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d. 1978
220. The first devaluation of Indian currency took place in?
a. 1947
b. 1950
c. 1951
d. 1949
221. Indian currency was last devalued in?
a. 1955
b. 1956
c. 1991
d. 1951
222. The new bank of india was merged on 1993 with?
a. state bank
b. Punjab national bank c. central bank
d. state bank of Patiala
223. A firm is said to be of optimum size when?
a. average total cost is at minimum
b. marginal cost is at minimum
c. marginal cost is equal to marginal revenue
d. the firm is maximizing its profit
224. The slope of an indifference curve represents the?
a. elasticity of demand is good
b. marginal rate of substitution between two goods
c. ratio of prices of two goods
d. postion of consumer equilibrium
225. The elasticity of a straight line demand curve
a. may have varying values along its length

b. must be equal to zero

c. must be equal to infinity
d. must be equal to one
226. If the elasticity of demand for good is equal to (-) 2% then a 1% rise will
a. raise quantity demanded by 2%
b. raise total revenue by 1%
c. lower the quantity demanded by 2%
d. lower the quantity demanded by 1%
227. An indifference curve for an individual consumer represents graphically?
a. the quantities of one good which are equal to quantities of another good
b. the way in which consumer spends his income on two goods
c. the possible combination of two goods which he can buy with income d. combination of two goods which have the same marginal utility
228. Of the gross tax revenue of the union government, the indirect taxes accounts for only?
a. 70%
b. 75%
c. 65%
d. 60%
229. For most of consumers, milk and tea are substitute goods . therefore we should expect a rise in price of milk to lead to?
a. a rightward shift in the demand for the other commodity
b. a leftward shift in the supply curve of tea
c. a fall in price of tea
d. an upward shift in demand curve for tea

230.if the marginal propensity to save of the rich is greater than that of poor, then a redistribution of income from poor to rich will raise?

a. the average propensity to consume
b. consumption out of given income c. saving out of given income
d. neither consumption nor saving out of given income
231.when was india’s first human development report(HDR) Published?
a. june 2000
b. april 2002
c. may 2001
d. may 2007
232. “Adhaar” number is of how may digits?
a. 11
b. 10
c. 12 d. 18
233. Who is main head or president of island development authority?
a. president of india b. prime minister
c. home minister
d. minister of rural development
234. Which of following is odd one out?
c.ONGC d.ESSAR OIL 235. When was SAIL established?
a. 1974 b. 1984
c. 1990
d. 1954
236. Where are the headquarters of council for advancement of people’s action and rural technology(CAPART)
a. Mumbai
b. Kolkata
c. new delhi
d. nashik
237. The layout of second five year plan was based on the model of?
a. b.n gadgil
b. p.c mahalanobis
c. v.k.r.v roy
d. none of these
238. The establishment year of “india brand equity fund” is?

a. 1996

b. 1997
c. 1998
d. 1999
239. When was the formal announcement of establishment of “Indian ocean rim association for regional corporation” was announced?
a. 5 march, 1996
b. 5 march, 1997
c. 1 april, 1998
d. 15 august, 1947
240. During the time period of which five year plan, slogan of “garibi hatao” was made?
a. ninth
b. fifth
c. fourth
d. second
241. According to 2011 census, which of the following state is below than average literacy rate of india?
a. Maharashtra
b. Gujarat
c. odisha
d. Bengal
242. Which of the following country is not a member of “BIMSTEC”?
a. Pakistan
b. india
c. Bangladesh
d. shri lanka
243. which of the following state is ahead than others from industrial point of view?
a. west Bengal
b. odisha
c. Maharashtra
d. Madhya Pradesh
244. how many nations are the members of BIMSTEC?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 8
d. 10
245. Largest producer of mineral oil is?
a. Saudi arab
b. Russia
c. USA

d. Ecuador

246. Which five year plan is also known as “rolling plan”?
a. 3rd
b. 4th

c. 6th 

d. 7th
247.which of the following country has highest production of wheat ?
a. india

b. china
c. USA
d. Switzerland
248. The first EPZ was established in?
a. kerala
b. Vishakhapatnam
c. noida
d. soorat 249. Which of following is related to “blue revolution”?
a. fish
b. pottery
c. cotton
d. coffee
250 “dhoom machade, rang jamade” is punch line of which company?
a. coca cola
b. pepsi
c. paan parag
d. thums up
Q1. The great scientist ..... himself with ability and moderation all ..... the conference.

