Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant

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Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant

Ernest Moniz an MIT Professor co authored a report says electricity generated by a nuclear plant in 2003 is 60% more costly than power from traditional gas and coal-driven plants Not one expert including me can give an accurate decommissioning costs of a nuclear plant as most of the long lived high level wastes have to be safely stored for a million years, without getting in to the environment. . A committee of 15 leading scientists from universities, research institutes and consultancies studied nuclear waste stored in cooling ponds at 103 US reactors. In its report, released publicly on 6 April, 2005 the committee argues that the cooling ponds in which spent radioactive fuel is kept could be severely damaged by aircraft, high-powered weapons or explosives. If the water drained from the cooling ponds, the zirconium alloy fuel cladding would overheat and burst into flames. This “could release large quantities of radioactive material into the environment.

Germany is installing solar panels at the speed of light and Iceland is exploiting its geothermal and hydropower resources beyond its own needs to keep away from nuke power. Research shows that nuke power not needed to cut CO 2. Japan is trying to improve energy efficiency to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. USA is proceeding with one of the largest solar cell research effort to increase the efficiency of solar cells. Solar cells are sensitive only to photons with wavelengths that correspond to the energy gap of the material from which they are made. When photons with this wavelength reach the cell, they excite electrons into the conduction band of the material, where they are registered as an electrical current. But higher-energy photons cannot contribute to this current, and can reduce the efficiency of the cell by heating it up. High-energy photons could be harnessed and converted into current, using a ‘down-converter’ proposed by physicists in Australia and Germany and Solar cells could get an efficiency from the current maximum of 30% to almost 40%. . The present commercial solar cells have a maximum of 24.7% efficiency and US efforts are aiming for 50% efficiency.

Don’t waste huge sums in nuclear power, but go for Jatropa plant cultivation and solar power generation. Flexible cheap solar panels and panels that converts heat rather than light is on the way. The ordinary grass converts the solar power with an efficiency of 1%. A grass burning power plant is now under construction in UK at a cost of £6.5m in Staffordshire that will burn locally cultivated elephant grass and will be able to supply 2,000 homes with electricity. A small evergreen tree Jatropa plant (Botanical name-Jatropa carcass, in Hindi Jangliarandi, Bagherenda in Kannada Bettadaharalu, Mahaharalu, in Tamil Rattamankku, Telugu Adaviamudamu, in Sanskrit Arvataranda) yields oil which is used for making soaps; candle etc. is an ideal diesel substitute. A yield of 9,000- 12, 000/ kg seed / hectare is expected from a rain fed crop. The kernel contains 40% oil. Trials in or Railways and IOC were successful. Go for environmentally friendly energy sources.

It would have been ideal if we spend these huge sums being wasted in nuclear power, in Jatropa plant cultivation and solar power generation. The ordinary grass converts the solar power with an efficiency of 1%. A grass burning power plant is now under construction in UK at a cost of £6.5m in Staffordshire that will burn locally cultivated elephant grass and will be able to supply 2,000 homes with electricity. A small evergreen tree Jatropa plant (Botanical name-Jatropa carcass, in Hindi Jangliarandi, Bagherenda in Kannada Bettadaharalu, Mahaharalu, in Tamil Rattamankku, Telugu Adaviamudamu, in Sanskrit Arvataranda) yields oil which is used for making soaps; candle etc. is an ideal diesel substitute. A yield of 9,000- 12, 000/ kg seed / hectare is expected from a rain fed crop. The kernel contains 40% oil. Successful trial runs by Indian railways and Indian Oil Corporations were done two years back. Instead of Nuclear power we should concentrate on environmentally friendly energy sources.

