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Ans.(A)Czezh Republic
5. Recently 12-member Sikkim Cabinet was sworn in and Pavan Kumar Chamling becomes CM for the ________?
(A) 2nd time
(B) 3rd time
(C) 4th time
(D) 5th time
Ans. (C) 4th time
6. Who among the following has been nominated to become the U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York, by US President Barack Obama?
(A) Preet Bharara
(B) Suresh Modi
(C) Rajiv Khurana
(D) Suresh Kalmadi
Ans. (A) Preet Bharara
7. The government formed the panel after many ex-servicemen returned their medals to protest the rejection of their ‘one rank one pension’ demand. Who is heading this panel ?
(A) K.M. Chandrasekhar
(B) R Balakrishanan
(C) B S Padmanabham
(D) T. Raja Shekhar
Ans. (A) K.M. Chandrasekhar
8. Recently India’s Jayanta Talukdar, Rahul Banerjee and Mangal Singh Champia, earned India a gold medal in the recurve team event of the archery World Cup Stage I. In which country this event held?
(A) Croatia
(B) Russia
(C) Ukraine
(D) Czech Republic.
Ans. (A) Croatia
9. Recently Madhu Kannan has joined as managing director & chief executive officer (CEO) of which exchange?
(A) Bombay Stock Exchange
(B) National Stock Exchange
(C) Delhi Stock exchange
(D) None of these
Ans. (A) Bombay Stock Exchange
10. Who has won his maiden International Tennis Federation (ITF) title at Delhi Lawn Tennis Association on April 25, 2009?
(A) Yuki Bhambari
(B) Vishnu Vardhan
(C) Leander Paes

(D) Mahesh Bhupti

Ans. (A) Yuki Bhambari
Barley, Sugarcane, Maize, Wheat, Chilies, Grams and Pulses - UP

Rice, Jute - WB

Tobacco - AP

Banana - TN

Black pepper , Rubber, Coconut and Cashews - Kerela

Tea - Assam

Saffron - J and K

Coffee, Cardamom and Silk - Karnataka

Onions and cotton seeds - MH

  1. FCRA – Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
    2. APEC – Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
    3. NPA – Non Performing assets
    4. Which country will ban cheque from 2018 UK.
    5. Cryogenic engines are used in – Space Shuttle
    6. Which Country supplied JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan – China
    7. Women’s Hockey Asia cup won by – China.
    8. India signed a nuclear deal with ______ in Trinidad – Canada
    9. A/c to Suresh Tendulkar Committee __ percent of Indians live in BPL – 37.
    10. NREGA was renamed as – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.
    11. Herman Van Rompuy’s is the first President of EU, he was the former PM of – Belgium.
    12. Term not used in Banking & Finance – Double Fault.

    13. Which country to build ten more nuclear reactors – Iran

    14. Author of the book The Rediscovery of India – Meghnath Desai
    15. Book written by V S Naipaul – A House for Mr Biswas
    16. Aim to achieve financial Inclusion by the year – 2012.
    17. Aim not in the 11th Five year Plan – Global warming.

  1. FCCB stand for – Foreign Currency Convertible Bond.
    2. MAT stand for – Minimum Alternate Tax..
    3. Rawatbhata is in – Rajasthan.
    4. Term not related to Hockey – Downswing related to Golf.
    9. Legion d’Honneur of France given to – Lata Mangeshkar.
    10. Apni Mandi scheme launched in – Punjab.
    11. In 15th Copenhagen Summit, India is led by – Manmohan Singh.
    12. Green Revolution II relate to – Eastern Areas.
    13. Between The Assassinations written by Aravind Adiga .
    14. Invisible book is written by – Paul Auster.
    15. Monetary Policy include – CRR and SLR.
    16. K-G gas from- Krishna Godavari basin.
    17. Zain is telecom - Kuwait

    18. Usain Bolt was named Laureus World Sportsman 2009

    19. Voting compulsory in elections to all the local bodies in – Gujarat.
    20. India export jewellry to usa.

  2. largest cotton producing state is Gujarat i guess

    largest rice producing state is west bengal

    largest milk producing state is punjab

    largest silk producing state is karnataka

    largest wheat producing state is up

    largest egg producing state is andhra pradesh

    largest tea producing state is asssam

    largest coffe producing statev is Karnataka

171. The Nippon ginko is the centeral bank of?
a. south korea
b. japan
c. china
d. Taiwan
172. The punchline “feel the difference” is associated with?

