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Personal Hygiene & Grooming

There are some things which we all have to do that we don't like doing.

Some of these things can be to do with personal hygiene and grooming, like having a bath or shower, washing your hair, or having your nails clipped.

Sometimes this can be very boring.

We feel that we would have much more fun doing lots of other things instead like playing on the computer……

or watching the television.

Sometimes it can be because we don't like having our hair washed because it gets very tangled or we worry about soap going in our eyes.

If we don’t take a bath or shower everyday, or wash our hair once a week or clip our nails when they get too long there can be horrid problems.

If we don’t have a bath or shower, or we don’t wash our hair and clip our nails we end up smelling really bad.

This can mean that other people don’t want to speak to us or play with us.

Remember…….all types of animals regularly clean themselves.

They clean themselves to keep their fur, feathers, scales, or other skin coverings in good condition. This activity is known as personal grooming and is a form of hygiene.

So, if you want to be like your animal friends wash and clean yourself regularly!

That means take a bath or shower everyday…

...wash your hair at least one a week...

… and clip you finger and toe nails when they get too long.

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