Interdisciplinary Phd scholarships in Neuroscience and Related Disciplines Expression of Interest Form – 2017 Commencement closing date: Friday 28th October, 2016 at 5PM

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Interdisciplinary PhD Scholarships in Neuroscience and Related Disciplines

Expression of Interest Form – 2017 Commencement
CLOSING DATE: Friday 28th October, 2016 at 5PM

Please note that, if successful, you are also required to submit an application for a University of Melbourne Graduate Research Degree and Scholarship by 28th October 2016:
[Please be aware that there may be slight variation in Scholarship Application Deadlines between faculties – it is the student’s responsibility to confirm]

The EOI application and all requested attachments are to be submitted as a single high quality PDF to by the closing date, Friday 28th October 2016.


Please read the guidelines before completing this application and ensure that you correctly address all requirements.

Applicant Information

Full name:

Current institution:

Residential address:



Telephone contact:


(University student email address preferred, plus alternative/private email address)

Citizenship category:

(Please indicate)

Australian citizen

Permanent resident

New Zealand citizen holding a Special Category Visa

Scholarship category:

(please indicate)

PhD Scholarship

PhD Scholarship (Clinical)

Title of proposed project:

(please do not exceed 75 characters excluding spaces)

Details of where you plan to undertake your PhD studies:



Details of proposed supervisor(s):



Faculty and Department:



Status of discussions/contact with proposed supervisor:


  • List below all tertiary level studies you have undertaken including those in which you are currently enrolled (whether you have completed them or not) beginning with the most recent.

  • † If you are currently completing a degree, please write CU for ‘current’ and include the date that you anticipate completion. If you began a degree and did not complete it, write INC for ‘incomplete’ and include the date when you ceased study. If you completed the degree please write CO for ‘complete’ and include the completion date.

  • ‡ Program length is the usual duration of the program on a full-time basis.

Name of degree

(e.g. Bachelor of Arts)

Name of institution and country

Current (CU)/ Incomplete (INC)/ Complete (CO)

Date completed/ceased/ Expected date of completion (mm/yy)

Program length

(e.g. 3 years)

Referee 1 - Contact details

Full name:

(including title)





Referee 2 - Contact details

Full name:

(including title)






Please summarise how the Scholarship would advance your career objectives and outline your vision for the next 5 years (max 200 words).


  • Please attach your curriculum vitae (maximum three A4 pages)

  • Please attach your academic transcripts

Please note the following documentation requirements:

• You must provide the full official transcript(s) on official university letterhead, indicating all subjects and results in all years of study for each qualification completed or attempted.

• If you have completed a degree but your transcript does not state this, you must provide a copy of the award certificate or an original or copy of a letter from your institution on university letterhead confirming you have completed all the requirements of the degree program and are eligible to graduate or have graduated.

• If your transcripts do not contain actual numeric marks (e.g. 82%) or Grade Point Averages (e.g. 3.4) you should provide a separate official explanation of the relevant university’s grading system, or official advice from the awarding institution detailing the numeric marks you achieved for your tertiary studies.

• Applicants with a Masters qualification that is graded as Pass/Fail only should provide examiners’ reports (a report containing examiners’ feedback/ detailed information about your thesis) if they are available.

• All applicants with a Masters qualification should provide an extract from the relevant university handbook (or website) that clearly states (i) the normal duration of the Masters course (e.g. two years full-time) and (ii) the structure of the course (e.g. minimum of 24 points, of which 18 points are a research project). You must provide information about the amount of research required for the qualification.

• If you are currently enrolled in a tertiary course, please provide a transcript that shows your results to date and provide final transcripts as soon as they become available.

• If you have received credit toward your degree at the third year level or higher, please include the transcript/s for the studies for which you have received credit.

• Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation by an accredited translator.

• If your current name is not the same as the name on your transcripts (e.g. due to marriage) please provide a copy of evidence of change of name (e.g. a marriage certificate).

• Applicants who have completed an Australian MBBS, BPhysio, LLB, JD, or Aust/NZ dental (BDSc, BDS), or veterinary (BVSc, BMVS) qualification should provide information about their position on their graduating class list. If this information is not available on the transcript, advice should be provided in writing from the relevant faculty, school or department.

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