Those criminals who cry for nuclear power have no idea why many nations have stopped nuclear power plants. My advice is not to marry anyone working in the nuclear field including oncology doctors or X ray technicians or those living near nuclear plants. DAE use daily wage workers for working in radiation environment. I used to see Andhra labourers along with their kids sitting on the lawns of the plutonium plant in BARC. The lawns are contaminated with radiation. The radiation exposure to these workers or their kids was never monitored. BARC has a radiation protection division that is supposed to monitor radiation exposure to all radiation related personnel in all establishments in India. DAE had failed in this mission and that staff and visitors are routinely exposed to radiation from even in diagnostic clinics using the X ray units all over India. What USA wants from India is coolies to get exposed in USA for reactor decommissioning, like we expose our labourers to radiation damage Also USA wants to dump its used fuel and waste in India to be processed by Indian coolies. USA stopped its plans to bury its nuclear waste after spending $10billion in a deep rocky formation and is looking for alternate location or dumps it in India. The reason for the three mile accident and the Chernobyl accident was the absence of experienced senior staff in the control rooms of the reactors. DAE is not attracting the best of talents who are willing to work in radiation environments. Due to lack of shift engineers’ women is put as shift engineers in India. This should not be done as women are born with all the eggs, and exposure to any radiation can cause birth defects of their kids. India should not go for unsafe costly nuclear power plants. Instead go for Wind, tide, solar and gas power plants. Kalpakkam breeder reactor designers were not knowing what is a tsunami and tsunami had flooded the nuclear plant and killed many engineers and scientists. Tamil Nadu will become a Chernobyl once the breeder reactor is operational.. BARC reactors are in earthquake zone and yet they are not designed for it. RAPP is another earthquake zone. Tsunami which affected the nuke installation in Tamil Nadu is not even known to any of the design engineers of Atomic Energy. So much for our nuke installations. US supplied Tarapur units were a national disaster in terms of contamination and radiation exposure. Most of the reactors built in Trombay or Narora does not meet the earthquake criteria and Mumbai becoming another Chernobyl is not far away.

Al-Qaeda has obtained 40 nuclear weapons from former Soviet Union, including suitcase nukes, nuclear mines, artillery shells and missile warheads. At least half the nuclear weapons in the Al-Qaeda arsenal were obtained for cash from the Chechen terrorist allies. Documents captured in Afghanistan show that Al-Qaeda had plans to assemble its own nuclear weapons with fissile material it purchased on the black market. The rogue Paki scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, with his nuke nerve center in Dubai at his ‘SMB Computer’ shop, sold nuclear technology to Libya, Iran and North Korea. His undiscovered illegal networks may be still be manned by Pakistan’s ISI and could be working for Al-Qaeda. ISI is still training Indian and British muslim terrorists. Muslim terrorist threats to our Nuke installations have increased after the nuclear cooperation agreement with the United States. US and Russia had recently signed an agreement to toughen nuclear counter-proliferation measures. US is seeking Indian help to contain the threat of nuke attacks by muslim terrorists in US and in India.

Other nations are not going for nuclear power as it is not safe and highly expensive and is a threat to our future generations. In 2002 there was a news item that GOI had sanctioned some 3000 odd crores for the construction of nuclear power stations. Yet no one discussed it in Parliament, but the Coffin attracted the full attention of the MPs for days. This effect is known as Parkinson’s Law. Simply put the MPs can discuss only what they can grasp. The impact of nuclear power which cost around Rs 5 crore per MW is hardly registered even among the news media. Britain is already planning to wind down their nuclear power stations by 2050, and our self serving scientists are planning to bring up the nuclear power capacity to 20,000 MW by 2020. Nuclear power is simply too dangerous and expensive. Other concerns are radioactive waste, accidents, terrorism and we may have to safe keep the waste even up to 1.5 million years. A better decision would have been an increased spending on wind, tide, solar or other renewable power sources.

