Introduction to Sports Medicine Lesson 1: Introduction to Sports Medicine


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Athletic Injuries

Introduction to Sports Medicine Lesson 1:

Introduction to Sports Medicine

Objectives: At the completion of this lesson the student will be able to explain and understand the concepts of the “funnel theory” of Sports Medicine. They will also understand the theory of the “Spider” in relationship to a Sports Medicine Team. The student will understand the 4 Tier Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Program. The student will understand the rolls of the head trainer, associate trainers, Team Orthopedist, Team Physician, Team Chiropractor, Team Dentist and Team Physical Therapist.

  1. The Funnel Theory of Sports Medicine

  2. Your Stratification into the Funnel

    1. Your participation on the Sports Medicine Team depends upon

      1. The level or profile of your sport

      2. Your expertise as it relates to the program

      3. Your education and credentials

      4. The Athletes confidence in you

      5. The Team Physicians Confidence in you

    2. High profile athletes

      1. Down time treatment

      2. Increase Functional Parameters

  3. Reimbursement for Services

    1. Primary and secondary income

    2. Fee for service, insurance Billing

      1. Direct or indirect income

      2. Program Billing

    3. Must weigh the cost and return

      1. Idea of non displaced revenue

  4. The idea of the Spider
    1. The “Web I spin is the Web you Eat off”

  5. The 4 aspects of a Sports Medicine Delivery System

    1. Stability

    2. Soft Tissue Flexibility

    3. Range of motion

      1. Segmental

      2. Global

    4. Exercise prescription

  6. Violation of any aspect of the Sports Medicine Delivery System

  7. Sports Medicine Job Description

    1. Head Trainer

      1. Budgetary concerns

      2. Staffing concerns for Team Sports

      3. Logistics and travel

      4. Injury Update to Local Sports Marketing System

      5. Injury Review with Athletic Director, Head Coaches

    2. Head Sports Trainer

      1. Sports specific

      2. Reports equipment needs to Head Trainer

      3. Travel and Logistics to Head Trainer

      4. All Injury reports to Head Trainer before Team Physicians

        1. Hierarchy for injury reporting

        2. Films, MRI, Ct, Neurological evaluation

vi. on field responsibilities

    1. Graduate Assistants

        1. Gator aide / power aide

        2. Pack trunks

        3. Taping cutting boards

        4. Majority of taping procedures

        5. On field Watering

    2. Team Physician

      1. Colds, Flu, General Health Care

      2. Medications – pain and inflammatory

        1. Med Kit and Log

          1. Never out of his sight..

      3. NCAA reporting and testing

      4. Concussion and Neurological evaluation

      5. General Sutures
      6. General Lacerations

    3. Team Orthopedist

      1. Team Surgeon

      2. Evaluate functional Level of play

      3. Makes decision as to orthopedic problems and return to play

      4. On Field Responsibilities

    4. Team Dentist

      1. Handles all sutures in the mouth, lips and nose.

      2. Mouth guards

      3. Salvage Teeth

    5. Team Chiropractor

      1. Team with the fewest mechanical defects Wins……

    6. Team Physical Therapist

      1. Assist in Functional restoration following surgical intervention

      2. Measures return to play function capacity

Athletic Injuries Lesson 2:
Legal Aspects of Sports Medicine
Objectives: At the conclusion of this lesson the student will understand the concepts of torts, implied consent, informed consent, product liability, surface (event) liability, personal liability, shared liability and negligent assignment.
1. Understanding Tort Law:

  1. Nonfeasance (act of omission) you did not do something

  2. Malfeasance (act of commission) you did something

  3. Misfeasance: (improper treatment your trained to do)

2. Negligence 2 types:

a. Do something a reasonable prudent person would not do

  1. Would you adjust on the sidelines?

  2. Gynecologist on the field of a football game?

  3. EMT pushing a claustrophobic Rodeo athlete down on the gurney

b. Fails to do something that a reasonable prudent person would do under

circumstances similar to those shown by the evidence.

  1. Fail to administer CPR to a unconscious non breathing athlete

  2. Could you not perform a manipulation and as a result increase

the probability of further injury?

c. Standard of care

d. Cannot have athlete "sign away your negligence"

i. Case of Chiropractor who does not treat disease.

3. Negligent assignment

  1. Back pain with return to lifting and strength coach

  2. Limited cervical ROM with return to baseball hitting practice

  3. Knee injury with sliding practice

  4. Walking the Rodeo Arena prior to Rodeo

4. Statute of Limitations

  1. Driven by state statutes

  2. Usually 1-3 years

5. Assumption of Risk

  1. Age related

  2. Interpretations varied by the courts

6. Product Liability

  1. Vitamin company and allergic reaction

  2. L - screen to high or low with baseball hitting practice

7. Personal Liability

a. Does your Malpractice Carrier know you are a Team Physician

8. Event Liability

  1. What happens if your table slides or slips on a slick floor?

  2. What happens if your table collapses?

i. 350 pound lineman

9. Shared Liability (deep pocket ratification)

  1. Shot gun approach in filling a law suit

  2. Process of discovery weeds out the "small fish" with limited exposure

i. Concepts of good will towards

10. Informed consent

a. Minor children a concern

  1. Blanket exposure risk not secured by signing initial form at beginning of the season

ii. Must notify parents with trauma

1. High School football player death

11. Implied Consent

  1. Symptoms Survey forms

  2. Keep records in Day Planner

12. Travel to Treat Laws

a. Notify your Malpractice carrier

13. Documentation

a. MNOPQR - If it's not in the record it didn't happen

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