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Lewes & Countryside NCT Nearly New Sale
Instructions for Sellers Sunday 24th November 2013
Seller Entry 8.15am to 8:30am Priory School, Mountfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2XN
This Pack includes

  • 4 pages of instructions

  • A poster for you to display to advertise the sale - the more people, who come, the more goods you are likely to sell and the more money we all make, put them in your car windows at your school and Nursery and hand out at any groups you go to.

Our Branch runs a ‘Gold Standard’ NNS therefore we have to follow NCT guidelines and implement their process to keep our NNS ‘Gold Standard’. Please read the sellers pack carefully even if you have sold before as the guidelines change frequently.

If you would like any further details of the services and activities of the Lewes & Countryside Branch of the National Childbirth Trust, please call the Branch on 0844 2436 187 option 1. We always need volunteers.
Dropping off your items before the sale
Bring the following to the venue between 8.15am and 8.30am on the morning of the sale:

  • Your correctly labelled items

  • Your list of high value items
  • A stamped self-addressed envelope for your payment cheque. We will not return your labels.

  • Your “Ticket” confirming your place as a seller. (this can be on your mobile phone)

  • Please note: your items will not be accepted for the sale if you arrive after 8.30am.

Collecting your unsold items

  • All sellers must return to the hall at the close of the sale at 12.30pm to help sort the unsold goods (unless of course you are already volunteering to help during the sale in which case you will already be on site)

  • We aim to have all unsold items sorted by 12.45pm – this is possible if everyone helps, so please stay until everything is sorted. (This also reduces the chances of you leaving something behind by mistake!)

  • If your items are not collected by 12.45pm they will be donated to NCT and a £25 disposal charge will be deducted from your payment cheque. This also applies to any items you are deliberately leaving for donation, as we still need to sort, re-label and store, or dispose of, those items.

  • Please expect to stay until 1.00pm to help tidy and help clear hall.

If you do not stay until all tables are cleared then you may miss some of your own unsold items. Any uncollected items will incur a £25 disposal charge. Before you leave the sale, please also remember to check the table for items that have lost their labels. You need to sign out to qualify for the higher commission.

  • Commission at the rates below will be deducted from the sales of your items and the remaining money will be sent to you by cheque within four weeks of the sale:

  • Individual items priced under £50: 65% to you, 35% to NCT. Or NNS volunteers: 70% to you, 30% to NCT.

  • Individual items priced at £50 and over: flat fee of £15 to the NCT, balance to you

  • £25 will be deducted from the cheque of any seller who does not collect their unsold goods.

  • £1 will be deducted from your cheque if no self-addressed envelope with a stamp is provided.

Volunteering at the sale

As stated previously, ALL sellers will be expected to set out the tables and rails and their own items and assist with any other items that have not yet been done. All sellers will also be expected to return at 12.30pm to help sort the unsold items – not just their own – as this will help to ensure that all unsold items are returned to the correct seller.
Another bonus of volunteering is that by helping either before, during or after the day of the sale, you will be able to preview and buy items between 9.45am and 10.15am. No other sellers will be allowed in the hall after 9.15am and before the sale opens to the public at 10.30am.
Volunteers on the day need to sign out at 1.00pm (or when hall is clear) to qualify for the higher commission.
Other Volunteering Opportunities for higher commission

Help is also required at the following times:

    • Collection of rails before and after the sale
    • Thursday before the sale at 7.30pm for approximately 2 hours, bag stuffing with the NCT team

    • The day of the sale from 8.15am until 1.00pm to set up; run tills; run cafe; counting labels and to clear up

    • Tuesday after the sale at 7.30pm to check labels and send out sellers’ cheques with the NCT team

Special Request

We need someone with a small van, estate car or MPV to collect and return the clothes rails, from Easistore in Edenbridge. This does count as volunteering. If no one volunteers for this sadly it will not be possible for us to provide rails at the forthcoming sale. If you can please, email – you will be doing everyone the most enormous favour. In addition to your higher level of commission for volunteering, you will be entitled to claim petrol mileage at 20 pence per mile.
Thank you very much in advance – it is your contribution of time that will really make the difference and help Lewes & Countryside branch to achieve NCT Gold Standard for our NNS.
Preparing for the sale

Items must be in the following condition:

  • All items submitted to the sale must be of nearly new quality.

  • For clothing this means no stains, no holes, no missing buttons or faulty zips.

  • For toys and equipment this means complete and in full working order.
  • Items will be quality checked and those not meeting our standards will be rejected from the sale.