(1) felt, about 

(2) displayed, in 
(3) disclosed, besides
conducted, through
(5) presented, though

Q2. In a world ..... by men for so many years, women are only though ..... for jobs like typists, receptionists and teachers.

(1) created, suitable 
(2) governed, qualified
(3) controlled, eligible
dominated, competent
(5) ruled, fit

Q3. This partly explains how the Mehta family has been able to ..... its lavish lifestyle in recent times, despite the fact that all its assets have been .....

(1) keep up, destroyed 
(2) develop, liquidated
(3) afford, attached
(4) keep, removed

(5) continue, squandered

Q4. Moreover, a fact-finding mission ..... by BSN to India in January this year strongly recommended that the French group should go it alone, and not hand over ..... to an Indian partner.

(1) constituted, authority 

(2) organised, papers 
despatched, control 
(4) sponsored, power
(5) set up, rights

Q5. The leaders were ..... needed by those to ..... they were addressed.

(1) angrily, who 
(2) readily, which
scarcely, whom 
(4) rarely, where
(5) joyfully, when

1. I’m afraid our plans have fallen _______. We’ll have to think again

a through

b out 
c over
d behind

2. Many friends have known of his habit of stealing that __________ him infamous.

a would make
b has made 
c have made
d will make
3. Come, visit me in Goa and it will be just the _______ we so urgently need, writes Aimee Ginsburg to a friend stubbornly_______ of its storied charms.

a sanctuary immune

b evasion inured
c escape unconvinced 
d dodging uninitiated

4. The government has _______ its savings and is mired in a debt crisis that is no longer sustainable without help from the EU—which is _______for drastic cuts.

a dissipated clinkering
b squandered clamoring 
c expended vociferating
d trifled remonstrating

Project Nanhi Kali is an Indian non-governmental organisation that supports education for underprivileged girls in India. Founded by Anand Mahindra in 1996, it is jointly managed by theNaandi Foundation and the KC Mahindra Education Trust, which is part of the corporate social responsibility activities of the Mahindra Group. Currently, Project Nanhi Kali supports over 57,000 students.

Project Nanhi Kali sees educating girls and women as a way to positively impact India in the long run. Sheetal Mehta, the president of the non-profit organisation, told the Daily News and Analysis in an interview that "we wanted to create global awareness about the plight of young girls in the country who are denied their basic right."
Students who are selected for Nanhi Kali receive both financial and academic support. They attend special classes to learn math, science, and language concepts. Nanhi Kali pays for thehidden costs of their education, including pencils, notebooks, uniforms, school bags, clothes, and shoes. Funding is from individual and corporate donors, who sponsor a particular child and receive regular updates on her progress at school. Sponsors can also go to the online "Girl Store" to purchase particular items for a student. The Mahindra Group sponsors the education of 11,000 girl children through Project Nanhi Kali.
Third-party assessments show that Nanhi Kali has a significant impact on the girls' lives. Over a one year period, Nanhi Kali students' improvement in learning outcomes ranged from 40 percent in tribal Chhattisgarh to 78 percent in Mumbai.
Child Labor 
The 2001 national census of India estimated the total number of child labour, aged 5–14, to be at 12.6 million. Child labor problem is not unique to India; worldwide, about 217 million children work, many full-time.

In 2001, out of a 12.6 million, about 12 million children in India were in a hazardous job.UNICEF estimates that India with its larger population, has the highest number of labourers in the world under 14 years of age, while sub-saharan African countries have the highest percentage of children who are deployed as child labour.International Labour Organizationestimates that agriculture at 60 percent is the largest employer of child labor in India, while United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization estimates 70 percent of child labour is deployed in agriculture and related activities. Outside of agriculture, child labour is observed in almost all informal sectors of the Indian economy.

