Instructions for creating digital stories using

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Originally published for Rap point 2 activity Teaching ideas. Task 2

Instructions for creating digital stories using Storybird

  1. Go to Storybird: collaborative storytelling .

  2. Sign up before creating a Storybird or it will not be saved. Choose a username carefully. This name will appear on each Storybird you create. Students should not use family names.

  3. Take the Tour and Read stories while waiting for your email confirmation. There are many artists to choose or you can search for themes by choosing tags. The FAQ section on the site is helpful.

  4. Sign in and start creating your own Storybird.

  1. Select Create to begin.

  1. Get inspired by art

  1. Explore themes

  1. Now you are ready to start. If you choose an artist with many illustrations, it is a good idea to drag the ones that appeal to the bottom of the page to check later. You can also simply drag them onto the pages to sort later.

  • Pictures: drag art thumbnails onto the page.

  • Pages: add or delete pages using these controls.

  • Words: mouse over the white page and start writing.

  • Menu: invite a collaborator, publish, or save and close.

  • Clear thumbnails: removes all thumbnails but leaves pages.

  • Start over: removes all pages and thumbnails.

Making a cover

Storymaker automatically creates a cover for you after you add your first image to a page. When you start, your page menu looks like this:

After you’ve added some art to your pages, you’ll notice a new page icon labelled C in your page menu. That’s your cover. Click it.

Here’s an example of a cover and how you customise it:

  • Cover art: use this, or replace it with another art thumbnail.

  • Title: write your title in this area.

  • Title color: click the colour squares to choose your colour.

Inviting a collaborator

Storybird is extra-fun when you work with friends or family. You can invite a collaborator in two places.

From the menu inside Storymaker:

When you are ready to publish the Storybird:

…or click the Details link beside the cover on your dashboard:

Here’s what’s on the page:

  1. Change cover: Don’t like the cover? Change it.

  2. Change title: Same as above—change it if you want.

  3. Summary: Your story’s “flap copy” or synopsis.

  4. Tags: Keywords that describe your story.

  5. Privacy: Public or private option.

  6. Age range: Who’s the story most suited for?

  7. Delete: Don’t like it? Throw it away.

You can change all of these at any time—even after you publish.

See Fearless Fred helps his friends for a collaborative model.

Enjoy creating many Storybirds. They will all be saved and easily accessed

each time you Sign in.

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