts Siloh CM, Aberystwyth; dem; AJ;

1963 New front Siloh CM, Aberystwyth; dem; PC;
BOOTH, CHADWICK & PORTER, Manchester & Colwyn Bay. Lawrence Booth (LB), Thomas Chadwick & J. M. Porter. Architects to Colwyn Bay & Pwllycrochan Estate Co formed 1875 of which LB was also a member. Booth then joined by Chadwick in Manchester and by J. M. Porter qv in Colwyn Bay, son of John Porter the agent to Sir John Pender owner of Pwllycrochan 1865-75. In C20 firm was split, and Porter stayed in Colwyn Bay. Porter & Hunter 1905-7; J.M Porter & Elcock JMP&E c1906-12; 1912 JMP & Co.

1882 Hydropathic later Penrhos College, Colwyn Bay LB. BoW 136)

1886-7 adds Pwllycrochan, Colwyn Bay BoW 140)

1886-92 rest Hirnant ch, Mont BoW LB; ICBS 1891-2 B&C;)

1887 Bethlehem CM, Colwyn Bay JP 7454 cf 1899)

1891 Walshaw, Colwyn Bay BoW140)

1891 Braeside, 21 Pwllycrochan Av, Colwyn Bay for JM Porter)

1894 Ratonagh, Kings Drive, Colwyn Bay BoW 140)

1895 Wern Tynno, Nantyglyn Rd, Colwyn Bay BC&P BoW 142)

1896 Barclays Bank, Colwyn Bay Bow, also a club)

1895 Sion CM, Colwyn Bay, JP 7460)

1898ff Adds Penrhos College, Colwyn Bay BoW136)

1899 ?adds Bethlehem CM, Colwyn Bay JP 7454 cf 1887

1902-5 Library, Colwyn Bay BoW)

1908 St Andrews Ch, Colwyn Bay; JMP&E; BoW135)

1917 Great hall, Penrhos College, Colwyn Bay JMP&Co)

Also: in Colwyn Bay: Westbury BC&P; shops Station Road with addition 1892 of Police Station BC&P;

BOOTH, LAWRENCE see Booth, Chadwick & Porter.
BOOTH, RAFFE Chester, mason

1637-8 Built Nerquis Hall, Flints to design of Evan Jones carpenter BoW 405)

BORE, RICHARD Presteigne, Builder & carpenter 1844 dir.
BOREHAM, FREDERICK W. London. Comp entries in RHH 1863-1900 3rd pr Royal Masonic Inst for Boys 1863; entered Manchester Exchange comp 1866; 1st pr Forest Gate WM Schools London 1887; Whitefields Tabernacle London 1890. P. Temple, Islington Chapels, 1992, includes: ?Gillespie Rd WM 1878; alts Holloway Welsh CM 1884; alts Bethel Welsh CM, Wilton Sq, 1884; alts St Johns Sq WM 1889. Crowborough WM Sx 1897. 2nd pr Sunderland WM 1900.

1868 Boreham commissioned ornamental painted & stained glass for two windows of ‘Aberystwyth Chapel’ according to recs of Thomas Baillie stained glass makers, London; location unid;

1886 1st pr University College, Aberystwyth, Cd; not built; RHH; ill JRW58;

BORER, PAT Architect to the Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth for many years, designed Cliff Railway buildings, Autonomous Environmental Information Centre etc. With Cindy Harris author of Whole House Book. has list of works inc Bells Court housing schme, Bishops Castle, Salop.

1990 Cliff Railway, Centre for alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Mont; ? with David Lea;

2000 Environmental Information Centre, Centre for Alternative Technology, nr Machynlleth, Mont; M Cherry, Building Wales 2006, 62-3; Touchstone 8 2000-5; ? with David Lea;

2000-1 Taiffordd Fawr, Furnace Cd; ?w Cindy Harris, for Pat Nasr; Touchstone 2003)

2006-10 Wales Institute for Sustainable Education (WISE), Centre for Alternative Technology, nr Machynlleth, Mont; w David Lea qv. AJ 24.6.10 AJ 16.6.11; Touchstone Dec 2011, PB and DL with Alison Jardine; £4.5m

BOSTOCK, EDWARD. Builder, Welshpool, Mont, 1835 & 1844 dirs. High St 1835, Berriew St 1844;
BOUCHER, JESSE, Cardigan. Builder. Not in 1835 dir.

1833-4 Extensive adds Blaenpant, Llandygwydd, Cd; Bill £900 incl porch, plastering, fanlights lighting stair; NLW W E George 1680.

BOUND, BENJAMIN Carpenter. Rhayader. 1835 dir not 1844

1828-9 Gallery, Rhayader ch, Rad; plans ICBS; but William Evans surveyor qv also inv;


BOWEN & JONES, 11 Market St, Caernarfon. In 1895 directory.

1898-9 plans alts Harlech ch, Mer; ICBS; ?rejected)

1909 Thirteen villas, North Rd, Newbridge, Mon; Br 5.9.08)

BOWEN, EYNON Clerk of Works, land agent.

1891 clk of wks, Tanybwlch, Llanychaearn, Cd, rec to MLV Davies by Col Brigstocke of Pantygwyn (?Pantgwyn, Cd), as Bowen was settling at Troedyraur, Cd, and intending to set up a land agency Newcastle Emlyn, Cms. Had done similar work for Sir R Glyn in Dorset and was living at Bournemouth. Cered 14 1 2001 48-9. At Tanybwlch 1891, left after dispute.

