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c. identified to co-ordinate implementation of district credit plan

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c. identified to co-ordinate implementation of district credit plan
d. none of these
99. ISO 14000 deals with?
a. environment management
b. technology management
c. knowledge managent
d. information management funds are required to be registered with?
c. IBA
d. RBI
101. Providing various services related to capital market is called?
a. merchant banking
b. retail banking
c. narrow banking
d. modern banking
102. Blue chip securities refers to?
a. shares of any company
b. shares of companies which are listed at any of stock exchange
c. shares of good companies
d. all of above
103. Settlement risk can be avoided only if?
a. settlements are made on real time basis
b. there is global settlement agency
c. foreign exchange transactions are traded in derivatives
d. all of above
104. SEBI controls
a. capital market
b. money market
c. both a and b
d. none of these
105. The bank which has entered into carbon credit trading advisory services is
a. ICICI bank
b. UCO bank

c. IDBI bank
d. Yes bank
106. The base rate system has replaced BPLR with effect from?
a. may 2010
b. june 2010
c. july 2010
d. august 2010

107. The financial year of RBI starts from?

a. 1st april
b. 1st june
c. 1st july
d. 1st December
108. The largest financial conglomerate of india is?
a. HDFC bank
b. ICICI bank
c. IFCI bank
d. SBI
109. The major shareholders in asset reconstruction company of india ltd.(ARCIL) other than SBI are?
a.IDBI & canara bank
C. idbi and HDFC
110. THE type of charge created on LIC policy is:
a. pledge
b. hypothecation

c. assignment
d. all of these
111. To revitalize RRB’s , the central government has taken some significant . one of these is not such a step:
a. made SARFAESI act applicable to RRB’s
b. permitted RRB’s to accept NRI deposits
c. permitted RRB’s for branch expansion
d. RRB’s can undertake insurance business

112. What is “stagflation”?

a. inflation with growth
b. deflation with growth
c. inflations after deflation
d. inflation with depression
113.what is true about “white card”?
a. it is related to companies producing milk products
b. it does not carry on its face, the brand of the issuer
c. it is meant to cover blank money into economy
d. none of the above
114. Which is first bank in india to launch its interactive banking services through dish TV?
a. SBI

d. axis bank

115. Which is first bank in india to produce green power for captive use through wind mills?


c. SBI
d. Axis bank
116. The term “kite flying” in banking refers to as
a. drawing a cheque without providing sufficient funds to meet it
b. drawing and acceptance of a bill of exchange without consideration with a view to accommodate the other party
c. the practise of paying usance bills before they become due
d. drawing a post dated cheque
117. Hypothecation is?
a. a transaction on conditional sale
b. a legal transaction whereby goods may be made available as security for debt
c. transfer of ownership by the borrower to the lender
d. none of above
118. Which of the following banks enjoys the reputition of being at top in market capitalization among all private banks?

c. Axis bank
d. Yes bank
119. “dark block” is an area
a. where literacy rate is below 15%
b. where people below poverty line are more than 90%
c. where underground source of water is not available
d. where more than 85% exploitation has taken place on the available underground water
120. Format of cheque is prescribed under
a. negotiable instruments act, 1981
b. banking transactions act
c. banking regulation act, 1949
d. none of these
121. Pillars of BASEL-2ND are
a. minimum capital ratio
b.supervisory review
c. market discipline 
d. all of these

122. If a bill of exchange is not drawn for consideration, such a bill is called

a. trade bill

b. accommodation bill

c. clean bill

d. documentary bill
123. PMRY is applicable to
a. rural area
b. agriculture
c. rural and urban areas
d. all over india
124. Subsidy under PMRY is reimbursed to banks by
a. government of india
b. state government
d. RBI
125. The concept of “narrowing banking” was recommended by:
a. khan committee
b. nayak committee
c. sodhani committee

d. tarapore & narsimha committee

  1. Inability to sleep is termed as 
    Ans : Insomnia

    2. Normal respiratory rate in adults is 
    Ans : 16-20/min

    3. One gram of carbohydrate yields a. 9 calories
    b. 1 calories
    c. 4 calories
    d. 8 calories
    Ans : C

    4. The nerve which carries messages from the brain and spinal cord muscles and glands 
    Ans : Motor nerve

    5. Eruption of teeth starts at the age of ........ months 
    Ans : 6

    6. Total number of bones in human body 
    Ans : 206

    7. The following are the contents of ORS, except a. Sugar

    b. Potassium Chloride
    c. Calcium Carbonate
    d. Sodium Chloride
    Ans : C