  • Each item must be clearly labelled with your full name, phone number, the price, and the age-range (clothes only) and quick description.

  • Labels must be made of thin card (e.g. a cereal box) and large enough to be clearly read: minimum 5cm x 3cm. No sticky labels or post-it notes. Please do make your labels unique with pictures and or colours

  • Labels should be attached to clothes, bedding and soft-toys using string/wool attached to safety pins or just tied on. DO NOT PIN THROUGH LABELS. No dress-maker's pins or staples. This allows us to cut off labels quickly at the tills.

  • Please use string to attach labels to toys, books and equipment and ensure that any tape that you use to attach the string to the item will not damage the item when removed. DO NOT USE TAPE ON LABELS

  • Please label clothes in the following age ranges: Premature & newborn; 0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, 12-18, 18-24 months; and 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 7-8 Years.

  • For security reasons, please do not make any alteration to the label prices. If you wish to re-price items which haven't sold at a previous sale, please write out a new label.

  • Any items that do not adhere to the above labelling guidelines will be removed from the sale for you to collect at the end.

  • If you wish to buy labels search for luggage or parcel labels on ebay etc.

An example of a suitable label


Please price all items in multiples of 50p. Other prices will be rounded DOWN to the nearest 50p both at the till and when sales are calculated.

Please note that all items priced 50p will be classed as a donation and you will not receive any payment for these. This is for ease of calculation at the post-sale count. If you have several small items that you feel are worth less than a £1 then it may be worth grouping them together.

All maternity clothes to be hung on the rails must be put on hangers before you arrive at the hall. There will be no spare hangers in the hall on the day.

Hanging rails will be available on the day for baby and children’s wear (provided we can find a volunteer to collect and return them). Items on rails are more likely to sell. If you wish to hang items then you must provide hangers these will not be returned.

If a garment consists of more than one piece (e.g. pyjama top and bottom) or if several small garments are sold together (e.g. several vests) then please treat these as just one item with one label.

Items with multiple pieces as described above should be pinned together with safety pins. Do not put them in bags as this hinders checking for size, quality and cleanliness. Please do not bundle items together using just string as the individual items tend to come apart. If you would like to bundle using string please also safety pin the items together.

Select your best quality, most seasonal items these are most likely to sell. NEARLY NEW not JUMBLE SALE!

Clothes must already be sorted by size range and by sex when they are brought to the sale.

Baby grows


Girls/Boys trousers/jeans


Baby T-shirts




Baby dresses and suits




Baby coats






Girls/boys coats


Toys and Equipment

Please attach any loose parts securely or place the entire item in a sealed clear plastic bag. Tape boxes shut.

Include instructions where possible - photocopies or handwritten versions are fine. Find them on the internet.

Popular items can be priced at around 50% of the new price, e.g. stair gates, playpens, prams and buggies (please see separate regulations), travel cots, recliners, seat bouncers (with instruction leaflet if possible).

Less popular items should be very cheap if you want them to sell, e.g. bedding and blankets, children’s duvet covers, sterilising units (but not those powered by mains), Sangenic nappy bins.

Children’s DVD, CD’s & Videos always sell well at £1-£3; tie with string in two directions like a present. Please do not sell faulty videos, as customers buy on trust. We cannot sell any videos/DVDs rated 12A or over.
Books These must be in excellent condition with no torn pages, dog-eared corners or pages that are scribbled on, as they do not sell. To allow buyers to check the page condition, tie the price label with string firmly around the spine to allow the book to open (don’t use cotton thread). Try batching several books together as a bargain.
High value items (£10 and over)

All items priced at £10 and over should be listed on a sheet along with your name and a brief description of the item (e.g. make, colour). This will help us identify the correct price and owner should the label become detached. However, doing this does not cancel out the Disclaimer agreed to when registering as a seller as this still applies.

Big Board’ Notice Board

We have a ‘Big Board For Sale’ notice board at our sales. You can advertise on this board anything that you are not permitted to sell at an NCT Nearly New Sale, or anything that you find too big or difficult to bring with you to a sale. The cost to advertise on this board is £1.50 per item. Adverts should be on an A5 sized sheet of paper with a picture (if possible). We suggest you have strips or post-its at the bottom of the page with your contact details so that people can take these away with them.

What can you sell?
  • Baby and children’s clothes up to the age of 8 years. This should be clean, ironed and in good condition.

