It is the one-word title of Sharon Osborne's 2005 autobiography as well as a 1995 tv series about a search and rescue patrol. (*)


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Ann B. Davis 2008: A Barker's Dozen

Tossups for Pitt Upside Down Sinners

by Steve Ziemak, Michael Davies, Susan Glassburn, and Toby Horn

FIRST PERIOD – "Stay Home" Bonuses in Effect
1. It is the one-word title of Sharon Osborne's 2005 autobiography as well as a 1995 TV series about a search and rescue patrol. (*) This word is also contained in the names of a Marvel superhero whose real name was Adam Neramani, Vanilla Ice's breakthrough album, a dubbed Japanese game show on Spike TV, and an ABC home improvement show. For 10 points--what adjective names the metal band that sang "More Than Words" and also describes a class of sports that includes snowboarding and motocross?

Answer: EXTREME or X-Treme (Note: for full effect answer should be shouted.)

2. In Legal Eagles, Robert Redford tap dances to this to try to wear himself out while it plays on the television (*). In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell's character sings this song and does some of the dance moves while his gang rapes a writer's wife. In What About Bob?, the Marvin family sings this song as well. Finally, For 10 points--Gene Kelly eventually caved to the demands of the Muppets in a 1980 episode and performed this titular song, probably his most famous.

Answer: "Singin' in the Rain"

3. Described as an "indie-rock Switzerland" in Pitchfork's review of their DJ Kicks mixtape, they are known for remixing songs by such undanceworthy artists as Matthew Dear and Bright Eyes (*). They signed with the Moshi Moshi label and released Coming on Strong in 2004. DFA has released their records in the US, including NME's top single of 2006, and the Mercury Prize-nominated album The Warning. For 10 points--what is this nerdy, mostly-electronic British dance band, known for the amusing green-screen video for the song "Over and Over"?

Answer: Hot Chip

4. Name's the same. One was a 16th round draft pick the White Sox in 2001, and the other was the Ivy League's first two-sport Rookie of the Year at Princeton (*). In 2007, one led NL rookies in stolen bases and finished fourth in Rookie of the Year voting while the other posted a 3.12 ERA and won the NL's All Star Final Vote. For 10 points--what full name is shared by an Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder and a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres?

Answer: Chris Young

5. He teamed up with Deadman and Etrigan during the Crisis on Infinite Earths to stop the Shadow from destroying the entire spiritual plane. This was accomplished by teaching the Shadow the knowledge he gained form the Parliament of Trees. Initially (*) thought to be a mutation of Alec Holland's burned body, Allan Moore famously retconned the series, changing the hero to be a creature that only thought it was Holland. For 10 points--name this DC Comics creature made entirely of vegetable matter, which has also appeared in several movies.

Answer: Swamp Thing

6. The ending of the series finale of this show mirrors the ending of the pilot, both showing the title characters sharing a meal through a window (*). The two women are discussing the future over coffee in both episodes, though those futures have changed in the finale. The younger is about to head off on the campaign trail as a journalist, and the older is resuming a relationship with the diner's owner. As they sit in Luke's diner, the seven year run ends of--for 10 points--what WB turned CW series about a single mother and her teenage daughter?

Answer: Gilmore Girls

7. It was co-written with James Rich and first recorded for RCA five years before it became a hit, showcasing the skill that led its performer to appear on such hits as Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". Covered by Gil Trythall with "Moog" replacing (*) the original titular instrument, and by Chet Atkins with "Axe" in the title, it was described on The Daily Show as "a secret song that makes things go faster". For 10 points--name this 1963 Boots Randolph tune which became synonymous with fast-forwarded hilarity after its use in the closing credits of The Benny Hill Show.

Answer: "Yakety Sax"

SECOND PERIOD – Jackpot Scoring in Effect (unused points carry from previous tossups)
8. An expansion franchise in 1967, they drafted Pat Riley first overall before losing a then-NBA record 67 games. Four years later they moved from (*) San Diego to their current city, where they would make several playoff runs led by Moses Malone and Rudy Tomjanovich. They became the only six-seed to win the NBA Finals in 1995, winning their second straight title. For 10 points--name this NBA franchise whose current roster includes Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming.

