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Office of International Visitors

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

U.S. Department of State



A Regional Project for Africa

These visitors are invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program. Their program is arranged by World Learning Visitor Exchange Program.
Primary Program Contacts: Ms. Angela Pellegrino-Grant and Ms. Rachel Paris-Lambert, 1015 Fifteenth Street, NW, Seventh Floor, Washington, DC 20005; Telephone - (202) 332-5922 or (202) 464-6739; Toll-free - (800) 826-0196; Fax - (202) 408-5397; Email – or
Department of State Program Contacts: Ms. Ella Butler and Mrs. Cassandra Dyson, Office of International Visitors; Telephone - (202) 632-3309 or (202) 632-3314; Email - or
Accompanied By: Ms. Diana Clark and Mr. Latif Ndiaye, Simultaneous Interpreters; Ms. Marie-Claude Pippitt and Mr. Gilbet Martin, Consecutive Interpreters.

October 25 - November 12, 2010


The Department of State has outlined the following specific objectives for this project:

  • Examine the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy;
  • Observe operational practices, standards and institutions of the media in the U.S.;

  • Gain insight into the social, economic and political structures of the U.S.; and

  • Participate in professional development seminars and an international symposium highlighting current trends and challenges in the media profession.


Journalist, L'Oeil de l'Exile

Mr. Paul YANGE

Chief Editor and Director,

Benin Mr. Charles Alain ASSOGBA

Director of Publication, Le Quotidien

Burkina Faso Mr. Urbain KABORE

Regional Director of Communication & Editor-in-Chief, Sidwaya

Director, Banfora Radio Station
Mr. Amade SORO

Reporter, Sanave FM's Arab and International News Desk

Burundi Mr. Eric MANIRAKIZA

Investigative Journalist, African Public Radio


Chief Editor, Da'Kuna

Comoros Ms. Soidri Matoir ANTUFATI

Journalist, Albalad

Congo Ms. Gogo Adrienne KOUBAKA

Reporter, Radio Congo

Cote d'Ivoire Mr. Oumar SIDIBE

Journalist, UNOCI FM

Democratic Republic Mr. Alain Nsasies NKOY

of Congo General Manager, Africa News
Guinea Mr. Zakaria CAMARA

News Director, Sabari FM Radio 97.3

Mr. Amadou Ndiare DIALLO

Political Reporter, L'Indépendant

Chief Editor,
Madagascar Mr. Mamy Rivomalala RANDRIANAVONY

Chief, Taratra, Ultima Media Group

Mali Mr. Alassane DIARRA

Journalist, L'Independant

Niger Mr. Moussa AKSAR

Director of Publiacation, L'Evenement


Reporter, Radio Salus, National University of Rwanda

Senegal Mr. Mahmoudou WANE

Director of Publication, L'Observateur

Togo Mr. Komlanvi KETOHOU

Director, International Press Communication Agency (ACP)

ARS Paris
Present Position: Journalist, L’Oeil de l’Exile

Concurrent Position: Paris Correspondent, The Post, 2002 to present
Previous Positions: Columnist, Radio France, Paris, France, 2005-2007

Editor, Latitudes, Lille School of Journalism, Lille, France, 2005

Editor, Bonjour Bobigny, Bobigny, France, 2003

Editor and Assistant Chief Editor, Le Soft, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1998-2001

Education/Training: Continuing Education Certificate, Journalism, l’Ecole Superieure de Journalisme de Lille, France, 2004-2005

University Degree, Journalism, Faculty Institute of Information and Communication Sciences, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1993-1996
Memberships: La Maison des Journalistes, Paris, France

Pan-African Press Association (APPA), France

Publications: Numerous published articles

Address: 4 Rue de Corse

Aulnay-Sous-Bois 93600

Paris, France

Telephone: +33 6 71 52 31 67


Languages: Swahili (primary), English, French, Lingala

U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Italy
Professional Background: Mr. Leon Awazi-Kharomon is a Paris-based independent journalist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2001, Mr. Awazi-Kharomon received the Radio France Internationale / Reporters without Borders Prize for best reporting story from Francophone Africa.

