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LUNAR 21 “CRUSCO JAZZ” - Brienza - ENVI/FEST - 10/08/2018 - 24/08/2018 - VOLS: 10 - AGE: 18+


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LUNAR 21 “CRUSCO JAZZ” - Brienza - ENVI/FEST - 10/08/2018 - 24/08/2018 - VOLS: 10 - AGE: 18+
SUMMARY: Help the dynamic team of Brienza to break down borders and prejudices among generations through artistic and musical shows. They would love to welcome people from all over the world like you. #JazzFestival #Friendly #Castle #Art

PROJECT: Crusco Jazz was born in 2015 thanks to a group of young creative people who wanted to bring together traditions, art, good music, local food and show the world the beauty of their town and the Basilicata region.

The festival has been taking place for three years now and has brought thousands of visitors to Brienza. Musicians and artists arrive from all over Italy, they play in every corner of the town: from small square to the castle’s tower. Emerging artists will display their works on the walls of the old 12th century houses, delicious flavours of local foods will fill the streets.

The main aim of our project is to spread the beauty of music and art, local traditions and cuisine, to create a friendly and warm environment for visitors, volunteers and organisers. With Crusco Jazz we want to demolishing borders and prejudices among generations, cultures and nationalities through arts and music. By welcoming to Brienza people from all over the world we aim to broaden people’s horizons, introduce locals to different, foreign cultures and together enjoy the process of bringing the festival together.

Over the past three years the support from Lunaria has been extraordinary, with every year Crusco Jazz has evolved and grown, welcomed talented artists and enthusiastic volunteers from all over the world. We are thrilled to be embarking on this adventure again this year.

WORK: Volunteers will be welcomed in a big loving family by the organisers and their families. They will be involved at every step of the making of the festival: from setting up stage areas and cleaning to selling food and helping the musicians. They will also have a chance to perform themselves.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD : Volunteers will be hosted in an house with a huge garden close to the river. They will be cooking for themselves every day, except for the festival days when they will have a voucher to eat at the food stand. Beds will be provided, but it is recommended to have a sleeping bag. There are 2 bathrooms and an outdoor shower.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Brienza is a small village with a big heart. Surrounded by mountains and crossed by two rivers, it’s a real gem, a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The 12th century castle, where the festival takes place, with dozens of abandoned houses, offering a breathtaking view on the town and the mountains. The mayor’s house and its churches are interesting places to visit, as well.

Basilicata region is full of beautiful places that you’ll remember forever. Maratea, with its serene beaches; Matera (UNESCO site and European capital of Culture of 2019), chosen by Pasolini, Gibson and many others for their movies; Pollino natural park, and a lot of other places, only a couple of hours away from Brienza.

TERMINAL: Airport of Rome or Naples.


LUNAR 22 ART IN THE VALLEY - Campoli Appennino and San Donato Val di Comino, Lazio ART-RENO-MANU 17/08/2018-29/08/2018 vols: 8 Age:18-35

SUMMARY: Transform and dynamise two rural areas helping a professional street-art artist by decorating and painting walls. Develop your creative skills and experience an intercultural environment.

#StreetArt #OpenMindeness #Education #Culture

PROJECT: Rise Hub is an association based in Comino Valley (Central Italy) that works to promote non-formal education, social inclusion, intercultural learning and local development. The aim of this workcamp is to renew and give value to rural areas. Indeed, this year, the idea is to spend 6 days in Campoli Appennino and the other 6 days in San Donato Val di Comino (both of them are small villages) to make new street art projects in these places which are at risk of being abandoned.

WORK: Volunteers with the coordination of a professional street artist will decorate the walls of these two towns with paintings and stencils. Volunteers will works 5 or 6 hrs a day depending on weather, together with a small group of young refugees living in the area.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be accommodated in municipal hostel, in dormitories, with toilets, shower and kitchen. Volunteers will clean up the space and cook meals for the group in shifts.

LOCATION AND LEISURE: Campoli Appennino and San Donato Val di Comino are in Southern Lazio, between Rome and Naples, on the Apennine mountains. They are surrounded by the National Park of Abruzzo Lazio e Molise and the Posta Fibreno Lake. In summer, it is visited by plenty of tourists and sports lovers. During the free time, excursions and trips will be organized for volunteers to visit the surroundings.

