Internet Connections

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Internet Connections

The Portal site and minsites both work with a dial up connection, although like all other websites speed will be affected when uploading content and accessing the websites.

The client will be used to the issues of connection speed and where possible would be advised to get broadband.


MygroupNi generally train 2+ administrators per site to ensure back up if someone were to leave.

Where it is not possible to train more than one administrator we would advise that the person leaving pass on skills to the new administrator. The websites are built in such a way that allows quick and simple content management.
On many occasions community groups have requested a tutorial without training and have been capable of administrating the websites.

Hosting of the Website

There will be no charge for hosting


A service level agreement with MyGroupNI’s Internet Service Provider/Hosting Provider insures that all content on all sites both Portal and Minisites are backed up regularly.

Data Protection Act

MyGroupNi has a copy of the Terms and Conditions on each page of each website and all groups added to the directory should be made aware of these policies.

In some cases Portal administrators have opted to add to or edit terms and conditions to adhere to their own policies (see Storyfinders)


MyGroupNi prefer to keep the change of usernames and password automated because managing so many can become unwieldy. The administrator of each site, both Portal and Minisite, have the freedom to change their UN and PW when the like.

If someone leaves a group the group can decide a new username and password and change it straight away.

A manual policy could be put in place by yourself to remind all groups to change the UN and PW as often as you want.

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