BOWEN, JOB Engineer Plas Treflan, Llanbeblig, Caernarfon, in dirs 1868-1918.
BOWEN, JOHN Engineer Llanelli Copperworks.

1840s Blt 300' stack, Llanelli Copper works, Cms; Nicholson P&BP 2 78;

1865-6 Whitford Point Lighthouse, Gower, Glam; cast-iron; Nicholson P&PB 2 78;)

BOWEN, STEWART POWELL. Colwyn Bay and Bangor. Later Bowen Dann Davies (BDD) with Frank Dann and Bill Davies; later Bowen Dann Knox. Frank Dann had worked w PM Padmore.

1956 Llanrwst RC, Denbs; BoW236; by SPB ?w Gwilym Parry Davies;

1958 Houses & flats, Cynwyd, Mer, for Edeyrnion RDC; CTA commend 1959)

1965 109 houses Conway Ave, Llandudno, Caerns; Building 2.4.65; SPB)

1965 Trefriw RC, Caerns; DE; SPB;

1965 Benllech RC, Ang; DE; SPB;

1966-80 5-13 Penybryn Rd, Colwyn Bay, Denbs; five houses; BoW141;

1971 alts Abergele RC, Denbs; BDD; Cadw; BoW)

1971 Parish hall, Menai Bridge RC, Ang; DE; BDD)

1973-4 Towyn RC, Denbs; BDD; BoW287, pl 123;)

1973-4 Maes Robert housing, Cefn Meiriadog, Denbs BoW 88, 118; BDD; JC20Soc;

1973-5 Cefndy Hostel, Rhyl, Flints; BoW 431)

1975-6 Rhuddlan RC church, Denbs; BoW 426; 1975 JC20Soc;

1975-82 Brooklands housing, Dolwen Rd, Old Colwyn, Denbs; BoW 258)

1976 Houses, Sychnant Pass, Conwy, Caerns; AJ 17.11.76;

1977-8 Trinity Court housing, Rhyl, Flints; BoW)

1978 Fisheries Research Station, Benarth Hill, Conwy, Caerns; BD 8.9.78; BDD)

1979 Bryn Lwyd, Penygroes, Caerns; CTA 1980 BDD)

c1981 Hafan Elan, old peoples home, Llanrug, Caerns; BoW; BDD;

1981-2 Capel y Groes CM, Wrexham, Denbs; BDD; BoW)

1982 adds house, Beaumaris, Ang, BDD; RIBAJ 89 1982 4-5;

1983 rest Bodysgallen Hall, Llanrhos, Caerns, as hotel; CTA 1984; BDD)

1983 Plas Menai national watersports centre, Llanfairisgaer, Caerns; BDD; CTA 1984; by Bill Davies, Jonathan Knox job archt, HH 284-5; Eisteddfod Gold Medal; RIBA commendation; BoW says 1982;

1985 Ty’r Llewellyn, Conwy, Caerns, housing, Concrete Q 147 1985 117;

1985 Conwy Castle Visitor Centre, Caerns; BDD, Jonathan Knox; RH;

1990 Co-op supermarket, Porthmadog, Caerns; AV;

1995-7 Rathmell Bldng, Gwent College, Caerleon, Mon; BoW, Bill Davies of BDD)

2001 Visitor centre, Llandudno, Caerns; J Knox of BDK; Building 6.6.2001)

2008 Proposed Travelodge hotel on site of Tudno Castle Hotel, Llandudno, Caerns; AV)


1832 repairs Cardigan Gaol, Cd, paid £60; CJ 20.7.32;

BOWEN, THOMAS. Engineer. Aqueduct Cottage, nr Kidwelly. Superintendent Kidwelly & Llanelly Canal & Tramroad Co, Pigot 1844 dir. ‘Ap Huw’ 1873 essay on Gwendraeth Valley says that Bowen b Ty Coch, nr Carway, Cms, was known as ‘Bowen of the Aqueduct’, famous as scholar, engineer and surveyor. For many years he was one of chief supervisors of the Kidwelly & Llanelly Canal Co and presumably therefore responsible for the Glanstony Canal Aqueduct over the Gwendraeth Fawr at Llandyry, Cms. The canal was built in 1812 by Pinkerton & Allen surveyors qv.
BOWEN, THOMAS Swansea c1788-1859; Colvin; mason and builder.

1820 Neath TH, Glam; BoW;

1825-9 Swansea Guildhall, Glam; BoW; text to unex des by W Jernegan 1825 P&P 35 says that chosen architect was Thomas Collingwood; Bowen’s 1825 Guildhall ill P&P41 in a drawing 1850 by Thomas Taylor qv who rebuilt it 1850-2. Colvin says built w John Collingwood qv as supervisor but Bowen’s plans and spec inadequate and he was bankrupted, bldng finished by Collingwood;
BOWEN-JONES, W. AMICE Engineer. 4 Church St, Caernarfon. Eng to Caernarfon Harbour Trust, in dirs 1901-48.

1897 Sea wall, Caernarfon, Caerns; T: Br 5.6.97)

1912 adds & alts landing-stage, Caernarfon harbour, Caerns; Br 29.3.12

1913 Sea wall, Caernarfon, Caerns; T: Br 21.2.13

BOWER, STEPHEN DYKES Ecclesiastical architect. Hockerill ch 1936; rest St Vedast City of London after bombing 1953-62; St John ch Newbury 1957-60; Bury St Edmunds cathedral 1960ff;

1961 chancel decs, St Elvan ch, Aberdare, Glam; BoW

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