Interview with Anthony Stout, father of Noah Stout Nov 26th


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Interview with Anthony Stout, father of Noah Stout

Nov 26th 2013
Interviewer: Gavin Phillips
When was Noah first diagnosed and with what type of cancer?

Noah was 4-years old. He was diagnosed on Dec 28, 2010 with an inoperable Stage 3 Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) at Lucille Packard Stanford Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, California.

What did your oncologist say was Noah's prognosis and treatment options?

Chemotherapy and radiation was mentioned immediately. They had the audacity to tell my wife (Michelle Buensuceso Stout) and I to not even plan his 5th birthday, because he wasn't going to make it. They were that sure that nothing in the world could help our son.

We were like, well how long does he have, and they told us 6-months, if that, maybe a year. They say (radiation) may, it might extend his life a year. They said he's still going to die. The tumor will grow back even worse, even more aggressive. And the horrific side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
So the question we posed to the oncologist was, why would we want to put our child through that? You are telling us that it's not going to do any good, and its going to make his life worse. Why would any parent want to do that to their child?
I know they have hearts, it tortures them (oncologists) to have to put kids through that. So my wife and I asked, so why do you do it?

Did they give you an answer?

That's protocol, if you do not follow those protocols, you are going to lose your job. It is the same with any industry, if you do not follow the regime or agenda, there will be consequences that you will have to face.

You are losing money for them, the hospital needs to continue to get the grants, their government assistance, all of that. So these doctors, oncologists and neurologists, they are forced, in a way, if they want to keep their jobs, this is what they have to offer you
Did you feel pressured to allow them to treat Noah with chemotherapy and/or radiation?

They literally force you, in a roundabout way. They know how to do it. They know how to twist your arm when you are already on the ground suffering.

Did they tell you if there was anyone in medical history (using conventional treatment) who had survived for 5-years with a DIPG?

No one, at the most, a year.

What did they offer you?

They said, well we have this clinical trial. First thing my wife did was stop them, 'How many patients have had success with your clinical trial?'

Answer: Well, none.
There was silence, Ok, none. So, you are going to use our son, and other people's children as a guinea pig? If it hasn't worked?
Where's all this money going, every day, every year, what are you guys doing?
Answer: Mr. Stout, we're trying, we have clinical trials.
My wife asks again, how many have survived?
Answer: Well, none.
And we're like, no way. They said , 'we haven't had any success with it yet. We want to put him in chemotherapy and radiation right away. We have to get started on that.'

We said, we need a little time. So we're ready to go. And they are literally telling us...'you need to get him to chemotherapy and radiation, it s a must. Or else, he's going to die.'

We know he's going to die, you already told us that. We're not going to stay here any longer. Give us some time. We want to take our son to Tahoe, to the snow, he's never seen the snow. Let him relax, we can take a step back and figure out what we're going to do.
How did you find out about Dr. Burzynski?

When we got back home, the whole family flew in. We all had laptops going looking for a cure for DIPG. My wife's cousin is a nurse and she found the story of Jessica Ressel's cure (over 12-years cancer free when they found her case) of DIPG on Utube. And Tori Moreno, and Jodi Gold-Fenton, and other types of Glioblastoma's, all types of brain tumors that doctors say are incurable, he's curing them, we've talked to them. So I'm like, we've got to go to him tomorrow.

What happened next?

We then had a biopsy completed by neurologist Dr. Gupta at the University of California and San Francisco (UCSF). The biopsy confirmed that it was an inoperable DIPG in the 'Pons' part of the brain stem.

What did your oncologist say about Dr. Burzynski?

First, we went back to Stanford Children's hospital. When we brought up Dr. Burzynski's name, their facial expression was priceless. It looked like they had seen a ghost. That's when my wife and I knew we were onto something.

They said, 'where have you heard his name?' We said, on the Internet and Utube.
The doctor told my sister-in-law, who was there with us, 'don't go on the Internet anymore...,' literally Gavin,
...'the Internet has all kinds of information that will just confuse you. So we advise you not to search on the Internet anymore.'