a.DCB bank
b.deutsche bank
b.YES bank
d. Citi bank card related grievances can be reffered to
a. customer forum

b. ombudsman
c.lok adalat
d. none of these
174. World investment report is annually published by?
b. WTO
c. IMF
175.which of following states showed fastest growth in expanding micro finance business in country?
b. Andhra Pradesh
c. Maharashtra 
d. Karnataka 
176. Govt. of india does not provide any direct financial assistance to which of the following schemes?
a. mahatama Gandhi national rural employment guarantee scheme
b.rural health mission
c. indira awas yojana
d.jeevan sathi yojana

177. Who is author of the book “india and global financial crisis: managing money and finance”?

a. bimal jain
b. C. rangarajan
c. manmohan singh

d. Y.V Reddy
178. Which of following is considered as financial capital of india
a. delhi
b. ahmedabad 
c. Kolkata 
d. none of these
179. A new foreign bank Sarasin & co. has launched its operations in india. This is bank based in?
a. USA
b. Switzerland
c. france
d. none of these
180. Whenever RBI does some open market operation transaction, actually it wishes to regulate which of following?
a. inflation only

b. liquidity in economy
c. borrowing powers of the banks
d. flows of foreign direct investments
181. Which committee has given its recommendations on “financial inclusion”?
a. rakesh mohan committee

b. rangarajan committee
c. sinha committee
d. none of these
182. Which of the following bank has taken over centurian bank of Punjab?

d. Axis
183. Many a time we read in newspapers that RBI has changed or revised a particular rate/ratio by a few basis point.what is basis point?
a. ten percent of one hundredth point hundredth of 1%
c. one hundredth of 10%
d. one hundredth of 1000
184. “currency swap” is an instrument to manage
a. currency risk
b.interest rate risk
c.currency and interest rate risk

d. cash flows in different currency

185. Euro bond is an instrument

a. issued in European market
b. issued in euro currency
c. issued in the country other than country of currency of bond

d. all of the above

186. Which of following programme the govt. of india has launched to develop comprehensive rural infrastructure in country?
a. bharat nirman

b. indra awas yojana

c. watershed development programme
d. none of these
187. Which of the following schemes was launched to promote exports of agricultural produce and their value added products in india?
a. vishesh krishia aur gram udyog yojana
b. financial inclusion scheme
c. rashtriya krishi vikas yojana
d. none of these
188. Many a time we read in newspapers about systematic investment palns(SIP’s). SIP’s are an investment option also operated in the mode of?
a. mutual funds
b. small savings scheme in post office
c. national pension fund
d. national pension savings
189. Grameen bank and micro credit are associated with
a. manmohan singh
b. bill gates
c. Muhammad yunus

d.aung san su ki

190. Which of the following is not a social development scheme?
a. indira awas yojana
b. mid day meal scheme
c.bharat nirman yojana
d. sarva shiksha abhayan
191. The food and agriculture organisation(FAO) is a wing/agency of?
a. world bank

b. UNO
c. assean development bank
d. ministry of agriculture, govt. of india
192. Federal reserves is the central bank of?
a. Britain
b. USA
d. Canada

193.which of following is not a measure of risk management in banks?

a. CRR

c. SLR
d. deposit insurance
194. Which of the following org./agency has established a fund known as “investor protection fund”?

c.bombay stock exchange
195. Commission for agriculture costs and prices(CACP) recommends
a. comfort price
b. state advised price
c. minimum support price
d. minimum export price
196. Which among the following is major qualitative control measure in india?
a. bank rate policy
b. open market operations
c. reserve ratio requirements
d. margin requirements

197. “ the service area approach” was a strategy launched to improve which of following?
a. micro, small and medium enterprises
b. unorganised sector
c. rural lending
d. urban industrial lending
198. High power money is produced by?
a. commercial banks
b. co-operative banks
c. ministry of finance
d. reserve bank of india
199. Which of following act has been replaced by enactment of FEMA in 1999?

b. Indian copyright act
c. Indian patent act
d. both b and c
200. VAT is imposed on?
a. directly on consumer
b. on all stages between production and final stage
c. on first stage of production
d. on final stage of production

    • * Famous Historical Monuments of India * *

      •Ajanta- Ellora Caves -Aurangabad (Maharashtra) -Built by Gupta rulers

      •Aram Bagh - Agra (UP) - Babur

      •Agra Fort Agra - (UP) - Akbar

      •Akbar’s Mausoleum - Sikandra (UP) - Akbar

      •Anand Bhawan - Allahabad (UP) - Motilal Nehru

      •Bharatpur Fort - Bharatpur(Rajasthan) - Raja Surajmal Singh

      •Bibi Ka Maqbara - Aurangabad (Maharashtra) - Aurangzeb

      •CharMinar - Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) - Quli Qutub Shah

      •Charar-e- Shar - Jammu & Kashmir - Zainul Abedin

      • Dargah Ajmer Sharif - Ajmer (Rajasthan) - Sultan Shyasuddin

      •Dilwara’s Jain Temple - Mount Abu (Rajasthan) - Siddharaja

      •Deewan-e- Khas - Agra Fort (UP) - Shahjahan

      •Adhai Din Ka Jhopra - Ajmer (Rajasthan) - Qutubuddin Aibak

      •Elephanta’s cave -Mumbai (Maharashtra) - Rashtrakuta rulers

      •Fatehpur Sikri - Agra (UP) - Akbar

      •Ferozshah Kotla - Delhi - Ferozshan Tughlaq

      •Gateway of India - Mumbai (Maharashtra) - British Govt.

