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International GCSE

International GCSE in Spanish (4SP0)

Minimum core vocabulary list

First examination 2014

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International GCSE in Spanish

Minimum core vocabulary

The following vocabulary list is intended to help you plan work in relation to your programmes of study. Assessment tasks targeted at grades G to C will be based on this vocabulary list, although they may include some unfamiliar vocabulary. Occasional glossing of individual words may occur in the examinations, although this will be avoided whenever possible. As well as specified vocabulary, students will be expected to have knowledge of numbers, times, days of the week, months etc.

Some of the vocabulary in the list is not unique to the topic under which it is listed and may appear under more than one heading. Adjectival forms of nouns are included although not always specifically listed here. The list does not include easily recognisable cognates or near cognates, words in common use in English, or English words in common use in Spanish.


Topic area A – Home and abroad 7

Topic area B – Education and employment 14

Topic area C – House, home and daily routine 19

Topic area D – The modern world 27

Topic area E – Social activities, fitness and health 30

Non-topic-specific vocabulary 35

Topic area A — Home and abroad

Life in town and rural life

a pie – on foot

jardín público (m) – public garden

aburrido/a – boring

lago (m) – lake

afueras (f) – outskirts

lejos – far

amar – to love

lento/a – slow

aparcamiento (m) – car park

lugar de interés turístico (m) – sight, place of interest

árbol (m) – tree

metro (m) – underground

ascensor (m) – lift

montaña (f) – mountain

aviso (m) – notice

mosquito (m) – mosquito

ayuntamiento (m) – town hall

museo (m) – museum

biblioteca (f) – library

oveja (f) – sheep

caballo (m) – horse

paisaje (m) – scenery

calle (f) – street

palacio (m) – palace

campo (m) – countryside

parque (m) – park

carretera (nacional) (f) – road

pasatiempo (m) – pastime

castillo (m) – castle

pato (m) – duck

centro (m) – centre

peatón (m) – pedestrian

cerdo (m) – pig

(ir de) pesca – (to go) fishing

césped (m) – grass

pie (m) – foot

ciudad (f) – city

pintoresco/a – picturesque, pretty

colina (f) – hill

piscina (f) – swimming pool

comisaría (f) – police station

planta (f) – floor/storey

cruce (m) – crossing

plaza (f) – square

distrito (m) – district/zone

plaza del mercado (f) – market square

divertido/a – funny/entertaining

polideportivo (m) – sports centre

edificio (m) – building

pollo (m) – chicken

en el extranjero – overseas/abroad

pueblo (m) – village/town

estadio (m) – stadium

puente (m) – bridge

estar situado/a – to be situated

puerto (m) – port

flor (f) – flower

quiosco (m) – news stand

fuego (m) – fire

región (f) – region

fuente (f) – fountain

río (m) – river

galería (f) – gallery

semáforo (m) – traffic lights

gallina (f) – hen

sitio (m) – place

gallo (m) – cockerel

taberna (f) – inn

gato (m) – cat

tienda (f) – shop

granja (f) – farm

torre (f) – tower

granjero/a (m/f) – farmer

tráfico (m) – traffic

guapo/a – handsome, beautiful

tranquilo/a (m/f) – quiet

habitante (m/f) – inhabitant

vaca (f) – cow

histórico/a – historic

vivir – to live

industrial – industrial

zona peatonal (f) – pedestrian area

Weather and climate

abrigo (m) – coat

hay niebla – it is foggy

buen/o/a – fine/good

hay tormenta – it’s thundery

bufanda (f) – scarf

hielo (m) – ice

calcetines (m) – socks

impermeable (m) – raincoat

calor (m) – heat

intervalos soleados – sunny intervals

caluroso/a – hot

llover – to rain

cambiar – to change

lluvia (f) – rain

chubasco (m) – shower

malo/a – bad

cielo (m) – sky

neblina (f) – mist

claro – clear/bright

neblinoso/a – misty

clima (m) – weather/climate

nevar – to snow

condado (m) – county

nevoso/a – snowy

costa (f) – coast

niebla (f) – fog

está a XX grados – it is X degrees

nieve (f) – snow

está nevando – it is snowing

norte (m) – north

estación (f) – season

nube (f) – cloud

este (m) – east

nublado/a – cloudy

estrella (f) – star

oeste (m) – west

frío – cold

paraguas (m) – umbrella

fuerte (m) – strong

pronóstico (m) del tiempo – weather forecast

grado (m) – degree

sol (m) – sun

hace buen tiempo – the weather is fine/good

sur (m) – south

hace calor – it is warm

temperatura (f) – temperature

hace frío – it is cold

tiempo (m) – weather

hace mal tiempo – it is bad weather

tormenta (f) – storm

hace sol – it is sunny

trueno (m) – thunder

hace viento – it is windy

viento (m) – wind

hay hielo – it is icy

Travel, transport and directions

a la derecha – to the right

gasoil (m) – diesel

a la izquierda – to the left

gasolina (f) – petrol

accidente (m) – accident

glorieta (f) – roundabout

adelantar – to overtake

hacer autostop – to hitchhike

aduana (f) – customs

hacia – towards

aerodeslizador (m) – hovercraft

(billete de) ida y vuelta – return (ticket)