Article 24 of India's constitution prohibits child labour. Additionally, various laws and the Indian Penal Code, such as the Juvenile Justice (care and protection) of Children Act-2000, and the Child Labour (Prohibition and Abolition) Act-1986 provide a basis in law to identify, prosecute and stop child labour in India.
Many NGOs like Bachpan Bachao Andolan, CARE India, Child Rights and You, Global march against child labor, RIDE India etc. have been working to eradicate child labour in India.
Pratham is India's largest non-governmental organization with the mission 'every child in school and learning well.' Founded in 1994, Pratham has aimed to reduce child labour and offer schooling to children irrespective of their gender, religion and social background. It has grown by introducing low cost education models that are sustainable and reproducible.In 2005, Pratham was involved in coordinating a child labour rescue operation with India's Ministry of Labour and police, when around 500 children were rescued from zari sweatshops in New Delhi.

341.india state of forest report 2011 puts forest area in the country at:
a. above 30%
b. between 27% to 30%
c. below 25%

d. between 30 % to 35%

342. CONCORD of 8 states of northern region is a scheme of?
c. CII
d. a joint scheme of all of the above
343. Which scheme is not related with rural development?
b. JRY
c. IRDP d. CRY
344. What portion of earth in india is covered with forests?
a. 1/5
b. 1/4
c. 1/3
d. 2/5 
345. ECOMARC is a symbol related to?
a. export goods
b. import goods
c. goods safe for environment
d. best quality
346. Income tax in india was introduced by?
a. sir Charles wood
b. lord macaule
c. james Wilson
d. William jones
347. Durgapur steel plant was constructed with assistance given by
b. france
c. USA 
d. germany
348. India and Bangladesh has made an agreement to run train between two countries between?
a. sialdah and Dhaka
b. sialdah and jaidevpur
c. Kolkata and Dhaka
d. Kolkata and jaidevpur

349. “planning and the poor” book is written by:

a. david Ricardo
b. b.s minhas c. gunner Myrdal
d. none of these
350. Name the only miss india universe , which was honoured by government of Jharkhand with collaboration of Indian post by releasing post cards and stamps featuring her?
a. vanya mishra
b. priyanka chopra
c. sushmita sen
d. tanushree dutta
296.which Indian plan ensured high growth rate as compared with target growth?
a. 2nd
b. 3rd
c. 5th
d. 8th
297. Which committee was constituted for reforms in tax structure?
a. narsimham committee
b. chelliah committee
c. gadgil committee
d. kelkar committee
298. KVIC(khadi and village industry commission) was established during?
a. 3rd plan
b. 2nd plan
c. 5th plan
d. 4th paln
299. The country producing maximum silk in the world is?
a. india
b. japan
c. south korea d. china

300. The minimum support price of wheat(per qt.) for marketing year 2012-13 was declared to be?

a. 1250
b. 1080
c. 1100 d. 1285
301. According to 2011 census, which state has maximum slum population?
a. UP
b. MP
c. maharshtra
d. Jharkhand
302. National rural development institute is situated at?
a. shimla
b. Hyderabad
c. patna
d. new delhi
303. Nirmal gram pursakar is associated with?
a. rural drinking water
b. enlarging forests
c. elementary education
d. total sanitation campaign
304. The first garib-rath has been flaged between?
a. delhi-patna
b. delhi-chennai
c. delhi-mumbai
d. Amritsar-sarsa
305. Which of folloeing is not member of EEC?
a. Poland
b. germany
c. Italy
d. U.K
306. What is “super-301”?
a. a name of modern computer
b. a new variety of rice 
c. American trade law
d. Ecuador trade law
307. Which day is celebrated as “national excise duty day”?
a. 26th January

b. 24th February

c. 14th april
d. 10th june
308. Lahiri committee is associated with?
a. industrial sickness
b. minimum support price of agriculture products c. price structure of edible oil
d. handicraft exports 
309. IRDA constituted a committee for studying various aspects related to health insurance of senior citizens under the chairmenship of?
a. r. chidambram
b. v. kishore singh deo
c. k.s shastri
d. abhijit sinha many zones are there in Indian railways at present?
a. 16 b. 17
c. 18
d. 19
311. Which sector got high rate of growth in its cooperative units?

