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Thursday, 20 July 2017


News Breakfast



ABC News Mornings



Australian Story



Foreign Correspondent



Restoration Man



ABC News At Noon



The Musketeers

(CC,Repeat,M,Sex Scenes, Violence)


Redfern Now

(CC,Repeat,M,Adult Themes, Coarse Language, Violence)


Surfing The Menu: The Next Generation






Antiques Roadshow



ABC News: Early Edition



The Drum



Best Of The Weekly's Hard Chat: Kevin Rudd


Tom Gleeson campaigns against former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in what can only be described as The Killing Gleeson. #HardChat


Restoration Man: Telford Church Revisit


George Clarke revisits Keith and Sheena McIntyre who struggled through terrible weather conditions, and a challenge to integrate with the local community, in order to restore a stunning but isolated Telford Church.


Clarke And Dawe: From The Archives


A selection of the best and most topical programs from the archives. John Clarke & Bryan Dawe take an irreverent look at the people & issues making the news.


ABC News





Leigh Sales presents the most detailed nightly current affairs from an Australian perspective. Includes exclusive investigations, revealing interviews plus political commentary from Andrew Probyn in Canberra. #abc730


The Checkout: Factory Seconds


The Checkout tackles issues that face all of us when we open our wallets - identifying ways consumers are being taken advantage of, manipulated and ripped off... even if there's nothing illegal about it. #TheCheckout

*World Premiere*


(CC,M,Adult Themes, Coarse Language, Sexual References, Sex Scenes)

Transplant patient and now doctor, Frankie starts her first day in Renal rotation; best friend Lou battles surgery's boys' club; and flatmate Tabb starts as an intern. CAST: Claire van der Boom, Andrea Demetriades, Arka Das.


Cleverman: Muya


Does Koen have the courage to kill someone close to him in order to save her soul? While Charlotte finds herself in Bindawu country, with Slade desperate to find her. CAST: Rob Collins, Hunter Page-Lochard, Frances O'Connor.




Presented by Emma Alberici, Lateline provides original journalism and investigations, quality analysis and insightful interviews, combined with a fresh approach to telling important stories. #Lateline


The Business


Elysse Morgan examines the day's business and finance news and delves into the trends and forces driving local and global markets.


Comedy Up Late: DeAnne Smith, Daniel Townes, Steve Bugeja, Neeti Palta, Simon Taylor

(CC,Repeat,M,Adult Themes, Coarse Language, Sexual References)

The hilarious Canadian-American 'Gentleman Elf' DeAnne Smith is back for a huge night of comedy along with Daniel Townes, Steve Bugeja, Neeti Palta and Simon Taylor. #ComedyUpLate


It's A Date: How Much Research Should You Do Before Dating?

(CC,Repeat,M,Coarse Language, Sexual References, Sex Scenes)

Desperate for a child, Mary-Angela spots an opportunity when she runs into an old crush. Juzzy caves in on his plan to avoid the world of Facebook dating when a blonde bombshell asks him out. CAST: Magda Szubanski


Queen of the Desert: Opening Shot

(CC,Repeat,G,Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following program contains images and voices of people who have died)

Five emerging filmmakers are giving an 'Opening Shot'. Starlady uses a bit of bleach and a whole lot of colour in the hope of spreading confidence and pride in a Central Australian Indigenous community.


World Without End

(CC,Repeat,M,Coarse Language, Nudity, Sex Scenes, Violence)

Following the devastating effects of the bridge collapse in the medieval town of Kingsbridge, young medical student Caris takes charge of caring for the casualties as the townsfolk mourn their losses. CAST: Charlotte Riley


The Musketeers: Friends And Enemies

(CC,Repeat,M,Sex Scenes, Violence)

The brightest and best Musketeers of the King's Regiment are dispatched by Captain Treville to find a missing Musketeer carrying important letters on behalf of King Louis.


Golf: PGA TOUR Highlights: Silvis, IL


See the world's best golfers in action with Highlights from the latest event on the PGA TOUR.


Murder, She Wrote: Murder Through The Looking Glass


Jessica hears the confession of a dying hitman who is connected to a recent murder, which involves her in a complicated and highly-confidential government plot tied to international intrigue.


The Bill: The Sweet Smell Of Failure


A tip in a counterfeit perfume case leads Carver and Ackland to two elderly pensioners who have a reputation of stealing things going as far back as WWII.

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