aeropuerto (m) – airport

kilómetro (m) – kilometre

andar – to walk

llegada (f) – arrival

andén (m) – platform

llegar – to arrive

aparcar – to park

llenar el tanque – to fill the tank

aterrizar – to land

maletero (m) – boot (of car)

autobús (m) – bus

metro (m) – metre/underground/tube

autocar (m) – coach

motor (m) – engine

autopista (f) – motorway

muy cerca – very near

averiado/a – broken

neumático (m) – tyre

avión (m) – plane

oficina (f) de objetos perdidos – lost-property office

bajar – to get out/get off

parada de autobuses (f) – bus stop

barco (m) – boat

parar – to stop

bicicleta (f) – bicycle

pasar – to pass

billete (m) – ticket

permiso (m) de conducir – driving license

buen viaje (m) – good journey

pinchazo (m) – puncture

cambiar – to change

preferencia (f) – priority

camión (m) – lorry, truck

próximo/a – next

carnet de identidad (m) – identity card

puerta (f) (del coche) – (car) door

carretera principal (f) – main road

que tengas una buena estancia – have a nice stay

casco (m) – (crash) helmet

rápido/a – fast

cerca – near

recto/a – straight

chófer (m/f) – driver (of bus, taxi etc)

retraso (m) – delay

ciclomotor (m) – moped

rincón (m) – corner

coche (m) – car

rueda (f) – wheel

¿cómo llego a X? – how do I get to X?

sala (f) de espera – waiting room

conducir – to drive

salida (f) – departure/exit

conductor/a (m/f) – driver

salida de emergencia – emergency exit

controlador/a (m/f) – ticket inspector

seguir – to continue

consigna (f) – left-luggage office

seguridad (f) – safety

cruce (m) – crossroads

sencillo (m) – single (ticket)

cruzar – to cross

sin plomo – unleaded (petrol)

derecho (m) – right (to do something)

subir – to get in/get on

despegar – to take off

taquilla (f) – box office

dirección única (f) – one way

taxi (m) – taxi

embotellamiento (m) – traffic jam

todo recto – straight ahead

en el extranjero – overseas/abroad

torcer – to turn

equipaje (m) – luggage

tráfico (m) – traffic

estación (f) – station

transbordador (m) – ferry

estación (f) de autobuses – bus station

transporte (m) público – public transport

estación de ferrocarril (f) – railway station

tranvía (m) – tram

estación de servicio – service station

tren (m) – train

estropeado/a – damaged

velocidad (f) – speed

Eurotúnel (m) – Channel tunnel

viajar – to travel

facturar – to check

viaje (m) – journey

ferrocarril (m) – railway

volar – to fly

frontera (f) – border

Holidays and tourist information

actividades (f) – activities

guía turística (f) – tourist guide

aire acondicionado (m) – air conditioning

habitación con dos camas individuales (f) – twin-bedded room

al aire libre – outdoors

hacer camping – to go camping

albergue juvenil (m) – youth hostel

hacer las maletas – to pack

alojamiento (m) – accommodation

impotable – not for drinking

alquilar – to rent/to hire

incluido/a – included

alquiler (m) – rent

ir a nadar – to go swimming

amplio/a – spacious

linterna (f) – torch

arena (f) – sand

lleno/a – full

balcón (m) – balcony

maleta (f) – suitcase

bañador (m) – swimsuit

mar (m) – sea

bienvenido – welcome

media pensión (f) – half board

bronceador (m) – suncream, sunblock, sunscreen

nadar (en el mar) – swim (in the sea)

cama matrimonial (f) – double bed

oficina (f) de turismo – tourist office

cámara (f) – camera

olvidar – to forget

cambio (m) – change

pasaporte (m) – passport

campamento (m) – camp

país (m) – country

campo (m) – countryside

pensión completa (f) – full board

carrete (m) – film (for camera)

persona (f) – person

casa de huéspedes (f) – guest house

plan (m) – plan

castillo de arena (m) – sandcastle

plano (m) de la ciudad – street map

chalet (m) – bungalow

playa (f) – beach

completabooked up, fully booked

postal (f) – postcard

con antelación – in advance

potable – drinkable

conocer – to make the acquaintance of, to meet

precio (m) – price

costa (f) – the seaside

quedarse – to stay

dar la bienvenida – to welcome

quince días (m) – fortnight

deshacer las maletas – to unpack

recepción (f) – reception

describir – to describe

reservar – to book

día festivo (m) – bank holiday

saco (m) de dormir – sleeping bag

divertido/a – fun

sala (f) de juegos – games room

ducha (f) – shower

salir – to leave

duchas (f) – shower block

tabla de windsurf (f) – windsurfing board

enviar – to send

tener vistas a – to overlook

época (f) – period

tomar el sol – to sunbathe

esquí acuático (m) – water-skiing

turista (m/f) – tourist

estancia (f) – stay

vacaciones (f) – holidays

excursión (f) – excursion

ver – to see

folleto (m) – leaflet/ brochure

verano (m) – summer

formulario (m) – form (to fill in)

videocámara (f) – camcorder, video camera

gafas de sol (f) – sunglasses

visitar – to visit (a place)

gastar – to spend

vista (f) – view

gratis – free

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