Ips book Review Index Issue Nos. 1-160, vol 1 no. 1 to vol. 41 no. 2 (Win. 2012) Abbas, Mahmoud

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IPS Book Review Index

Issue Nos. 1-160, vol 1 no. 1 to vol. 41 no. 2 (Win. 2012)

Abbas, Mahmoud. Through Secret Channels: The Road to Oslo: Senior PLO Leader Abu Mazen's Revealing Story of the Negotiations with Israel in 25, no. 4 (Sum. 96): 102-104 (A. AbuKhalil).

Abdallah, Stephanie Latte. Femmes réfugiées Palestiniennes in 37, no. 2 (Win. 2008): 106-108 (R. Sayigh).
`Abd al-Rahman, As`ad. Al-Munazzamah al-Sahyuniyyah al `Alamiyyah, 1882-1982 (The World Zionist Organization, 1882-1982) in 15, no. 4 (Sum. 86): 160-62 (M. Nehme).
`Abd al-Kader, Anis, reviews F. Hof; and R. Scruton.
Abdel Jawad, Saleh, reviews Kimmerling and Migdal; reviews Sa`di and Abu-Lughod.
Abdel-Malek, Kamal, reviews H.L. Schulz.
Abdel-Malek, Kamal and David C. Jacobson, eds. Israeli and Palestinian Identities in History and Literature in 30, no. 1 (Aut. 2000): 104-106 (M.A. Khalidi et al.)
Abdo, Nahla, and Ronit Lentin, eds. Women and the Politics of Military Confrontation: Palestinian and Israeli Gendered Narratives of Displacement in 32, no. 4 (Sum. 2003): 113-14 (A. Amireh).
Abdo, Nahla, reviews J. Habib; R.A. Kanaaneh
Abdul Hadi, H., M. Al-Labadi, N. Paech, B. Sommer, and H. Weingartz, BRD, Israel und die Palästinenser: Fallstudie zur Ausländerpolitik (The German Federal Republic, Israel and the Palestinians: A case study in foreign policy) in 3, no. 3 (Spr. 74): 141-44 (S. Musallam).

Abed, George T., ed. The Palestinian Economy: Studies in Development Under Prolonged Occupation in 19, no. 1 (Aut. 89): 101-103 (C. Issawi).

Abed, George T., reviews Masterplanning the State of Palestine; and Raja Khalidi.
Abed-Rabbo, Samir and Doris Safie, eds. The Palestinian Uprising in 20, no. 4 (Sum. 91): 133-38 (D. Peretz).
Abisaab, Rula reviews A.R. Norton.
Abowd, Thomas, reviews A. Cheshin et al.; and M. Dumper.
Abouali, Diana, reviews D. Ephrat
Abraham, Nabeel, reviews K. Christison.
Abu-Amr, Ziad. Islamic Fundamentalism in the West Bank and Gaza: Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad in 25, no. 1 (Aut. 95): 115-16) (A. AbuKhalil); and in 24, no. 3 (Spr. 95): 89-95 (M. Budeiri).
Abu-Ghazaleh, Faida. N. Ethnic Identity of Palestinian Immigrants in the United States: The Role of Cultural Material Artifacts in 41, no. 2(Win. 12): 127- 128 (S. Salaita).
Abu Hanna, Hanna, ed. Mudhakkarat Najati sidqi [Memoirs of Najati Sidqi] in 32, no. 2 (Win. 2003): 79-94 (S. Tamari).
Abu Iyad, with Eric Rouleau, trans. My home, my land: a narrative of the Palestinian struggle in 14, no. 4 (Sum. 85): 143-45. (B. Barbee).
Abu Izzeddin, Nejla. Nasser of the Arabs in 5, nos. 1+n2 (Aut. 75+nWin. 76): 158-59 (K. al-Husry).
Abu-Laban, Yasmeen, David Lyon, and Elia Zureik, eds. Surveillance and Control in Israel/Palestine: Population, Territory, and Power in 41, no. 1 (Aut. 11): 115-116 (S. Niva).
Abulhawa, Susan. Mornings in Jenin: A Novel in 39, no. 4 (Sum. 2010): 83-84 (M. Knopf-Newman).

Abu-Lughod, Ibrahim, ed. The Transformation of Palestine in 1, no. 2 (Win. 72): 105-108 (J. Stork).

