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Teacher. Estela Riviere

Unit 1: Prose

  1. Plot, setting and narrator

    1. different types of narrator: omniscient narrator, first and third person narrator, the narrator as a protagonist or as an observer

    2. multiple narration

    3. the importance of the setting

    4. atmosphere and mood

    5. setting and theme

    6. setting and characters

    7. the plot: beginning, construction and ending

  1. Themes and ideas

    1. the importance of themes

    2. the function of symbols

    3. important speeches and events

    4. characters and ideas

    5. plots and ideas


Thomas Hardy, ‘The Son’s Veto’

Katherine Mansfield, ‘Her First Ball’

V.S. Pritchett, ‘The Fly in the Ointment’

P.G. Wodehouse, ‘The Custody of the Pumpkin’

Graham Greene, ‘The Destructors’

R.K. Narayan, ‘A Horse and Two Goats’

Ted Hughes, ‘The Rain Horse’

Morris Lurie, ‘My Greatest Ambition’

Ahdaf Soueif, ‘Sandpiper’

Penelope Fitzgerald, ‘At Hiruhamara’
Unit 2: Poetry

  1. Words and meaning

  1. different types of poems: narrative, descriptive, argumentative, etc.

  2. tone

  3. diction

  4. associations and symbolism

  5. ambiguity

  1. Figurative language

    1. imagery: sensory references

    2. personification

    3. metaphor

    4. simile

    5. patterns of sound:

    6. » onomatopoeia

    7. » alliteration

    8. » consonance and assonance

Analysis of the following poems

Sujata Bhatt, ‘A Different History’

Edwin Muir, ‘Horses’

Judith Wright, ‘Hunting Snake’

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