Jacqueline Wilson

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Jacqueline Wilson

Jacqueline Aitken (she became Wilson when she got married) was born in the city of Bath, in England, on 17th December 1945. Jacqueline’s parents met at a dance in a famous old building in bath called the Pump Room. Her mother was doing office work for the navy and her father was a draughtsman. This was a job which involved drawing skilful plans of machinery and buildings.
When Jacqueline was about three years old, her father changed jobs and took the family to live in Kingston upon Thames, near London. For a while they shared their house with Jacqueline’s grandparents who lived downstairs. Jacqueline and her mother and father soon moved to a council flat and Jacqueline started school in 1950. She had a difficult time at first because she fell ill with measles and whooping cough and had to have several months off school.
When she was six she moved to a school called Latchmere Primary and soon settled in. Jacqueline loved English, Art, country dancing and listening to stories. When she was eight, Jacqueline’s mother brought her a very realistic toy dog as Jacqueline longed to have a pet. From the age of seven, Jacqueline loved making up her own stories. She copied out drawings into a blank notebook and invented stories to go with her pictures.

When Jacqueline was eleven, she went to a brand new girls’ secondary school in New Malden called Coombe School. She passed her eleven plus and took English, Art and History at school. At the age of sixteen, Jacqueline took her O-Levels. She left school with five O-Levels in 1961.

After leaving school Jacqueline struggled to find a job because there were fewer jobs for women than there are now. She knew that she wanted to be a writer and so she applied for a job writing for a magazine company. She got the job and had her stories printed.
At the age of seventeen, Jacqueline moved to live in Dundee, Scotland where the magazine company had its office. Here she met a man called Millar Wilson, who became her boyfriend. They fell in love and were married in 1965. In 1967 their daughter Emma was born. Two years later, she publisher her first book, Ricky’s birthday..
Jacqueline wrote her first children’s novel in the late 1970s called Nobody’s Perfect. In 1991, The Story of Tracey Beaker was published, which was a huge success. It was shortlisted for two top awards- the Smarties Prize and Carnegie Medal.

Since then, Jacqueline written around 40 children’s books which have been published for children. Some of her most popular books include The Lottie Project, The Suitcase Kid and Double Act.

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