Answer: Houston Rockets (accept city and/or nickname)

9. One of the two previous films adapted from this work was The Omega Man, which was directed by Boris Sagal and starred Charlton Heston. Since then, the (*) property was slated to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, and then as a movie directed by Michael Bay. While the book ends with the protagonist's execution, the most recent version of the story ends with two characters fleeing to a colony in Vermont. For 10 points--name this 1954 novel or the 2007 film with the same title starring Will Smith fighting mutants created by cancer-curing drug.

Answer: I Am Legend

10. Frequent guests have included ex-military man Ed Dames, activist Alex Jones, and ufologist Lionel Fanthorpe. It appears in the video game Prey and is parodied in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as "Area 53" (*). Created in 1989 as a Las Vegas-area political talk show, its host later moved to the town of Pahrump where he encouraged unscreened callers with improvable claims. For 10 points--name this paranormal- and conspiracy-minded radio show that airs in the middle of the night, created by Art Bell and now hosted by George Noory.

Answer: Coast to Coast AM (accept "Coast to Coast [AM] with George Noory" or "Coast to Coast (AM) with Art Bell" – prompt on "Art Bell show" or equivalents)

11. The Tubes' Young & Rich and the soundtrack to Crocodile Dundee contain songs named for this, which was also used to describe fat cats "at the Fortune 500 Club" in a song by the Coup. In a hit song David Banner and Lil' Flip speak of looking "Like" a member of (*) this profession, which is followed by Willie, the titular protagonist of a song on Frank Zappa's album Hot Rats. In "It Was a Good Day", Ice Cube is proclaimed by a blimp to be--for 10 points--this type of criminal, for which "It's Hard Out There" in the Oscar-winning song from Hustle + Flow.

Answer: pimp

12. Early in her career, she won 44 national golf events in her homeland as well as five straight Junior Golf National Championship titles. While attending the University of (*) Arizona, she was named NCAA Player of the Year twice and won the Pac-10 Championship in 2001. Her first LPGA major win came at the Women's British Open in 2007, a season in which she earned over $4,000,000. For 10 points--name this Mexican golfer, the number one ranked player on the LPGA Tour.

Answer: Lorena Ochoa

13. A member of the Intergalactic Alliance stationed in the Gamma Quadrant (*), or so he believes, this character is met with doubt at first due to his lofty claims. He proved his power to most of his peers by falling out a window and gliding to a safe landing, though his chief rival Woody remained unconvinced. Eventually, he and Woody would work together to escape imminent destruction by Sid and return to Andy. For 10 points--name this plastic spaceman voiced by Tim Allen in Toy Story, known for his catchphrase "To Infinity… and Beyond".

Answer: Buzz Lightyear

14. Their drummer was once the lead vocalist of Snakes N' Barrels, and their lead guitarist was briefly a member of Smugly Dismissed. (*) Due to their immense wealth, they are considered the 12th largest economy in the world. Their fans are willing to sign "pain wavers," which absolve them of any responsibility for the hundreds of deaths which have occurred by crushing, impalement, and decapitation at their concerts. For 10 points--name this death metal band led by Nathan Explosion, the stars of [adult swim]'s Metalocalypse.

Answer: Dethklok (Do not accept Metalocalyspe)

THIRD PERIOD – No Special Rules
15. Originating in Germany in 1939 as Fanta Klare Zitrone, it came to the United States in 1961 and by 1989, it had, thanks to market pressure on bottlers, replaced its chief rival (*) as the domestic market leader among non-colas.  In 2004, a character named Miles Thirst, voiced by Reno Wilson, was used in its marketing campaign, and Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have all served as spokespersons for this longtime NBA sponsor.  For 10 points--name this clear "lymon" beverage distributed by Coca-Cola.

Answer: Sprite

16. Its B-side was "Are My Ears on Straight", and its singer later recorded a version of "The Angel in the Christmas Play" under the name Jamie Horton (*). Written in 1950 without a goal in mind, it was recorded three years later in an effort to publicize the Oklahoma City Zoo's need for a certain animal. Later covered on Captain and Tennille's 2007 Christmas album, For 10 points-- what is this seasonal ditty in which 10-year-old Gayla Peevey claims that "crocodiles or rhinoceroses" are less desirable than the titular ungulate, which "teacher says is a vegetarian"?

