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Newsletter of the Camberwell Camera Club

Inc. No A7980D ABN 51 428 767 268

Volume 44, No. 2 February 25th 2013

Ruth Goldwasser has advised that the Camberwell Camera Club has been sent information about the International Adelaide AV Fest which runs every second year and will be held this year on 13-17th March in Adelaide.
An Audio-Visual Presentation/Competition
This event is an International exhibition conducted under the auspices of both Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (FIAP) and Australian Photographic Society (APS)
Audio Visual Production and Sound presented by Howard Gregory and Suzanne Gregory ARPS, our International judges from England. .Admission $5
Wed March 13 at 7:00 p.m. Burnside Uniting Church cnr. Portrush and Fisher St, Tusmore

Thursday 14th 9am to 5pm
Fri 15th 9am and 5pm
Sat 16th 9am until finished
Burnside Uniting Church cnr. Portrush and Fisher St, Tusmore, opp. Burnside Council $5 per session with discount available if attending all sessions Ample free parking all day

It will be advisable to check these times closer to those dates

Prize-winning entries will be shown and award presentation.
Sun 17th March at the Masonic Hall, Fisher Street, Tusmore at 2 p.m. opp. Burnside Council.

Ample free parking all day .

BYO lunch or several Café’s are available nearby
Morning and afternoon teas provided during judging sessions and Light supper after the Gala Day Presentation
Further details available from John Hodgson 0417 880 596 or

AV Group Special Guest Speaker Barb Butler (Wednesday 20th February)

Barb Butler fell in love with Audiovisuals (AV) about 15 years ago but was not in a position to either afford or carry all the analogue equipment required. Once the digital AV became a possibility, Barb started to get involved.

After a bit of dipping the toes in the water, and during a period of recuperation from major surgery, Barb really settled in to making AVs. As a Macintosh worker she was hampered by the lack of opportunity to show AVs made on a Mac and set about to correct this situation. That lead to taking on the role of Chair of AV Division in APS and also chairing the VAPS AV Sub Committee.

A visit to the International Festival in Adelaide in 2007 was so revealing as to what can be done with a good story, images and audio and she was hooked. With no formal training, Barb has been inspired by the work of people from the UK and Europe, and believes that exposing oneself to as many AVs as possible is the best way to learn. AVs take time and patience, but are just so rewarding." Barb Butler

Many thanks to Barb who was our special guest last Wednesday, February 20th 2013

. Ruth Goldwasser...........AV Group Convenor


February 2013 AV Group Report

By Ruth Goldwasser....AV Group Convenor

For our first meeting of 2013, on January 30th, we discussed the art and basic principles of good Audiovisual production. Members showed their works in progress and Colin Hunter gave an overview of how he made his Clan Dreaming presentation.

‘Australia Day Audiovisuals from Downunder’ was held on 26th of January at the Pretoria AV Club in South Africa.

Our club’s presentations were organised into three groupings by Jeff Morris, and the winning AVs were selected by their audience, which you can see enjoying their wine and cheese in the image.


1st – ‘True colours’ by Wolf Marx

.Equal 2nd‘Clan Dreaming’ by Colin Hunter ‘From Lift-off to Nightglow’ by Bert Hoveling

Scapes / Travel:

1st – ‘Skylines’ by Ruth Goldwasser/Peter Coles


1st – ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Overall winner: ‘Lake Crespeina’ by Don Weston

Congratulations to the Winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their work.

Forward Planning: Two Subjects have been selected as Challenges for our AV Group. The first topic will be ‘Portraits (People/Animal)’ which is due at our meeting on March 20th (breath in........... not much time left). The second topic is ‘60’ to be due on July 17th. The interpretation of both topics is purely up to the individual AV makers and we look forward to viewing them on the designated dates. So put your thinking caps on, your creative juices in action, and come up with the goods please. It should be very interesting to see the variety of presentations which address these titles. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday March 20th at 7.30pm in North Balwyn when the agenda will be the first of our Challenges Competition with the topic being Portraits (People/Animals).

Australia Day in Pretoria


(Bill Bachman)

Bill was born on the United States in 1952 and has lived in Australia since 1973. He has contributed articles and photographs to a wide variety of books and magazines around the world. His photographs have also been widely exhibited and are held in numerous corporate collections.

Bill has lectured at Photography Studies College in Melbourne and is in demand as a judge in various photographic competitions and awards.