Soviet Union during the Cold War deployed tactical nuclear weapons throughout US. These nuclear suitcases had been buried throughout the U.S at remote sites throughout US for recovery by Soviet agents. No one knows where are these located. Russian defector Stanislav Lunev confirmed this to US congressional investigators and he could not pinpoint the locations. Russian military leaders continue to believe that a nuclear conflict with the U.S. is still inevitable. U.S. have excavated several sites believed to be possible depots and the only hope of finding them would be if the Russian government disclosed the locations. Belgium have found three secret depots containing tactical nukes buried by the Soviets in the 1960s. Bin Laden hired former Soviet special forces officers whose job was to know where these buried suitcase bombs are. The nuke attacks in US may start when these weapons are located. Based on captured al-Qaeda leaders and documents, nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S. over the Mexican border with the help of organized US crime group like the MS-13 street gang. According to other reports,

Bin Laden started plotting the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania when he was in Sudan in 1993. The attack on the USS Cole was more than two years in the making. Between the first attack on the World Trade Center and the second one had a gap of 10 years. Bin Laden may re-enacting the 1945 attack on Japan with one nuclear detonation in India followed by another in USA days later and India could be a target just because of the Indo US nuke treachery. But according to al-Qaeda defectors the nuke terror could take place simultaneously at various sites throughout USA and the plans for this have been under development for more than a decade. It is designed as a final deadly blow of defeat to the Great Satan U.S. The targets include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Houston, Las Vegas, and Valdez, Alaska, where the tankers are filled with oil from the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Osama bin Laden’s preferred dates are Aug. 6, the anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing in 1945, Sept. 11 and May 14, the anniversary of the re-creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

India has deployed National Security Guards (NSG) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) but is not sufficient to stop the suicide bombers. Other nations have deployed exclusion zones around nuke plants, anti aircraft guns, sniffing dogs, automatic barriers etc, and India has only the disposable humans to protect the nuke facilities. External affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee on 24-11-06 raised the specter of terrorist outfits operating in India’s neighborhood laying their hands on weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Dec. 16, 2008 The directorate-general of civil aviation has prohibited flying of aircraft upto the height of 10,000 feet over the area within a radius of 10 km from the Kalpakkam nuclear installation in Tamil Nadu. As per The Guardian newspaper dated November 14 2006, British intelligence officials believe that al-Qaeda is determined to attack the UK with a nuclear weapon. This bleak assessments of Britain is based on an awful lot of chatter on jihad websites expressing the desire to acquire chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear weapons. Also Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, had warned recently about 30 active plots to attack Britain at a time when Dhiren Barot, was jailed in UK for 40 years for plotting dirty bomb attacks against UK and US

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), is al-Qaeda’s north African wing, had carried out the suicide bombing at the French embassy in Mauritania. One French-Algerian nuclear terrorist, arrested in France, in Oct 2009 was an engineer at the nuclear research centre on the French-Swiss border. He also worked at CERN famous for its particle collider that aims to recreate the conditions of the Big Bang, This French nuclear terrorist had been in contact with AQIM and had suggested French targets for attacks.
When the nuclear bomb project was taken up Indira Gandhi had instructed that not a single muslim should be employed even as a typist in that section. The complete group that worked on the project was not told about the purpose of their work, but everyone was told orally to develop a particular portion of the project and its end use was not revealed. That was the level of secrecy that was required as BARC was filled with Pakistani and American spies in administrative levels. There is a large component of Pak linked persons in DAE and the nuclear plants are no more safe in India. All it takes is a knowledgeable person willing co commit suicide, working in DAE to cause a Chernobyl or Three mile Island accident in India. Recent Kaiga heavy water ingestion is fresh in our memory and the investigation went nowhere.
US supplied Tarapur units were a national disaster and on 13 May 1992 the tube leak caused a radioactive release of 12 Curies of radioactivity from Tarapur nuclear power station and for repairs, DAE had to mobilize all the staff from all over India and most of them got burned in the highly radioactive areas of Tarapur and many died.
Japanese are protesting over re-opening of Japanese nuclear reactor

today the 7 May 2010. Protest is against Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) starting of its fast-breeder Monju nuclear reactor that was shut down following a liquid of sodium leak and fire in 1995. The accident happened just after four months of its start-up in August 1995. Japanese does not want any more Hiroshima, or Nagasaki from nuclear power station. In Germany a fully completed fast breeder was not put in to operation due to fears of safety. India is just starting with our own fast breeder reactor and we do not need terrorists to create a Chernobyl in India