Answer: "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"

17. Lucy has a crush on Peter, who doesn't know who she is. She meets his brother, Jack, while visiting Peter in the hospital (*), where she inadvertently tells their entire family that she and Peter are engaged. Peter is convinced that he has amnesia that made him forget Lucy. A disbelieving Jack tries to prove that Lucy is a fake, but with no success. Lucy confides in their godfather Saul, who proves to be no help. In the end, Lucy admits to Peter that she fell in love with his brother--for 10 points--during his coma in this 1995 romantic comedy.

Answer: While You Were Sleeping

18. First started in 1978, its initial winner was Navy. It's the only bowl game to host a national champion team and not be a January bowl game, when (*) in 1984 an undefeated BYU beat Michigan 24-17. More recent matchups have featured upsets of BCS rejects such as Texas Tech over one-loss Cal in 2004 and Oklahoma's defeat of Oregon in 2005. For 10 points--name this bowl game in San Diego that currently features teams from the Big 12 and Pac-10 conferences.

Answer: Pacific Life Holiday Bowl

19. His first sale was the short story "The Hero" to Galaxy magazine in 1970, and within 10 years he had won 3 Hugos and one Nebula award, including one of each for his novelette "Sandkings." His only non-fantasy or science fiction novel, (*) Armageddon Rag, was published in 1983, but his greatest success to date began in 1996 with the publishing of A Game of Thrones, the first book of his Song of Ice and Fire series. For 10 points--name this author and editor of Wild Cards, who shares his middle initials with the creator of The Lord of the Rings.

Answer: George R.R. Martin

20. In 2007 he recorded From Silence to Sorcery, and Six Litanies for Heliogabalus, one of many collaborations with extreme metal musicians and vocalist Mike Patton. His (*) jazz works include The Big Gundown and Spy vs. Spy, and he explores his Jewish heritage in Kristallnacht and the Masada albums. For 10 points--name this prolific saxophonist and composer whose band Naked City recorded the scary music in Michael Haneke's Funny Games.

Answer: John Zorn

21. He played the victim of a sexual predator in 2001's L.I.E, and in preparation for a role in Fast Food Nation he made three unsuccessful attempts to get a job at a McDonald's. He starred in the Lifetime movie (*) Too Young to be a Dad in 2002 and was one of Kevin Kline's students in The Emperor's Club. Scheduled to appear in 2008's Where the Wild Things Are, his most recent role was in 2007's There Will Be Blood. For 10 points--name this young actor who was nominated for several awards for his portrayal of Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine.

Answer: Paul Dano


22. This actress began her career on television in 1965 on a single season series geared toward teens (*). Her follow-up sitcom also capitalized on her perkiness and petite figure, quickly flying through three seasons. After spending much of her career in the movies, she returned to series television with guest stints on shows like ER, for which she won an Emmy as Abby's mother, Maggie. For 10 points--name this most recent Emmy winner for best actress as the matriarch, Nora, on Brothers and Sisters.

Answer: Sally Field

Ann B. Davis 2008: A Barker's Dozen

Bonuses for Pitt Upside Down Sinners

by Steve Ziemak, Michael Davies, Susan Glassburn and Toby Horn

1. Sometimes a line is so good, or so cheesy, that it shows up in multiple movies. For 10 points each…

(10) In a 1970 movie, Ryan O'Neal says this immortally cheesy line to Ali MacGraw.

Answer: "Love means never having to say you're sorry."

(10) Name that movie.

Answer: Love Story

(10) In this 1972 Peter Bogdanovich movie, Barbra Streisand repeats that line to Ryan O'Neal, who responds, "That's the dumbest thing I ever heard."

Answer: What's Up, Doc?

2. For 10 points--name these songs that appear in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.
(10) One of the bands performing at the San Dimas Battle of the Bands is Primus, who are seen playing this song whose album version features Tom Waits as the titular feline.

Answer: "Tommy the Cat"

(10) We don't hear the song that Wyld Stallyns ["wild stallions"] perform at the Battle of the Bands, because during their performance this KISS cover of an Argent song is heard on the soundtrack.

Answer: "God Gave Rock and Roll to You"

(10) In order to enter Heaven, Bill and Ted respond to St. Peter's request for the meaning of life by singing the chorus to this Poison ballad.

Answer: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"

3. 1Video games often lose a little something in translation when they make the leap from Japan to America. Name some of those titles for the stated number of points.

