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Comparative Analysis:
Quality Management in Public Administrations

of the

EU Member States

Status: Draft report, for INTERNAL IPSG use only
Ljubljana, 7th May, 2008


Acknowledgement 3

List of Abbreviations 4

Introduction 5

Background Information 5

Preliminary Findings 7

1 Quality Management Development 8

2 QM approach at the state level 22

3 QM strategy, strategic documents and initiatives 29

4 QM Policies 38

5 Organizational structure for promoting quality 43

6 Excellence Models 56

Level 58

7 International Quality Standards 65

8 Quality Conferences 68

9 Quality Awards 72

10 Benchmarking 79

11 Quality / Citizen's Charters 84

12 Measuring Quality of PA 89

13 Testing Customers' Satisfaction 93

14 Training for QM 99

15 Publications on Quality in PA 105

16 Quality Tools in the PA organizations 108

17 Government support to the use of excellence models and other quality tools in PA organisations in your country 111

18 Sharing good practices 116

19 Other Relevant Information 118

Emphases from the National Approaches / National Development Stories 119

Bibliography 152

National Publications 152

Enclosures 154

Template for Gathering the Existing Information (February 2008) 154

Example from the CR Matrix (May 2008) 154


IPSG Member / Contact Person

Template filled-in by


Michael Kallinger

Michael Kallinger, Federal Chancellery


Isabelle Verschueren

Isabelle Verschueren, SPF Personnal and Organisation


Marieta Todorova

Marieta Todorova, Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform


Andreas Mylonas and Pavlina Mela, Public Administration and Personnel Department, Ministry of Finance


Aleš Pecka

Pavel Kajml, Ministry of Interior

Czech Republic

Rikke Rosenkvist Lindholst

Niels Fuglsang (organization?);

Rikke Rosenkvist Lindholst, Ministry of Finance;

Hanne Dorthe Sørensen, Center for Developement of Human Resources and Quality Management (SCKK)


Karin Närep

Karin Närep and Reelika Väljaru, Ministry of Finance


Katju Holkeri

Katju Holkeri


François Beauvais

François Beauvais, Ministry of budget, public accounts and civil service; Directorate general for State modernisation


Markus Priesterath

Markus Priesterath


Pantelis Tagalakis

Pantelis Tagalakis


Ákos Kovács

Ákos Kovács


John Dolan

John Dolan


Sabina Bellotti


Dace Aizstrauta

Dace Aizstrauta, State Chancellery


Gitana Jurjonienė

Gitana Jurjonienė, Ministry of the Interior


Guy Wagener

Guy Wagener, Ministry for civil service and administrative reform


Charles Polidano

3 persons (could they be named?)


Siwert de Groot

Mette Boom

The Netherlands

Marta Kuzawińska, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Department of Civil Service and State Staffing Pool


Luís Evangelista

Ana Margarida Abreu, Organisational Management Department, Directorate General for Administration and Public Employment


Irina Viorela Gligor

Claudia Lung, Central Unit for Public Administration Reform, Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, and Monica Dimitriu, Unit for European Integration International Relations and Programs with External Assistance, National Agency of Civil Servants


Monika Jurkovičová

Monika Jurkovičová

Slovak Republic

Gordana Žurga

Gordana Žurga, Ministry of Public Administration


Consuelo Hidalgo

Consuelo Hidalgo


Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson


Roy Stephenson

Roy Stephenson

United Kingdom

NB: Purpose of this table (at the level of draft report) is to gather information on all who participated in the comparative analysis, and to use it for acknowledgement in the final report.

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