a. sugar
b. cotton textile
c. jute
d. cement
312. The first fully literate district outside the kerala state is?
a. wardhman(west bengal)
b. chinelpattu(tamil nadu)
c. nashik(maharashtra)
d. merkata(karnataka)
313. Tax information network(TIN), started in January 2004 is associated with?
a. sales tax
b. excise duty 
c. income tax
d. corporation tax
314. Indravati hydroelectric project is multipurpose project of?

a. Maharashtra

b. Gujarat
c. Jharkhand

d. odisha
315. Primary deficit is measured by fiscal deficit less
a. revenue deficit
b. public debt
c. interest payment
d. depreciation
316. Which of following committee is related to infrastructure financing?
a. Deepak parekh committee
b. t. Shankar committee
c. t.s vijayan
d. o.p garg
317. National stock exchange has introduced a new share index in place of NSE-100 in april 1996. It is known as
a. NSE-200
318. Who has been the chairman of newly constituted UIDAI?
a. rahul khullar
b. nirupama rao

c. nandan nilekani
d. d subba rao
319. Which state has not yet established any RRB?
a. sikkam and goa
b. bihar and rajasthan
c. sikkam and arunachal Pradesh
d. Nagaland
320. “canfina” is associated with?
a. canara bank
b. SBI
c. national housing bank
d. standard chartered bank
321. Operation flood programme was introduced in?
a. 1951

c. 1975
d. 1985
322. Health insurance business is associated with?
a. LIC
b. UTI

c. GIC
d. state trading corporation

323. Which day has been decided to celebrate as income tax day

a. july 21
b. july 22
c. july 23
d. july 24
324. DWCRA was merged with?
a. JRY
325. In which state “kanya vidyadhan yojana” is operational?
a. UP
b. MP
c. Rajasthan
d. Haryana
326. Which rank india attains in tobacco production?
b. 2nd
c. 4th
d. 6th 
327.”food for work programme” is renamed as?
d. MNP
328. SITTDEC-“south investment trade and technology data exchange centre” is a scheme of?
c. G-7
d. G-15(correction)
329.which fertilizer is mostly consumed in india?
a. N
b. P
c. K
d. all are used in equal ratio
330. Indian banks have maximum foreign branches in?
a. Bangladesh

b. U.K
c. USA
d. sri lanka
331. “golden handshake scheme” is associated with?
a. inviting foreign companies
b. private investment in public enterprises
c. establishing joint enterprises
d. voluntary retirement

332. Sunderrajan committee was related to?

a. petroleum
b. energy
c. communication
d. air transport

333. As per Indian state of forest report 2011, the state having maximum forest area is?

a. rajasthan

b. Madhya Pradesh
c. arunachal Pradesh
d. uttar Pradesh
334. Who is chairman of “ASSOCHAM”?
a. pramod dev

b. raj kumar dhut
c. jagdish kapoor
d. kamlesh verma
335. What is CRR minimum limit for a commercial bank to be deposited with RBI?
a. 3%
b. 10%
c. 5%
d. 6%
336. TRIPS “trade related intellectual property rights” and TRIMS “trade related investment measures” are associated with?
a. preston proposal
b. dunkel proposal
c.chelliah committee
d. none of these
337. As a result of green revolution, which foodgrains had a reduced percentage in total foodgrains production?
a. wheat
b. rice
c. cereals and pulses
d. none of these
338. Which city is known as ‘electronic city”?
a. gurgaon
b. banglore
c. jaipur
d. salem(tamil nadu)
339. Which bank in india became the first bank to open its branch in china?
a. IDBI bank

c. state bank of india
d. Punjab national bank
340. Which of following is not helpful in controlling money supply?

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