Italia ‘n’ Caledonia

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Italia ‘n’ Caledonia

by Mike Maran and Philip Contini

is the story of the Italians who emigrated 100 years ago and started new lives in Scotland, told by Mike Maran with music performed by David Vernon. (accordion)

An adventure story about a generation of Italians who left their sunny hillsides to start new lives in towns and villages all over Scotland.

A success story about families who opened cafes, sold ice cream and fish and chips.

A tragic story about the terrible years of the second world war which left Italian families in Britain exposed and vulnerable. Italians were labelled as ‘enemy aliens’ and many were interned or deported.

A sad story about the Italians who lost their lives when SS Arandora Star, a ship taking internees to Canada, was sunk on July 2nd 1940. Nearly every Italian family in Scotland lost a father or a husband.

A brave story of healing and thriving in the post war years as second and third generation Scottish Italians make a unique contribution to life in contemporary Scotland.

A heart-warming story

celebrating everything that is great about Italy and Scotland

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