Abu-Lughod, Ibrahim, reviews R. Khalidi; B. Morris; E. Sanbar; and R. Ward, D. Peretz and E. Wilson.
Abu-Lughod, Janet, reviews B. Nijim.
Abu-Manneh, Bashir, reviews Barsamian and Said; and J. Pilger.
Abu-Manneh, Butrus, reviews A. Singer.
Abu-Nimer, Mohammed, reviews N. Rouhana.
Abu Rudeneh, Patricia, reviews V. Ambus; Egypt; H. Ellis; V. Gornick; K. Lines; B.F. Lovejoy; C. Naden; W. McKinley; H. Teicher and G.R. Teicher; and M. Zamir.
Abu-Sharif, Bassam and Uzi Mahnaimi. Best of Enemies: The Memoirs of Bassam Abu-Sharif and Uzi Mahnaimi in 25, no. 4 (Sum. 96): 102-104 (A. AbuKhalil).
AbuKhalil, As`ad. Historical Dictionary of Lebanon in 28, no. 4 (Sum. 99): 115-16 (G. Irani).
AbuKhalil, As`ad, reviews M. Abbas; Z. Abu-Amr; B. Abu-Sharif and U. Mahnaimi; J. Bunzl; J. Esposito; I. Gendzier; W. Harris; M. Jabir; H. Khashan; M. Kramer; B. Lewis; A. Moussalli; D. Price; N. Rejwan; B. Rubin; E. Said; Y. Sayigh; and N. Finklestein.
Abunimah, Ali. One Country: A Bold Proporal to End the Palestinian Impasse in 37, no. 1 (Aut. 07): 112-113 (O. Ben-Dor).
Abunimah, Ali reviews R. Dolphin and M. Sorkin; J. Hilal; A. Le More.
Abu-Odeh, Adnan. Jordanians, Palestinians, and the Hashemite Kingdom in the Middle East Peace Process in 30, no. 2 (Win. 2001): 111-14 (J. Massad).
Aburish, Said K. Children of Bethany: The Story of a Palestinian Family in 19, no. 4 (Sum. 90): 122-25 (M. Khalidi); and Arafat: From Defender to Dictator in 29, no. 2 (Win. 2000): 106-107 (L. Andoni).

Abu-Sitta, Salman H. The End of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: From Refugees to Citizens at Home in 31, no. 4 (Sum. 2002) 126-28 (N. Masalha); and The Palestinian Nakba, 1948: The Register of Depopulated Localities in Palestine in 31, no. 4 (Sum. 2002): 126-28 (N. Masalha).; The Atlas of Palestine: 1917-1966 in 41, no. 2 (Win. 12): 115-116 (I. Pappe).

Abu Sitta, Salman, reviews D. Gavish, R. Brynen and R. El-Rifai.
Adam, Heribert and Kogila Moodley. Seeking Mandela in 36, no.1 (Aut 06): 88-89 (Z. Wales)
Adams, James. The Unnatural Alliance in 16, no. 3 (Spr. 87): 167-70 (J. Hunter).
Adams, Michael and Christopher Mayhew. Publish It Not...the Middle East Cover-up in 6, no. 1 (Aut. 76): 118-20 (P. Mansfield).
Aggiouri, René, reviews L. Gaspar; and N. Weinstock.
Agha, Hussein, Shai Feldman, Ahmad Khalidi, and Zeev Schiff. Track-II Diplomacy: Lessons from the Middle East in 35, no. 1 (Aut. 2005): 110-112 (E. Zureik).
Agha, Hussein J., reviews J. Bell.
Agmon, Iris Family and Court: Legal Culture and Modernity in Late Ottoman Palestine in 36. no. 2 (Win. 07): 91-92 (N. al-Qattan).
Ahmad, H.H. HAMAS, From Religious Salvation to Political Transformation: The Rise of Hamas in Palestinian Society in 24, no. 3 (Spr. 95): 89-95 (M. Budeiri).
Ahmed, Hisham H., reviews K. Salibi.
Al-Ahram (Centre of Political and Strategic Studies). al-`Askariya al-Sahyuniya (The Zionist military) in 2, no. 3 (Spr. 73): 126-28 (G. Armanazi).
Ajami, Fouad. The Arab Predicament in 12, no. 3 (Spr. 83): 79-82 (R. Manning); The Vanished Imam: Musa Al-Sadr and the Shia of Lebanon in 16, no. 3 (Spr. 87): 149-55 (T. Khalidi); and The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generation’s Odyssey in 29, no. 2 (Win. 2000): 108-109 (A. Al-Azmeh).
Akarli, Engin Deniz, reviews H. Kayali.