On Tuesday 5th February some members of Melbourne and Camberwell Camera Clubs attended at outing to the above gallery located in the Yarra Valley just a short distance from Healesville on the Yarra Glen Road. Our aim was to view the display of historical paintings from the brush of Jeffery Smart titled "Master of Stillness"

After a cup of coffee/tea in the Gallery Restaurant we were treated to a guided tour of the exhibition by Mim Armar, an excellent speaker and who was very knowable about the life and works of the artist. Over the years I have been to many displays of paintings from famous artists but this one I found the most interesting of them all. Most likely this was because every stroke of Jeffery's brush produced an article, object, subject or figure that I was able to recognise and understand. Every subject of his drawings was something we have all photographed many time. However not, unfortunately, in the attractive, fascinating order that Jeffery places them in his paintings. I found it unbelievable that the positioning of every day objects and the odd figure could make such a large quantity of unusual and interesting picture.

An interesting section of our guides presentation was that relating to this gallery. It was built in the mid fifties by a private business man, whose name and company I have forgotten, and was the first private Art Gallery in Victoria and is still privately owned and run.

Just after one o'clock we all travelled to the Healesville Hotel for a very enjoyable lunch then spending a considerable time solving every photographic problem imaginable plus some of the worlds troubles Matt

A photography of members I did not take


When this club was much younger with a significant number of members of a similar young age, monthly weekend outings were held. As the membership grew older and no longer working these outings were changed to mid-week.

As our present membership once again consists of a considerable number in the work force your committee is endeavouring to cater for their desires by reintroducing weekend outings. Members have been asked for assistance in this endeavour and as at present has obtained two offers. These are as follows:

A Melbourne Street Art tour on Sunday 28th April led by Wolf Marx.

A City Outing in September led by Joe Hadju.

Put these dates in your diary if you are available to join us in these interesting photographic excursions and please consider your presidents plea and volunteer to organise more outings.




You may choose to measure your entries in either imperial or metric units; whichever is to your advantage. Inches have been converted to the nearest centimetre. The maximum small print size should be used in sizing panoramas.




Large Prints

Image: 16 in x 20 in Mount: 16 in x 20 in

Image: 8 in x 10 in

Mount: greater than 8 in x 10 in

Small Prints

Image : 8 in x 10 in

Mount: 8 in x 10 in

Mount 5 in x 7 in




Large Prints:

Image: 40 cm x 50 cm

Mount: 40 cm x 50 cm

Image: 20 cm x 25.5 cm

Mount: >20 cm x 25.5 cm

Small Prints:

Image: 20 cm x 25.5 cm

Mount: 20 cm x 25.5 cm

Mount: 12.5 cm x 18 cm



Up to 1400 (w) x 1050 (h) pixels

Up to 1 MB


Up to 1050 (w) x 1050 (h) pixels

Up to 1 MB


Up to1050 (w) x 1050 (h) pixels

Up to 1 MB


This meeting was a non competition month where members were encouraged to bring in their best holiday shots and our speaker is one of our own members.

After opening the meeting Rebecca covered numerous coming activities and general club news items before Ruth told us of the coming AV Group meetings with special details of the presentation by Barb Butler. This was followed by Bert providing us with details of the Australian Day Honours list which included an OAM to Alan Elliott for service to photography. Alan is a well known member of the Melbourne Camera Club.

Some eight members brought in interesting prints and DPIs and Rebecca asked the various authors to describe where, why and how their photographs were taken.

At the conclusion of these formalities we were treated to a very interesting and brilliant presentation of his photographs by our Ken Spence. He grouped his talk into a number of categories and while all were very interesting and well presented, those that are well ingrained into my mind was his incredible landscapes. While living in the South Gippsland area Ken made the most use of his spectacular surroundings by photographing the country side from every vantage point and at every time of the day. Some of his most spectacular scenes were taken at that time of day that we all know is best but rarely try. At early morning either just before or just after sunrise. Thank you Ken for a thoroughly enjoyable presentation, Matt

Rebecca and Ken Spence


The March Melbourne Camera Club outing on Tuesday 5th. March will be at the Melbourne Zoological Gardens. We will meet at 10.00 am at the Meerkat Manor Cafe, which is to the right after you enter through the Main Gate (Elliott Avenue entrance). Therefore, those members entering by the Rail Gate will have to walk trough the Zoo to the main gate and then go to the Meerkats (which would then be on your left). This should be an outing that will provided plenty of opportunities to use your camera. Normal Zoo entrance charges will apply. All members of Melbourne and Camberwell Camera Clubs are very welcome to attend. Jim 0407 33 1515 & Norman 0404 190 380