(5) This Sega Genesis title spawned an entire internet meme with an opening sequence that featured such gems as "In A.D. 2101, war was beginning" and "Someone set up us the bomb".

Answer: Zero Wing

(10) This sequel to one of the most beloved NES titles was as susceptible as its predecessor to translation issues, with NPC's making helpful comments such as "I am Error".

Answer: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

(15) Enemies in this NES beat-em-up gave us such classics as "BARF!" "Smash!" and "Hold it! Rocko says punks can't pass!"

Answer: River City Ransom

4. On May 10, 2007 Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his departure from Dale Earnhardt Inc. For 10 points each…
(10) Earnhardt signed a five-year contract with this team, joining Jeff Gordon and NEXTEL cup champion Jimmie Johnson.

Answer: Hendrick Motorsports

(10) Since his familiar #8 will be staying with DEI, Junior's 2008 car will feature this number, much to the relief of his tattooed fans.

Answer: 88

(10) The #88 car will be sponsored by the US National Guard and what Mountain Dew brand energy drink?

Answer: AMP Energy

5. The Arena Football League has produced a few of successful NFL players. Name a few for 10 points each.
(10) Undrafted out of Northern Iowa, this quarterback led the AFL's Iowa Barnstormers to two Arena Bowls before winning Super Bowl XXXIV.

Answer: (Kurtis Eugene) "Kurt" Warner

(10) After a one-year AFL stint in New Jersey, he was the XFL's first and only MVP. A year later he returned to the NFL, where he was named Comeback Player of the Year with the Steelers.

Answer: (Thomas Alfred) "Tommy" Maddox

(10) This Pro Bowl kicker spent three years in the AFL before joining his current team. He set multiple NFL records in 2007 with his eight field goal performance in Houston.

Answer: (James Robert Douglas) "Rob" Bironas

6. Given info about a fake trailer in Grindhouse, name the fake movie for 10 points each.
(10) This film's titular protagonist is a hired Mexican gunman, who is betrayed by his employers. Aided by his old friend in the priesthood they get revenge, mostly using this eponymous weapon.

Answer: Machete

(10) Featuring Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu and Udo Kier as Franz Hess, this trailer describes a movie about Hitler's attempts to create female super soldiers using the blood of lycanthropes.

Answer: Werewolf Women of the SS

(10) Mimicking the style of other holiday themed horror films, especially Halloween, this trailer tells of a traditional American holiday gone horribly wrong.

Answer: Thanksgiving

7. For 10 points each, name the otherwise nonexistent entities which manifested briefly for one song or album.
(10) In 1985 Bobby Daniels and Lloyd Barry collaborated with the team that would soon be NFL champions to record the Grammy-nominated "Super Bowl Shuffle" as this recording act.

Answer: The Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew (prompt on "Chicago Bears")

(10) The Onion AV Club awarded "Least Essential Album of the 1990s" to the self-titled 1991 album by this cartoon character, best known for appearing on Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract".

Answer: MC Skat Kat

(10) Also in 1991, Arsenio Hall donned a fat suit to portray this rapper, whose album Large and in Charge featured the minor hit "Owww!".

Answer: Chunky A

8. With all due respect to Michael Vick and Pacman Jones, plenty of other NFL stars have had recent legal troubles. Name some for 10 points each.
(10) This defensive tackle, now with the Dallas Cowboys, was sentenced to 45 days in jail for gun charges and was suspended for the first eight games of the 2007 season.

Answer: Terry "Tank" Johnson

(10) This Miami Dolphin was cited for misdemeanor battery for punching the Bengals' Levi Jones in the face at a Las Vegas casino last March.

Answer: Joey Porter

(10) One of the "Bengals 9", this linebacker, who was arrested for drunk driving while already serving a four game suspension for skipping a drug test.

Answer: Odell Thurman

9. For 10 points each, given a description name these reality dating shows from that paragon of reality television, MTV.
(10) A bus load of singles vie for the hand of one lucky contestant. Players earn money based on the duration of their date, which the contestant can end by using the titular command.

Answer: Next

(10) Parents who don't get along with their kid's boyfriend or girlfriend select two new potential suitors for them. After two dates and a lot of arguing, the kid chooses who they want to continue going out with.