    8. Protein requirement for a pregnant woman per day a. 60gm
    b. 65gm
    c. 55gm
    d. 50gm
    Ans : C

    9. Radio active cobalt and radium are used for the treatment of ....... diseases a. Sickle cell anemia
    b. Cancer
    c. Cholera
    d. Hemophilia
    Ans : B

    10. A healthy person can donate blood ....... or .....times a year 
    Ans : Three or Four

    11. The cells that are responsible for the production of antibodies are a. White blood cells
    b. Red blood cells
    c. Platelets
    d. Plasma
    Ans : A

    12. ....... is the immunity get by the body after the first attack of disease a. Acquired immunity
    b. Natural immunity
    c. Passive immunity
    d. Artificial immunity
    Ans : A

    13. ..... is an example for the disease caused by bacteria a. Typhoid
    b. Typhus fever
    c. Chicken pox
    d. Cold
    Ans : A

    14. Typhoid is transmitted through a. Touch
    b. Air
    c. Personal contact

    d. Water and food

    Ans : D

    15. The disease that spread through sexual contact is a. AIDS
    b. Scabies
    c. Leprosy
    d. Itches
    Ans : A

    16. ........ is caused by the fungus a. Malaria
    b. Filariasis
    c. Typhus fever
    d. Athlete’s foot
    Ans : D

    17. Drinking of alcohol will severely affects the a. Brain
    b. Liver
    c. Kidney
    d. Stomach
    Ans : B

    18. Average weight of a new born baby a. 5kg
    b. 2kg
    c. 4kg
    d. 3kg
    Ans : D

    19. One ml contains ....... drops a. 15
    b. 5
    c. 20
    d. 10
    Ans : A

    20. One teaspoon contains ...... ml a. 15ml
    b. 2ml
    c. 5ml
    d. 10ml
    Ans : C

    21. Drugs used to relieve pain a. Antipyretics
    b. Analgesics

    c. Anti inflammatory

    d. Antibiotics
    Ans : B

    22. Incubation period of measles a. 14 – 21 days
    b. 21–28 days
    c. 7-14 days
    d. 1-7 days
    Ans : C

    23. Mode of transmission of typhoid fever a. Respiratory
    b. Intravenous
    c. Droplet
    d. Oro facial
    Ans : D

    24. Route of transmission of Hepatitis-B a. Faeco oral
    b. Potential (parental)
    c. Contaminated water
    d. Oral
    Ans : B

