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ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will sleep in tents provided by the host. Mattresses are also provided by the host. However, volunteers have to bring their own sleeping bad in the camp. Kitchen , bathrooms and toilets are available in the workcamp.

The meals are prepared by the local structure and based on pasta made with the agricultural products of the farm.

LOCATION and LEISURE: Colle Berardino is located on a quite wild area, on the mountains, in the region of Rocca Sinibalda. There will be some ludic activities as excursions in the Natural Reserve Monti Navegna and Cervia where you can observe the incredible biodiversity of Appennino.

With the local community, the volunteers group will learn to cook some typical dishes of Rocca Sinibalda .

TERMINAL: Rome Fiumicino o Roma Ciampino.
LUNAR 11 “LIBERI SOGNI” – Valgreghentino – CONS/AGRI - 10/07/2018-19/07/2018 - VOLS: 12 - AGE: 15-17 TEEN – FEE: 250€
SUMMARY : Join us in the wood to renovate and improve natural areas. It’s an opportunity to increase cultural awareness and achieve personal development. Enjoy this beautiful place practicing outdoors activities. #Citizenship #YoungPeople #Games #EnvironmentalLaboratories

PROJECT: The Liberi Sogni cooperative (“Free Dreams”) is very active since 2006 and works organizing social, cultural and environmental projects in the districts of Lecco, Bergamo and Monza-Brianza. Liberi Sogni organizes the work-camp to involve local and international young people (a group of Italian teens will share the work-camp), in the transformation of an abandoned wood in a place useful and pleasant for the local community. The main aims of the project are environmental education and awareness through active engagement of young people in an international and natural environment. Through the experience in the wood, we would like to achieve personal development, increase active citizenship in society, improving language competences, raise participants' awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries.

WORK: The work consists of restoring paths, creeks and making tourist itineraries:- Arrangement of the camp, taking care of the vegetable garden - Cooking to prepare lunch with organic food - Supporting the creation of artistic and environmental laboratories. The volunteers have have 2 days off : the first one is free and the second one is tough to make a trip in the Lake of Como. In some afternoon the volunteers will take part in special workshops, games, and other activities (tree-climbing, excursions, land art..).

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: The volunteers will sleep in tents of 4 people, provided by the association. Electricity and hot water are provided by photovoltaic and solar panels. There are 2 compost toilets, made by wood. The meals will be prepared by the volunteers, who will eat together. Most of the food will come from local farms of from the fair trade market.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: The workcamp takes place in “Campiano” ( municipality of Valgreghentino), in the north of Italy. In the past this area was used for the agriculture, but now most of it is abandoned: Invasive plants are growing avoiding the growth of the local ones. Some evenings will be organized with "cultural nights", where one or more countries organize a dinner with the typical food and games and /or workshops to show their own culture.

REQUIREMENTS: The volunteers will have to bring their own camping mattress and sleeping bag. Boys and girls will be divided. Participants must carry their belongings in a backpack, as they will arrive at camp by foot.

TERMINAL: Milan airports (Orio al Serio, Linate and Malpensa).

FEE: 250


LUNAR 12 “Tularù- HARVEST AND THRESHING FEAST” – Calcariola – AGRI/FEST - 13/07/2018-27/07/2018 - VOLS:10 – AGE:18+ FEE: 20€
SUMMARY : Don’t miss the opportunity to participate at a farming festival in Tularù in collaboration with the Colle Berardino team. Experience the mix of different cultures around music, workshops and all other kinds of event. Learn more about sustainability and ecology. #Festival #Farm #Biodiversity #TeamSpirit

PROJECT: Tularú is a cultural and agricultural project which rose to a start-up after a few years. As a center of sustainable production, their main goal is to use the cultural value of the traditional production techniques in order to create participation. According to them, the bread produced in their farm is the bread of the whole territory because everyone has been involved in the production. For that, they use sustainable practices in agriculture and organize many events.

The aim of this workcamp is to prepare everything for the Feast, a festival around the agricultural activities with music, workshops and events.

This year, for the first time, a nearby farm (Colle Berardino) will organize another harvest festival supported by a second workcamp,, in Rocca Sinibalda. There will be a collaboration between the two groups. Volunteers in Tularù will help in Rocca Sinibalda and in the same way, the group from Rocca Sinibalda will help us during our festival in Tularù.

WORK: All the following tasks will be done by the volunteers:In Rocca Sinibalda :- Help the other volunteers in Rocca Sinibalda to prepare their festival (on the 15th of july, round trip in the same day ). In Talaru : Prepare the interior and exterior spaces; Help in the kitchen; Reap and harvest by hand during and after the party; Accommodate the public.

This work will be supported by the collaboration of the 10 volunteers group from Rocca Sinibalda, during the 3 days of the event (20th, 21st and 22nd of july).

