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8 Quality Conferences

Member State


Kratek opis


Once a year, a CAF-day is organised.


Yes, since 2001, bi-annualy.

The first national Begium quality conference was from 10 to 11 October 2001.

The second quality conference was from 12 to 13 november 2003

The third conference was in november 2005.

The 20/11/2007 we have had our fourth quality conference with good practice coming from all the administration in Belgium (federal, regional, local). Fourth Belgian quality conference: Public service in mouvement: changing to improve 600 participants delegation from France, Benin, Holland. Two keynote speakers Prof. David Baker (UK) "Strategic change management in public sector organisations" and Prof. Robert F. Rich (USA) "Transformational leadership: how each civil servant can change the perception of the citizens regarding the role and purpose of government?".The three good practices were selected for the European quality conference in Paris in october 2008.

The flemisch and Walloon region and the French community organised they own conference each year.



Several conferences were organised in 2006 and 2007, but not in regular base. The plans of the MSAAR are to organise quality conference every year (June) and to promote QM tools and good practices. In June 2008 such a conference will take place in Sofia.


Starting in May 2008.

The 1st Quality conference in May 2008

The objective is to introduce Quality Awards in Quality conferences.

Czech Republic


Quality Conferences and Quality Awards are connected.

Since 2003

Each year in November the International Quality Conference is organised in a framework of the European week of quality in the Czech Republic. Since 2003, it is a part of the programme focused on quality in PA.

Since 2004

December 2004 - the 1st National conference of quality in PA in Ostrava City

December 2005 - the 2nd National conference of quality in PA in Plzen City

January 2007 the 3rd National conference of quality in PA in Liberec City

January 2008 - the 4th National conference of quality in PA in Karlovy Vary City

Conferences are organised by the Ministry of Interior with chosen Regional Authority.



SCKK arranges Quality Management conferences on a regular basis. Major events have been held in 2003, 2005 and 2007. However training, network events and smaller conferences take place on an on-going basis Link:



There is annual quality conference taking place in Estonia organised by the Estonian Association of Quality. This conference is targeted both to the public and private sector. More information



Every other year linked to the preparatory process for the European QC’s.

The latest quality conference beginning of 2008 was actually organised as five separate events ( app.100 participants each) in different regions of Finland. This proved to be an excellent way to gain new audiences.



The "regional conferences for modernisation" (RRM, recontres régionales de modernisation) are organised jointly by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Budget. They are held on a monthly basis in the various administrative regions of France and constitute an important mobilisation time of local State services.

These meetings are the occasion to assess the actions led at the regional and the "departement" level, and to exchange on the difficulties, successes and lessons learned.

- During theme-based workshops in the morning, the actors (local service managers, staff) have the opportunity to share experience on best practices, with the participation of national experts.

- In the afternoon, a debate with the Director general for state modernisation, and the Secretary general of the ministry of interior, allows to clarify some aspects of the main themes of the State modernisation policy (public management, electronic administration, simplification and quality of service).

These meetings will nourish the national strategies for accompaniment and deployment of State modernisation projects. They will continue, in other forms, in coordination with the network of the local actors of modernisation.

Quality awards for public services (“les Trophées de la qualité”) are organised on a yearly basis (see below).


CAF – User-Conferences in 2002, 2003, 2005 with at least more than 100 Participants

QM-Exchange of Experiences sine the year 2000: yearly with at least about 30 participants


Yes, since Dec 2007

On December 2007 a Quality Conference at a national level was organized for the first time. During the conference issues on quality in public administration were discussed and the 3 best cases of the 1rst National Quality Award were presented. This was the first such conference at a national level.

Similar conferences on Quality with a more narrow scope i.e. quality at local government level, are organized occasionally by local authorities.



In Hungary, two quality conferences have been organised in order to highlight the good practices and support the public administration agencies’ efforts for quality.

Hungary organized the closing conference of the CAF regional bench-learning cooperation participating with the Austrian, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian public administration bodies.



The Department of the Taoiseach organises Quality Conferences at least once, and sometimes twice, per year. These conferences are held to ensure that Public Service organisations are aware of new and emerging trends and tools to improve customer service.


Yes, from 2001 to 2006

From 2001 to 2006 the Innovators’ Day organized by the Department of Public Administration.

In the framework of ForumPA (the main fair of public administrations in Italy), a whole day is devoted to good practices sharing in fields relevant to PAs innovation and quality improvement (customer satisfaction, communication, organizational wellbeing, inclusive decision-making, etc.).

The Quality Awards ceremony has been taking place in the Innovators Day.



Annual Quality conference organised By Latvian Association for Quality and the Ministry of Economics

The conference dedicated to total quality management issues is organised in Latvia since 1997. The conference has grown since then in terms of the amount of participants as well as in terms of the scope. During the conference the Quality Award is issued by the Prime Minister.

Annual Public Administration conference

There are conferences dedicated to the current events of public administration each year in winter. They cover also the issues of QM, but they can not be called quality conferences, as the topics cover different aspects of the work of public administration.

