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Tender specifications

Invitation to tender for framework contracts on external assistance for external communication activities in the field of health and consumers

Lot No 1: Multimedia graphic design, information material and websites
Lot No 2: Conferences, exhibitions and other events
Lot No 3: Audiovisual services

Contracting authorities:
The European Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Consumers (hereinafter referred to as “DG SANCO”) and the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”)


Part I: Technical description

I.1 Introduction

I.2 Background

I.3 Subject of tender

I.4 Description of services

I.5 Publication and copyright

I.6 Project management

Part II: Administrative and contractual provisions

II.1 General terms and conditions for the submission of tenders

II.2 No obligation to award the contract

II.3 Multiple framework contract with reopening of competition

II.4 Award of services

II.5 Joint tenders and subcontracting

II.6 Stability of services

II.7 Place of undertaking of services

II.8 Duration of contracts

II.9 Maximum amounts of contracts

II.10 Terms of payment

II.11 General information on tenders

II.12 Content of the tender

II.12.1 Administrative proposal (part 1)

II.12.2 Technical proposal (part 2)

II.12.2 Financial proposal (part 3)

Part III: Assessment and award of the contract

III.1 Stages in the procedure

III.2 Exclusion criteria

III.3 Selection criteria

III.3.1 Proof of eligibility

III.3.2 Proof of economic and financial capacity

III.3.3 Proof of technical and professional capacity

III.4 Award criteria

III.4.1 Quality score

III.4.2 Financial score

III.4.3 Total score

IV Information to tenderers

Part IV: Draft framework contract
Part V: Annexes to the tender specifications

Annex 1: Tender submission form

Annex 2: Bank identification form

Annex 3: Form for natural persons

Annex 4: Certification with respect to the exclusion criteria

Annex 5: Model of European CV

Annex 6: Case studies for lot 1

Annex 7: Case studies for lot 2

Annex 8: Case studies for lot 3

Annex 9: Price schedule for lot 1 (see separate excel file)

Annex 10: Price schedule for lot 2 (see separate excel file)

Annex 11: Price schedule for lot 3 (see separate excel file)

Annex 12: Template for financial capacity

Part I
Technical description

I.1 Introduction

This invitation to tender is inter-institutional and is organised by the Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission (DG SANCO) and the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”. The invitation to tender and the framework contracts connected to it will be administered by DG SANCO.
The purpose of this invitation to tender is to conclude framework contracts with companies capable of assisting DG SANCO as regards advice, preparation and implementation of information and communication activities relevant to the following policy areas: consumer rights, public health, food and feed, plant health, and animal health and welfare. The assistance to be provided must enable DG SANCO and the Agency to expand and improve their information and communication policy in those areas.

The invitation to tender comprises three lots:

Lot No 1: Multimedia graphic design, information material and websites

Lot No 2: Conferences, exhibitions and other events

Lot No 3: Audiovisual services
Tenderers may submit tenders for one or several lots. A separate tender clearly indicating the name and the lot number must be submitted for each lot.

I.2 Background

DG SANCO’s mission is to improve quality of life in the European Union through policies, laws and programmes in its three main areas of activity: public health, food safety and consumer rights.
Further information on DG SANCO is available at:

The Agency’s mission is to implement European programmes in the areas of public health and consumer affairs, as well as food safety (the “Better training for safer food” initiative).

Further information on the Executive Agency is available at:
The services to be provided in the framework of this invitation to tender are to support DG SANCO’s communication strategy addressed to citizens and stakeholders in the DG’s various areas of competence, with a view to:

  • empowering consumers;

  • protecting and improving human health;

  • ensuring that food is safe and wholesome;

  • promoting EU food safety standards worldwide;

  • protecting the health of animals and plants;

  • promoting the humane treatment of animals.

The various tools and actions to be developed upon conclusion of this invitation to tender should contribute to raising the profile and increasing understanding of EU action in the field of human health, food safety, animal health and welfare and consumer rights. These tools and actions should also help to strengthen and enrich the dialogue between the Commission, the competent national authorities, the relevant stakeholders, international organisations and the citizens of Europe.

All information products should be designed according to the common visual identity of the European Commission which is a single coherent system for the design of various products, from brochures to DVDs to promotional items. It consists of the following elements:

  • rules for typography;

  • the European Commission logo and footer box;

  • a colour scheme

See detailed guidelines and templates

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