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Publications on Quality in PA

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15 Publications on Quality in PA

Member State





Quality Standards in Public Administrations, 2008







CAF leaflet used for the promotion of CAF

Booklet regarding the main reform measures in the public administration

Czech Republic


National Information centre for Quality Promotion has published the various publications for PA area, e.g. "CAF 2002 brochure", "CAF 2006 brochure", "Application of Balanced Scorecard in PA sector", "Managerial Standards in PA" and "Directive for Application of ISO 9001:2000 in Self-government Authorities" (

Ministry of Interior published the following brochures: "Management of State Administration Processes (Case Study of Vsetin City)", "Satisfaction Measurement in PA Organisations", "Benchmarking in PA" and "Improving Customer Orientation through Service Charters" (





There are no special publications in the field of public sector quality management. However the Ministry of Finance has special web-page for the information about the quality management (incl CAF-model). More information (only in Estonian).



Publications come otherwise from outside public sector from private publishers or consultant companies. The Ministry of Finance publishes always for the QC’s a general publication Finnish quality policies and best practices.



See Bibliography



Different CAF -Publication



The Directorate has translated and published the revised version of CAF in Greek and compiled a Guide on CAF which provides guidelines on how to implement CAF.

Moreover, the Directorate has issued two documents the first providing general information on CAF and the second providing guidelines on team-building and the role of the team president/leader of the self-assessment team. The two documents were sent to public organizations in central, regional and local government.

The Directorate has created a special section within the General Secretariat website ( where a number of information regarding issues on quality and efficiency can be found including C.A.F. publications and supporting documents. Moreover, in the coming months a Greek version of a CAF e-tool will be available on-line and on CD-format.



  • Good practices (e-government):

  • Közigazgatási Szemle – bimonthly published vocational magazine



The Public Service Modernisation magazine, LINK, is published 5-6 times per year and is circulated to all civil servants. This includes details of QCS initiatives and examples of best practice. Copies of LINK can be seen at:
Other publications can be seen on Ireland’s Better Government website, in the QCS section:



- In order to diffuse proper methods for carrying out a Customer Satisfaction survey: e

The first one is the result of a collaborative research carried out by experienced Administrations, academics and services quality experts. The second one gives account of the realisation by 100 public administrations of this approach during a timeframe of nine months.;

- A book named “Quality’ trajectories” was edited to show the results of Quality Prize’ s first edition.”.



There is no targeted approach to publications on quality in PA. The publications that can be found are a private initiative of the authors-practitioners or academic thesis that the authors want to promote.

The latest informative material was a web page launched by the State Chancellery ( )



In 2006 first specialised publication on quality in public administration was released. The publication was called “Quality in Public Administration”. It included three best practices examples from Lithuania presented in 4th Quality Conference for Public Administration in the European Union. The publication was released in English language.

Additionally there are more publications about public administration in Lithuanian language. Publication “Lithuanian Public administration” (2005, 2007). In publications there are articles about tools for civil service improvement, e-government, “one-stop-shop” principle, best practices, Common Assessment Framework.

Lithuania has published 2 versions (2002,2006) of CAF methodology in Lithuanian language.

Moreover In Lithuania scientific journal “Public Policy and Administration” is published. Articles about public policy and public administration are published in this journal.



Luxembourg Quality Guide



The Netherlands








There are different articles published in several Journals, for example CAF is presented monthly into “Romanian Journal for local public administration”.

Beside this, as a follow up to the regional quality management seminar organized by NACS together with CUPAR and SIGMA-OECD during autumn 2007 and spring of 2008, NACS is planning to elaborate a handbook containing all those quality instruments accompanied by several good practices examples.

Slovak Republic


Publications on Quality and QM in PA and Other documents related to the CAF Model

Publications on Quality and QM in PA:

  • CAF Model 2002

  • Application brochure of the CAF Model 2002

  • CAF Model 2006
  • Application brochure of the CAF Model 2006 in education

  • Application brochure of the EFQM Excellence Model

Other documents related to the CAF Model:



Although there is no specialized serial publication on Quality and QM in PA, the area is included in some serial publications in Slovene language, e. g.:

  • Slovenska uprava (Slovenian Administration; 2001– 2005;

  • Okno uprave (Window of the Administration; since 2000);

  • Kadrovske informacije (Personnel Information; 2000 – 2005),;

  • within e-news of the Ministry of Public Administration:; etc.

Special occasional publications in Slovene language, dedicated completely to QM in PA, e.g.: Quality of State Administration (2000), Conference Proceedings of the Good Practices in Slovene Public Administration conferences, since 2006 printed in two languages: in Slovene and in English.





The aims of the Spanish Agency for the Evaluation of Public Policies and Quality of Services include support for improving the quality of public services. The Agency therefore writes, proposes, adapts and publishes guidelines, methodological protocols, management and excellence models and self-assessment guides in alignment with the various programmes of the General framework for quality improvement. Most of them are e-publications:



United Kingdom


NB: Lists of publications as provided by the EU Member States, might be included in the chapter Bibliography or lists to be provided within this chapter, however with a changed structure.

LL regarding Publications on Quality in PA

There is no big role as a publisher for the MoF in this area.

The aim pursued with these publications is to adapt CSM to particularly complex organizations such as public administrations. Furthermore, the documents produced by the administrations during the nine-months experimentation were gathered and put at the disposal of all the administrations. The lesson learned, therefore, was that of completing theoretical and methodological indications with the analysis of concrete experiences.

  • For the implementation of programs it is very important the availability of practical guidelines

  • The publications on Quality Awards or Good Practices in general enhance the benchmarking and the learning

  • E-publications have the advantage of their easy update and besides they are free for all the users.

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