      •Hauz Khas - Delhi - Alauddin Khilji

      •Hawa Mahal - Jaipur (Rajasthan) - Maharaja Pratap Singh

      •Humayun’s Tomb - Delhi - Humayun’s wife

      •Jama Masjid -Agra (UP) - Shahjahan

      •Jama masjid -Delhi - Shahjahan

      •Jagannath Temple - Puri (Odisha) - Anantvarman Ganga

      •Jantar Mantar - Delhi - Sawai Jai Singh

      •Jaigarh Fort - Jaipur (Rajasthan) - Sawai Jai Singh

      •Jim Corbett Park - Nainital (Uttarakhand) - Sir Malcom Hailley

      •Jodhpur Fort - Jodhpur (Rajasthan) - Rao Jodhaji

      •Kanheri’s Fort - Mumbai (Maharashtra) - Buddhists

      •Khirki Masjid - Delhi - Ghyasuddin Tughlaq

      •Lal Bagh - Bangaluru (Karnataka) - Hyder Ali

      •Makka Masjid - Hyderabad - Quli Qutub Shah

      •Moti Masjid - Agra Fort (UP) - Shahjahan

      •Moti Masjid - Delhi Fort - Aurangzeb

      •Nahargarh Fort - Jaipur (Rajasthan) - Sawai Jai Singh

      •Nishat Garden - Srinagar (J & K) - Asaf Ali

      •Purana Qila - Delhi - Shershan Suri

      •Qutub Minar - Delhi - Qutubuddin Aibak

      •Red Fort - Delhi - Shahjahan

      •Safdar Jung Tomb - Delhi - Shuja-ud-daula

      •Shantiniketan - West Bengal - Rabindra Nath Tagore

      •Shish Mahal - Agra (UP) - Shahjahan

      •Shalimar Garden - Srinagar (J & K) - Jahangir

      •Saint George Fort - Chennai (Tamil Nadu) - East India Company

      •Sun Temple - Kornak (Odisha) - Narsimhadeva I

      •Swarna Mandir (Golden Temple) - Amritsar (Punjab) - Guru Ramdas

      •Tajmahal Agra - UP - Shahjahan

      •Vellure Math - Kolkata (West Bengal) - Swami Vivekanand

      •Victoria Memorial - Kolkata (West Bengal) - British Govt.

      •Vishnupad Temple - Gaya (Bihar) - Rani Ahiliabai

      •Vijaya Stambha - Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) - Maharana Kumbha

Some impt defence achievements of India in 2012 

BrahMos, the supersonic cruise missile, was successfully test-fired on 28 March 2012 by BrahMos Aerospace, off the coast of Odisha

The Indian Navy on 4 April 2012 inducted a Russian-origin nuclear submarine, INS Chakra, into its flotilla

India on 19 April 2012 successfully test-fired its maiden nuclear-tipped inter-continental ballistic missile ( ICBM) Agni-V in Orissa

The Indian navy inducted newly-built INS Teg in its fleet at the Yantar shipyard in Russia's Kaliningrad on 27 April 2012

India successfully test-fired the indigenously built Akash missile in Orissa

Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-187 was commissioned by Vice Admiral MP Muralidharan, the Director General Indian Coast Guard, at Okha in Gujarat on 11 June 2012

India successfully test-fired indigenously developed Agni-I ballistic missile from a test range at Wheeler Island off Odisha coast

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) successfully test-fired Brahmos supersonic cruise missile in Orissa

India on 9 August 2012 successfully test-fired domestically built surface-to-surface two stage Agni-II ballistic missile

Micro-light pilot-less target aircraft Lakshya-1 was successfully test-flown from the launch complex-2 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur on 23 August 2012

India on 19 September 2012 test fired its nuclear-capable surface-to-surface Agni-IV missile from Wheeler Island, off the Odisha Coast

The Indian space odyssey crossed a historic landmark on Sunday when a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C21) put in orbit two foreign satellites. It marked the 100th space mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation which started the journey in 1975 with the launch of its first satellite 'Aryabhata.'It was PSLV's 21st consecutively successful flight. PSLV-C21 is India's 38th satellite launch vehicle to lift off from Sriharikota. India has so far put in orbit 62 Indian satellites. The two numbers add up the century that ISRO celebrated on Sunday.