Answer: Parental Control

(10) A contestant chooses one of three potential dates by simply inspecting their rooms. Meanwhile, the rooms' owners provide obnoxious commentary from a van outside.

Answer: Room Raiders

10. Though described by a four-year-old as, "that movie where they make spaghetti with a tennis racket," this 1960 film is not really appropriate for small children. For 10 points each…

(10) This Billy Wilder film is centered on an insurance clerk lending out his city dwelling to executives at his firm.

Answer: The Apartment

(10) In the movie, this actor played that insurance clerk, Bud Baxter. He is the one who claimed to have used a tennis racket as a strainer for making spaghetti.

Answer: Jack Lemmon

(10) This actress played the elevator operation Bud was in love with. She tries to commit suicide in his apartment, so Bud helps her to recover.

Answer: Shirley MacLaine

11. Name some surprising Final Four teams from past men's NCAA tournaments for 10 points each.
(10) The highest seeded team to ever win the tournament was this 8-seed that upset Georgetown in 1985.

Answer: Villanova University (prompt on Wildcats)

(10) Until George Mason in 2006, the only 11-seed to reach the Final Four had been this SEC West school, which lost to eventual champion Louisville in 1986.

Answer: Louisiana State University (prompt on Tigers)

(10) In 1979, the first year of seeding, the Final Four included this Ivy League school which was a 9-seed in the 40-team tournament.

Answer: University of Pennsylvania (accept Quakers)

12. Name these musical artists with something in common for 10 points each.
(10) Although their biggest domestic success was in the late 1980s with the dance single "Sit Down", this English band's one American hit was the alternative rock single "Laid" from the 1994 album of the same name.

Answer: James

(10) Formed in 1966 at Kent State, this hard-rock band recorded three albums and the hit single "Walk Away" before the departure of singer/guitarist Joe Walsh.

Answer: The James Gang

(10) The first prominent bluesman to play the electric slide guitar, this Mississippian had a successful career until his 1963 death but is best known for his first single, 1951's "Dust My Broom".

Answer: Elmore James

13. Name the following about recurring sketches on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on a 5-10-15 basis.
(5) With the acquisition of Universal by NBC on 2004, Conan was able to add a special "lever" to the show that, when pulled, played out-of-context clips from this show.

Answer: Walker, Texas Ranger

(10) In these segments, famous people tell us little-known facts about themselves. For example, Michael Caine reveals that "I was convinced that the 'MC' in MC Hammer's name stood for Michael Caine. When I found out it didn't, I destroyed his career."

Answer: Celebrity Secrets

(15) In these segments, the eponymous Late Night staffer sits in the title object and delivers a long, rambling monologue about an event in his life that made him angry.

Answer: Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage

14. Comic strips that are playing with the fabric of time and space for 10 points each:
(10) Tom Batiuk [BAT-ick] recently jumped ten years forward with his characters. Killing this main character with breast cancer was the catalyst for the time jump.

Answer: Lisa Moore

(10) Lisa Moore, along with husband Les and daughter Summer, appear in this strip, set in and around Westview High School.

Answer: Funky Winkerbean

(10) This strip has began flashbacks, starting with Michael going through family albums of his growing up with Elizabeth, and sharing those memories with his own children, Robin and Meredith.

Answer: For Better or For Worse

15. Some of those "nü metal" bands from the turn of the millennium were not all that dreadful. Name the band given album titles for 15 points each or for 5 if you need more information.
(15) Machine; Shadow Zone; Wisconsin Death Trip

(5) This industrial-tinged band's hit singles included "Cold"; "Bled for Days", and "Push It"; they are best remembered by me for frontman Wayne's bifurcated hair and beard.

Answer: Static-X
(15) Saturate; We Are Not Alone; Phobia.

(5) After winning MTV's Ultimate Cover Band Contest, this Wilkes-Barre band recorded one album as Lifer before recording songs like "Polyamorous" and "The Diary of Jane" under what new name?

Answer: Breaking Benjamin
16. Given a list of its blogs, name the news magazine or political magazine for 10 points each.
(10) The Plank; The Stump; and written solely by Martin Peretz, The Spine.

Answer: The New Republic

(10) Individual blogs belonging to Andrew Sullivan, Megan McArdle, Matthew Yglesias, financial editor Clive Crook, and former editor James Fallows.