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: The volunteers will be accommodated in the tents provided by the host close to the farmhouse where the local staff live (obviously, the volunteers can bring their own tents if they prefer). However, the mattresses and sleeping bag are not provided by the host, volunteers have to get it.

There is a compost toilet and a shower outside with hot water (from thermo compost), but in case of need is possible to use the internal bathrooms.

The meals (vegetarian and not) will be cooked together with volunteers. The meals are mostly prepared with the local ingredients and the base is pasta, rice, vegetables, spelt, eggs, potatoes, chicken and meat of the local cows.

LOCATION: Tularù is located on the top of Mount Ponzano, in a hilly/mountain in a quite and wild area.

The nearest village is Calcariola, a 200 inhabitants countryside, at 5km away from the farm. Nevertheless, the nearest village where it is possible to find a bar and a small supermarket is Grotti, at 6km and 350 metres away from Tularù.

REQUIREMENTS: If possible: music, DVD or films (with english subtitles), books, typical foods of your country for the intercultural evenings.

To bring : - Swimsuit /Swimming trunks - Towels - Shampoo and soap, deodorant - Comfortable clothes - Working shoes - Working gloves - Slippers - An instrument if you play.

TERMINAL: Rome Fiumicino o Rome Ciampino.


LUNAR 13 “CILENTO BOOT CAMP” – Moio della Civitella – MANU/ARCH - 14/07/2018-23/07/2018 - VOLS : 8 – AGE: 20-35

SUMMARY : In the archeological site of Civitella, help the local team to maintain and manage this wonderful place. Socialize through intercultural environment and discover the local heritage. #AncientRuins #Traditions #Tourism #NationalPark

PROJECT: The camp is organized by Cilento Youth Union, an organization which has already organized several workcamps in Cilento, and Vivi.Ci, organizer of past year camp. ViviCi main activities are related with the promotion of the local cultural heritage, by organizing events and projects, such as the international workcamps, where tourists and locals may discover and enjoy history and stories, food and wine tradition and so on. The workcamp aims to improve the access to the archeological site of Civitella with the opportunity of understanding local culture and experience countryside everyday life. The workcamp will also involve 12 young local volunteers.

WORK: Volunteers are expected to be involved in ordinary maintenance and traditional activities, in details: - Ordinary maintenance of the access trails to the archeological site - Ordinary maintenance of the green spaces Ordinary maintenance of the ancient ruins (no excavation is allowed and expected) - Preparing traditional meals - Preparing traditional items - The workcamp will take place from 14th to 23rd July, for 6 to 7 hours per day.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: The accommodation will be a house in the center of the village, where volunteers and coordinator will stay all together. Regarding the meals, vegetarian menu is available on request.

LOCATION: Moio della Civitella is a small village in the Cilento National Park, situated in Campania, close to the Amalfi Coast and Napoli, famous for its archeological site and for the international street artist festival.

REQUIREMENTS: Open minded, attitude to outdoor manual activities, positive attitude, flexible to eat local food, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background, willing to share own experiences, flexible to live in simple living conditions.

TERMINAL: Naples. The closest airport are the International Airport of Capodichino Naples (2 hours ½ far away) and Rome’s airports (4 hours ½ far away)

LUNAR 15 “VALPOWORKCAMP 3rd EDITION” – Valpolicella - ENVI/RENO - 17/07/2018 - 31/07/2018 - VOLS: 12 - AGE: 18-35
SUMMARY : Let’s join the Fjo community to promote cultural exchanges. Help locals in the maintenance of their village. Discover and enjoy this beautiful experience in Valpolicella. #Environment #Youth #Maintenance #Culture

PROJECT: This is the third workcamp organized in Valpolicella. The project is promoted by Fjò aps, an association funded to promote culture and music among young people.

The workcamp is organized thanks to the collaboration between Fjò and San Pietro in Cariano municipality.

The main idea is to contribute to the maintenance of the local environment and at the same time make people discover this wonderful place in which we live.

Moreover, we want to promote the active citizenship and the cultural exchange between the international people and the local community.

WORK: The volunteers will collaborate with local people in the renovation and maintenance of some area of the village.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The group will be hosted in the primary school of San Pietro in Cariano. All the volunteers will sleep in the same room.

The group will have to cook their meals and help in the cleaning works.

LOCATION: San Pietro is one of the five municipalities that are part of Valpolicella, an hilly area 20km far from Verona and not far from Lake Garda. The main activity of that region is agriculture (grapes) and winemaking, so the landscape is mainly rural and covered by vineyards.