ARS Paris
Name: Mr. Paul YANGE
Present Position: Chief Editor and Director,
Concurrent Position: Chief Editor and Political Reporter, Online News on Guinea (
Previous Positions: Financial Controller, Case International, BNP Paribas, and Cardif, 1999-2004
Education/Training: MBA, Reims Management School, Reims, France, 1999
Memberships: Pan-African Press Association (APPA), France
Publications: A Biography: Barack Obama, 44th President of the USA,, 2009

A Success Story: Amadou Raimi, Chairman of the Board of Deloitte France,, 2008

Africa's 100 Best Books of the 20th Century,, 2003
Address: 9 Square des Tilleuls

Le Plessis Robinson 92350

Paris, France

Telephone: +33 6 27 64 57 26

Languages: French (primary), English, German
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Belgium, Cameroon, France, Germany, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, United Kingdom

Professional Background: Mr. Paul Yange is the editor-in-chief of, a Francophone pan-African news website targeted to the African Diaspora audience in France. Mr. Yange covers international affairs, sub-Saharan Africa affairs, and African Diaspora issues in Europe and has interviewed several prominent African Diaspora personalities. He often provides commentary and expertise for major international and pan-African media networks. He also worked as a communication consultant on corporate diversity issues for several companies in France. He is interested in deepening his understanding of new media and the internet revolution.

Name: Mr. Charles Alain ASSOGBA
Present Position: Director of Publication, Le Quotidien
Previous Positions: Chief Editor, La Nouvelle Tribune, 2001-2009

Journalist, Le Point au Quotidien, 1999-2001

Education/Training: MA, Political Communication, IIM, Cotonou, Benin, 2007

BA, Law, University of Abomey-Calavi, 1997

Memberships: National Coordinator, Beninese Journalists Network for Water and Sanitation, 2007

Secretary of Union, Media Professionals of Benin, National Council, 2004

Publications: Communication and Political Parties in Benin, Dissertation, 2010

Reglementation du sejour des etrangers au Benin: Virtualites et limites, Dissertation, 2004

Various press articles, 1997 to present

Address: 09 BP 307




Telephone: 229-97-47-41-05


Languages: Fon (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Austria, Belgium, Cameroon, Ghana, Niger, Togo

Professional Background: Alain Assogba is the Director of Publication for a newspaper that promotes objectivity and balance in reporting. He also promotes and designs the content of the newspaper Le Quotidien, coordinates personnel, leads the daily editor’s meeting, and provides guidance for the research and management of news content. He is eager to improve his reporting on the economy and U.S. foreign policy.

Burkina Faso

Name: Urbain KABORE
Present Position: Regional Director of Communication & Editor-in-Chief, Sidwaya

Director, Banfora Radio Station

Concurrent Position: Director, Regional Office of Culture and Tourism

Education/Training: BA, Communication

Memberships: Burkina Faso Journalists Association

African Journalists Network for Integrity and Transparency

Publications: Various publications in the Sidwaya
Address: DRCTC des Cascasdes

Banfora, Comoe BP 29

Burkina Faso
Languages: More (primary), English, Spanish, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Egypt, France, Mali, Switzerland

Professional Background: Mr. Kaboré is an investigative journalist, trainer, and editorialist. In 2007, he was granted the Galians first prize of excellence in interviewing. He would like to examine the rights and responsibilities of a free press in a democracy and explore best practices of media institutions in the U.S.
Burkina Faso
Name: Mr. Amade SORO
Present Position: Reporter, Sanave FM's Arab and International News Desk
Concurrent Position: General Director, Agence Faso Aero Services
Previous Positions: Freelance Journalist
Education/Training: French-Arabic Interpretation Degree, Universite de Lyon II, France, 2004

French Language Diploma, France, 2002

BA, Arabic and Islamic Studies, 2001

Memberships: Syria Association, Burkina Faso

Al-Bouchra Fondation for Education and Development, Burkina Faso

Publications: Role of Media in Islam Promotion, Thesis
Address: Secteur 9 Gounghin

Ouagadougou, Kadiogo

Burkina Faso

Telephone: 22670745742

Languages: French, English, Arabic
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Cote d'Ivoire, Jordan, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Syria, United Arab Emirates
Professional Background: Amadé Soro is a radio reporter with Sanave FM's Arab and International News Desk. In 2009, he conducted interviews in Arabic that were instrumental in reaching Burkinabe Muslim listeners. His ability to conduct interviews in English, Arabic, and French allows him to communicate directly to a diverse audience. He hopes this program will foster a better understanding of U.S. policies and practices as well as the rights and responsibilities of a free media in a democracy.