India at the London Olympics #imp 

1)A total of 83 athletes, 60 men and 23 women, competed in 13 sports. Men's field hockey was the only team-based sport in which India had its representation in these Olympic
games. India also marked its Olympic return in weightlifting, after the International Weightlifting Federation imposed a two-year suspension for the nation's athletes in Beijing because of doping scandal.

2)This was India's most successful Olympics based
on the medal standings, winning a total of 6
medals (2 silver and 4 bronze

1)Silver Vijay Kumar Shooting Men's 25m rapid fire pistol
2)Silver Sushil Kumar Wrestling Men's 66 kg freestyle
3) Bronze Gagan Narang Shooting Men's 10 m air rifle 
4) Bronze Saina Nehwal Badminton Women's singles
5)Bronze- Mary Kom- Boxing Women's flyweight
6) Bronze Yogeshwar Dutt- Wrestling Men's 60kg Freestyle

7)London 2012 are the first Olympic Games whose guidelines include the recycling of PVC

and the opening ceremony was called 'isle of wonder'
8)The official BARB ratings give the opening ceremony a rating of 24.24 million viewers, the
highest audience for any British television broadcast since 1996
9)country with largest participating athletes:

GBR Great Britain 541

USA United States 530
RUS Russia 436

AUS Australia 410

CHN China 396

GER Germany 392

FRA France 330

201. Which of following committees recommended the revival of cooperative credit institutions in states?
a. vaidayanath committee
b. rangarajan committee
c. sanchar committee
d. none of these
202. What is “hawala”?
a. illegal transactions of foreign exchange
b. full details of subject
c. illegal trading of shares
d. tax evasion
203. The unit banking system is very popular in?
a. England
b. japan
c. india
d. USA
204. Grasham’s law relates to?
a. money supply
b. money and prices
c. real output
d. employment
205. The logo of “bank of baroda” is known as
a. sun of bank of baroda
b.baroda sun
c. bank of baroda’s rays
d. sunlight of bank of baroda
206.pradhan mantra gram sadak yojana was launched in?
a. 1999
b. 2000

c. 2001
d. 2002

207. Which city of india is famous for production of cigars?
a. trichy
b. Ludhiana
c. dhanbad
d. Kolkata
208.the one rupee note bears the signature of?
a. secretary, ministry of finance

b. governor, RBI

c. finance minister
d. none of these
209. India’s maximum forign exchange is spent on?
a. imports of foodgrains

b. imports of iron and steel

c. import of petroleum products
d. import of technical know-how
210. India earns maximum forex through export of?
a. leather goods

b. handicrafts
c. electronic goods
d. engineering goods
211. The largest expenditure being incurred from combined revenue expenditure of centre, states and union territories is on?
a. health
b. education
c. interest payments
d. defence services
212. Rupee coin was first minted in india during the rule of?
a. shahjahan
b. sher shah suri
c. east india company
d. razia sultana
213. The rupee coin was first minted in?
a. 1542
b. 1601
c. 1809
214. Paper currency first started in india in?
a. 1862
b. 1542
c. 1601
d. 1680
215. Whose signature appears on ten rupee currency note?
a. minster of finance
b. RBI governor

c. secretary, ministry of finance

d. none of these

Which was the first place to get electricity in India? Kolar Gold fields, Mysore Kingdom, (1902)

Which was World's first supersonic aircraft? Bell X-1

Who was first Indian to win Nobel prize in economics? Amartya Sen

Who was the first Indian (individual sports) to win a gold medal in olympics? Abhinav BindraWho was the first Indian to have a wax statue at Madame Tussaud's? M K Gandhi

Who was the First Indian to score an ODI century? Kapil Dev

Who was the first Indian to win an Olympics medal in wrestling? K D Jadhav (1958)

Who was the first Indian to win the Grammy Award? Pandit Ravi Shankar

Who was the first non-European to be awarded Nobel prize in literature? Rabindranath Tagore

Who was the first woman film star to be a member of Rajya Sabha? Nargis Dutt

Who was the first woman speaker of loksabha? Meira Kumar

216. Which of following commodities earn maximum foreign exchange for india?
a. jute
b. iron and steel
c. tea
d. sugar
217. The commodity for which india spends the largest amount to import is?
a. iron and steel
b. foodgrains
c. crude petroleum d. fertilizers
218. An ad-valorem duty is tax basis
a. price of commodity
b. value added
c. advertisement expenses
d. unit of commodity
219. Indian currency was last demonetized in?
a. 1951
b. 1955

c. 1960

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