Last year the conference was called “Effective governance and partnership” (November 2007) and it also involved the QM matters, but as well the human resource management issues, public, private partnership issues and ICTs development issues. Nevertheless the QM issues might expand in the agendas of the forthcoming conferences.



The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for organizing the conferences about CAF and the problems related with using CAF. The Ministry of the Interior organizes quality conferences every two years.

In 2005 was held the first quality conference called “Quality in Lithuanian Public Administration”. Representatives from state and municipal institutions took part in that conference. Representatives presented and publicly discussed the suggestions how to improve performance of the public administration institutions. Also in conference were presented and discussed results of the first national best practices selection. Minister of the Interior awarded best representatives of the best practices projects and these representatives had honour to represent Lithuania in European Union Quality Conference in Finland. Moreover in conference were discussed results of the CAF using in the public administration institutions.

In 2007 was held second quality conference called “Public Administration Quality for Citizens”. In this conference were discussed the suggestions how to improve the quality of the public administration system. The same as in the first conference best practices examples were presented and the best examples were awarded.

According to the 2007-2010 Action Plan for the Implements of the Strategy for the Public Administration Development Up to 2010 quality conferences in Lithuania will be organised every two years.



The Netherlands


  • InAxis Innovation Festival (march 2008)

  • National Conference service norms and customer-oriented civil service (April 2008)

  • National Conference quality and safety in healthcare (June 2008)

  • VNG road show municipal services (all through the year 2007 and 2008)

  • INK year conference (every year)

  • And more.



On the national level quality conferences are mainly organized as events related to particular Project or quality awards, thus are not organized regularly.

In tax administration quality conferences are not organized on regular bases. These are rather local initiatives. Such meetings provide an opportunity for exchange of experiences and good practices among units.


Not organized



National Institute for Administration together with National Agency of Civil Servants and Central Unit for Public Administration Reform will organize during 22-24 April, 2008 a conference on “Innovation within Public Administration” which aims to gather more than 50 public institutions and authorities from central and local administration to assure as well an exchange of information and good practices among them.

Slovak Republic


International Conference: CAF Model in PA, since 2003


Since 2001, National Good Practices Conference

Since 2001, Ministry responsible for public administration has been organizing annual conferences on quality and business excellence in Slovene public administration. Since 2002 the selection of examples on good practices for the conference has been carried out in the form of a public invitation; bodies and organization of public administration compete among themselves to be a part of the conference’s program and to receive the Good Practice award.

Quality Conferences Titles:

2001: On the path towards Business Excellence, 30th May 2001;

2002: From idea of quality to good practices in public administration, 27th November 2002; since 2003 unified conference title: Good Practices in Slovene Public Administration.


National Conference on Quality of Public Services focused on “Quality for Governance” was held in November 2007

Several regional and local administrations organise their own Quality and Modernisation Conferences and Workshops.

The first National Conference on Quality of Public Services focused on “Quality for Governance” was held in November 2007. This Conference was organized by the Spanish Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Quality of Services in collaboration with seventeen Autonomous Communities, the Municipalities and Provinces Spanish Federation and the National Agency for University Quality Evaluation and Accreditation. The purpose of the Conference was to join the approaches and interests of the public administrations and the private sector, to reach agreements on the institutional quality through the cooperation and the citizen participation as co-producers and co-evaluators of public services. After this first Conference, it was established that this kind of event will be organised biennially, and they will be held by the different levels of administration.

For more information on the contents of the Conference see
In Central Government Administration there is no connection between this National Conference and Excellence Award in PA.


The - Expo and Conference on Quality

in Public Sector and Society ( Kvalitetsmässan ). KvalitetsMässan 2007 was the 10th in order of a biannual congress that started in 1989 and that attracts several thousand

delegates from the whole of Scandinavia. The aim of the conference is to inspire and

give impulses to the improvement and quality development of public services and

society at large.

United Kingdom

No central records are kept on conferences organised. Many conferences take place over the course of the year organised by a wide variety of organisations. The subjects matter also varies widely and may be subject and/or sector specific.

No central quality conference on public administration is organised.

LL regarding Quality Conferences:

  • Quality conferences have proven to be good for information delivery on Best practices and topical issues on QM, but especially useful for networks.
  • The latest quality conference beginning of 2008 was actually organised as five separate events ( app.100 participants each) in different regions of Finland. This proved to be an excellent way to gain new audiences.


A recurrent meeting becomes an important occasion for sharing the results achieved but also for launching new initiatives. It is important to make people know each other for enhancing comparison between administrations and enable the creation of communities of practice.


  • The collaborative organisation of the first National Conference on Quality of Public Services showed the benefits of sharing resources and knowledge in the promotion of QM

  • This event acted as a meeting point for all the public administrations involved in QM. The Conference itself was an opportunity for sharing better practices and discussing on the present and future challenges for QM in PA.

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