  • Swimwear & Nightwear, Maternity clothes

  • Wellies, Jellies, slippers, crocs and good quality clean shoes

  • Cosmetic products if un-opened, within use by date and originally for sale in the UK e.g. nappy creams

  • Toys, books, videos, DVDs, story tapes, CDs

  • Maternity, nursery and other child-related equipment

  • Prams, pushchairs, buggies and slings. Please see below for details if you wish to sell one of these items, as you must ensure they meet the criteria

  • Door bouncers (with full instructions), sit-in activity centres and baby walkers

  • Stands for carrycots *(see below)

For health and safety reasons the following items cannot be sold:

  • Second-hand mattresses from cots, cribs or Moses baskets. However, you can sell mattresses from travel cots.

  • Bottles (older or scratched plastic baby bottles may leach the chemical bisphenol into the milk). However, non-electric sterilisers and bottlebrushes are OK to sell.

  • Breast pumps (whether manual, battery or mains powered)

  • Riding hats, crash/bike helmets

  • Mains powered electrical equipment or toys (even if these also run on batteries)

  • Baby food, including formula.

  • Cooking ware**, Cooking utensils**

  • Upholstered furniture, including cots and highchairs unless they have the label ‘Carelessness Causes Fire’

  • Hood-cords in children’s clothing**

  • Pedal cycles higher than 635mm from the ground when tyres are fully inflated**

  • Certain baby slings (see below)
  • Car seats, Isofix bases, car booster seats or car seats from travel systems including navettes. Please see note below***

* Carrycot stands must be labelled with the size of cot and weight loadings which can be accommodated. They must have a guard-rail or a means of stopping the cot from falling off the stand, have a suitable base and be a maximum of 432mm above floor level. In order to comply with General Product Safety Regulations, please also ensure that the stand comes with instructions for use, that the frame is stable and has not been distorted or modified, and that the carrycot can be effectively retained in position on the stand.

** These guidelines come from Trading Standards – see full information see

*** Car seats Although you can sell a travel system pram at a Nearly New Sale, you cannot sell a travel system's car seat. You may attach a note to the travel system inviting enquiries from buyers to purchase the car seat privately at a later date or away from the NNS, but you are NOT allowed to include the car seat in the price of the travel system. Also, you are NOT allowed to bring the car seat inside the venue of the NNS under any circumstances. Thank you for your cooperation.
Baby Slings

We regret we cannot accept bag-style slings with a deep pouch and elasticised edge at NNS, as these slings have been shown to be unsafe, and have been associated with baby deaths in the US Please note that the majority of baby carriers and slings are still safe to use, if they hold baby in proper alignment and fit snugly by design and instruction.

The brands and products which cannot be accepted are:

Infantino sling rider, Premaxx baby bag, Munchkin cargo sling, Boppy carry in comfort, Lamaze close comfort

Wendy Bellissimo sling

Prams, pushchairs and buggies

The term “wheeled child conveyances” refers to all wheeled vehicles designed to carry one or two babies or infants, but does not apply to transporters for carrycots, toys or vehicles enabling children to move themselves about. Every item of this type sold at an NCT NNS must conform to the 3 points below:

  1. Wheeled child conveyances must conform to British Standard 7409 (or an equivalent European Standard) and must be permanently marked BS 7409:1996, together with the name or trademark of the manufacturer or importer.

  2. A permanent notice on the vehicle must state: Children should be harnessed in at all times and should never be left unattended. The child should be clear of moving parts while making adjustments. This vehicle requires regular maintenance by the user. Overloading, incorrect folding and the use of non-approved accessories may damage or break this vehicle. Read the instructions.

  3. Instructions in English must be supplied with each vehicle. These are to be headed:

IMPORTANT, KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE and must include instructions relating to operation, assembly, use and maintenance.

Maclaren Buggies Following recent reports about safety concerns, if you are selling one of the following Maclaren models - Volo, Triumph, Quest Sport, Quest Mod, Techno XT, Techno XLR, Twin Triumph, Twin Techno and Easy Traveller - it must be fitted with a hinge safety cover. Covers are available, free of charge, from the Maclaren website, but must be fitted before the NNS sale. Any of these pushchairs without the hinge cover will be removed from sale.

Bumbo Seats Will not be accepted without restraining straps these can be obtained free from Tomy

Future sales Feb 2014 April 2014 Sept 2014 and Nov 2014
Any other questions?

We appreciate that this is quite a lot of information to absorb, so if you do have any queries about the sale, please feel free to ring me, Katherine, on 0844 2436 187 option 3 or email . Hopefully the new and improved system of seller-volunteering will ensure that everyone has a successful and well-organised day – obviously our motto for the day will be “many hands make light work”.

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