Well water of heavily populated Mumbai suburb Chembur which is just 3 kms from BARC showed heavy radioactive contamination in the seventies and this information was kept secret. But in December 1991, due to a serious radioactive leakage from underground pipelines at CIRUS reactor in Bhabha Atomic Cancer Centre this information became public. Very high levels of Cesium-137 activity found in the soil and water samples taken from within BARC. In 1992, marine organisms like crab samples taken from the sea behind BARC showed as high as 500 milli Becquerel gram radioactivity showing that any fish caught near any where in Mumbai seashore will result in cancer, miscarriages, birth deformities and low sperm count
Nuclear power plants should be in a 1.6 km exclusion zone. In practice, settlements should be at least five kms away. In Tarapur, the Ghivali village, of 3000 inhabitants, is just 1.23 km from the Tarapur nuclear waste immobilization plant. Radioactivity from the plant drainage pipe was directly connected to the storm water drains. It contaminated the subsoil water in the village and killed cattle heads, buffaloes and caused many diseases among the villagers. Other severe long term effects could be damages to the chromosomes, that can lead to abnormal childbirths or disabled children. Genetic damage can appear, not in the first generation, but could surface in the unborn generations. In one instance, drinking water to the water cooler was also given to a radioactive processing plant through a non return valve. Valve malfunctioning had caused radioactive water backing up to the water cooler and its consumption at CIRUS, in BARC. So never marry anyone working in any nuclear plants.

Non tech persons of India have no idea about nuke technology. The agreement with USA is like an agreement between two Eskimos on how to construct a multistoried building on ice. Both have no idea about what they are doing. USA stopped nuclear power plants some 31 years back. No good engineer will opt for a stagnant nuclear field . USA has no nuclear fuel and it is obtained from Russia and other countries. Manmohan stopped our mining of Uranium while he was FM and trapped us now to a useless agreement. The only beneficiaries is Swiss bank account holders of Indian politicians

If a nuclear plant comes up, the only advice I can give to others is to run away from that area or city. Huge deposits of Uranium were found by the Atomic Minerals Division in about 1337 hectares across Lambapur, Namapuram, Yellapur and Peddagutta villages of Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. The Uranium Corporation of India Ltd (UCIL) is planning to set up Rs 600 crore plant in Nallamala region. Supreme Court on Aug 30, 1999 issued notice to the Union Government, Uranium Corporation of India; the Atomic Energy Commission and the Deputy Commissioner, Singhbum district of Jharkhand on a public interest petition seeking a direction to take immediate steps to insulate people living in the vicinity of the Jaduguda uranium mine from the hazards of untreated effluents and pollution of uranium mining in the wake of alarming reports that villagers were affected by the radiation from mines. There are environmental impacts for any such uranium opencast mines.

UCIL says mining in AP will not cause health problems and claimed that the water from mining area will not reach Nagarjunasagar which is located nearby because of impervious granite rock formations. There are always fault lines in such rocks and water can definitely reach the reservoir if not immediately, but in due course, and this probability is further increased as the seismic level in these region is quite high. They also claimed that where the tailings pond where uranium waste would be dumped is 10 meters lower than the Akkampally drinking water reservoir which is quite near. Akkampally reservoir is a drinking water source for Hyderabad city. This is also not a good argument as over time, water bodies at higher levels could get contaminated from lower lever sources due to rainwater flooding and similar natural reasons. So if the AP mines become operational, the best way Hyderabad citizens to escape the genetic damage and other radiation related problems is to run away from the city.

India’s human right commission should investigate the operation of the American supplied Tarapur power station had killed some of our Engineers due to radiation overexposure and the damage to the population who are living nearby. Added to this, the DAE chairman and other management level directors have sent practically every DAE employee, for the repair of the contaminated, highly radioactive Tarapur power plant, supplied by USA, in which these unfortunate humans were exposed to lethal level of radiation.. From every DAE department the head of the division have sent engineers, scientists and highly experienced technicians whom they don’t like very much, to be irradiated at Tarapur. The children born to those who were sent there have developed cancers and other diseases. The details of exposure to each individual is kept secret and not given to them. It can be roughly said that for every 1 RED of radiation, the life span of the will be reduced by one year.