TERMINAL: Rome airport, Sora bus station


LUNAR 23 “BAU MELA 2” - Montiferru Sardina - AGRI-RENO - 22/08/2018-05/09/2018 - VOLS: 14 - AGE: 18+
SUMMARY : Among mountains, learn how to green construct with international volunteers. An Opportunity to be reconnected with the nature: recovering the valley, saving the pastoral traditions and living more sustainably. #Sustainability #SardiniaNature #LiveWild #Mountains

PROJECT: The association Bau Mela non-profit organization does most of its business under a mountain area in the heart of Montiferru (Or) from the extreme landscape and natural value . In 2011 within this area it was built a service center that allows the constant presence and volunteer activities in all seasons of the year. Among some of which ordinary and everyday, more of a seasonal nature.

Some of the principles that inspire the recovery and enhancement of the valley are

synergistic gardening, permaculture, alternative energy, energy saving and development of pastoral traditions. The association also runs a study center on pastoralism and farming practices.

WORK: International volunteers will work in different activities necessary for the development of natural heritage and to tasks of maintenance and improvement of Bau Mela facilities. Specifically, the tasks of the volunteers will be 1. Construction works; restoring some structures; green building with materials found on site; canalisation works. 2. Synergistic horticulture activities; recovery and cleaning paths; harvesting and processing of wild plants (more/blackberries); daily management of the forest and participation in meal preparation and cleaning of common areas. Volunteers will also help to organize the Musical festival and the celebration of the Sardinian New Year, that is a traditional community feast with rural background.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will sleep in tents. Natural toilets and showers are available. Electricity is available from photovoltaic panels in the facility, volunteers can charge devices.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Bau Mela community is in the isolated area of central Sardina. Buses arrives 2.5 km close and pick up service is provided. Train station is Abbasanta, nearest city is Oristano.

REQUIREMENTS: Ready to live in simple conditions, working clothes. Some tasks can be hard work, no internet connection available!

TERMINAL: Cagliari. Better to arrive in the morning for catch the local connections at time.

LUNAR 25 “INCLUSIVE SUMMER” - Civita Castellana – DISA/SOCI/AGRI - 27/08/2018 - 08/09/2018 - VOLS: 8 - AGE: 21+

SUMMARY: In Pungiglione, a social cooperative helps people with specific needs to develop their skills. Join them to set up a social garden ,creating social link among the whole community and and don’t miss the big party at the end of the workcamp.

#Gardening #Workshops #Party #SocialCenter

PROJECT: “Il Pungiglione” is a social cooperative that contributes to the development of the local community. The “Arianna's house” , located in Civita Castellana is composed by a family-house and a social/educational center. The missions of this cooperative is to help people with specific needs to develop their full potential and make them more aware of the environment.

The “Arianna's house” is surrounded by a green space which is about to be transformed into a social garden. The project is composed of two main lines : a physical part and a social part.

WORK: Volunteers will be involved in activities for about 6 hours a day, and will have two days off.

On the one hand, the volunteer workers will set up a social garden in order to produce seasonal food for the residential services. They will also restore and maintain the public park to make it more accessible and enjoyable. In the other hand, volunteers will organize some trips and workshop with the inhabitants and few associations. The objective is to develop social link with the locals, beyond the physical and cultural differences. At the end of the workcamp, the volunteers group will have the opportunity to make a big party with the whole community.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD : There is a guest house for the volunteers with various bedrooms, one laundry room and Wifi. The bathrooms and the showers are annexed to the guest house. The accommodation offers the opportunity to cook on site. The meals are prepared according to a weekly menu but can be modificated as required. Local seasonal products, as vegetables and fruits, are available for any vegetarian menu.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Location: Civita Castellana is a town of 16,777 inhabitants in the province of Viterbo in Lazio. It is 37 kilometers from the provincial capital and 50 km from Rome.

Civita Castellana is a place rich in history and natural beauty. Located on the hydro geographic basin Treja, famous for its gorges and its historical and archeological trails.

REQUIREMENTS: The relationships with the guests and the people with specials needs is important, that is why social and communication competences are needed. Volunteers able to speak Italian are welcome (for a better interaction with the locals). Workcamp open to volunteers 21+ yo.

TERMINAL: Airport of Rome.


LUNAR 26 “WINE AND GRAPE FESTIVAL” - Zagarolo – ENVI/FEST - 27/09/2018 - 09/10/2018 - VOLS: 10 - AGE: 21+
SUMMARY: Enjoy the Wine and Grape festival and help its team to manage it and promote interculturality. Share festival activities based around the themes of climate change, rural tradition, concerts and art shows.