We're like, what? It's our child's life, what are you talking about? They said,

...'well, Dr. Burzynski is very controversial, his medicine hasn't proven to work. It costs so much money, insurance won't cover you. And, he hasn't proven anything. Go to him if you want, but you'll be back here.'
Did you mention that you had spoken to Jessica Ressel?

Yes. They said, well he's been known to hire actors

No, that's a first, I've never heard that.

Yes, they told us... 'he's been known to hire actors, I've had bloggers say he hired actors.'

We had seen the proof. I'd spoken to Jessica's mom, before I spoke to Jessica.
They said 'you will be out of pocket at least $100,000 just to start. 'These are tactics they use to discourage parents from even going to Dr. Burzynski. Because insurance companies will pay for chemotherapy and radiation.
So we said, thank you very much, we're going to UCSF. UCSF told us the same thing, 'Dr. Burzynski hasn't proven to work. Where's the proof?'
We told them, well, the proof is, he has survivors. What paperwork do you need to see? Talk to the survivors, have you spoken to them?
Answer. Well, no we haven't.
If you haven't spoken to the survivors, why are you hounding him? So I asked one of the oncologists there. I don't want to give names. I asked, off the record, would you take your child to Dr. Burzynski, if he's shown he'd cured at least one, when you guys have not cured any patient with DIPG. Would you take your child there? And the oncologist replied 'yes, I would'.

How did you pay for Dr. Burzynski's treatment if insurance would

not cover it?

I put out some calls, we got donations. Within 2-weeks we got the money to start the treatment.

How much does the treatment cost?

About $8,000 a month

Did you start treatment right away?

We couldn't get the treatment at first, because we need to go through the FDA to get approval. They make children go through chemotherapy and radiation first, before you even get to Burzynski.

But there is a compassionate exemption, which we got for our son. Burzynski helped us get that letter written to the FDA, and the FDA approved it on February 9th, 2011. Noah started treatment with ANP two days later.
You managed to get your health insurance to pay part of it?

Fortunately, my wife, through her insurance, through her job, said, this is life or death, we have to cover this. So we're going to pay 60/70%. We had to cover the rest. It's still a lot of money.

What did Dr. Burzynski tell you was the possible outcome for Noah using ANP?

Dr. Burzynski never once told my wife and I, or any other parent that we met or have talked to, that he could cure their child.

He comes in with a smile on his face and says, I can either help you, or there's nothing I can do.
Most of the time, when I can't help you, it's because your child has already been through chemotherapy and radiation, and your child's body is just too weak to even start ANP.
He tells us, You guys are in luck because your child did not go through chemotherapy and radiation first, so your child's body is strong.

What are the side effects of ANP?

Because Noah will be taking ANP 24/7, he could have a lot of sodium in his body. He may sleep a lot. But once he sleeps it off , give him plenty of water to have him pee out that excess sodium.

These are nothing when compared to the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
What is Dr. Burzynski's way of treating children?

When you walk into his clinic, the first thing you see are the words

'First do no harm', that is what is is written on the walls. He told us 'I don't want to harm kids,. Children do not need to be in hospitals, seeing other sick kids with bald heads, screaming, throwing up. They need to be home and taken care of by their parents.'
On a side note, there's a parent I met, his son's name was Philip, they were from New York. There was a clinical trial going on at St. Judes, (St. Judes Children's Research Hospital, Tennessee) with 50 slots open.
I was speaking with Philip's dad, and he said we've just come from St. Judes.
His son, Philip, couldn't talk, he couldn't walk, he couldn't do anything. His dad carried him around everywhere.
His father said, 'Anthony, was your son asked to come to St. Judes for that clinical trial?'
I replied yes, there were 50 slots.
Anthony says the father responded: 'Yes, my son was number 50. I got my son out of the clinical trial, because 49 of those people died. '
This was a clinical trial only for patients with DIPG?

Yes, only DIPG. And Noah was offered a place in that trial.

Philips dad told me, Anthony, it was killing my son, literally, I was seeing kids die every day when I came into that hospital.
My sister found Dr. Burzynski on the Internet, and we came right down here. He said, look at my son, this is what they are doing to kids there.

Your son (Noah) looks good.

Noah was walking around and playing. And my wife and I were like, wow, had we taken him to St. Judes, think of what could have happened.
How did the treatment start?