Present Position: Investigative Journalist, African Public Radio
Concurrent Position: Correspondent, Voice of America (VOA)
Previous Positions: Chief Editor
Education/Training: BA, Translation and Interpretation, University of Ngozi, 2006

Training, Military and Political Issues in France & Belgium, 2006

Training, Oral Communication in English, Uganda, 2003

Training, Human Rights and Good Governance, Kenya

Memberships: President, Vita-Burundi, Combat Pour la Vie, a local NGO
Publications: The Illegal Sale of the Presidential Plane Falcon 50, 2007

The Problem of Israeli and Palestinian Conflict in International Relations, 2006

The Assassination of Head of the Literature and Human Sciences Department at the University of Ngozi, 2006

The Assassination of the Last King of Burundi Ntare V, 2004

Address: Uprona Boulevard

Rohero 2

Bujumbura, Bujumbura


Telephone: 2572222244326
Languages: Kirundi/Rundi (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Belgium, France, Kenya, Rwanda

Professional Background: Mr. Eric Manirakiza work with African Public Radio, which represents a source of independent media where journalists from diverse backgrounds can peacefully provide news to the people of Burundi. Mr. Manirakiza is the head of the politics, human rights, and good governance department at the radio station, and he is interested in learning about the responsibilities of a free media in a democracy.

Name: Mr. Dohou PASCAL FERSO
Present Position: Chief Editor, Da'Kuna
Concurrent Position: Graphic Designer
Previous Positions: Head, Theatre Forum, 2007-2008

Administrative Assistant,, 2007

Editor, Wakith Tama, 2007

Head Librarian, AST, 2003-2005

Education/Training: Certificate in Journalism, Agence France Presse, 2010

Certificate in Journalism, UNESCO, 2009

Training, Radio Arc-en-Ciel, 2008-2009

Training, Radio Al Nassr, 2008

Memberships: Journalists as Human Rights Promoters
Publications: A monthly news bulletin dealing with culture, sports and education in Chad
Address: 7ème Arrondissement

Quartier Atrone II

N\'Djamena, Chari-Baguirmi


Telephone: (235)66661671


Languages: French, English
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Cameroon
Professional Background: Mr. Dohou Pascal Ferso heads Da'Kuna, the only youth-oriented professional newspaper in Chad. As Chief Editor, Mr. Ferso oversees and coordinates all activities related to the publication of Da’Kuna in addition to serving as the public relations officer and marketing director for the newspaper. Mr. Ferso hopes his time in the U.S. will provide him with a deeper understanding of news coverage and newspaper management, especially for young readers.

Name: Ms. Soidri Matoir ANTUFATI
Present Position: Journalist, Albalad
Previous Positions: Director General, Department for the Promotion of Gender and Children's Rights, Ministry of Social Affairs, 2005-2008

Officer in Charge of Examinations, Ministry of National Education of Moheli, 2001-2005

Permanent Correspondent, Kashkazi, 2005

Journalist, Al-watwan, 1998-2008

Education/Training: BA, French Studies, University of Antananarivo, Madagascar, 1998

Training, HIV/AIDS Ethics and Communication, Madagascar, 2007

Training, Gender and Development Issues, Comoros, 2007

Training, Good Governance and Human Rights for Countries in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, 2003

Teacher Training Certification, Centre International d'Etudes Pedagogiques du Tampon, Reunion Island, 2002

Memberships: National Union of Comoran Teachers (Syndicat National des Professeurs Comoriens/SNPC)
Address: Fomboni

Fomboni, Moheli


Telephone: (269) 772-0120

Languages: French (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Professional Background: Ms. Soidri Matoir Antufati is a journalist at Albalad. Ms. Antufati hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the important role of journalism as well as the responsibilities and rights of a free press within a democracy.
Name: Ms. Gogo Adrienne KOUBAKA
Present Position: Reporter, Radio Congo
Concurrent Position: Head of Desk, Children’s Programs, Radio Congo
Previous Positions: Radio Broadcaster, Radio Congo
Education/Training: BA, Université Marien Ngouabi, 1999

General Certificate of Education, Lycée Chaminade, 1995

Memberships: Association des Journalists
Address: 30 Kimboto Street Moungali Brazzaville



Telephone: 669-1358

Languages: French (primary), English
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: South Africa
Professional Background: Ms. Koubaka, a journalist from Congo, concentrates on social issues such as domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and education. She leads a popular talk show which is broadcast around the country. Mrs Koubaka is interested in journalistic professionalism and ethics within the field of Congolese journalism.