Dates for Your Diary

Photographic Week-end Away: This will be to the Breakaway Twin Rivers Caravan Park on the Goulburn River at Acheron on the Friday 1st March till Sunday 3rd March. (Full details this page)I

Melbourne Camera Club Outing: This will be to the Melbourne Zoological Gardens on Tuesday 5th March. Meet at the Meerkat Manor Cafe at 10.00am. (Full details on page 3)

Beacon Camera Club/Camberwell Camera Club Competition: Entries to Peter Brady by March 15th. (Details this page)

Committee Meeting: This will be held on Monday 18th March at the residence of Don Weston starting at 7.30pm.

Camberwell Camera Club Outing: This will be on Tuesday 19th March to Docklands. Meet at the Docklands Stadium entrance at 10.00am. (Details bottom of this column)

AV Group Meeting: to be held at Ruth's residence in North Balwyn on Wednesday 20th March at 7.30pm. (Details page 2)

Monthly Meeting: To be held on Monday 25th March at the Camberwell RSL Hall starting at 8.00pm. As there is no competition in April there will not be any entries to bring.

Phil Heart is an professional engineer and an amateur astronomer. He has spent all his life examining stars by night resulting in the publication of many books and films on this subject. His knowledge in this area is unsurpassed and with the events of the last week on astronauts, his lecture tonight could be very interesting,



As reported in the last edition we are involved in a competition with a UK photographic club, Beacon Camera Club, and we require entries from members.

This is a digital only competition and the subject is OPEN. Please send your Digital Images in a jpeg format with 1900 pixels maximum width and 1200 pixels maximum height to Peter Brady before 15th March (

Camberwell Mid-week Outing

Our next mid-week outing will be on Tuesday March 19th to Docklands to chase Shadows (and/or reflections). We will meet at 10.00 a.m. at the entrance to the Docklands stadium. Morning coffee, photography, and lunch will follow.

Enquiries to Peter Brady, 9885 6092.
Camberwell Camera Club Photography

The Camberwell Camera Club is having a fun weekend of photography, workshops and social activities. I hope you can join us on Friday 1-Mar to Sunday 3-Mar 2013.
We will be based at the Breakaway Twin Rivers Caravan Park on the Goulburn River at Acheron. The Caravan Park web site is at
Acheron is between Taggerty and Alexandra towards Lake Eildon.

We will have several discussion sessions. These are being planned but our current thoughts are:

- Camera tips- Workflow software- Lenses- HDR and panoramas- plus perhaps a special concoction from the darkroom days.
If you have any subjects you would like covered let us know and we'll look at including them. We will also do some special location shots including:
- The Cathedral Ranges- Goulburn River- Local farms- Sunrise, sunset and night time shots
To sustain us for the weekend, we'll have dinner and a few wines on the Friday and Saturday nights.

You will need to book your own accommodation. There are cabins and camping sites at the caravan park. Alternatively, there is a BIG4 Holiday Park at Taggerty and several local B&B's. There are cabins currently available at the Breakaway Twin Rivers Caravan Park as bookings are light. You should book your accommodation quickly though so you don't miss out. You may want to share accommodation with other camera club members to make best use of the available cabins.

If desired you are most welcome to attend for part of the weekend.
Please advise Ian Spence ( if you intend to come. Feel free to contact Ian if you have any questions or suggestions.
I look forward to you joining us for a fun weekend.
Ian Spence.
Digital Jottings February 2013.

There has been some discussion of late on requirements for sizing of prints and digitally projected images. One point that has escaped attention so far is that both the judge and the Competition Steward has to be able to read what you write on the rear of your prints. You might be surprised how often that you have to search for the information that is required to connect your image to the prize.

On the rear of your prints you are required to write your club number your group and the name of your image. This information should contrast with the colour of the background. An easy system is to use a pen or type onto a white self adhesive label. It is preferable to do this before you attach the label to your valuable print so that the surface is not imprinted with the information.

Peter Brady

PRESIDENT: Rebecca Nicolandos 9726 6665 HON. SECRETARY: Wolf Marx 9809 1410

EDITOR: Matt Moore AAPS - email:

Visit Camberwell Camera Club Inc.



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