Instructions Halloween Story

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Instructions Halloween Story

  1. Write a spooky short story for Halloween. The story should be between 100 and 200 words.

  1. Use some of the words from the Halloween vocabulary to give your story a spooky character.

Halloween vocabulary:

lightning, rain, thunder, storm, tish, horror, whisper, shaking, horrible, rattle, nightmare, full moon, beast, mirror, shudder, hahaha, afraid, bat, bloody, bones, broomstick, cemetery, chilly, cobweb, coffin, cauldron, costume, creepy, creak, eerie, fangs, frightening, ghost, grave, Grim Reaper, haunted, howl, mummy, owl, pumpkin, RIP, scary, scream, shadow, skeleton, skull, spell, spider, spirits, spooky, tombstone, trick and treat, vampire, werewolf, witch, wizard and zombie.

  1. Make a keynote presentation of your story and add photos that match it.

  1. Edit your keynote in iMovie by adding spooky sounds/music and transform it into a short video.

Obs. The story should not contain any violent, bloody scenes and neither should the photos that you choose to illustrate your story with. The story should be spooky, but not explicitly violent!

  1. Story due date – 26/10 (class 7B), 27/10 (class 7A and 7C)

  1. Work plan:


w.43 – editing and presentation

Good Luck!

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