Akins, James E., reviews G. Ball and D. Ball; G. Halsell; C. O'Brien; W. Quandt; and M. Viorst.

Alagha, Joseph. Hizbullah’s Documents: From the 1985 Open Letter to the 2009 Manifesto and Hizbullah’s Identity Construction in 41, no. 2 (Win. 12): 125-127 (M. Hojairi).
Alagha, Joseph reviews N. Noe.
Alexander, Kristian P., reviews E. Azani
Ali, Tariq., ed. Conversations with Edward Said in 36, no. 3 (Spr. 07): 94-95 (G. Viswanathan).
Ali, Wijdan. Modern Islamic Art: Development and Continuity in 27, no. 4 (Sum. 98): 112-14 (R. Issa).
Alin, Erika G., reviews E. Fernea and M. Hocking.
Allen, Lori N., reviews R. Baroud (2 times); M. Bloom; A.M. Oliver & P. Steinberg; R. Pape; M. Hafez; S. Sufian and Mark LeVine.
Allen, Richard. Imperialism and Nationalism in the Fertile Crescent in 4, no. 2 (Win. 75): 108-10 (P. Mansfield).
Allen, Richard, reviews, M. Brecher.
Allison, Robert. Crescent Obscured: The United States and the Muslim World, 1776-1815 in 26, no. 4 (Sum. 97): 118-20 (F. Gerges).
Alpher, Joseph. War in the Gulf: Implications for Israel in 23, no. 2 (Win. 94): 98-101 (L. Tal).
AlRoy, Gil Carl. Behind the Middle East Conflict in 5, nos. 3 and 4 (Spr./Sum. 76): 163-67 (G. Welty).
Alternative Tourism Group. Palestine and Palestinians: Guidebook in 35, no. 3 (Spr. 06): 120-122 (I. Pappe).

Álvarez-Ossorio, Ignacio, and Isaías Barreñda, eds. España y la cuestión palestina [Spain and the Palestine question] in 33, no. 3 (Spr. 2004): 119-20 (F. Izquierdo Brichs).

Amad, Adnan, ed. Israeli League For Human and Civil Rights (The Shahak Papers) in 5, nos. 1 & 2 (Aut. 75 & Win. 76): 150-54 (H. Harcourt); and 5, nos. 1+n2 (Aut. 75+nWin. 76): 155-58 (C. Glass).
Amanda, Tami. Bridging the Barrier: Israeli Unilateral Disengagement in 37, no. 3 (Spr. 2008): 103-104 (G. Hochberg).
Amayreh, Khalid, reviews R. Carey.
Ambler, Eric. The Levanter in 2, no. 3 (Spr. 73): 123-26 (S. Antonius).
Ambus, Victor. The Sultan's Bath in 2, no. 4 (Sum. 73): 105-10 (P. Abu Rudeneh).
American Friends Service Committee. A Compassionate Peace -- A Future for the Middle East in 12, no. 2 (Win. 83): 72-76 (P. Khoury).
Amery, Hussein and Aaron Wolf, eds. Water in the Middle East: A Geography of Peace in 31, no. 2 (Win. 2002): 87-89 (J. Isaac).
Amirav, Moshe. Jerusalem Syndrome: The Palestinian-Israeli Battle for the Holy City in 40, no. 2 (Win. 11): 96-97 (M. Dumper).
Amireh, Amal, reviews N. Abdo and R. Lentin; and R. Brenner.
Amiry, Suad. Sharon and My Mother-in-Law in 36, no. 1 (Aut 06): 90-92 (M. Hamzeh).
Amiry, Suad, and Hadid, Mouhannad, eds. Earthquake in April in 33, no. 4 (Sum. 2004): 116-18 (D. Doughty).
Amos, Deborah. Lines in the Sand: Desert Storm and the Remaking of the Arab World in 23, no. 2 (Win. 94): 98-101 (L. Tal).