First you go through a month of training, how to set-up the machine to treat our son with ANP on an outpatient basis. You have a 24/7 on call doctor if you need help.

What was next?

We had his catheter put in place at Texas Children's Hospital. We were told by other parents, don't let them know you are going to Burzynski, because if they find that out, they won't even put the catheter in your child to get the medicine from Burzynski.

We told some nurses there, that were helping us, they told us, I've lived in Texas all my life and all I've heard are good things about this doctor. They told us, some oncologists around here are really adamant about patients going to Burzynski
How was the first month?

The nursing staff there and Dr. Burzynski were incredible. They taught us everything we needed to know. When you go to the Burzynski clinic, you are family. They call you, stay in touch with you.

After the first month, you went back home with Noah?

How often did Noah have MRI's?

Every 6/8 weeks
And what did they show?

Dr. Burzynski told us that the tumor will continue to grow. The medicine needs time to work, and that can vary from patient to patient.

The first few MRI's the tumor did continue to grow a little bit. But when we went in for the October (2011) MRI, it had stopped growing. The doctors told us it was stable.

That was a relief. The next MRI showed no growth as well. And there has been no growth ever since.

But Noah started suffering from Hydrocephalus?

Yes, this is a build-up of fluid on the brain and Noah needed a shunt. This was completed by Dr. Gupta. They put a temporary shunt in to drain the water.

A shunt was placed in his head, and this what some kids have to do when they have tumors like this.
Here we are, 2 ½ years later, and the tumor has not grown at all. It has no activity, no enhancement.
How is Noah today?

He is still recovering. He goes to physical therapy. He's here, that is what I tell people.

What do the oncologists say now?

It was a couple of months ago when we heard the oncologist at UCSF say, she is amazed at how well Noah's doing. And she's never seen a patient there, in their clinical trials, doing as well as Noah.

They won't officially say Dr. Burzynski's ANP is helping Noah, we need to get on that, we need to help this man, whatever he's doing for this patient of ours, Noah Stout, we need to give it to children here, to find out if this truly helps.

Let's cut-out all the red tape, cut-out the FDA from keeping him from seeing new patients. Let's put this in our clinical trials. They don't want to do that.
Which is why the American people need to know what is going on here.
End of Interview
Anthony Stout can be reached at


by Gavin Phillips.
They've been telling us for decades that they are 'searching for a cure', when in reality what they've really been doing is profiting from the most toxic chemicals ever to be given to a human being.

The only thing the drug companies, and it's puppet the FDA, have been searching for is a way to stop a possible cure. They have done everything in their power to destroy Dr. Burzynski and his discovery of

Antineoplastons (ANP).
For over 25-years ANP has been helping cancer patients, and curing many, with a treatment that is non-toxic and has no permanent side-effects. The proof is right before our eyes with Noah Stout, Tori Moreno, Jessica Ressel, Jodi Gold and many more patients that have had success with it.
Even when oncologists see the success of ANP, they show no interest in finding out more about it. They have no ethical issues about subjecting countless more cancer patients to the same appalling treatments. They follow the regimen with blind obedience and rigid conformity.
I can hear the oncologists plea, 'We cannot prescribe anything that has not been approved by the FDA.' But they could have visited Dr. Burzynski and spoken with his patients. They could have brought pressure to bear on the FDA to get ANP approved. The 'could have's' are endless of course, but they've done none of it.
What they've done instead is work tirelessly against Dr. Burzynski, lying to patients about ANP's success with certain cancers and lying about the cost of the treatment. And all the while prescribing their toxic treatments.

Dr. Burzynski has had his greatest successes when treating patients who have never received chemotherapy or radiation. Nearly every patient who goes to their oncologist will never be told about ANP. A few find out about it on the Internet, or from other patients.

Even when a cancer patient finds out about ANP, the FDA forces about 80% of them to first go through chemotherapy and radiation, and if it fails, then the patient may get access to ANP.
However, at this late stage they already have advanced cancer. Their body is also suffering from the devastating effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

It's a tragedy that many of them die, but this does not stop the medical industry from trying to blame these patients' demise on Dr. Burzynski. There is seemingly no despicable deed beneath them when it comes to lying to us about the true benefits of Antineoplastons.