#Sustainability #Globetrotters #HistoricalParades #Culture

PROJECT: The hosting “No Border Onlus” is a non profit association that operates in the fields of social tourism, interculture and sustainability. It was founded in 2004 from a young and open-minded group of activists promoting several projects about turistic, rural and local development. On the 1st weekend of October, every year from more than 70 years, the town of Zagarolo hosts a traditional and incredible event with historical parades, free wines, live music concerts and art shows for people of all age. The aim of the project is to involve the local community, international volunteers and globetrotters into the process of rural traditions enhancement and hybridization, at the same time increasing awareness about environmental sustainability and climate change.

WORK: The workcampers will be involved in the “Wine & Grape Festival” (“Sagra dell’Uva”) organization and related approaching activities. The international volunteers group will contribute to decrease the environmental impact of the festival and in general to promote the importance of territorial care in local developments project. They also will help to realize the medieval set design for the old town, prepare the food and drink kiosk, manage and clean up the area during the festival.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD : The volunteers will be hosted in the youth hostel managed by the hosting association.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: Zagarolo, Roma. Zagarolo is a typical Middle Age Italian old town located just 30 minutes from Rome downtown. The historical center is surrounded by green valleys and hosts many precious highlights: a palace, churches, typical alleys... The pilgrim route “Via Francigena” passes through the countryside of Zagarolo. We are in the nice south-east of Rome, so-called “Castelli Romani & Monti Prenestini” area: it is a beautiful area, rich of history and featured by a tradition of good wine and tasty food.

TERMINAL: Airport of Rome.The nearest terminal is Rome Ciampino Airport (G. B. Pastine International Airport, CIA) situated at 25 km from Zagarolo, which is directly connected at by the railway. There is also the main hub Rome Fiumicino Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci, FCO) located at 50 km. Zagarolo is served by the railway (“Zagarolo” train stop, at 30 minutes from Rome downtown, “Roma Termini” train stop).


PROJECT: Montagna di Suono is a cultural association founded in 2008 which promotes music and arts in the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano area (the mountains between Florence and Bologna). We organize musical classes for kids and adults, concerts and the yearly antiracist Reno Splash festival, now in its sixth edition. The festival takes part in an expansive park in the town of Marzabotto (Bo) during 3 days. In the morning there are lively discussions in Debate tents, in the afternoon sports tournaments and activities and in the evening/night a range of live concerts and DJ sets. The main genre is Reggae but various others genres are in the festival (ska, hip hop, indie, latin, dub). A temporary Camping is constructed and available for visitors who want to stay for the whole weekend.

WORK: Volunteers will help the festival staff with the organization, building-up, dismantlement and running of the festival area as well as promotion of the event in nearby communities.

The main work activities during the camp will be the preparation of the Reno Splash festival. Work will involve the mounting of the festival structures (the stage, entrance, stands and 1 or more moroccan tents that constitutes the bar and the dj set venue), as well as promotion of the festival via flyers/posters, distributed in the centre of Bologna and in nearby communities, the painting of signs and posters and many other manual and creative activities. During the 3 days of the festival, volunteers will have the opportunity to be bartenders, sound engineer assistants, camping rangers, and many more roles. If you love to deal with people and to work with your hands this is your camp! Photographers, graphic designers, video makers, painters, but also electricians, woodworkers, cooks, bartenders and creative and work active people are welcome. As you work in a festival, you should be prepared to work at morning or at night. Of course we respect your turns and timetables but this is not less than 5 to 9 activities.

This work camp will host 7 international volunteers and will take part of this project also 4 or 5 asylum seeker.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will sleep in the camping area of the festival. It would be great if you bring your tent but we can supply it if you can't bring yours. Also there is a juvenile center (100 meters from the festival area and the train station) where you can find: additional bathroom, 1 fridge, an electric cooker, potable water and wi-fi connection. There will be bathroom, shower and cooker also in the festival area. They can cook and there will also be a vegetarian menu and offer and delicious traditional italian dishes such as tagliatelle, lasagna, pizza and spaghetti.

LOCATION: Marzabotto is a little town in the Appennino mountains near Bologna (30km) and Florence (80km). It lies in the valley of the Reno river and it is full of green hills and valleys. It is famous for its resistance in WWII and was the site of a massacre of 770 inhabitants by the Nazi Army.

LEISURE: The accommodation is located in the countryside but Bolognan thriving city life is near and easily accessible in your free time; or you could just chill out and visit some of the beautiful surrounding historical national parks.

The weather will be warm but it can rain sometimes (we hope not).