Many nuclear power plants also have ‘once through’ cooling water intake systems that require two and a half times as much water as fossil fuel plants with similar cooling systems, that seriously harm water resources and aquatic water systems. There is an acute shortage of water in places like Rajasthan. The Kota nuclear plant accident had earlier resulted in radioactive heavy water leakage in to the nearby river. With the radioactive waste being pumped in to the sea, the sea water and marine life will get contaminated. These radioactive pollutants will be concentrated by the fish. For example the radioactive strontium will be concentrated by a factor of one lakh by the fish and it will find its way to our food chain. A city like Chennai is planning for desalination of sea water for its drinking purposes. Industrial pollution, is up to four miles in to the sea, and the fish is already contaminated with it. In future, the radioactivity will also be there in the fish.

Subsidy the USA nuclear industry received was US $66 billion. The cost per unit for nuclear power is five times the cost of other methods with subsidies. In India, there is heavy subsidy for the nuclear power plants. There is also the taxpayer financed insurance policy for the nuclear plants. It is known that if a major accident occurs like the Chernobyl, whole areas will be laid to waste and the people had to be shifted out. In Trombay, in Mumbai city with more than five reactors and reprocessing plant. A terrorist strike in Trombay will result in total paralysis of Indian economy and Mumbai will become uninhabitable. Assuming that the nuclear power plant is far away, from populated area, a minimum of US $300 billion could be the cost in damage to lives and property due to a major nuclear accident. Price Anderson Act that limits nuclear liability in the event of an accident to about US $7 billion in USA. After an accident, US taxpayers have to make up the difference
Reprocessing plant of France contaminated the Normandy coast in 1997. Greenpeace activists forcibly shut down its beaches when divers found contamination levels in the ocean to be exceedingly above accepted levels. France’s breeder reactor project, the super Phoenix, riddled by accidents, collapsed in its own ashes, Now India is proceeding on the Fast Breeder reactor programme, for which it had sent our Engineers to France, are all now retired and the present group of Engineers are much juniors. India’s first pressurized heavy water nuclear reactor at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan, called RAPS-I that achieved criticality in 1972 was decommissioned in April 2002 as it was a high risk plant and the radiation level in and around the units was a major health hazard.

There were ten terrorist incidents against European nuclear installations between 1966-1977. New York City’s water reservoirs were contaminated with plutonium in April 1985. The testing confirmed it as they detected femto curie levels of plutonium in the water. A caller said to be a member of the Nuclear Liberation Front claimed responsibility for a bomb explosion in the parking lot of Sandia National Laboratories, California, next to LLNL at 1:30 A.M on 28-11-1987. In Pennsylvania at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in 1987 a man drives his station wagon through the fence and wanders on foot for a period of time before he was captured. In Feb 1990 Azerbaijani rebels unsuccessfully attacked a Soviet military depot near Baku where nuclear weapons are stored. Soviet troops were sent to secure the base. In Mar 1992 box of radioactive material was stolen from Pridniestroviye, Transdnestr and the thieves threatened to blow up the material if fighting in Moldova was not stopped.

Our fast breeder reactor is coming up in Kalpakkam. Last time a tsunami flooded the plant as these things were not thought of during design. Every fast breeder reactor is unstable and danger to the population as these reactors are inherently unsafe because of its positive void coefficient. Only one small test fast reactor operates in India in Kalpakkam. The construction of a larger prototype fast breeder reactor (PFBR) at Kalpakkam that use mixed plutonium uranium oxide as fuel in its core, with a blanket of depleted uranium oxide that will absorb neutrons and transmute into plutonium 239 is expected by 2010. Liquid sodium will be used to cool the core, which will produce 1,200 megawatts of thermal power and 500 megawatts of electricity. Only low IQ Tamils will allow 80km away such a potential bomb near Chennai city.

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