IPad apps for Elementary students – April 2014 Matt McGuire Literacy

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iPad apps for Elementary students – April 2014

Matt McGuire

*Collins Books (Read, Be Read To, Record, and Write your own interactive stories – includes speech to text capabilities)

*Treasure Hunt (Word Games with spelling, comprehension, deductive reasoning with a pirate and map)

*Word Zombies (Zap zombies into humans when you spell words correctly) note: English accents

Book Creator (Embed pictures in stories and add text)

*Kid in Story (Kids take photos and use them to create their own personalized stories)

Madlibs (Input silly nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs to make funny stories) note: only one book free, must purchase more books after

Rocket Speller (use settings to adjust level)

Phrasalstein (Verb and Preposition with exercises – older students)

*$Math vs Zombies (Zap zombies into humans when you correctly solve math questions)

*Number Lines (and more) by Braining Camps (interactive number line - great for teacher/parent or student led) note: see light bulb for teaching ideas note: tons of awesome math apps from Braining Camps

Meteor Math (Zap Meteors using all four operations)


*$Brain Pop (videos, interactive games and activities which reinforce educational outcomes trough interesting, kid-friendly topics) note: American company

*$Google Earth

*Kidblog (free, safe and fully-monitored blogging site for kids)

*Puffin (Safe and monitored web-browsing app)

BBC Kids

Kahn Academy (a large data base of cross-curricular video tutorials)

WIMP - Family Friendly Videos

Prezi (online “zooming” presentation maker which allows for fully-embedded files)

WWF Together (Read and Learn about endangered animals around the world)

Bitsboard (games to play to reinforce learning - Flashcards (can record), Phototouch, T or F, Matchup, Pop Quiz, Word Builder, Reader, and Spelling Bee) Can add topics with the + button

Kids Planet Discovery Learn about cultures per continent. More features available for purchase

$Garage Band



Tellagami (Create and share a quick, animated message called a Gami)



-Screen shots (press and hold the power button and the home button simultaneously)

-Camera, Photos, Photo Booth

-World Clock


-Saving to desktop, making folders (hold app till they shake. Drag one app over another to create a folder of similar apps. Push home button when finished)

-PS Mobil (allows iPad to print)

-Restrict apps (in “Settings” -> “General” -> “Restrictions”)

-Voice Reader (highlight text and computer voice will speak selection – “Settings” -> “General” -> “Speak Selection”)
* indicates my favourite educational apps for the month of April

$ indicates fantastic apps but at a cost

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