TERMINAL: Verona. The nearest airport is Verona Airport (“Valerio Catullo”). Anyway the city of Verona can be easily reached by train from the main cities and airports of north Italy (Milan, Venice, Bologna)
LUNAR 16 “CILENTO FABLE PARK” – Stella Cilento – AGRI/MANU/ENVI - 23/07/2018-06/08/2018 - VOLS: 12 – AGE: 18+
SUMMARY : Let’s work together: stimulate and support the Stella Cilento team in the preservation of the environment and the natural resources. Enjoy artistic and agricultural activities and don’t miss the traditional celebration “Cuntaria” of Cilento. #Environment #Art# Traditions #Agriculture

PROJECT: The work camp is organized by the Stella Cilento Community, in collaboration with the Cilento Youth Union Association and the Smak Association, which already share to implementing of the project named "S.E.nT.I.eRi. dell’Arte", aimed at encouraging urban creativity through the application of ceramic art. Cilento community has natural asset : the territory is composed by different kind of landscapes and walking trail. In addition, the local population is known for his old tradition : the fairy tale of Cilento.

The aim of the project is to blend these two dimensions: the nature and the culture, decorating the path called "Prastia-San Lorenzo" with natural material (branch, trunk) in order to represent a Cilento fairy tale. This work is supposed to stimulate and support the preservation of the environment and the natural resources.

WORK: The volunteers group will be involved in the following activities every day:

- Manual work like mow grass, repair and secure the picket fence, wood and stone steps a, rid the path of trees and greenery obstructing the walk, fix dry small stone walls and pave paths with local natural stones, set signage.

-Agricultural work like hoeing open field, weeding, watering and planting.

-Forest work like clean undergrowth and forest floor, prune brunches and plants.

Volunteers will also participate at the popular celebration “Cuntaria” at the beginning of august (a festival dedicated to the narration of Cilento fairy tales).

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: All volunteers will be accommodated at the school building, located in the center of the town and equipped with mattresses, toilet and kitchen, where they, in turn, will prepare meals, arranged according to a Mediterranean cuisine. For this reason, volunteers will be assisted by a typical Cilento housewife and will be able to picking genuine products from a vegetable garden. Meals will be consumed at the eating room or at the workplace

It’s recommended to bring: sunscreen, work clothes (included gloves, shoes), swimsuit but also warm clothes and K-way, sleeping bug, video-camera.

LOCATION: Stella Cilento is a town located near Salerno in Campania region, in the south of Italy. Stella Cilento is a small village included in the National Park of Cilento, Diano and Alburni, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Territory is composed of different types of landscapes and paths, characterized by a high naturalistic value. With only 700 inhabitants and its breathtaking panoramas, it is very exotic and unusual place to visit. The area is rural and inner.

REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers could be open minded, with attitude to outdoor manual activities, positive artistic attitude, flexible to eat local food, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background, willing to share own experiences, flexible to live in simple living conditions.

TERMINAL: Naples. The closest airport are the International Airport of Capodichino Naples (2 hours ½ far away) and Rome’s airports (4 hours ½ far away).

LUNAR 17 “BRIANZA HILLS” – Alzate Brianza – ENVI - 28/07/2018-11/08/2018 - VOLS:12 – AGE:18+

SUMMARY: Let’s be part of the local club and be involved in various activities of environmental education. Live a unique experience in the wood working with reptiles and conserving the local flora. #Wood #EnvironmentalProtection #Education

PROJECT: The local promoter is an environmental association, really active in the region: Circolo Ambiente "Ilaria Alpi". In collaboration with few schools, Circolo Ambiente make interventions and experiences about environmental education. Transmit a deep knowledge about territories, environment and ecology to the children and the young people is a good way to improve their quality of life.

Brianza Hills is a project supported by with various volunteers from all over the world. Besides the environmental work, volunteers will also help in the organization of the events of Alzate, Lurago and Brenna Pulita (making guided visits, welcoming visitors..).

WORK: The work is divided on two parts: one group of the voluntary workers will be involved in the protection of the amphibians and reptiles and the other group will restore some areas like Brughiera and the Roggia vecchia sides. The volunteers will work about 6 hours a day, six days a week.

More specifically, the activities consist in:- Cleaning path in the wood- Rebuilding signposting- Replacing old descriptive signs of the several plants- Working on the local flora- Plantings of new little shrubs.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be hosted in a gym with 12 beds, bathrooms, showers and supplied kitchen.

Regarding the meals, the volunteers will cook, eat and sleep in a room.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Leisure: near the place where the volunteers are going to live and work, you can visit the Brianza lakes, and in a few kilometres you can enjoy the cities of Como, Lecco and Milan and tourist places like Bellagio or Valassina valley.

Location: the workcamp is situated in the municipality of a little town, Alzate Brianza, in the north of Italy, near Como. The site of activities is a wood situated on hills near the town.