Analoui, Farhad., Empowering SME Managers in Palestine in 36., no. 3 (Spr. 07): 109-110 (H. Daoudi).

Anderson, Betty S. Nationalist Vocies in Jordan in 35, no.3 (Spr. 06): 126-128 (W. Hazbun).
Anderson, Betty S. reviews M. Fischbach; and R. Nasser.
Anderson, Lisa, reviews L. Brand; and L. Brand Citizens Abroad.
Andoni, Lamis, reviews S. Aburish; and M. Hamarneh, R. Hollis, and K. Shikaki.
Anidjar, Gil. The Jew, the Arab: A History of the Enemy in 34, no. 2 (Win. 2005): 131-33 (A. Raz-Krakotzkin).
Anidjar, Gil, reviews M. Warschawski; J. Cook.
Anthony, John Duke, reviews Y. Harkabi; and R. Khalidi and C. Mansour.
Antonius, Soraya. The Lord in 16, no. 3 (Spr. 87): 148-49. (I. Boullata).
Antonius, Soraya. Where the Jinn Consult in 18, no. 1 (Aut. 88): 218-20 (S. Sabbagh).
Antonius, Soraya, reviews E. Ambler; R. Hawa-Tawil; G. Hennebelle and K. Khayati; and T. Kollek and A. Kollek.
Antoon, Sinan, reviews S. Salaita.
Aouragh, Miriyam. Transnationalism, the Internet and Construction of Identity in 41, no. 2 (Win. 12): 128-129 (M. Shihade).
Arabs Under Israeli Occupation 1980 in 12, no. 3 (Spr. 83): 85-88 (J. Peteet).
Arens, Richard, reviews S. MacBride et al.
Arian, Asher. Politics in Israel: The Second Generation, revised edition in 20, no. 1 (Aut. 90): 125-27 (J. Beinin); and Security Threatened: Surveying Israel Opinion on Peace and War in 26, no. 3 (Spr. 97): 98-99 (D. Peretz).

Ariel, Yaakov. On Behalf of Israel: American Fundamentalist Attitudes Towards Jews, Judaism, and Zionism, 1865-1945 in 21, no. 3 (Spr. 92): 110-11 (G. Halsell).

Armanazi, Ghayth, reviews Al-Ahram (Centre of Political and Strategic Studies); S. al-`Azm; B. Dajani; I. Eldad; M. Kahane; S. Khairallah; H. al-Khatib; E. Murquss; Qadaya al-Khilaf fi al-Hizb al-Shuyu`i al-Suri; E. Touma; and M. al-Uwayni.
Armstrong, Karen. Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths in 27, no. 2 (Win. 1998): 96-97 (M. Dumper).
Arnon, Arie, Israel Luski, Avia Spivak, and Jimmy Weinblatt. The Palestinian Economy: Between Imposed Integration and Voluntary Separation in 28, no. 1 (Aut. 98): 103-104 (F. Naqib).
Aronson, Geoffrey. Creating Facts: Israel, Palestinians and the West Bank in 18, no. 1 (Aut. 88): 214-16 (A. Lesch).
Aronson, Geoffrey, reviews G. Ball; B. Beit-Hallahmi; M. Benvenisti; D. Grossman; Z. Lockman and J. Beinin; D. Peretz; L. Rabin; M. Romann; E. Sahliyeh; S. Sandler and H. Frisch; A. Shalev; G. Usher; and S. Wells and M. Bruzonsky.
Arrigoni, Vittorio (trans. by D. Fillipin). Gaza: Stay Human in 41, no. 2 (Win. 12): 117-118 (E. Manga)
Aruri, Naseer H. The Obstruction of Peace: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians in 28, no. 2 (Win. 99): 99-100 (K. Christison); and Dishonest Broker: The U.S. Role in Israel and Palestine in 33, no. 1 (Aut. 2003): 108-110 (C. Rubenberg).
Aruri, Naseer H., ed. Occupation: Israel Over Palestine in 14, no. 2 (Win. 85): 149-51 (J. Egan); and in 21, no. 4 (Sum. 92): 100 (J. Hiltermann); and Palestinian Refugees: The Right of Return in 32, no. 1 (Aut. 202): 111-12 (R. Brynen).