    25. Name the oral Polio vaccine a. Sabin
    b. TAB
    c. BCG
    d. Salk
    Ans : A

    26. Heart attack is caused mainly due to 
    Ans : Cholesterol

    27. Another name of Vitamin C 
    Ans : Ascorbic Acid

    28. The heart is covered by a membrane called 
    Ans : Pericardium

    29. Bird Flu, is a type of a. Influenza
    b. Asthma
    c. Typhoid
    d. Pneumonia
    Ans : A

    30. The causative agent of Tetanus is 
    Ans : Clostridium tetani

    31. Gonorrhea is a sexual disease caused by a bacterium called 

    Ans : Neisseria gonorrhea

    32. Bordetella pertussis is a bacterium caused 
    Ans : Whooping cough (Pertussis)

    33. Diphtheria in man is caused by 
    Ans : Corynebacterium diphtheria

    34. German measles is caused by 
    Ans : Rubella virus

    35. Common cold is caused by the infection of 
    Ans : Rhinovirus

    36. Influenza is caused by a virus called 
    Ans : Myxovirus

    37. The organism which cause cholera is 
    Ans : Vibrio cholera (Bacterium)

    38. A disease which is always present at a low level in a given population or region is called 
    Ans : Endemic

    39. An epidemic (disease) which spreads across whole continents is called 
    Ans : Pandemic

    40. The time during which a person is capable of passing the disease on to another person 
    Ans : Infective period

    41. The excess of carbohydrate is converted into Glycogen by 
    Ans : Liver

    42. Anemic patient is deficient of which element 
    Ans : Iron

    43. Malaria affects 
    Ans : Spleen

    44. Toxoid serum is used in the treatment of a. Small pox
    b. Malaria

    c. Diphtheria

    d. Leprosy
    Ans : C

    45. The blood group which contain no antibodies is a. O
    b. AB
    c. A
    d. B
    Ans : B

    46. Oxygenation is the main function of which organ 
    Ans : Lungs

    47. What is known as the ‘Juvenile hormone’ 
    Ans : Thymosin

    48. Which vitamin is also called ‘Retinol’ 
    Ans : Vitamin A

    49. The transportation of oxygen to the cells in the body is performed by a. Hemoglobin
    b. Hormones
    c. Vitamins
    d. Insulin
    Ans : A

    50. The gastric juice in the stomach contains a. Tannic acid
    b. Nitric acid
    c. Hydrochloric acid
    d. Sulphuric acid
    Ans : C

126. A self help group may become eligible for bank loan and subsidy

a.after first grading
b. after second grading
c.soon after the registration
d. 6 months after opening of saving bank account asset will be immediately categorized as loss asset, when realizable value is:
a. more than 15 %
b. less than 10%
c. 10% or more
d. none of these

128.appeal under consumer protection act, 1986 is entertained , if submitted within

a. 90 days of the decision
b. 30 days of the decision
c. there is no provision for any appeal
d. none of the above
129. Ceiling for settlements thorough lok adaltas is
a. 10 lacs
b. 15 lakh
c. 20 lakh
d. 25 lakh
130. The securities and exchange board of india(SEBI), which has been accorded statury status has its headquartes in?

a. Mumbai
b. Kolkata
c. delhi
d. Chennai
131. The main watchdog of international trade is?
a. IMF
b. world bank
d. IFC
132. Which one of following has largest networks, accounts and annual deposits
C. post office saving bank
d. IOB
133. The interest rate policy is component of?
a. fiscal policy

b. monetary policy policy
d. direct control
134. In respect of composite term loans granted to village industries, refinance is obtained from?

d. RBI
135. J.s Verma committee report related to?
a. strengthening of weak banks
b. corporate governance
c. bank mechanization
d. none of the above
136. “Islamic banking” is a term used for
a. interest free deposits, investment
b. covering banking to muslims
c. covering Islamic nations
d. none of the above

137. What is “NIKKEI”?

a. share price index of Tokyo share market

b. name of Japanese central bank

c. Japanese name of country’s planning commission
d. foreign exchange market of japan
138. NABARD was established on the recommendations of?
a. public accounts committee
b. shivaraman committee
c. narsimham committee
d. khandelwal committee
139. What do we mean by green shoe option?
a. the ways and options adopted by RBI to enhance awareness about environment through banking sector
b. it is type of carbon credit rights that the nation have to purchase to get the right to emit carbon
c. it gives the underwriter the right to sell investors more share than originally planned

d. global warming of earth eradication through financial reforms brought up by world bank

140. Rural infrastructure development fund is financed by?
a. selected groups of public sector banks
b. ministry of rural development
c. RBI

141. Kisan credit card scheme(KCC) was formulated in year
a. 1996
b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999
142. What is securitisation?
a. a process which convert conventional credit into tradable treasure assets
b. credit receivable of the bank can be converted into bonds i.e pass through certificates
c. these certificates can be traded in the market
d. all of the above

143. Specially developed economic zones (SEZ’s) in india where some of economic laws and restrictions of the land are relaxed with the purpose of giving incentives are commonly known as?

a. preferential zones
b. economic corridors
c. industrial parks
d. special economic zones
144. Tne international bank for reconstruction and development is better known as bank
b. IMF
c. ADB
d. it is known by its name
145. Banks in india can establish offshore banking units in?
a. EPZ

b. SEZ
c. STP
146.regional rural banks are managed by?