TERMINAL: Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna BLQ. Stazione FF.SS di Marzabotto (linea Bologna-Porretta)

PROJECT: This project was born thanks to the collaboration between the Town of Agordo and the associations CAI (Italian Alpine Club) and Dolomites Heart, that take care of the maintenance of mountain paths. The purpose of this project is the maintenance of the paths in order to allow bike excursionist and hikers to use well-kept and clean paths. This kind of maintenance is increasingly neglected, and lately carried on mostly by groups of local volunteers. Hence the birth of the idea of bringing international volunteers to cooperate in doing so. Besides, we hope that hosting volunteers from all over the world would help us to create a climate of cultural understanding between the volunteers and the local community.

WORK: Paths maintenance in order to make the paths well-visible and practicable. Removal of stones and branches. Removal of potholes and cutting grass and shrubs. Planned hours of work: 3-4 hours/day probably in the mornings per 5 days/week. Volunteers should have a predisposition to walk and work on mountain paths. Volunteers are also expected to make an effort to interact with local community.

ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD: The volunteers are expected to cook the meals themselves. Food issues: getting vegetarian food is not difficult. Accommodation: in the municipal gym. Bunk beds in a shared male/female room. The structure has showers and toilet services. There is kitchen and living area. The volunteers are expected to do the cleaning themselves.

LEISURE AND LOCATION: The camp base is the town of Agordo, located about 100 Km north of Venice, frequently referred as the “Heart of Dolomities”, is actually one of the main access point to the Dolomites mountain range (UNESCO World heritage site). It’s a small quiet town, which economy is based on eyewear industry.

REQUIREMENTS: It’s necessary to have work clothes considering that the camp is in a wood (it’s needed trekking shoes, long trousers, sweater or pile, k-way, etc.).

TERMINAL: Venezia. AIRPORTS- Venezia Marco Polo (VCE) and Treviso A. Canova (TSF) BUS STATION- Agordo


PROJECT: CircoCentrica is a circus and juggling international convention promoted by “La Torre” Social Center and “Corpi Pazzi Popular Gym” , one of ”La Torre” projects. In 2018 there will be the 13th edition. “La Torre” is a social project promoting a number of activities including sports, cultural events both social and political since 1994 in Rome. It covers an extensive part of the Valle dell’Aniene Natural Reserve Park, an extensive green area of the Roman north-east outskirts. This Social Center is equipped with a restaurant, a pub and a gym open daily to the community. It offers courses and sports activities, theatrical performances, evening concerts, photographic exhibitions, political debates, films and documentaries, book launches, a farmer market every fortnight and a number of other activities.

“Corpi Pazzi ” is a grassroot self-funded gym. It promotes sports and circus arts by the provision of training spaces and creative laboratories to people in the community of any age, race or sex at affordable prices. CircoCentrica is a 4 days event where participants will be camping in the park next to the Social Centre “La Torre” and takes place at the beginning of September 2018. The program for the 4 days includes circus art workshops all day long and evening shows. Saturday afternoon a parade through the streets of the neighbourhood of all participants along with musical bands. The parade ends near the female prison, in order to be visible to its interns. The sunday morning is dedicated to children activities, whilst the afternoon Juggling Olympics will take place, a series of resistance and ability races for both individuals and teams.

WORK:The international volunteer will support the convention organization. Volunteers are needed and will work at the preparation and management of the event. During the days before CircoCentrica Convention, volunteers will help in setting up structures and stages for the artists and athletes, cleaning the outdoor areas, organising and preparing camping facilities that include lighting, signposting, tables disposition, open showers and toilets etc ...
During the convention volunteers will support the event management in day to day tasks such as catering and distribution of meals, welcoming and signposting guests, green areas maintenance and both technical preparation and dismantling of the structures. Kitchen aid for people attending the shows will be a task for volunteers during the Convention too.
ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD:“La Torre” has a kitchen that will provide meals to volunteers. Vegan menus will be always available.

During the workcamp volunteers will help local volunteers preparing meals. Volunteers will sleep in 3/4 persons tents. Outdoors showers and shared bathroom. Expect basic conditions.


SPECIALS REQUIREMENTS: No particular skills are needed. You will run the event together with the local volunteers. To achieve this you will act independently and as part of a team of volunteers to deliver our equality policies in an intercultural context.

Particularly welcome are athletes and artists, and people with long term technical experience in live show management ( Audio-Video and lighting). Work will be mostly in the open air and September in Rome can be very hot, so be advised. Open for partners of NOMADS project, will be open for all after the 1st July.

TERMINAL: Airports : Roma Fiumicino/Roma Ciampino. Train Stations: Roma Tiburtina/Roma Nomentana;
Underground: Metro B Rebibbia.
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