Aruri, Naseer, and Muhammad A. Shuraydi, eds. Revising Culture, Reinventing Peace: The Influence of Edward W. Said in 31, no. 2 (Win. 2002): 86-87 (A. Sabet).

Aruri, Naseer, reviews M. Bard; M. Bishara; A. Lesch; N. Masalha; C. Parker; D. Schoenbaum; and G. H. Talhami.
Arzt, Donna. Refugees into Citizens: Palestinians and the End of the Arab-Israeli Conflict in 28, no. 2 (Win. 1999): 94-95 (S. Tamari).
Ashour, Radwa. Specters in 40, no. 4 (Sum. 11): 97-98 (N. Radwan).
Ashrawi, Hanan. This Side of Peace: A Personal Account in 24, no. 4 (Sum. 95): 107-109 (S. Gluck).
El-Asmar, Fouzi. Through the Hebrew Looking-Glass: Arab Stereotypes in Children's Literature in 17, no. 1 (Aut. 87): 159-63 (Y. Gover); and To Be An Arab in Israel in 8, no. 2 (Win. 79): 133-43 (U. Davis).
El-Asmar, Fouzi, reviews R. Halabi; and F. Turki.
El-Asmar, Fouzi, Uri Davis, and Naim Khadr, eds. Debate on Palestine in 12, no. 2 (Win. 83): 80-83. (J. Reilly); and Towards a Socialist Republic of Palestine in 12, no. 2 (Win. 83): 80-83 (J. Rielly).
A Survey of Palestine and Supplement to Survey of Palestine in 22, no. 1 (Aut. 92): 109-11 (B. Morris).
Ateek, Naim S., Marc H. Ellis, and Rosemary Radford Ruether, eds. Faith and the Intifada: Palestinian Christian Voices in 22, no. 1 (Aut. 92): 117-19 (K. Christison).
Atiyeh, George N. The Contemporary Middle East 1948-1973: A Selective and Annotated Bibliography in 5, nos. 3+n4 (Spr.+nSum. 76): 153-59 (S. Farsoun).
Atiyeh, George N., reviews I. Klich.

Atiyeh, George N. and Ibrahim M. Oweiss, eds. Arab Civilization, Challenges and Responses: Studies in Honor of Constantine K. Zurayq in 18, no. 4 (Sum. 89): 135-37 (I. Gendzier).

Audeh, Ida, reviews R. Corrie.
Audeh, Nabil, reviews R. Shehadeh.
Auerbach, Gedalia, and Ira Sharkansky. Politics and Planning in the Holy City in 37, no. 4 (Sum. 08): 90-91 (M. Dumper).
Augustin, Ebba, ed. Palestinian Women: Identity and Experience in 24, no. 1 (Aut. 94): 101-102 (S. Sabbagh).
Auld, Sylvia and Robert Hillenbrand, eds. Ayyubid Jerusalem: The Holy City in Context, 1187-1250 in 41, no. 2 (Win. 12): 124-125 (M. Dumper).
Austin, Granville, reviews J. Ray; C. Rubenberg; and R. Young.
Avi-Ran, Reuven. The Syrian Involvement in Lebanon since 1975 in 22, no. 2 (Win. 93): 120-22 (R.A. Hinnebusch).
Avineri, Shlomo, ed. Israel and the Palestinians: Reflections on the Clash of Two National Movements in 2, no. 1 (Aut. 72): 120-28 (A. Haffar).
Avinoan, Reuven, reviews T. Gosansky.
Avishai, Bernard. The Tragedy of Zionism: Revolution and Democracy in the Land of Israel in 16, no. 1 (Aut. 86): 154-57 (A. Shlaim).
Avnery, Uri. My Friend, the Enemy in 18, no. 1 (Aut. 88): 228-30 (A. Barron). Israel’s Vicious Circle: Ten Years of Writings on Israel and Palestine in 39, no. 1 (Aut. 2009): 78-79 (M. Warschawski)
Awad, Samir, reviews Y. Beilin; and N. Kardahji.
el-Awaisi, Abd al-Fattah. The Muslim Brothers and the Palestine Question 1928-1947 in 29, no. 1 (Aut. 1999): 92-93 (K. Hroub).