b. reserve bank of india
c. sponsoring bank
d. board of respective RRB’s
147. Euro money is official currency of?
c. European union
148.the export-import bank of india(EXIM) IS a public sector financial institution created by an act of parliament viz:
a. banking regulation act, 1949
b. companies act, 1956
c. export-import bank of india act, 1981

d. the EXIM act, 1948

149. The headquarters of NABARD is situated in?
a. delhi

b. Mumbai
c. lucknow
150. Bank for international settlement(BIS) is headquartered at?
a. manila
b. Chicago

c. basle, Switzerland

d. none of these

151. Yuan is currency of which country?
a. japan
b. china
c. korea
d. Indonesia
152. Treasury bills are sold in india by?
a. reserve bank of india
b. state governments
c. commercial banks

153. The 13th finance commission headed by dr. vijay kelkar covers the period of?

a. 2008-13
c. 2010-15
d. 2011-16
154. Black revolution is associated with?
a. tea plantation
b. coffee plantation
c. rubber plantation
d. printing ink
155. “blue card” denotes?
a. a credit card
b. debit card
c. a proposition by EU to attract highly qualified professionals from other countries
d. none of the above
156. When was the SAARC established?
a. decmber 8, 1983
b. january 1, 1984
c. december 8, 1985
d. January 1, 1985
157.the infrastructure development bank of india has its headquarters on?
b. Mumbai
c. bangluru
d. Kolkata

158. Hundered rupee currency note in india bears the signature of? minister of india
b. prime minister
c.president of india
d. governor of RBI
159. Khandelwal committee relates to study of ………..issues in public sector bank adequacy ratio
b. human resources
c. branch expansion
d.foreign exchange
160. Largest bank of world in matter of branch offices
a. banks of America NT &SA;

b. state bank of india
c. Barclays bank
d. citi bank
161. “hot money” means
a. money earned through illegal transactions

b. money earned through speculative transactions

c. money used to hoard scarce commodities
d. short term capital movements from one country to another seeking safety through or, less often , higher rate of interest

162. When was currency system in india converted into decimal system?

a. 1st april, 1957
b. 1st april, 1959
c. 1st april,1961
d. 1st april, 1964
163. The definition of first priority sector was first formalised in 1972 by
a.planning commission
b. national development council

c.reserve bank of india
d. ministry of finance
164. Largest number of commercial bank offices are located in?
a. Karnataka
b. Maharashtra
c. Jharkhand

d. UP
165. Dalal street is in?
a. Kolkata- famous for jute market
b. Mumbai- famous for stock exchange market
c. delhi- famous for kabari(waste goods) market
d. banglore- famous for race course
166. MICR is used in………….industry
a. banking
b. hospitality
c. tourism
d. none of these
167. Kisan credit card can be used for financing of?
a. production needs
b. consumption needs
c. both A and B
d. none of these
168. Which is not e banking software?
a. ECS
b. IBR

169. The concept of “carbon credit” is associated with?
a. lending to mineral exploring companies

b. development of coal mines and mining sector

c. protection of environment

d. development of uranium

170. Which of following organisation release “world economic outlook report”? bank
b. IMF
d. WTO

1. The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world’s first and largest operational space launch facility. In which country is it located?
(A) France
(B) Kazakhstan
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Germany
Ans. (B) Kazakhstan

2. The International Hockey Federation has decided to allot the next Hockey World Cup in 2010 to India. In which year Hockey World Cup tournament started?
(A) 1971
(B) 1974
(C) 1976
(D) 1977
Ans. (A) 1971
3. Which among the following clubs has won the Spanish league title for the first time in three years on May 17, 2009?
(A) Barcelona
(B) Inter Millan
(C) Real Madrid
(D) Manchester United
Ans. (A) Barcelona
4. Recently Suranjoy Singh of India sizzled with a Gold on the concluding day of the European Grand Prix boxing as India finished their campaign with four medals. This contest held in ?
(A) Czech Republic.(B) Hungary
(C) Serbia
(D) Austria

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