To give you some idea of how appalling chemotherapy and radiation are, especially for children, here is Crystin Schiff's story. In 1993, 3-year old Crystin was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor (malignant rhabdoid tumor ).
Surgery removed part of it, but her parents were told it would grow back and that there was no cure for Crystin, she would be dead in a few months.

They were told chemotherapy/radiation may extend her life a little.

They decided to try the chemotherapy/radiation. Crystin's father Ric, writes,
'Over the next 6 months, we literally tortured our little girl. Crystin’s urine burned her from the poisons, and we had to use rubber gloves to change her diapers. She threw up constantly and lost weight rapidly. Every little cold was life-threatening. The radiation burned her skin, and most of the time she was confined to bed.'

After 6-months chemotherapy and radiation had reduced the tumor by 95%, but it would come back soon the Schiff's were told. That is when they started looking for alternative treatments, which led them to Burzynski.

Ric says he was told by several oncologists that Burzynski was a fraud, but he did his own investigation.

Ric writes, Because I am a police officer, I looked for the usual indicative factors of a fraudulent operation, but found absolutely none. There was no pressure from the Clinic for us to go there or to spend money without careful consideration.'

When the Schiff's took Crystin to see Dr. Burzynski, he says they were ready to leave if they saw anything fraudulent. Ric writes,

All around me sat patients who were having unbelievable successes against their cancers. On the wall was a startling 'before' and 'after' MRI of a small child with a brain tumor who had been completely cured.

Although Crystin was cured of her cancer by ANP, she ultimately died from the chemotherapy and radiation. Ric writes,

On July 29, 1995, the bravest and strongest little girl I have ever known died absolutely cancer free. Her autopsy revealed the ultimate cause of death was brain damage as a result of radiation and chemotherapy.

It takes a truly wilful effort to try and comprehend what is happening here. It seems doctors have become so indoctrinated by mainstream medicines 'system' that any treatment outside of it is tantamount to heresy. They will continue, machine-like, radiating children's brains even when living proof of a better treatment is placed right before their eyes.

It's a mixture of an institutionalized group-think mentality along with a deeply pervasive denial syndrome. An all-consuming adherence to the 'system' is everything, and when the treatment fails, as it often does, the 'system' can be blamed and their conscience is clear.
Maybe that is why oncologists hate Burzynski so much, he is healing many patients outside their toxic 'system', and having far greater success with it.
If you do an Internet search on Brain Tumor, several mainstream organisations will show up. I searched several of them for Antineoplastons, and nothing was returned.
Burzynski has told me that none of them have ever bothered to meet with him. Think about that for a moment. These organisations have had thousands of conferences over the years to discuss effective treatments, but not once have they ever invited the only man in history to have cured patients with DIPG.
We should never forget that chemotherapy and radiation is the so-called standard of 'care' for cancer patients throughout the world. Year in and year out, hundreds of thousands of people are subjected to this toxic regimen, when a far better one has been available for over 25-years.

How have we allowed it to get to the stage in which a rapacious medical industry can force our kids to take toxic chemicals, and if you refuse, they can be forcibly removed from your care?

Liza Cozad and the parents of 6-year old Refael Elisha and 12-year old Grant McKenzie Lowe (the list is growing) should never be in a position to have to ask the FDA to allow them access to ANP. Every free American and human being on the planet has the right to live.
It shows us just how far removed from us our government has become. We need to send them a message; we don't need their permission to freely access any possible life-saving medicine we chose, and we certainly don't need to beg them to allow us to live. But we do need to let them know that.
It's time to turn off the TV's and turn on our friends and family as to what's going on here. That will probably mean millions of us saying, Antineoplastons must be approved immediately. We demand medical freedom of choice'
If we don't, I can guarantee you that 20-years from now they will still be taking our donations, and supposedly still 'searching for a cure.'
Please help save a life. These people who have Brainstem Glioma's must get access to ANP immediately. Please click here to forward these articles far
and wide.
Thank you.
Gavin Phillips.
Liza Cozad

Liza's husband
David Lauser

Refael Elisha
Grant McKenzie Lowe
Highly recommended documentary for free viewing:

'Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business'
Gavin Phillips


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