Ayalon, Ami. The Press in the Arab Middle East: A History in 26, no. 4 (Sum. 1997): 117-118 ( L. Bahry); Reading Palestine in 36. no. 1 (Aut 06): 81-82 (R. Khalidi).

Azani, Eitan, Hezbollah: The Story of the Party of God; From Revolution to Institutionalization in 39, no.2 (Win. 2010):127-28 (K. Alexander)
Azar, George Baramki. Palestine: A Photographic Journey in 21, no. 3 (Spr. 92): 95-96 (I. Bushnaq).
`Azm al-, Sadiq Jalal. Dirasa Naqdiya li Fikr al-Muqawamma al-Filastiniya (A critical study of the thought of the Palestinian resistance) in 3, no. 2 (Win. 74): 130-36 (G. Armanazi); and The Sadat Visit and the Futility of a Just Peace in 9, no. 3 (Spr. 80): 148-54 (F. Moughrabi).
Al-Azmeh, Aziz, reviews F. Ajami.
Bahbah, Bishara A., reviews A. Klieman; F. Saddy; and R. Shehadeh.
Bahgat Gawdat. Israel and the Persian Gulf: Retrospect and Prospect in 36, no. 4 (Sum.07): 116-117 (J. Russell).
Bahry, Louay Y., reviews A. Aylon; D. DeCosse; and M. Eppel.
Bailey, Clinton. Bedouin Poetry from Sinai and the Negev: Mirror of a Culture in 22, no. 1 (Aut. 92): 114-15 (I. Bushnaq); and Jordan's Palestinian Challenge, 1948-1983, A Political History in 16, no. 2 (Win. 87): 128-31 (P. Gubser).
Bailey, Sidney D. Four Arab-Israeli Wars and the Peace Process in 22, no. 2 (Win. 93): 117-18 (R. Parker).
Baker III, James A., with Thomas M. DeFrank. The Politics of Diplomacy: Revolution, War and Peace, 1989-1992 in 25, no. 4 (Sum. 96): 109-10 (K. Christison).

Ball, George W. Error and Betrayal in Lebanon: An Analysis of Israel's Invasion and the Implications for U.S.-Israel Relations in 15, no. 3 (Spr. 86): 136-38 (G. Aronson).

Ball, George W., and Douglas B. Ball. The Passionate Attachment: America's Involvement with Israel, 1947 to the Present in 23, no. 1 (Aut. 93): 101-103 (J. Akins).
Bamyeh, Mohammed reviews A. Lesch and I. Lustick.
Barakat, Halim. Days of Dust in 4, no. 3 (Spr. 75): 108-109 (K. al-Husry).
Barbee, B. Lynne, reviews Abu Iyad with E. Rouleau.
Bard, Mitchell G. The Water's Edge and Beyond: Defining the Limits of Domestic Influence on United States Middle East Policy in 22, no. 1 (Aut. 92): 123-24 (N. Aruri).
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Bard, Mitchell G. and Joel Himelfarb. Myths and Facts: A Concise Record of the Arab-Israeli Conflict in 22, no. 3 (Spr. 93): 125-26 (D. Neff).
Bardenstein, Carol, reviews R. Shehadeh.
Barghouti, Mourid. I Saw Ramallah in 32, no. 2 (Win. 2003): 109-110 (F. Moughrabi).
Barnea, Tamara, and Rafiq Husseini, eds. Separate and Corporate, Corporate and Separate: The Disengagement of the Palestinian Health Care System from Israel and its Emergence as an Independent System in 32, no. 3 (Spr. 2003): 108-110 (J. Schnitzer).
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Baumgarten, Helga, reviews W. Freund.
Bayoumi, Moustafa, ed. Midnight on the Mavi Marmara: The Attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and How It Changed the Course of the Israel/Palestine Conflict in 40, no. 3 (Spr. 11): 117-119 (E. Manga).
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Behar, Moshe, reviews M. Gilbert.
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Beinin, Joel. Culture, Politics, and the Formation of a Modern Diaspora in 28, no. 3 (Spr. 99): 100-102 (J. Massad).
Beinin, Joel and Rebecca Stein, The Struggle for Sovereignty: Palestine and Israel, 1993-2005 in 36, no. 2 (Win. 07): 92-94 (R. Davis).
Beinin, Joel, reviews A. Asher; D. Horowitz and M. Lissak; Y. Peri; and G. Talhami.

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