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18 Sharing good practices

Member State



Sharing of good practices is a vital part of administrative culture in Austria. We highlight showcases in the internet and have several platforms and networking events to learn from best practices.


We have organised critical friend with Luxembourg for the 4QC and we are going to do it for the 5 QC.


Sharing of good practices is considered as an effective tool for improvements in the public sector and is underlined in the main strategic documents of the government. The MSAAR stimulates the process by organising different events, publishing good practices on it own page and the page of the IPAEI.



Czech Republic

  • Programme of the National Quality Conferences in PA is focused on sharing of good practices.

  • Web pages of the Ministry of Interior provide a description of solutions that acquired the Award of Ministry of Interior for innovation in PA in the previous years.


Good practices are being shared via the Danish Quality Award. The award is given to a public institution, which can be seen as a role model for other public institutions. Link:

Furthermore most of the conferences and network events arranged by SCKK have at the core the sharing of best practises between organisations as concrete case studies are always incorporated in the formats.


The sharing of good practices is used and is becoming more popular in time. The agencies have released that it is more useful to learn from others experiences. Also there is a big interest toward the international experiences.


Is part of the quality conference procedure but also more widely spread in public sector reform (networking, publications, partnerships etc).


Quality conferences and meetings, Public Service Quality Trophies, are main vectors for disseminating best practices.
Networking within the community of quality specialists, project leaders and administrative unit managers is another way of sharing best practices. A network of local observatories is sponsored by France Qualité Publique, in order to promote the exchange of experiences.


In some different areas a close exchange is noticed, we are now on the way to create a new part of administration culture, but the aim has not been reached yet.



Benchmarking and sharing of good practices are spread in Hungarian public administration in parallel with the strengthening of quality culture.


Regular seminars, briefing to groups / networks, circulation of publications, etc


In Italy the sharing of best practices dates since 1994 with the first edition of the Award “Hundred Projects at service of citizens”. Since then many of the projects supporting innovation and quality improvement in public administrations have utilized good practice dissemination as a way not only for awarding single Administrations but also for learning and benchmarking.


The institutions are demanding the experience of other institutions, but the system of a network among the quality managers has not been established yet. Only some examples are available at the web page of the Cabinet of Ministers ( in Latvian only), but the data base should be developed in the nearest future.

Also some information exchange is also part of the targets for the Annual Public Admnistration conference.


Main activities:

Quality conferences every second year;

CAF events;


Presenting and sharing good practices can be seen as the natural consequence or result of the consciousness-raising activities included in the different quality and modernization programs,


Within the administration, meetings of relevant officials, e.g. Directors (Corporate Services), Directors (Programme Implementation), Customer Care Coordinators, have often been held as a means of sharing experiences. Individual ministries also occasionally organise seminars at which officials from other ministries are invited to share their experiences. In addition, officials often attend conferences and similar events abroad in order to gain information about the experiences of other countries.

The Netherlands

Our new Benchmark Centre stimulates sharing of good practices within the public sector.


Some public institutions, including tax administration units established good practice databases. A number of such databases are a results of particular project, contests etc. They are easily accessible with web searching engines whether are not organized in standardized way.


In 1998 Secretariat for Administrative Modernisation created the first Benchmarking in public sector. This organism carried out four benchmarking initiatives until its extinction in 2001.

Since then there are no structured instruments for promoting benchmarking at central level, only few initiatives like the seminars and workshops in Quality experiences promoted by National Institute of Administration.


Seminars and round tables on different subjects related to public administration reform (eg. 2007, conference on good governance and public administration reform)

NACS drafted a handbook of good practices within different topics related to the public administration system as ethics of civil servants, deconcentrated public services under the subordination of the prefectures, transparency of public institutions in relation with citizens.

Slovak Republic

It is not part of our public administrative culture. It is done on individual basis but not on the regular basis. The CAF Model is a good base for that.


Constantly expanding. Besides yearly conferences Good Practices in Slovene Public Administration other ways are: networking, seminars, publications, …


The promotion of good practices in public administrations is based on several instruments:

  • Inter-Administrative Network for Quality of Public Services activities

  • E-tool for CAF assessment (see CAF in

  • Quality Awards, so the awarded organisations share this successful initiatives with the rest of administrative units.

  • Presenting cases at National, Regional or Local Quality Conferences for Public Services, from the different Spanish administrations

  • Presenting national cases at Quality Conferences for public administrations in the European Union

  • Participation in committees organised by quality organisations:

    • Spanish Association (AEC) for Quality: Public Administrations Committee

    • Spanish Municipalities and Provinces Federation (FEMP)


United Kingdom

Member State

LL – Regarding Sharing good practites


A lesson learned is that it is not always easy to make organisations interested in learning from each other – and that it often takes a 3.part like SCKK – to make organisations meet and share their experiences.


BP’s are important in many ways but one important think is that in these organisations you often find not just high quality work and results but also committed individuals who are willing to go an extra mile also in helping organisations that are in the beginning of their quality path.


Benchmarking and sharing of good practices are spread in Hungarian public administration in parallel with the strengthening of quality culture.


For the Italian PAs the experiences of others administrations which have discovered innovative ways to deliver services have had a high impact. Highlighting these innovative experiences has been the main driver of change.


Staff are often more willing to learn from the example of colleagues in other ministries or departments who are carrying out initiatives than they are from representatives of central authorities with overall responsibility for a change programme.


Increase the number of seminars and actors involved.

Slovak Republic



Sharing good practices is one of the most efficient and effective ways to promote QM in PA

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