Cote d'Ivoire

Name: Mr. Oumar SIDIBE

Present Position: Journalist, UNOCI FM
Education/Training: Training, Radio, Education and Development, Senegal, 2003

Training, Online Journalism and Website Design, Senegal, 2002

Training, Radio and Culture, Canada, 2002

Training, News Management on Community Radios, American Cultural Center, 2000

Address: Korhogo Banaforo


Cote d'Ivoire

Telephone: +225 05523567

Languages: French (primary), English
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Burkina Faso, Canada, France, Ghana, Mali, Senegal
Professional Background: Mr. Oumar Sidibe, who goes by the pen name Tommy Koroma, works as a regional correspondent for ONUCI-FM, a UN radio network. Before joining the ONUCI-FM, Mr. Sidibe worked for several community radio stations and international media outlets like the Associated Press and Afrique Presse. In 2006, he worked as a consultant for Global Witness, assisting with the organization's investigative mission in Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. His reporting often focuses on HIV/AIDS, gender equality, political elections, and global warming.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Name: Mr. Alain Nsasies NKOY
Present Position: General Manager, Africa News
Concurrent Position: Journalist
Previous Positions: Director of Publication, Congo News, 2002

Director in Charge of Management, L'Avenir, 1998

Journalist, La Cite Africaine, 1993

Education/Training: BA, Public Affairs and Communication, School of Journalism, Kinshasa, 2008

Undergraduate diploma, School of Journalism (IFASIC), 2000

Publications: Marketing Communication of TIGO through the system Allo na Allo, Research Paper, 2008

General Direction and Vulgarization of Fisc regulations in Kinshasa, Research Paper, 2000

Address: 34/bis Avenue Lukusa et 134 Ave. Provinc

Commune De Gombe, Kinshasa

Democratic Republic of Congo

Telephone: 243998646345

Languages: Kikongo-Kongo (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Republic of Congo, South Africa
Professional Background: Mr. Alain Nkoy is the editor, publisher, and founder of Africa News, an independent newspaper. As an entrepreneur and a journalist, Mr. Nkoy is interested in the economics of media and how funding sources intersect with and influence independent and responsible sources of media.

Name: Mr. Zakaria CAMARA
Present Position: News Director, Sabari FM Radio 97.3
Education/Training: AA, Journalism, Fondation Aboubacar Camara, Conakry, Guinea, 1998
Address: Sabari FM Radio 97.3

Quartier Bomboli

Commune de Ratoma

Conakry, Lower Guinea NA


Telephone: 22464220212

Languages: Susu (primary), English, French, Fula/Toucouleur
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel

Professional Background: Mr. Camara is currently the News Director at Sabari FM, a popular private radio station in Guinea. He frequently covers political issues and he hopes to improve his journalist skills and learn more about free and open reporting within a democracy.

Name: Mr. Amadou Ndiare DIALLO
Present Position: Political Reporter, L'Indépendant

Chief Editor,

Education/Training: Higher Education Diploma, Journalism, University Gamal Abdel Nasser, Conakry, Guinea, 2005
Memberships: Guinean Online Press Association

Guinean Association of Press Publishers

Guinean Journalists Network for the Fight Against Corruption
Address: Groupe de Presse L'Independant &

Le Democrate

Conakry, Conakry 5250


Telephone: 60269599


Languages: Fula (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone
Professional Background: Mr. Amadou N'Diaré Diallo is a political news reporter at L'Indépendant. He is also the News Director of, a news website, which has emerged as a popular news site on Guinea in the past few months. Mr. Diallo is interested in learning about the role of media in the advancement of democracy.
Name: Mr. Mamy Rivomalala RANDRIANAVONY
Present Position: Chief, Taratra, Ultima Media Group
Previous Positions: Editorial Secretary, Taratra, 2005-2009

Journalist and Editor, Midi Madagasikara, 1990-2001

Education/Training: AA, History, University of Antananarivo, 1987

Advanced Training, Editorial Writing, Association Ouest-Fraternite au Journal, Ouest, France, 2009

International Visitor Program, Foreign Press Center, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japanese Embassy, Japan, 1996

Advanced Training, Mass Communication, African Journalist Association and the Egyptian Ministry of Communication, Egypt, 1992

Memberships: Founding Member, Press Club Reseau OMD Media

Vice-President, Gazela

Association of Economic Journalists in Madagascar

Publications: Articles and editorials in Taratra
Address: 8/10, Rue Rainizanabololona


BP 194

Antananarivo 101


Telephone: (261-20) 22 343 08

Languages: Malagasy (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Egypt, France, Japan
Professional Background: Mr. Mamy Randrianavony is the Chief Editor of the daily newspaper, Taratra. Mr. Randrianavony is also one of the founders of MDO Media, a local press club promoting the millennium development objectives of the United Nations.