Answer: The Atlantic Monthly

(10) The Daily Intelligencer on politics; The Vulture on gossip; David Edelstein's movie blog; and the Grub Street local restaurant and nightlife blog.

Answer: New York Magazine

17. As NBC's Scrubs draws to a close, it's interesting to look back on J.D.'s improbable list of girlfriends. Name a few for 10 points each.

(10) This fellow doctor is J.D.'s longtime, on-again off-again flame. The writers debate whether they are meant to be together, but coming into this season they are just friends.

Answer: Elliott Reid

(10) Although she started the final season as J.D.'s girlfriend, he had broken up with her by the end of the second episode…right after she gave birth to their son.

Answer: Kim Briggs

(10) Played by Mandy Moore, this girlfriend helped J.D. to get over his fear of commitment. They even bought a half-acre together before her fear of commitment led them to break up.

Answer: Julie Quinn

18. Name a few contributors to the Cleveland Indians' previous playoff woes for 10 points each.
(10) The Tribe was swept by the Giants in the 1954 World Series, punctuated by this New York center fielder's memorable running catch in Game 1.

Answer: Willie Howard Mays Jr.

(10) In the 1997 Series, this closer blew a save opportunity in Game 7, allowing the Florida Marlins to win the title.

Answer: José (Ramón Nova) Mesa

(10) One of baseball's lesser known curses is that of this right fielder, whose lopsided 1960 trade and 1965 reacquisition contributed to several decades without a playoff appearance.

Answer: Rocco Domenico "Rocky" Colavito

19. Name the hip-hop act from a description of a 2007 hit For 10 points each. If the song is a collaboration, you'll get 5 points each for naming each of the collaborators.

(5/5) "Shawty Snappin'" is the subtitle of "Buy U a Drank", by an Atlanta rapper and a Tallahassee singer who rhymes "Oakley shades" with "Oh behave".

Answers: T-Pain featuring Yung Joc

(10) Reaching #17 on the Hot 100 in November 2007, "Shawty is a 10" was the first single by this singer/songwriter/producer responsible for Rihanna's "Umbrella" and his own album Love Hate.

Answer: The-Dream (or Terius Nash)

(10) "Get it Shawty" was another 2007 hit by this young singer who had earlier hits with "Southside" and "You", and shares his name with a member of G-Unit.

Answer: Lloyd (or Lloyd Polite Jr.)

20. For 10 points each, name these comedic directors from films.
(10) Primary Colors, Wit, Biloxi Blues

Answer: Mike Nichols

(10) The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Mighty Aphrodite, Bullets over Broadway

Answer: Woody Allen

(10) Lost in America, Defending Your Life, The Muse

Answer: Albert Brooks

21. The Nintendo DS has offered several 'training' games aimed at an older demographic. Name some for 10 points each.
(10) This 2006 release and its 2007 sequel claim to "make your brain feel fresh and sharp" with their collection of training exercises and Sudoku puzzles.

Answer: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day (and Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day)

(10) This Brain Age look alike offers a similar form of training with logic, math, and memory puzzles. A "Wii Degree" version was released in 2007 for Nintendo Wii.

Answer: Big Brain Academy

(10) This Namco offering claims to improve your hand-eye coordination and other visual skills with its eye training exercises.

Answer: Flash Focus

22. For 10 points each, name these characters in the 2007 movie No Country for Old Men. (First or last names acceptable)

(10) This welder, played by Josh Brolin, is out hunting when he discovers the two million dollars in drug money that sets film in motion.

Answer: Llewelyn Moss

(10) This vicious killer, fond of using a cattle gun, pursues Moss as he flees with the money.

Answer: Anton Chigurh

(10) Woody Harrelson plays this confident bounty hunter whom Chigurh kills with relative ease.

Answer: Carson Wells

23. Even before the writer's strike, the networks still managed to cancel a few shows. Name them from clues for 10 points each:
(10) This singing British import remade with Mädchen Amick and Lloyd Owen lasted two episodes on CBS.

Answer: Viva Laughlin

(10) Although technically not cancelled, no new episodes are expected of this NBC show that saw Kevin McKidd travel through time.

Answer: Journeyman

(10) The CW thought it would be really neat to have a show about neat things on the Internet, because apparently you would be incapable of finding them on the Internet.

Answer: Online Nation


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