REQUIREMENTS: It’s necessary to have work clothes considering that the camp is in a wood (it’s needed trekking shoes, long trousers, sweater or pile, k-way, etc.).


LUNAR 18 “CARSOLI YOUTH” – Carsoli – RENO - 28/07/2018-11/08/2018 - VOLS:10 – AGE: 18-25
SUMMARY: In Carsoli, manual and social activities are organized to promote natural areas and restore some structure of the village. Help them using your artistic and manual skills in this beautiful project. #Nature #Citizenship #Painting #Renovation

PROJECT: The Carsoli workcamp is organised by “The World in one Room”, an association based on the social promotion and non professional sport. The project is supported by the Carsoli commune and “AttivaMente”, an association which promotes an active citizenship.

WORK: Volunteers will be involved in two kind of activities (manual and social). The first one consists in revamping the village and specially the area devoted to youth leisure: volunteers will restore and paint some walls or tools on public parks and they will maintain the trail signage. The second type of activity consists in welcoming the visitors of the natural protected area nearby the village.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be hosted in a local (with big shared bedroom, showers and bathrooms) provided by “The World in one Room” association, in Carsoli village. However, it is required to bring sleeping bad and air bed / mattress.

Concerning the food, there is a kitchen to prepare the meals.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Voluntary workers will have the opportunity to visit these natural areas during their leisure time. Carsoli is a small town (5.500 inhabitants) located at 60 km from Roma. The two cities are well connected by train, bus, or car.

Carsoli commune is full of broaches and beautiful landscapes that are protected areas. There are also a lot of caves and nature trails.


LUNAR 20 “MIDDLE AGE FEST” – Roccantica – FEST/CULT - 06/08/2018-17/08/2018 - VOLS:12 – AGE: 15-17 – FEE: €200
SUMMARY : Go back to the Middle Age with the Roccantica Festival. Help the local community to make this event successful through many tasks such as managing and playing in the shows and welcoming the public.

#Heroes #HistoricalEvent #Festival #Interculturality

PROJECT: In the village of Roccantica takes place "Medioevo in Festa" from 12 to 15 August, favoured by the typically medieval structure of the village. This event is centered on the reenactment of the historical period that goes from 1059 to 1432.

The reenactment of the most significant and decisive historical event for the history of the country occurred in 1059. In that year, in fact, Pope Nicholas II pursued by the troops of the Crescenzi, allies of his antagonist Benedict X, took refuge in the Rocha De Antiquo (Roccantica). Here he was strenuously defended by the Roccolani, until the arrival of the troops of Roberto D'Altavilla who put their enemies to flight. Despite the heroic defense, the Rocca was now a smoking ruin, only 12 people survived. The Pope, remembering the value of the roccolani, infused the 12 survivors of the fortress and its territory with a bull dated 18 April 1060. (A copy taken from the Vatican archives is kept in common in the hall of historical documents).

WORK: The volunteers will support the local community in different works, related with the preparation of Middle Age Roccantica Fest: - cleaning of the village; - organizing places - setting the scenarios - organizing tailoring - reception of the public - playing in the shows - interacting with the local community - etc...

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will sleep in the gym with mattresses and sleeping bags. There are showers and toilets in the gym. Regarding the meals, they will be prepared with local and organic food respecting its seasonality and sustainability. Cooperative organization of meals and cleaning.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Leisure: during their free time, volunteers could make some excursions (hiking, trekking, orienteering, night under the stars) – some workshops (cheese making, soap making, handmade pasta, bread and pizza etc...) - practice sports (swimming pool, climbing, low ropes, yoga) - and milking with local farmers to learn to work with mules. IMPORTANT: - Won't be possible to visit Rome - The free time activity will be organized by the leads to allow participants to explore the village and surroundings.

Location: Roccantica(RI) Lazio, Central Italy. Approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Rome, the area called Sabina, where Roccantica is located, is part of the Apennine chain. The landscape is made of hills covered with olives, which rise towards steeper mountains, with extensive oak and beech and small medieval villages, castles and monasteries. It is a landscape that has remained substantially unchanged over time and little affected by modern building development.

Roccantica is located on the slopes of "Pizzuto" mountain at 454 meters a.s.l.

REQUIREMENTS: To be ready to walk and go for trekking, here the mountains are the most important natural heritage. To Come with proper equipments (trekking shoes, working clothes, etc...). To be ready to be in small village, no shops. To be open minded. To be ready to act in the middle age fest and show organized by the local community. To be ready to cooperate in any kind of preparation work ( cleaning, painting, cooking, serving meals and drinks, etc...) To be ready to live a group experience base on life in common, exchange, cooperation, teamwork. To live in an isolated village. To do an effort of communication, nobody in the village speaks English. A project related motivation letter is needed.


FEE: €200 for international volunteers; €265 as extra for italian volunteers.

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