Name: Mr. Alassane DIARRA
Present Position: Journalist, L'Independant

Education/Training: License, Institut de Gestion et de Langues Appliquees aux Metiers (Institute of Management and Languages Applied to Jobs), Mali, 2003

Baccalaureate, Lycee of Markala, Mali, 1997

Address: Journal L'Independant

ACI 2000

Bamako, Mali BP E 1040


Telephone: (223)66791676


Languages: Mandingo-Bambara (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel

Other Travel: Burkina Faso, France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Morocco

Professional Background: Mr. Alassane Diarra is a journalist with L'independent. He covers social and political issues as well as international and judiciary affairs. He is interested in learning about the rights and responsibilities of journalists as well as the U.S. political system.

Name: Mr. Moussa AKSAR
Present Position: Director of Publication, L'Evenement

Education/Training: Law Degree

Management diploma

Memberships: African Journalist Network against HIV/AIDS

West African Editors Forum

National Association of Independent Editors
Address: Journal L'Evenement

Niamey 12679


Telephone: 22796964794

Languages: Tamacheq (primary), Djerma/Songhai, Hausa, English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, France, Ghana, Senegal
Professional Background: Mr. Moussa Aksar, with considerable experience in investigative journalism, is the Director of Publication at L'Evenement, an independent newspaper in Niger. Mr. Aksar’s reporting promotes good governance and transparency, and he is an active member of several organizations that promote the rights of journalists and freedom of the press.

Present Position: Reporter, Radio Salus, National University of Rwanda

Previous Positions: Producer, Radio Salus, National University of Rwanda, 2006-2008

Chief Editor, School of Journalism and Communication Newspaper, National University of Rwanda, 2006-2008

Education/Training: BA, Journalism and Communication, National University of Rwanda

Publications: Various articles, documentaries and stories
Address: Radio Salus

National University of Rwanda



Telephone: 250 0788415857


Languages: Kinyarwanda/Rwanda (primary), English, French
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Professional Background: Mr. Bercar Nzabagerageza is a journalist at a university radio station located in the southern province of Rwanda. Mr. Nzabagerageza is interested in learning about operational practices, and the ethics and standards of media in the U.S.

Name: Mahmoudou WANE
Present Position: Director of Publication, L'Observateur
Concurrent Position: Actionary Netis, Online Newspaper
Previous Positions: Editor in Chief, Le Populaire


Education/Training: DEA, 1998

MA, Philosophy, UCAD, 1996

Baccalaureate, Prytanee Militaire High School, 1991
Memberships: Convention of Young Reporters of Senegal
Publications: Numerous newspaper articles
Address: Rue 15 Angle

Corniche Medina



Telephone: 221-33-889-3389


Languages: Fula/Toucouleur (primary), English
U.S. Travel: Yes
Other Travel: France, Togo

Professional Background: Mr. Mahmoudou Wane has been the Editor in Chief and Director of Publication of the daily newspaper, L'Observateur since October 2009. Before occupying this position, he ran the popular daily newspaper, Le Populaire.

Name: Mr. Komlanvi KETOHOU
Present Position: Director, International Press Communication Agency (ACP)
Concurrent Position: Director of Publication, L'Independant Express, 2005 to present
Previous Positions: Head of Programs and Editor in Chief, Radio Kanal FM, 2003-2006

Director of Publication, Motion d'Information, 2002-2005

Editor and Journalist, Radio Victoire, 2001-2002

Education/Training: MA, Sociology, University of Lome, 2000

BA, Sociology, University of Lome, 1999

Training, Human Rights Workshop, United Nations Commissary on Human Rights, Switzerland, 2004-2005

Memberships: President, Journalist for Human Rights (JDHO), 2005 to present

Head of Programs, Organization of Editors of Written Independent Press, 2003-2007

Member, Observatoire Togolais des Medias, 2008 to present

Address: Rue de la Fortune, Nyekonakpoe

Lome POBOX 8074


Telephone: (228) 904-8068

Languages: Ewe (primary), English, French, German
U.S. Travel: No previous U.S. travel
Other Travel: Belgium, Burkina Faso, Switzerland

Professional Background: Mr. Komlanvi Ketohou is the head of a private news agency, the International Press Communication Agency, and is the editor of a newspaper and a news website. He also presides over two organizations - Journalists for Human Rights (JDHO), which fights for the rights of media in Togo, and the Coalition of Defenders of Human Rights. Mr. Ketohou has also been involved in the organization of several workshops on issues related to freedom of press and journalistic integrity.

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